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I believe that your blood group (an “unstudied” science) can also identify your race. (Not absolute. All that body in-breeding over generations.)

Oh, that “Annunaki” conspiracy theory, Ja; to throw the still clearer thinkers off this trail❓ (Ditto DNA)
So that no one even much notices, that even the Bible identifies Ab-RA-ham as being from Ur: a SUMERIAN❗️ (Doesn’t much fit that ENKI / ENLIL, story, there, does it❓🤔)
I also, don’t really believe in anyone called “Hathor.” So what does that say about the interpretation of all those “hieroglyphics” and finds like the “Rosetta stone❓”
#OccamsRazor: if they stole so much of the other history ...❓🤔
Plus then, after the “yore”, small survivor pool, in-breeding genetically. Now you all trace your ancestry through this small muddy pond of shared forebears, without ever much realizing that, just as was said in this #StolenHistory thread:
...that how you steal Humans’ Heritage is by following a line, and hiding the other threads. Hmmm, MtDNA etc. Ala sequential tracing “markers”.
And so, of course it can seem like humans are only 4000 years old. With such scanty info❗️
Who even knows what agendas may have “funded” these research fields❓🤷🏻‍♀️ Perhaps the one that converted “medicine” into “fake homeopathy & herbalism” and “witchdoctor muti” etc, and replaced those older healing modalities with...
...all these “drugs”and “new”, historically privately funded “healthcare” agendas. Yet people are sicker than ever❓ #OccamsRazor
And you know; those “quack medical sciences” work so well, along with other healing sacraments, that can you believe, that that (quantum therapy) “empty water”, (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30901… )
...has healed me of no less than FIVE potentially life-threatening dis-eases in my life; all this “fake quackery”❗️
Well; #OccamsRazor - How does one explain that, that these “cheap treatments” really can work❓
Well, perhaps every next person’s mother in-law, now having to “defeat” advanced CANDIDA “with $100k” is a clue❓Do you know that it’s unlikely for cancer to thrive, if you just alkilinize your body❓Wow... Do I need to go on❓🤷🏻‍♀️#DeathCare
P.S. visits to obscure town antique shops, often spit up the old homeopathic medicine boxes that ALL folks used to keep on their farms etc; doctors often not being nearby. And they can still be bought❗️
I had one for years. Result: flu & colds that don’t survive 6-12 hrs❗️ #TheAbsoluteTruth🤚🏼 Anyone who knows me, knows I’m the flu-conquerer❗️But just not HOW 😄
Did you know that NUTRITION IS NOT a class in medical degrees❓😂
If you eat just cheese for years, how healthy do you suppose you’d be❓Aren’t we what we eat❓Might eating the wrong foods make us ill❓Oh, doctors don’t know❓🤷🏻‍♀️
Yoh. Advanced “science” there❗️
#KETO and #Organic #Banting, helped reverse my (serious) Rheumatoid Athritis❗️A fluke❓Well, those diets do help to ALKILINIZE us...❓🤔
Eggs were bad; then were good. Then they were bad again. Etc. Same goes for salt. Red meat. Despite what our healthier ancestors ate❓

I make my health choices based on empirical data; ie what works. Not what the latest paper says; which is refuted a decade later. #OccamsRazor
In the early days of my R.A. BATTLE, a type of monatomic GOLD mixture, was ridding me of symptoms, day by day❗️$20 pm. I was even feeling & looking younger. Until something happened to the pharmacist making it in his garage...

Drs say it can’t be cured.Only managed.But me, now❓
Did you know the NON #HolisticMedicine “doctors” prescribe a CHEMO drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis❓To “defeat” your immune system, or something 🤷🏻‍♀️😳That’s all those sick folks you see with the white patches on their faces etc, yeah.

WHAT❓When I know ☝🏼❗️Makes me want to cry❗️
And; on my return to health (and looking much younger, ladies 😆) I heard of this teenager with severe depression, who had just been prescribed LITHIUM by a psychiatrist❗️ He; blessed to have a mum with a good mind, was instead prescribed some homeopathic “empty water”; ...
...high fats, oils & supplements; a “truly” healthy, organic diet, for his specific constitution; & Rx’d to start KARATE, (single mom & no dad input😡🔥) was absolutely different, joyful and getting on with the business of growing into a #MAN❗️Just a few months later❗️
What do you suppose his parallel life trajectory might’ve looked like❓Makes me want to cry❗️💔

How long does your medical session take, folks❓10 minutes for a paracetamol, or who knows🤔, prescription at govt “hospitals” in #SouthAfrica⁉️
What, you thought it was just gonna be #WhiteGenocide ❓Nope, folks. Haven’t you yet realized, that there’re only TWO sides here❓That’s why #WMC & #Apartheid etc. When, man, I respect Sello’s @Julius_S_Malema mind❗️ Always said so. Just realized he had the wrong info. Like ever1
Well, do you know these poor homeopaths 💔earn a pittance of what these “drug rep GPs” rip you for❓When your first homeopathic consult is 90 mins; and covers a GP heart, lung & tongue. A full medical, & historic discussion, as well as a basic mental evaluation❗️RIGHT❗️😳
And then they leave with a nutritional & lifestyle change plan, plus medicine based on quantum mechanics|. (not the “new” vaccine science; incl even human DNA, they’re shooting into your baby now; a little “added extra”🤢 from what used to save a planets life❗️)
.|to support holistic healing; AND THAT’S THE QUACK SCIENCE❓😆Well, blow that straw house over, Wicked Wolf. Let’s see what you’ve got there)

Homework: Research #VaccineCourt on gobble gooby time machine
And can you believe it; (Ah; em media barrons🔥) Homeopaths and Holistic Medicine Doctors, like those decent “real” health practitioners on #TheTruthAboutCancer can even prescribe, “untainted” #VACCINES too❗️Did you know that❓😡
Who do you suppose “funds” these “empty water papers” that have lead to holistic healthcare, close to being banned; oh, in MANY countries now❓
Didn’t notice; nor know, ja❓Well again, who do you suppose stops the “media” from telling you any of this❓🤷🏻‍♀️
And again; go research the #UNCONSTITUTIONAL rights that were given to #GMO companies, and probably pharma, without any checks and balances in the interests of citizens❓

And even your “medical aid” only endorses “the system”🤔
Well; there are gazillions of independent “papers” by unbiased qualified people, that say the total opposite to the “1984 narrative”❗️Gobble Gooby it; if “they” haven’t expunged last years info, nevermind #StolenHistory, by now. 🔥
Lord; 🙏🏼 I cannot, nor should anyone, abide all this unnecessary suffering and strife, a moment longer❗️

THAT’S how you do it; all good mommy like❗️🔥🔥🔥🔥
A curse upon your minds, imprisoned planet drug genociders❗️ May God decree #SOULDeath for the Black Of Heart❗️
Hmmm. 🤔 Oh yes, and did you know that the main cause of #Dementia is said to be aluminium exposure❓ But, don’t worry, you won’t even “know” they’re starving you to death. “LEGALLY”❗️🔥🔥🔥
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