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THREAD documenting the incoming war in Rojava, Notheast Syria, now that the US has abandoned the YPG and is allowing Turkey to invade.
US troops have already begun withdrawing from important areas on the border. hawarnews.com/en//mobile/?ti…
Here’s the official White House statement announcing the betrayal.
One of the few things that might help YPG defend their areas is the fact they’ve built tunnels under most towns (it’s not secret) in Rojava. Smart move learned after Afrin. Other than this, I’ve no idea what they can possibly do to escape Turkish airstrikes.
Regime and a Russian forces have already moved in on Manbij. Nice one America.
One of the most appalling things about this is that in recent weeks America asked the YPG to destroy some of their defensive positions, saying that they’d look after the security situations there. After doing this, they’ve now withdrawn.
More abandoned US outposts in Syria today.
Bloody hell, even Lindsey Graham knows what a nightmare this is about to cause.
Are there any other words for "Population Engineering" anyone? Just wondering...
Lindsey talking a lot, but sadly none of this is going to happen. They will attack and nothing will be done.
Senior US official says he "has no idea" what the operation will be. If Afrin is anything to go by, I think it's quite clear. washingtonpost.com/world/national…
Looks like the KRG is concerned (understandably) about the huge influx of refugees into their areas the new Rojava war is about to create.
As was the case when Trump previously announced that he was pulling the US troops from Rojava, the Kurdish admin was given no warning to the most recent betrayal. Imagine fighting to defeat ISIS to then find out you're abandoned via Twitter. nationalinterest.org/blog/middle-ea…
Lindsey Graham turned into Heval Graham on the timeline. Too little too late though.
US saying they've stopped Turkish air operations over Rojava, saying there's no intention to change this soon. Considering the greatest US ally in the ground war against ISIS was shafted without warning today though, it's clear what the US says means zero.
Turkey has allegedly launched airstrikes near Semelka / Peshkabour crossing, the passage used to get from Iraqi Kurdistan into Rojava.
Good piece here about the very real threat of an ISIS resurgence in Syria when Turkey invades Rojava (after Trump gave the green light.) al-monitor.com/pulse/original…
Couldn't make it up. The operation to invade Rojava is called "Op Peace Spring" and one of the first tweets is slagging off America, even though it's America who allowed them to go ahead. What a life.
(By the way, this is what Afrin is actually like...) amnesty.org/en/latest/news…
I wouldn't hold your breath, US troops already began pulling out this morning. Posts in Tal Abyad and Sere Kaniye have already been abandoned. Sadly it looks like Trump struck the deal without speaking to his military advisers again.
While you're here, consider donating to help young Jouma. He was left with horrific injuries after being hit by a Turkish airstrike on the Kurdish city of Afrin in March. He's just 4-years-old. gofundme.com/f/help-jouma
Excellent point here. It's not just Kurds who will suffer the Rojava invasion, it's everyone living freely there, which as Robert states is very much not just Kurdish people.
The US betrayal of the YPG has pushed them to try and make another deal with the monster. Very sad turn of events, and no doubt terrifying for everyone living in Rojava.
Turkish backed mercenaries heading toward SDF positions in #Manbij.
This guy is such a liability. What does he even mean anymore?
Turkish drone circling near Tal Abyad.
Good piece here about how ISIS will return in the wake of this mess, by @mike_giglio. theatlantic.com/politics/archi…
TSK apparently shelling Serekaniye, two days after US forces pulled out from there. I have a friend there now. Will update.
Photos of Turkish backed mercenaries mobilising today as they move closer to SDF positions, mostly nearer to Manbij.
Footage of the Turkish backed mercenaries mentioned in the previous tweet. They use the same rhetoric as hardline jihadists in the region do. Interesting.
Apparently it's not true about shelling in Serekaniye. People there saying no shelling. False alarm / mistake.
Say it as it is. More mercenaries are being sent to attack SDF positions—they’re literally being bussed in by the load.
CHP show their true colours (again), giving full support to military invasion of Rojava. The leader, who said this below, is actually an Alevi from Dersim. (Malcolm X named a great concept for this sort of behaviour.)

