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If you are ready to understand the crap going on out there then I can help. There is a lot to learn, but if you do, it will make more sense than anything you were told by the media.
2- Saudi Arabia

Why are the Saudis important?

Because this is where the swamp has its deepest depths/roots/funding and where the storm starts. SA has the most $ which have been flowing to corrupt politicians via foundations, Trump has made a deal with a younger Prince.
3- Saudi Arabia: Salman Vs Al Waleed

Muhammad Bin Salman 32 (Young new hero reformer)

Right: Al waleed 62 (Old school criminal, think 9/11, he is the leader of a large group of bad princes)


Now what really happened at Las Vegas and WHY
4a- Las Vegas Intro
Links to massive explanation

Direct link for mobile users: Image:
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4b- LV
People of Interest:
(This list is a bit hard to follow because of the long names. This chart : businessinsider.com/a-whos-who-of-… will help you clarify who is who.)
King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud (King Saud. Deceased) : King of Saudi Arabia (1932-1953)
4c- LV
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Deceased) : 5th son of King Saud. King of Saudi Arabia until his death in 2015. Successor is King Salman
Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth King Salman): Current King of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
4d- LV
8th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud.
Mohammad bin Salman (Henceforth Crown Prince Mohammad): Son of King Salman. Currently next in line to be king after King Salman. Muqrin bin Abdulaziz (Former Deputy Crown Prince. Henceforth Muqrin) :
9th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. Was next in line to be king if King Salman had died before being crowned king. IS THE FATHER OF Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud! THE MAN KILLED IN THE HELICOPTOR CRASH ON 11/5/2017. nypost.com/2017/11/05/sau…
Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth Mansour) : Son of Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. Died 11/5/2017, the day of the failed coup on the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5…
Alwaleed bin Talal (Henceforth Talal):Billionaire businessmen. Grandson of King Saud ties to DNC, Clinton, Podesta. Arrested 11/4/2017 for corruption. Owns Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Four Seasons occupy the top floors of Mandalay Bay thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/report…
Also owns shares in Twitter as well as other high-tech silicon valley companies. Put Obama through college and Has had spats with Trump in the past.
I know that’s a mouthful of names, but bear with me. Just remember 4 names: Salman, Mohammad, Muqrin, and Mansour.
Do you remember how President Trump visited Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017? Do you remember how warmly he was greeted by King Salman? I do. It was a spectacle. Why was he greeted so welcomingly? After all, President Obama’s reception was… shall we say, less than grand.
Do you remember how after Trump’s visit, Saudi Arabia started becoming more open in their policies? Women can drive there now. Did you notice how the Syrian rebellion became quiet? Did you notice how quickly ISIS was crushed after the visit? nytimes.com/2017/09/26/wor…
Why did Saudi Arabia suddenly want to get their oil companies listed on the NYSE? What could have caused this?
To answer this, we have to look a little further back. Back to around 2010.
It all goes back to fracking.
You see, the Kindom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always relied heavily on its petrol reserves for wealth and prosperity. And they were ruthless. OPEC. The cartel of gasoline.
You can’t count the number of times in history that OPEC used its power to crush governments, manipulate prices, control supplies, and fund activities. If there ever was a international group of bullies, OPEC was it. And at the head of this organization was the mighty KSA.
Then came the fracking boom. Suddenly, the world was no longer at the mercy of OPEC. This made them nervous. So, they pumped out more petroleum, driving the price of gas to lowest in decades. What was their objective? To bankrupt these fracking businesses.
KSA is very rich. They figured they could just drive gas prices low and take the loss until all fracking startups crumbled. Do you remember how cheap gas got 2013-16? Ridiculous, wasn’t it? But they didn’t count on how cheap fracking had become.
So many didn’t go bankrupt. They took another step. To convince the world fracking was bad for the environment. They lobbied & supplied funds to the Dems. Why? Cause the leftist are usually the ones who support ANY and ALL environmental regulations. fortune.com/2016/03/07/cli…
Do you remember all the legal battles that fracking had to go through? Heck, it’s still illegal in most blue states. Do you understand why the Saudis donated so much money to the Clinton campaign? onegreenplanet.org/environment/co…
She was HEAVILY favored to win and if she did, you can bet that illegalizing fracking would have been on the top of her list, returning us to dependence on arab oil. But… this didn’t work either. Fracking continued. And then reality hit them hard. independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…
