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1/ Global collective consciousness is ingiting across the world and it can be seen in nearly every country on Earth from the Anti Establishent movements of Europe to Trumps win and the Brexit result. You can see people in their thousands protesting the streets of Hong Kong
2/ and yellow vests continually doing the same for multiple weekends across France.

One thing they have in common is the unified belief that the elites rule over this planet has come to an end and it is the people who should be in charge. Something that has never been the
3/ case but is now an ever growing movement across the world galvanised by the Trump administration's policy to bring transparency and truth to the masses in the form of DECLASSIFICATION, setting off a reverberating "shot heard around the world" to other nations to begin a
4/ global cleanse of corruption in their respective countries.

Since Trump was elected we have been informed by an insider entity known as QAnon who have proven to be military intelligence working very closely with the President. They have proceeded over the course of the
5/ last two years (beginning in october 2017) to inform us about what is happening globally and how the world is truly run. They have given us coded information within thousands of posts pointing us in certain directions and allowing us to critically think about information.
6/ We know the news before its news, all down to the incredible complexity and informative treasure trove that resides within them.

The crux of this story begins with SPYGATE. This is what you are currently hearing about in the mainstream media regarding Ukraine and Biden's
7/ son. It goes much deeper into the upper echelons of power. Spies, treason and subversion. This is only the beginning as it will encompass many countries, some of which are major allies like the United Kingdom and Italy. Do you think it's a coincidence that the Attorney
8/ Genreral and his staff have been meeting our home secretary Priti Pratel, or that they were just recently in Rome to meet the Holy See and the italian government? It's become apparent through media sources that they have been asked to comply with the Russia "hoax"
9/ investigation of which the nefarious elements of their governments have played a part.

Now, if you wanted to purge the entire world of what we call the 'Cabal' then how would you go about such a process? You may be able to do it in your own country (U.S) but around the
10/ world is a different matter. That's where LEVERAGE comes in, the most used tool in the grande game of politics. If the Trump administration and the might of the U.S military are taking it upon themselves to be the leader in this global fight against the forces of evil then
11/ it would make sense that they use this leverage of their allies spying on them to turn it all on its head and make those puppet leaders who were currently in charge to resign. This of course being Theresa May in the UK as an example. As you can see Boris has been installed
12/ and is now pushing on with a MAGA type agenda and aligning the UK back to where it belongs beside the United States as a global partner, not some unsovereign cast out island on the edge of Europe like those TRAITOROUS 'remoaners' would have us be.

Leverage is what is
13/ being applied to all nations to get them on board, otherwise they will feel the full wrath of tariffs, the cutting of aid or applied sanctions. This is what you are seeing with China and the European Union.

China wont win a trade war and the European Union cannot afford
14/ one as Germany is on the brink of recession and with the UK leaving they are entirely screwed and the pressure is most certainly piling on them now. We are the SECOND highest contributor to the EU and yet we are LAST in terms of how much we benefit. That alone should say
15/ all it needs to. They want to bleed us dry and take away the Great from our name because having a prosperous global Britian is not in line with the elites plan for this world. It is simply why you see so much reinvigoration and funding of the U.S military, the public
16/ services and infrastructure because they have been systematically depleted on purpose. The goal has always been the destabilisation of the powerhouses of the world. That being the likes of the UK, the U.S and Russia. All so they could grow their communist empire in China
17/ instead and have a global new world order without the stability of "Peace through strength" from the likes of the United States. Instead their would be no one to go against their plans.

This is exactly why they wanted Hillary to win so she could carry on their agenda.
18/ The problem is "They never thought she would lose" and now they ALL LOSE. The reversal has begun and this is why you are seeing so many world leaders either sucking up to Trump or savagely attacking him. It is why we have seen the likes of Peace in North Korea, the
19/ eradication of ISIS and the Saudi Arabia corruption purge.

The Great Awakening of an entire planet has started and there isn't a damn thing they can do to stop it because once you have ignited that flame of Awakening it will NEVER be put out.

Trust The Plan, follow
20/ Trumps words, find Q and most of all do NOT fall prey to the incessant lies of the corrupt media. Trust yourselves and play your part to unify the collective.

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