YPG and YPJ veterans gathered outside the UN headquarters in Qamishli / Qamishlo.
Follow @AKMcKeever's extensive documentation of the Turkish mercenary convoy head to SDF positions. Vital info for what's coming.
Anyone hear about #Raqqa? Hearing from a good source that ISIS cells have taken over a security centre there. Anyone else hearing this?
Okay SDF have confirmed. ISIS sleeper cells consolidated and sent three suicide bombers to the SDF security HQ. Ongoing battle. Nice one America.
If this is right, it looks like a full mobilisation of ISIS sleeper cells has occurred in #Raqqa. Awful.
Thinking about the young Asayis I met in Raqqa in the summer right now. They spoke a lot about the very real threat of the ISIS sleeper cells, and are no doubt fighting right now as ISIS have reportedly surrounded the Asayis HQ. God help them. What a terrible situation.
This journalist is on the ground in Raqqa. He's saying there have been up to six ISIS bombings now.
Some are saying ISIS has confirmed at least one suicide bombing in Raqqa tonight. Jenan said the electricity has gone down. Lots of confusion.
Just spoke to a friend who was in Tal Abyad. They're preparing for the Turkish mercenaries as it looks as if they'll invade within the next few hours. This keys up with what other reporters are saying US intel have told them.
"Air and ground ... US will do nothing". This contradicts the nonsense spouted by @LindseyGrahamSC just one day ago, saying they wouldn't allowed Turkey to operate in the air above Rojava lol. Obviously it was bullshit but there you go.
Someone tweeted simply “#sdf” (Syrian Democratic Forces) from the US @SOJTFOIR account. It’s since been deleted. Maybe just a mistake, maybe something else.
What's left of some of the ISIS insurgents from last nights attacks in #Raqqa.
For the idiots claiming that the Raqqa attack didn't happen last night, here's ISIS claiming it themselves. They've linked it to al-Hol.
ISIS claims to have killed 13 SDF fighters in the Raqqa attack last night.
Highly Concerned™, made in Europe.
Further reading on Trump's Rojava abandonment by the excellent @aronlund.
BREAKING: Turkey has officially launched its attack on Rojava, hitting Tal Abyad with F16 airstrikes and sending its Syrian mercenaries (who some people are hilariously still calling rebels—these groups are not the FSA) to attack YPG positions. bbc.co.uk/news/world-mid…
Images of the first strikes on YPG held areas are emerging. Hundreds of thousands of civilians live in these areas too remember. This is the start of a brutal war.
Launching them from Diyarbakir airbase too. A lot of incredibly brutal significance to this.
More than seven years of building a free and autonomous life in one of the most hostile places on earth, whilst also battling the biggest jihadist threat the modern world has seen, and now Rojava is being bombed by NATO. What a fucking world. Can't believe it man.
(I know as a journalist you're not really *meant* to talk like this, but I don't care. I'm not a psychopath soz.)
Livestream from Sereikaniye (thanks @AKMcKeever). facebook.com/Ivan.Hassib/vi…
Civilians fleeing Serekaniye due to Turkish airstrikes today.
Reliable source on the ground telling me there’s shelling in Qamishli.
The skies above Serekaniye. Says it all.
My friend and colleague @khabat_abas updating on the situation. She was just in Serekaniye as the airstrikes came in.
Civilians fleeing Serekaniye.
Listen to the airstrikes. Filmed just now by @khabat_abas in Serekaniye.
Turkish shelling has hit the east of Qamishli, landing into the city.
Aftermath of Turkish airstrikes. F16s used, equipment for which the US still supplies.
Continued attacks in Qamishli right now.
GRAPHIC: This is Qamishli right now. Dead civilians in the streets due to Turkish shelling.
Read this by @marwanhishampen about the hope he had for his city of Raqqa after SDF liberated it. He is an Arab and moved back recently. amnesty.org.uk/blogs/ether/re…
Follow @khabat_abas—she’s currently on the ground in Qamishli speaking to wounded civilians in the hospital. She’s now active on Twitter. I trust Xebat entirely. Very good journalist with trustworthy to the minute information. Have a look.
Heavy clashes, reportedly between YPG and Turkish armed forces.
Thread documenting civilian casualties and deaths of the TSK bombardment on Rojava.
More shelling in Qamishli. 🎥: @khabat_abas
Turkish ground forces have entered Syria.
Sanctions lol. This makes no difference whatsoever sadly.
America has basically handed Russia and the Assad regime everything it needed. Unreal.
Trump is an absolute crackhead. That’s me logging out for the night.
Dêrik, one of my favourite places in Rojava. Shelling happened nearby tonight but not in the actual city yet.
It’s sad to see this. It’s almost exactly the same kind of scene I witnessed in Cizre and Silopi with YDG-H, but this time, four years on, it’s on the other side of the border.
A map of confirmed Turkish airstrikes today in Rojava.
Kurdish fighters in Serekaniye. “Ser” means fight.
According to @Heyva__Sor, 10 civilians were killed in the shelling last night and up to 15 injured so far.
People protesting today in Diyarbakir, Turkey.
All schools in Rojava closed to protect children from the indiscriminate Turkish shelling. Last night a school in Qamishli was hit.
Mother’s of martyrs protesting in Qamishli.
A 10-year-old child has lost their life due to Turkish shelling on Qamishli, Northeast Syria. The girl has lost her leg.