KSA vastly underestimated the amount of total shale reserves in North America. They thought maybe they could ride it out if the reserves would dry up in a decade or so. But nope. We have enough shale to supply us for at least 50 years. Big problem. rystadenergy.com/newsevents/new…
You’re King Salman, what do you do? Only one thing you can do. Give up reliance on oil production and try to use existing wealth to stay wealthy. To modernize its trade to include more than just exports of oil. bbc.com/news/world-mid…
They would need to build an entire industrial country from scratch. To do that, he needed the help of the USA. And that’s where Trump comes in. You see, the May 2017 meeting between Trump and Salman (and his son), was not just another meeting. english.alarabiya.net/en/News/gulf/2…
It was a business meeting. King Salman asked Trump for help. Trump was more than willing to give it (like listing the oil companies on the NYSE) but his help would come with a price. thehill.com/policy/finance…
Stop illegal funding. No more contributions to American politics. No more funding terrorists. King Salman took the deal. All of a sudden, women were allowed to drive. ISIS was retreating. Syrian rebels ran out of ammunition. Yay. All good so far. dailycaller.com/2018/05/10/tru…
Now comes the bad
Not all the royalties in KSA are into this. They don’t like losing the power they once had. What’s worse, they don’t want to become liberal. They resent King Salmon. They plot against him. (note current smear campaigns against him) theguardian.com/world/2019/jun…
At the forefront of this movement is none other than the previous Deputy Crown Prince, Muqrin, and his son, Mansour (the man killed in the helicopter crash of 11/5/17) gulfnews.com/world/gulf/sau…
October 1, 2017. The top floors of Mandalay Bay isn’t Mandalay Bay, but is Four Seasons, owned by billionaire Talal. Who was occupying that whole floor that night? We know it wasn’t King Salman, because he was in Russia at the time. theguardian.com/world/2017/oct…
We can't know for sure who it was, but my guess is Crown Prince Mohammad The plan is to take out the crown prince. Then King Salman. With the King and the Crown Prince dead, who is next in line? Yup. The former deputy crown prince, Muqrin. arabnews.com/news/546716
So, posing as terrorists who wanted to buy the guns for some terrorist attack, they dupe the CIA or FBI to supply guns to the death squad. Their real plan is to climb the stairs right after the deal and kill the VIP in the floors above them. usatoday.com/story/news/nat…
This is why the weapons cashe was located on the 32nd floor. They would only have to climb a few stairs or take the elevator up a little to start the killing. Now, here’s what happened that night:
1. Paddock is the contact man to supply the guns.
2. Either Trump's Intel or Paddock got wind of what was to take place. Action is taken to round up most assassins. This is why the guns aren’t loaded and mostly unmanned. This is why it takes so long between bursts of fire.
3. Royalty in floors above are notified and prince is e-vac’d out. This accounts for all the helicopter flight reports. It also explains the gunfire that supposedly took place on runways. Bad guys were trying to gun down the helicopter and the good guys were fighting back.
4.The couple of assassins that made it to Paddock’s room kill Paddock. Now, to disguise the assassination attempt, they open fire on the crowd below to make it look like a lone gunman terror attack. They don’t want concrete evidence that an assassination attempt was made.
5. Paddock is made patsy. Why? Because if a failed Saudi assassination attempt was responsible for the deaths, if the FBI/CIA supplied guns that killed 58 people then people would likely demand that we go to war with Saudi Arabia. Plus damage to FBI/CIA.
6. Do you remember President Trump saying, “it could have been a lot worse”? Yeah, no kidding. THERE WERE 23 GUNS IN THAT ROOM- We could have had war or have had lots more people die if the death squad had all gotten their hands on the guns. thesun.co.uk/news/4600926/l…
Quite a story. Now, let’s fast forward to one month later.
We know a missile was intercepted by the Saudi military on November 3 or 4th. This was probably the final effort by the anti King Salman group. This was their last ditch effort to kill him. nytimes.com/2017/11/04/wor…
OR, it was staged to give King Salman the excuse to round everyone up in retaliation of the assassination attempt. We know that MASSIVE raids and the rounding of Saudi princes took place on the 5th. I guarantee all are anti Salman/Mohammad.
And who was just killed? Yes. The son of Muqrin, Mansour. Mansour’s death was retaliation. I have no doubt of it. He was executed. abc.net.au/news/2017-11-0…
> Mandalay Bay "Hotel in a hotel" owned by Prince Talal, investmentwatchblog.com/main-sharehold…
> SA rolls out red carpet for Trump's visit: npr.org/sections/paral…
VIDEO Trump Dance of the Sword: theguardian.com/us-news/video/…
VIDEO Prince Salman talking about reforms:
VIDEO Extraction from Tropicana hotel:
Airport activity logs, special access, multiple shooters in multiple locations, all check out there are other videos of ambulances and bodies being brought out of other locations, have to find.
Even with best intentions, from a normie perspective, everyone with eyeballs that watched the LV Sheriff talk on camera while the FBI Shark loomed over him, knows the sweating nervous Sheriff that keeps changing his story is not telling us everything. And now you know why.
LV Summary...

