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@ResisterForever Indeed. Twitter can be very influential, for a couple of reasons.

1] Despite the ugliness we often see w/hostility among/between #Resisters & #MAGAts / #Deplorables [& some Resisters], on the whole we are in fact changing the way people talk about certain subjects. EG, #MeToo ▶️
@ResisterForever #MeToo began well before it was talked about on Twitter, but few of us knew about it. Thru Twitter, #MeToo survivors connected w/each other to construct a powerful force of women [& their male allies] that has counteracted the stereotypes about rape & sexual harassment▶️
@ResisterForever ...to the point there's been a backlash. Backlashes aren't all bad, esp if they're weaker than the original force, & they are easily refuted w/their underlying rationalizations for the behaviors we criticize.

Indeed, mvts can't claim to be powerful UNLESS there's a backlash! ▶️
@ResisterForever 2] Twitter makes possible a lot of rapid action &organizing BEYOND the internet. How many marches/protests/sit ins /strong speakers at townhall meetings--so powerful that @GOP officials are terrified to have them?

Speed & easy access to info turned #blacklivesmatter into a mvt▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP As someone who has studied &taught mass comm, public relations, journalism, & advocacy [&their histories], as well as participated in all of the above, I believe the Twitter phenomenon will become almost as influential as the early development of news media in the late 18thC. ▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP Of course, as with any tool humans invent, it can be used as a tool of destruction & to inspire violence.

Knives were invented so humans could more easily feed themselves [from the hunting act itself to eventual cooking]. But they are also useful for killing other human beings▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP Whether a tool ends up being a tool for positive social change or for evil depends wholly on the people who use it.

It's abt the attitudes we hold as we type on computers /phones / tablets.

I'm trying to change some of the less than positive attitudes toward people on Twitter▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP ...that I've had in the past, arguing w/every little thing that sparked anger in me [also sparked by desire to demonstrate my wittiness & command of the English language...ok I admit it!]

I've pulled back quite a bit from that, tho I've still indulged occasionally.▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP ...I'm better at passing up tweets that anger me. I have a rule now that I will block anyone who uses abusive [not merely disrespectful, but ABUSIVE] language toward myself or anyone else.

For people I like who occasionally post something that draws my ire, I just skip past▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP I try to be less aggressive than I was in the beginning. I have to admit I don't always keep control over that, but I've still substantially reduced it.

I also get complaints re "lecturing." Well, I'm a retired prof. Whaddya expect? 😉Still trying to soften that a bit. ▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP ...But I'm also proud of the education I worked so hard for [truly blood, sweat & TEARS!], and continued informally long after I acquired my degrees.

I'm not going to hold back on that knowledge just bc some feel insulted by it. Many folk are sensitive about their lesser edu ▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP ...but TBH for me, degrees & formal education aren't nearly as important as what folks have learned as keen observers of life.

I believe it is possible to be well educated & thoughtful w/o degrees. My grandparents never got past the 8th grade!

@ResisterForever @GOP The diff between formal & informal education basically comes down to discipline. Sometimes the discipline of formal education can be restrictive. But w/good teachers, that discipline becomes a means by which we can be more effective.

In a way I guess I tend to offer a bit ▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP ...of the discipline I learned from my professors over the 20 years or so I put into acquiring my degrees [having to take breaks & sometimes go part time due to several challenges].

It isn't always appreciated. Trying to soften that, as I said, but still, many are sensitive ▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP ...and read my words as far harsher than I ever intended.

When I taught f2f my voice was kind, soft, mellow, but firm. I had other ways to express my faith in my students to learn what they needed to learn, such as big, warm smiles & side hugs.

Oh dear. Here I have run off▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP ...at the keyboard again!

I blame it on the hyper focus of ADHD. 😉

Any hoots, I do believe that we are, indeed, changing the world however slightly or invisibly it might be at the time.

Like water droplets on stone, we carve majestic canyons.

@ResisterForever @GOP PS: I rather suspect that I owe some of my softening to paroxetine, aka P A X I L [separating the letters so I won't get a reply from the pharmaceutical company]. I'm finally at an effective dose. I tried all the usual means of pulling out of my depression, but finally gave in.▶️
@ResisterForever @GOP It was BAD. Really really really BAD. Other than Twittering, eating stuff I didn't have to cook, occasionally bathing, I was sleeping more hours than awake, every day. Or watching streaming tv.

Y'all here kept me connected to the world outside my apt walls. Another Twitter boon.
@ResisterForever Here's the unrolled thread in case you would prefer to read this thread all in one piece.

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