(I confirmed this was legit with a source on the ground who checked with another source at the hospital. The child is dead. RIP.)
Here is the father, cradling his dead son in his arms in Qamishli hospital. His son was killed by a Turkish mortar round today fired from Nusaybin on the other side of the wall. This is happening right now in Rojava, Northeast #Syria. Shame on anyone choosing to ignore this.
Turkish based mercenaries on the Serekaniye road.
GRAPHIC: Sara, the injured little girl (further up in this thread), has sadly lost both her legs.
(War is ugly. This one particularly is already horrific. You should not be allowed to avoid seeing the crimes dealt. If you've a problem, please unfollow.)
Sara only lost the one leg as per a contact via @Josiensor. Hopefully that's right and it's just the one.
Syriac Christian fighters of @SyriacMFS praying in the church in Qamishli before heading out to battle the Turkish backed mercenaries attacking NE Syria.

(Via @GforGilgo)
High end weapons seen with the Ahrar al-Sharqiya Turkish backed mercenaries in #Syria today.

(Not sure why people are still instant on sullying the name of the old FSA by calling these mercenaries "TFSA" but anyway...)

Apparently Sara (see up the thread) has died after sustaining brutal injuries from the shelling. RIP Sara.
Good piece about the botpocalypse surrounding reporting on the Rojava invasion. dailydot.com/layer8/turkey-…
Here’s young Sara. Sadly, she didn’t make it. RIP little girl.
Someone who would definitely know just said to me that Turkey is shelling across the border from Cizre (as well as Nusaybin) and that the internet was throttled there yesterday. Interesting.
A ninth month old baby has been killed in Turkey from return shelling from Rojava. This war is hell. What a horrible horrible mess. washingtonpost.com/world/europe/t…
Kurdish fighters on the frontlines in Tal Abyad today.
Reports of Sham Front (Turkish mercenaries) looting in Dadat village.
Kurdish fighters with a motorbike mounted W85 gun, attacking Turkish backed mercenaries in Serekaniye.
The American state confirms, this time to the UN, that it’s happy with the bloodshed in Rojava and wants it to continue. Read the link. washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
Images of damage caused to a Syriac home in Qamishli due to Turkish shelling, taken by @khabat_abas.
This is where little Sara and the young boy were killed yesterday (see thread).
Some people said the al-Hol escape attempts weren’t real. Here’s footage of the ongoing chaos there.
Little Sara lives! It was previously understood she’d died after her operation, but it’s confirmed she woke up this morning and is living. Apologies for the confusion. She has had one leg amputated and her brother didn’t make it sadly.
(FAO angry DMs people: Mistakes happen. Get over it. Sara lived, enjoy that instead.)
Turkish artillery targeting grain silos In Qamishli.
ATGM used against Turkish backed mercenaries in Serekaniye.
Footage of YPG clashes in Derbesiya.
Heyvasor (@Heyva__Sor) helping the wounded near Tal Halaf.
US forces apparently north of Ain Issa.