1) Older prince Talal is corrupt, largest investor in America, (Twitter Citicorp, etc) owns politicians and supports radical Islam, ISIS and has ties to 9/11. Has been in control in SA for a long time allowed to do what he wants, playing both sides of terror
2) A younger prince Muhammad Salman (son of king) is a reformer, wants women to drive, wants to stop radical Islam.. partnered with Trump, while Talal ownes the Bushes/Clintons/Pelosi/McCain/Obama by funding their foundations and having dirt on them
3) The old corrupt guard do not want their crimes found or Radical Islam stopped IN BOTH SA & AMERICA!! They don't want women driving or to for them to lose power in both countries

The attempt on his life only solidified his resolve to immediately go after criminals.

Shortly after mass arrests took place the prince who ordered the hit was killed in a helicopter "crash" with all his team.

> Revenge is a dish served cold. aljazeera.com/news/2017/11/s…
Massive Arrests nypost.com/2017/11/09/mor…

SA habbenings are critical as all the ties it has to American political corruption/CIA.
Consider the balls needed to pull this off...
Moore proof Salman and POTUS are working together
6-Uranium One
Let's back up...

How is Trump so good? Does he have people helping? PROTECTING HIM?

60 Tweet Thread i.imgur.com/1q4mrxG.png from @drawandstrike is critical in understanding plays in motion with regard to Trump as POTUS (DON'T SKIP)
@drawandstrike 6b-Uranium One
Unlike the picture transcribing it'd be illogical to post all 60 tweets here since you can just use the original feed for that. The basics are
1. Military Intel laid the whole #UraniumOne Scandal out to Trump before he ran. #Qanon
6c-U1 Trick
2. This is why Trump talked positively about hypothetical deals with Russia in campaign. It forced the people who took massive Russian bribes on the U1 deal to attack him for it. He got them to admit what they did was wrong over and over again
6d-U1 Election Aftermath
3. After the election they get to work, but they need smokescreens and so they convince people it's Trump being investigated when really it's Deep State.
6e-U1 Mueller's Teeth
4. DNC Media & Democrats viewed and continue to view Mueller as relentlessly stalking Trump who has been on the ropes in desperate trouble trying to avoid the inevitable. Meanwhile real justice gets ever closer.
5. - This was written years ago, note he mentions the Sealed indictments being nearly done, Nope, they were MASSIVE then and have only grown more absurd in quantity. (as well as the resignation list)
6g-U1 Cates Conclusion
6.- We are still waiting for the massive unsealing, Mueller of course since this was written concluded and found a giant nothing-burger. They waited with baited breath for years to eat that nothing-burger you know.
7a- Summary So Far
> LV was a SA hit gone bad on a prince, and GEOTUS in the middle of a deep state war..
> JSOC is helping Trump, (the best of the best)
> Mueller may not be who he appears.
7b- Supplementary
> Mueller is investigating Podesta (who stepped down and closed his firm)
> Podesta was in the middle of U1 deal, lobbied for Russia
> Podesta also lobbied for SA who was paying him $140K A MONTH!!
> Manafort was in the middle of U1 deal
> Manafort was arrested on charges for those years, NOT Trump election
> Manafort was the one paying Podesta during U1
> Hillary told CF members to do everything they can to help the U1 deal, informant that worked for Podesta Group came forward to Tucker and FBI and is going to testify to this
> Another FBI informant during 2009/10 also coming forward with docs & video theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/10/24/stu…
8. - Enter Q
Enter "Q" a user on /pol/ who drops "crumbs" that are baked into "bread" over a series of days..

"Q" does not stand for question, but the highest level of clearance in the US DOE! Think nuclear.. Dept of Energy.

