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... I realize I’ve never sequentially rewatched ST:TNG since it was airing. (I deeply loved it; it was *my* Star Trek. ) (The problem with 15 years of no television after HS. No reruns, either.)

So much wasted story opportunity with both Tasha Yar & Deanna Troi.
For 1987, The Naked Now was *racy* af.
... The Enterprise needs an IT department. That really shouldn’t be command duties. Not with that many people on board.
Sarah MacDougal was *also* a wasted opportunity.

Even 3 episodes in, it’s pretty clear the first season writing room was a boys’ club.

1987. Sigh. (It’s not as bad as trying to watch old Doctor Who. But close.)
Some cringy racism in Code of Honor. (Also bad science on that replication issue.)

I don’t *hate* Troi’s uniforms. I can see the attempt at cultural accommodation.
And they did let her wear trousers.

But seriously, Berman was a creep, and it shows in the show running.
(I am in the middle of folding for recycling the scraps resulting from 150 feet of printed patterns. It’s a big pile. The kitties enjoy it - it’s like a giant indoor pile of leaves. But it can’t stay in the work room.)

Feathered hair was always a mistake.
Okay, this episode sucks. It’s a bad knockoff of that one Original series where Spock has to go fight on Vulcan. Except it’s chicks fighting because dude-geeks could be gross af.

And all the shiny polyester costuming is getting on my nerves.
I recall enough of the DS9 Ferengi to know that the writing got better. (Though it stayed problematic.)

But knowing that multiple cultures used a word that sounded a lot like Ferengi to mean “foreigner”...

1987 was a different world. Not a better one.
Dammit. Ear worm.

Give your ID card to the border guard
Your alias says you’re Captain John Luke Picard
Of the United Federation of Planets...

(90s music, a song about dumbasses. The Good Place nails that aspect of Arizona culture. Go Sundevils.)
Two aspects that I do like so far:
TNG was NOT okay with laissez-faire capitalism. Pretty sure TNG went a long way to teaching tween me that freshwater Econ/Reaganomics was a bad idea. (This is a victory for a kid raised in GOP dominated Mormondom.)
And the emphasis on diplomacy.
If I drink every time Dr Crusher mentions that Wesley is her son, I will probably need a new liver.
Okay, now I want Daleks vs Ferengi.
... drop another 200 degrees.
But it won’t matter once we’re below -70.

Not actually sure if the Federation is still using Fahrenheit here. (It could be either. They both suck for mammalian life.)
“Then how do you explain Starfleet’s report on the USS Fearless & the Ajax resulted in an increase in propulsion?”

Jean-Luc, you have been out on the rim WAY too long. Have you never heard of government contracting?

Let me tell you about Fat Leonard...
(Where No One Has Gone Before, S1E6)
This 100% sounds like a government contract scam. Like the bomb detecting dowsing rods that Bremmer bought.
Also it’s clear that hard drive tech was still so young that they were *typing* the programming instead of distributing an executable.
... It’s sad that Wolf’s kitty was probably as expensive as the GoT dire wolves.

Worf & his kitty & Tasha & hers were good character development.
Nice reference to Aubrey-Maturin. (Instrumental music when disconnected from the world by distance.)
1987 knits were truly, epically horrible.

Poor Wil Wheaton.
Hello, miniskirt formal uniforms!
I want to know the transfer request rate of Enterprise crew.
Because every damn time they encounter any damn thing, shit gets *weird*.

(I know why members of the *cast* quit.)
(I have now filled 2 paper bags with folded paper scraps; bag one is pretty densely packed; bag 2 is the little stuff. So this will be the last episode for tonight.)

Riker looks funny clean shaved.

Oh. This is how Data got introduced to Sherlock Holmes.
Data definitely picked up Holmes = insufferable. (Even Russell’s Holmes can be insufferable, but he’s more tolerable.)

Fuck hypnosis. 400 years of advance, and that pseudo-science is still running around.

Holy crap that episode... sucked.

Sometimes I think 80s TV survived because it didn’t have much competition. What were we gonna do? Go to the mall? Hope the video store had something interesting available AND we wouldn’t melt it in the car/forget to return it?
Good night! Don’t let the carnivore aliens lasso you with a glowing rave necklace and take you for the barbecue.

Remember: To Serve Man is a cookbook.
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