This photo is unbelievably sad. On the left is Mohammad Yosuf Hussain. He died as a result of Turkish shelling yesterday. On the right is his sister Sara, who lost a leg. When she woke up this morning after her operation she didn’t know her brother had died. RIP Mohammad.
Mohammad in life.

(Via @baxtiyarumut)
Suicide bombing in the centre of Qamishli.
My friend is on the ground. Sent me these. Looks like SVBIED. Very likely ISIS.
There are reports that Turkey is shelling the prison in Qamishli where ISIS prisoners are held.
YPG saying this footage shows ISIS detainees escaping Jirkin prison after it was shelled today by Turkey. There was a huge ISIS bomb set off in Qamishli today too. Now Rojava is attacked by Turkey on one side and ISIS on the other. It's like 2014 again.
The @UN says 100,000 people have already been displaced in NE Syria. That's 100k in three days. Some call the plan "population engineering". What it is is ethnic cleansing in motion.
Scenes from the middle of the battle in Serekaniye, via ANHA.
Jenan is in Rojava. For years she’s been one of the best journalists covering the region. Follow her updates if you’re not already: @jenanmoussa.
This piece by Aris is excellent. He’s been covering #Rojava, from the ground, since 2013. Have a read. vice.com/en_us/article/…
According to Newsweek, Turkey has bombed US Special Forces in Syria. newsweek.com/us-troops-syri…
Not only did Turkey strike the ISIS prison in Qamishli, they hit the one in Kobane too. US forces have apparently evacuated Kobane base as a result.

(My prediction is US does nothing and further allows TR to wreck Kobane too.)
There's no way it was a mistake. There's also no way America will do anything about this.
More footage from the battle of Serekaniye today.
The speedy remergence of ISIS in NE Syria, 100,000 people displaced, many civilians (including children) killed, and it’s only day three of the Rojava invasion. It’s going to be horrific.
America has fully absorbed the doublespeak of the Middle East tyrants it claims so often to be against. This statement is astounding.
"Shall all our children get killed before you do something?" A desperate mother addresses US SOF in Kobane.
ISIS prisoners causing havoc across Rojava in the wake of the Turkish attacks (many of which are aimed at the prisons, aiming to destabilise the region by trying to free ISIS.)
Confirmed US patrols near Qamishli still. Shame they’re no longer allowed to go anywhere near to where it could actually help now.
Credible source on the ground saying reports that Serekaniye have been taken by Turkish backed mercenaries are incorrect. Heavy fighting still.
Today’s Rojava battle reports from the SDF press office.
US DoD comment on the "accidental" Turkish shelling of US troops in Kobane yesterday.

"The explosion occurred within a few hundred meters of a location outside the Security Mechanism zone and in an area known by the Turks to have U.S. forces present..."

More mercenaries being bussed in as back up, on route to Tal Abyad.
Havrin Khalaf, the General Secretary of Syria Future Party, has been killed in an ambush by Turkish mercenaries on the M4 road near Qamishli. RIP. kurdistan24.net/en/news/dadc2b…
Footage of captured SDF fighters held by Turkish mercenaries.
Footage of what looks like the same SDF fighters being executed by Turkish backed mercenaries. It’s unverified, but if I’m not mistaken that is the M4 road, the same place as this morning’s ambush. My guess is it’s part of the same ambush.
If they look like jihadists, and they sound like jihadists, they might just be...
One of the first things the Turkish backed mercs have done is execute a woman, filming it as they went. Some how I don’t think these groups will uphold the huge shifts in public attitude towards women that Rojava has achieved.
My friend @khabat_abas asked me to share this (Twitter wouldn’t let her upload it.)