Note: "Need to know basis"
What Q conveys is a secret war taking place between the best of the best of the US Armed forces (JSOC) and the globalist CIA extensions in key parts of the World, they have controlled for decades.
What this uncovers is the depths of corruption and connections they have. it is mostly done thru a long series of posts in the form of questions. You must have the answers to then compile at the end of a post into a meaning. If you have the info, the meanings are profound.
9. Detour
I was going to transcribe the example the original poster made of answering these questions for meaning - but upon close inspection the example he gives is not Q but instead one of countless offshoots early in the days of Q - this one being RPP. i.imgur.com/TB2Gas3.jpg
9b- Detour
Most were disinfo pushes so I won't transcribe. Disinfo can be useful, e.g. VQC++ was an early "Q too" push, and dissecting it helped me recognize the herding of anon's with disinfo towards certain conclusions by bots & shills, but I won't hijack this thread with that
9c- Detour
I just needed to acknowledge the mistake in the source for this thread (given how massive the post was there's going to be a few) i did get this interesting link RPP's Q about Prism of who buys data mining of GOOG/FB gizmodo.com/confirmed-nsa-… anyway, let's get back to Q
10. Enter Q Summary (edited):
Full: i.imgur.com/1AqeIhH.png
Original Thread: archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148…

On the 31st of October, a person posted a massive list of questions on /pol/, implying that a massive operation was being undertaken in order to clean up the US Gov't.
The first post of Q was a reply to an anon asking why MSNBC was freaking out while Fox was all smiles that day. - The answer was HRC was to be arrested however just a bit later that day this was amended to a "not yet"presumably she nearly ran and was nearly picked up for it.
Days later Q said on Friday & Saturday (implying the 3rd and 4th of November, respectively), Trump would deliver on the MAGA promise. Date sound familiar? It should, it's the date 1/3 of the pyramid got taken down with SA being cleaned out.
Q claimed that three (used to be four) major families were controlling the corrupt parts of the US gov.
He asked many questions which implied massive corruption and conspiracy in the US government, and the steps that were being taken to correct it.
Q said North Korea was not being run by Kim Jong Un, and was in fact being run by something so outrageous that the US citizenry would revolt if revealed.
Q said , "I can hint and point but cannot give too many highly classified data points. These keywords and questions are framed to reduce sniffer programs the continually absorb and analyze data then pushed to z terminals for eval. Think xkeysc on steroids."
After that, he said "it cannot go slow. the initial wave will be fast and meaningful." (note this was just before the SA Arrests) He then claimed that the reason this thread was not being shilled was because it was being monitored, recorded & analyzed nytimes.com/2017/11/04/wor…
Then, Nov 1st a person claimed to have Q level clearance posted info pertaining to the retaking of USA (when Q became Q)
He claimed Public riots were being organized to act as living shields to prevent the arrest of senior public officials. Again, note date - pre Nov 4th
He claimed that the POTUS would declare Martial Law to capture these individuals.
I can't stress enough that this was just b4 the SA arrests. Taking down 1/3 of the pyramid. You surely understand why Q prepared us for heck breaking loose then.
He then posted a sequence of numbers, "4,10,20" he posted the sequence of numbers again, but this time, he posted the first four letters of the alphabet in order. This implied that the numbers were letters. The 4th, 10th and 20th letters of the alphabet = D, J, and T.
Essentially teaching us a bit of comms work, - anyway, After that, he implies that the collapse of the NK tunnel was no accident, and that these "crumbs" are not meant to scare anyone but to inform. independent.co.uk/news/world/asi…
An Anon posted about how society has been ruined, and he had become suicidal because of it. He expressed a wish to join the Navy to serve. Q replied to this Anon saying that he was heard and that, "the POTUS was backed by the finest people." The post was signed, "-The WH."
More questions were asked, a verse from the Bible was posted, and the last post in that thread said to look to Twitter for this exact sentence. "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us......."
In the next thread he brought attention to the fact that Huma had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and how the Dems were trying to downplay or even hide that fact. He then said McCain was also working to cover up these ties, and was in fact tied to such organizations himself.
He questioned why the President invested so much time into labeling the MSM as fake news, and questioned us about the relevance of such a thing. An interesting thing to note is that the person posting has almost always referred to themselves as a we dailycaller.com/2018/12/22/wor…
Then, Q warned "actions have created accelerated counter-actions" Q said that the Twitter take down was not an accident, and if the lights go out, that the good guys were in control.politico.com/story/2017/11/…
Suddenly, he said that a TLA had embedded a tracking/up-channel into POTUS' Twitter account to ascertain his location. An Anon asked for Q to clarify, "Let's be real clear. The CIA just attacked the Commander? and in Chief which was detected by NSA/MI and alerted to POTUS
On the 4th of Nov Q asked mostly pertaining to SA. He implied that what happened in SA would happen to the US. One Anon made the connection of the Abdulaziz family to one of the four families mentioned previously, which Q all but confirmed.
In the next thread, created by Q, Q claimed that "By the time POTUS returns from his trip the world will be a different place." what happened in SA will happen in the US, then Asia, then finally the EU.
At the end of the thread, he implied that MS13 is used by the deep state to kill. This is why there was such a focus on the wall. Q also implied MS13 was hired by HRC to kill Seth Rich
In the next Q questioned us about the Clinton Foundation, the investigation, and what the CF was doing in Haiti. Q questioned us about the Las Vegas shooting, and it came out that the top of the hotel. The very top was owned by the Abdulaziz family.
After that, Q started asking us about the UK and Germany and what corruption would be found within, and finally a Satanic Cult involved with it all. in the next thread, He implied that Obama had been groomed to be the 44th President
Q then said the next information dump might shut down /pol/, and to stay alert in places that conservatives gather. After that, Q asked us about who owns controlling shares in major media and popular internet websites. and also about A Cooper
All just from questions and /pol/ autists to find answers.
And to anyone who remembers those early days, they also remember the many disinfo campaigns (larp), so many shills/bots so much disgusting spam to scare people away & prevent discourse web.archive.org/web/2018080702…
Q taught us about Operation Mockingbird, that is still going on today, Notice whenever POTUS falls off the MSM narrative, or calls out IC, the old NSA, DNI talking heads run to CNN and give "interviews" about why Trump is wrong. They were just on CNN last night!
One of the posts, Q posts images which lead /pol/ to Air Force One route!
Flight leaves at 5:17 pm (PST)
Flight arrives at 9:45 pm (PST)
4 hours and 31 minutes
(AF1 flights faster than commercial)
Possible flight path passes over Hong Kong 3/4 of the way through flight puts it at a time around 8:40 PM (PST)
Basically after a bit of nerd analysis the result was that
Q's picture is ONLY 9 minutes off estimated flight time.
12a- JSOC/CIA history lesson