Family from Tal Abyad. Displaced to Hasakeh. The mother has three children in the SDF who fought alongside US troops against ISIS. Two sons, one daughter. Daughter still fighting in Tal Abyad.
She’s pleading for help saying how her family helped liberate Syria from ISIS, paying in the blood of our sons and daughters”. She then asks what they’ve done to deserve the abandonment of the US.
Correction: Two daughters, one son fighting for SDF (not two sons one daughter.)
Ahrar al-Sharqiya, Turkish backed mercenaries, abusing another captured SDF fighter here. The fact they film and share this abuse says it all. Expect a lot more of these.
Good piece covering the Turkish mercenary executions here. Also kudos to NYT for not calling these dogs "rebels". nytimes.com/2019/10/12/wor…
These are the forces the US let Turkey send in to "secure peace". They're parading prisoners like ISIS did and it's only, what, day five of the invasion?
Follow @AKMcKeever for updates geo-locating the various propaganda releases of Ahrar al-Sharqiya mercenaries.
@AKMcKeever YPG and YPJ seen fighting with Coalition Special Forces weapons.
Spot on. Journalists who care about their imprisoned colleagues don’t share TRT as if it’s legitimate.
A photo of Hervin Khalaf’s car after Turkish mercenaries ambushed and assassinated her. It’s riddled with bullets. She didn’t stand a chance.
Hearts and minds Ahrar al-Sharqiya style: Turkish backed mercenaries immediately holding up civilians at gunpoint on the M4 road.
Arab tribes pledging to continue support of the SDF.
YPG efforts now refocused fully on repelling the Turkish invasion.
Turkish mercenaries have attacked the ISIS prison camp in Ain Issa, freeing hundreds of ISIS families.
Reportedly 750 ISIS families have escaped Ain Issa prison camp after being freed when Turkish mercenaries attacked.
I just can’t believe this is Qamishli. I was there two months ago with @khabat_abas and @IwriteOK and it was one of the safest places (minus the spectre of ISIS car bombs) in Syria. Now there’s sporadic gunfire in the middle of the day.
Great point made by Sommerville here—what are the thugs sent to control these areas going to do about the orphaned children in the ISIS camps?
Syriac Christian in Dêrik today, praying that the Turkish invasion will be stopped. These Christians will almost certainly be slaughtered if captured by the Turkish mercenaries. We’ve seen the mercs already executing people whilst screaming “allahu akbar”.
Tal Abyad is apparently still partially held by YPG.
"Almost all suspected ISIS militants fled the camp." - @mustefabali thedefensepost.com/2019/10/13/syr…
A lad sent me this yesterday. He’s an Iranian anarchist who listens to Popular Front. They’re all there protesting outside the Turkish embassy in Iran, protesting the Rojava invasion. Doing this in Iran is a lot more dangerous than doing it in most other places. Brave.
Kurdish Red Crescent statement saying two of their ambulances have been attacked by Turkish mercenaries.
GRAPHIC: Immediate aftermath of a Turkish strike on a convoy today in Serekaniye. YPG (see the webbing) can be seen amongst the dead, civilians too.
(Some people in my mentions don’t understand the concept of an armed convoy. Who in their right mind would travel in a convoy in Rojava right now without fighters? Turkish mercenaries are assassinating people on the roads.)
Looks like US forces fled Ain Issa this morning after Turkish mercenaries attacked the Ain Issa ISIS camp, freeing almost 1000 ISIS families.
More US troops pulled out Syria by Trump. He’s sending 2000 to Saudi Arabia. You couldn’t make this up.
London right now. Thousands and thousands of people on the streets protest the Rojava invasion.
A Turkish solidarity group now on the mic. Good to see.
Lots of talk about also fighting for the Assyrians, Armenians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Arabs, and Turkmen allied with YPG in Rojava too.

(“EtHnOsTaTe” folk stay mad)
Ten points if you know this song.
Horrible turn of events if true: Now that US troops are leaving, the Regime might be entering Kobane and Manbij. Deal with the devil to save what’s left. In the long run it will backfire horribly, no doubt.
The YPG uniform claim (previous tweet in this thread) is interesting if true. You might have noticed (been confirmed to me too) that YPG are not wearing any uniforms when fighting. Maybe this is why. Have been told though it’s because they’re targeted by uniform. Who knows.
Confirmed: Assad forces to take over key points of Rojava amid rampant violence from Turkey and the mercenaries, and US abandonment. This is a horrible result. Remember, no one in Rojava wants this but they want less to be slaughter by proxy forces.
Very close call. As usual Lindsey Hilsum is doing excellent work in NE Syria right now.
Incredible. The US has abandoned the YPG, refused to help them as Turkish mercenaries (many acting and sounding exactly like jihadists) slaughter their people, and is now telling them they’re not allowed to make any alliances to save themselves either.
Police in Turkey block protesters in Diyarbakir from leaving HDP offices so that they can’t go on a Rojava solidarity march. All of the protesters in this video will be arrested on terror charges.
The Pope (@Pontifex) on the assault on NE Syria: “My thoughts go once again to the Middle East. In particular ... about the fate of the people of the country’s northeast, who are forced to abandon their houses because of military actions.” catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-fran…
Speaking on the phone to friends in Rojava—all terrified about Assad coming back. “The Regime is sure to take revenge against us.” Apparently all NGOs, foreign journalists, and I’m told even foreign YPG volunteers are fleeing Rojava right now.
Update on Rojava situation. The “Russian no fly zone” is false.
Confirmed through a source at Ain Issa camp: ISIS women have obtained weapons some how. Ongoing clashes.
HAT in Serekaniye.
Regime forces and Turkish backed mercenaries fighting in Manbij.
More useless sanctions on Turkey from America. It’s clear this is a game for Trump at this point.
They’re not wrong but surely they can see they have a hand in this? Surely?
A son and daughter, who’ve been fighting ISIS for years, carry their own mother in a coffin after she was killed by Turkish attack.
Mazloum Kobani has apparently spoken to Trump about the slaughter in Rojava. I can’t see that anything positive will come of it though.
UK government is in favour of the Turkish invasion of Rojava, will continue to sell arms to Turkey. Disgusting but not surprising. independent.co.uk/news/world/eur…
YPJ apparently destroyed an APC near a checkpoint in Serekaniye. The city still hasn't fallen to the Turkish backed militias.
Now confirmed: After reviewing arms sales with Turkey, the British government has decided to suspend sales of arms that might be used for slaughter in Rojava. news.sky.com/story/uk-suspe…
What is this "could" about? Killing civilians is either a war crime or it isn't.
Turkish "media" is also creating it's own frontlines and safe zones, somehow within ten paces of each other...
Rojava solidarity protest in #Ukraine of all places. Today in Kyiv.
This is heartbreaking, but you have to see it: A young child in Ras al-Ain is burned up after shelling from Turkish backed militants.

He cries out "Dad, my body is burning!"

He's now being treated in Qamishli hospital.

Footage of the chaos inside the Ain Issa ISIS camp.
YPG have allegedly seized an APC from the Turkish militias near Qamishli. Video is new, but can’t verify where it is.
Last night in Yafes area in Cizre (a city sometimes known as “the heart of the Kurdish resistance”) southeast Turkey, Kurdish youth apparently attacked an armoured patrol with Molotovs and a shotgun. A lot of the cross border shelling launched from Cizre.
Another 13 SDF killed in action fighting in Serekaniye.
Eight Turkish backed militia fighters killed in Serekaniye and Manbij battles.
Havrin Khalaf's mother says the Turkish mercenaries who murdered her daughter last week called her up from her phone after doing it. Coincidentally, this is something we've seen many jihadist groups in Syria doing.
YPG fighters showing off Turkish vehicles they commandeered from fleeing Turkey backed militias.
The moment a Turkish F16 hit the Serekaniye convoy last week. Many civilians amongst them. Eleven people died.
Footage of YPG and YPJ fighting hard in Serekaniye. If you compare this to old Battle of Kobane footage you can really see how far they've come on the battlefield. Training and experience is paying off.
(Bare in min they're still a militia, not the US Army).
Interesting... Turkish backed militia Jaish al-Islam on route to the frontlines singing about making "fitna" on the "kafaah" (they're calling the YPG infidels because they're not overtly religious). Where have we seen that before?
Fair play to these lot, but this is a really worrying sign. SDF splintering could see them fighting each other soon.
Turkish backed militia in Syria even has a Turkish flag mug.