NEXT let's build this story out with evidence about JSOC and the Deep State AND THIS WAR STARTED,



i.imgur.com/cCXmXXW.jpg don't skip

Text: mgtow.com/forums/topic/f…
12b- JSOC/CIA history
Posted Originally Feb 2017
Lesson regarding the Joint Special Operations Command and their relationship with the CIA. I’ll also relate this information to how Trump may choose to use the military and JSOC which CIA would like to stop theblackvault.com/documentarchiv…
JSOC was created after Operation Eagle Claw failed spectacularly in 1979. Failed cause the Air Force, Navy, Army, & Marine pilots/Special Forces did not work well together. They had differing standards of readiness and inter-agency cooperative ability sofrep.com/79910/operatio…
Out of the ashes of this mission JSOC was formed so that an umbrella organization could be centrally directed for Counter-Terrorism missions where branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc) would work together effectively with an established chain of command.
The main “big name” units in JSOC are Delta Force (SFOD-D), SEAL Team Six, the 160th Airborne, The Ranger Recon Company and Grey Fox/Team Orange Signals and SIGINT Collection Unit. There are also Air Force Combat Aircraft Controllers. (Air Force Special Tactics)
As the tip of USA's Counter-terrorism spear JSOC units face off terrorists in essentially some facet of every mission. Whether it’s hostage rescue from hijacked airliners, killing insurgents in the jungle in S. America, or intercepting ships with weapons bound for terrorists
it’s usually JSOC leading these. This puts their intelligence assets in contact with the CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI (FBI agents are attached to Delta Force raids in the Middle East) and other alphabet agencies with a penchant for drug trafficking & worse.
JSOC is the #1 Premier terrorist killing organization, and the CIA is the world’s #1 Premier terrorist training organization, this puts them into direct conflict right off the bat.
As Delta Force is launching raids to free ISIS hostages, the CIA is training ISIS 500 miles away, and at the same time all those child sex slaves that ISIS loves so much are getting funneled to the CIA which keeps them flush with off the book cash. independent.co.uk/news/world/mid…
JSOC is full of the smartest so they aren’t blind to this situation. This may be why since Delta Force’s inception the CIA has targeted it & conventional groups with false intel and strong arming the WH into giving them questionable missions
Let's go further back and set the stage for how this hatred started. In the 1970’s CIA was funneling drugs and children out of South-East Asia and it used teams of unhinged dudes from Special Forces Groups and SEAL Teams to be their enforcers. This unit was called MACVSOG
It was outside the laws of war, used unconventional guerrilla warfare and brutal in methods. They would slaughter villages incl kids, they would torture & mutilate. They acted like modern cartel enforcers. The reason for this behavior is because this is what those guys were.
The CIA figured out it could have essentially unlimited money, test subjects for experiments, and worldwide power by controlling the drug/human trafficking trade. They started this operation in the Golden Triangle in the 1970s and continue to this day
Now, while this is going on the “normal” guys on SEAL Teams and Special Forces groups get extremely creeped out by this. They keep their mouths shut because they’re good soldiers but the word is out about the CIA’s Asian operations. counterpunch.org/2017/09/29/arm…
These same SEAL Teams and SF Groups are beholden to higher powers (intel agencies) to fight their battles for them as well. So not only are they forced to work with these guys, many of their missions supported these hunter-killer enforcement for the CIA.
AND on many of these FUBAR missions “good” SF guys and SEALs were taken prisoners by the Vietcong and SE Asian resistance forces. Many remained POW’s until their deaths in the 1990’S