(Via @ryanmofarrell)
Second ATGM strike seen (on video) by YPG since the start of the invasion.
This is so sad. The Regime have entered Kobane. All that fighting and death for this to be the end result. Appalling what Trump has done here.
Trump is either going senile or is getting a big business deal from Turkey.
Jesus Christ. It's been confirmed by the White House that this absurd letter written by Trump is real.
The perfect metaphor for America's role in helping and abadoning Rojava.
Turkish backed mercenary shot by a YPG sniper as he prepares to fire on their positions in Serekaniye.
A father and daughter protecting IDPs in Hasakeh.
An armed raid for social media posts. This is our NATO “ally”.
Huge YPJ flag hung in the Bastei rock formations in Germany.
Turkish backed militant hit as his mate films him firing at YPG positions.
BREAKING: After saying this week that they'd "never stop" the invasion of NE Syria, Turkey has now agreed to a ceasefire. bbc.co.uk/news/world-mid…
Trump just called the calculated murder of civilians in Rojava "tough love". Unreal.
"The Turkish side will pause Operation Peace Spring in order to allow for the withdrawal of YPG forces from the safe zone for 120 hours..." Wtf is this? This isn't a ceasefire, it's capitulation. reuters.com/article/us-syr…
YPG spox rejects the safe zone. Doesn’t look like the “ceasefire” will last long.
Okay it's a bit confusing but apparently Mazloum Kobane is saying they're accepting a ceasefire where the battles are, but they've not accepted this ridiculous "ceasefire" Pence came up with that would basically hand over the whole of Rojava to Turkey.
There's evidence to suggest that chemical weapons have been used by Turkish backed militias against civilians in NE Syria. foreignpolicy.com/2019/10/17/tur…
Look at what they did to this child. rudaw.net/english/middle…
Not even a full day into the “ceasefire”.

Sorry to share but it has to be seen: Turkish militias recycling an image from when they previously caused hell in occupied Afrin. Here they’re forcing a gun into the mouth of a captured YPJ fighter. This should give you a clear idea of who they are.
More evidence shows Turkey may have used white phosphorus on Kurdish civilians. This is not a conspiracy or bad intel—read the piece. thetimes.co.uk/article/turkey…
Turkish shelling continues. The "ceasefire" was non-existent. Great deal there by @realDonaldTrump and @VP. Morons.
More bodies recovered from the rubble in Serekaniye.
Possibly another moment showing white phosphorous used in Tal Abyad. Have a look at 02:52:36. Well spotted by @ryanmofarrell.

For an on-the-ground perspective of the invasion of Rojava:
Young people burned and torn apart by the Turkish military and their proxies in Syria.
Ok here’s an unexpected one: PKK writes open letter to Trump. anfenglishmobile.com/features/pkk-l…
A message from the YPG still fighting against Turkish backed militias in Serekaniye.
It's weird to see how actively dishonest the American government is on the Rojava situation. Shit heads like Pompeo just completely ignoring what's actually happening and lying knowingly. I mean everyone knows America lies but seeing it like this is mad.
A message from the Turkish backed militias fighting against the YPG right now. Sounding a lot like the 101 jihadist groups in Syria.
"Abandoned by the US, Kurdish forces are doubly angry at who is seeking to replace them: Turkish-allied Syrian fighters the US long rejected as extremists, criminals and thugs..." This, by @NYTBen and @ddknyt, is very good. No mincing of narratives either. nytimes.com/2019/10/18/wor…
The young Kurdish boy who had his skin near burned off by what @amnesty believes might be white phosphorus, fired by Turkey.
“Trump’s announcement of a hasty and ill-planned withdrawal of US troops from #Syria to allow for a Turkish onslaught, left everyone—allies, lawmakers, defense officials, but most significantly the Kurdish-led forces themselves—stunned...” Read this. theatlantic.com/politics/archi…
HRE guerrilla attacks still continue around #Afrin—this one apparently dedicated to “the martyrs of Serekaniye”.
These are the fighters NATO “ally” Turkey sent to attack Rojava. If these lot aren’t jihadists I don’t know what is.
Another video of Turkish backed mercenaries filming themselves, proudly displaying people they executed at the side of the road.
America just made it considerably harder for themselves to stop ISIS returning in Syria. Good job Trump. politico.com/news/2019/10/1…
Turkish backed mercenaries seizing the homes of Armenians and Syriacs who fled when the invasion started.
This is ethnic cleansing in motion.
Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh.

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