Skip to the 80’s, Delta Force is newly minted & united, JSOC is forming a new age of counter-terrorism upon the world. The SF guys of DF are no longer slogging their SE Asian jungles, they’re across Europe and Middle East training w allies (SAS, GIGN, GSG9, Sayaret Maktal
In the midst of these missions intelligence occasionally locates groups of POW’s from the 1970’s. Of course, because many Delta and SEAL Team Six guys were brothers in arms to these POW’s, Delta starts working on plans to free them.
TWICE the CIA intentionally sabotaged these missions. They sent a retired SF General on CNN to spout off about he & his “militia” are headed to SE Asia to free POW’s (MSM colluding with intel agencies to keep their child/drug trafficking empire alive)
Word around was the CIA made the guy do it to scuttle the POW missions. Both to keep their rape/drug empire under wraps & because those hostages were a bargaining chip for reconstruction money given to the Vietnamese. +11 Billion if I recall correctly
So, rolling on into the 90’s & 2000’s and the War On Terror ramping up, JSOC is catapulted into a leading role in the US’s military interventions abroad. This grows JSOC’s autonomy, unit strength. web.archive.org/web/2013011220…
During the 2000’s General Mcrystal was in charge of JSOC. Under him JSOC developed an integrated intel sharing system with the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, etc. He streamlined the flow of intel so that ops would have more independently verified sources ted.com/talks/stanley_…
On the surface this sounds great for ops because it allows rapid response and greater intel collation and collection, but in reality it gave the agencies a porthole into the daily operations of JSOC and a direct way to manipulate them with ease. nbcnews.com/meet-the-press…
Gen. Mccrystal worked closely with CIA to integrate their intel into JSOC but as the state of the world shows JSOC was played yet again into knocking pieces the CIA had set up for them, or wanted out of the way as competing interests to their empire.
Now to bring it around to the point at hand, we get to General Flynn, General Harward, the Navy SEALs under Obama & HRC as SecState.
Now just because the men of JSOC are aware of the CIA’s shenanigans, doesn’t necessarily mean their leadership is.
As we saw with General Mccrystal, JSOC leadership undermined the men’s ability to do their work in a calculated way. You saw this with the POW mission sabotage and general derision and misleading intel during the Global War On Terror in the 2000’s. rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2018/01/…
So since the 1970’s, during the CIA’s intro to terrorization and bodily horror in South-East Asia, they began running their #MKULTRA experiments at home in the US. These experiments largely focuses on drugs, torture, mind breaking, sexual abuse, etc. thesun.co.uk/news/7920010/c…
All in the hopes of creating a mentally impervious or sleeper agent who was unable to stray from their programming and commands. Now the MKULTRA stuff with LSD and prostitutes is declassified, but the experiments continued with newfound data. healthland.time.com/2012/03/23/the…
What they found was that the best way to mindbreak a person was induce a “dissociative state”. A dissociative state is when your brain creates a mental barrier to shield you from immediate trauma. it shields your “ego” to put it in Jungian terms. blogs.psychcentral.com/psychology-sel…
When you’re in these states your conscious mind recedes and you become extremely suggestible. You become like putty in a handler’s hands and you can be made to kill or whatever they train/tell you to do.
Now the sickest part of this is that it’s fairly hard to induce dissociative states, especially in adults. So what the CIA figured since It works easier on kids. "Let’s just torture kids and train them from childhood to be murderers!" #Qanon #MKUltra
Now because the CIA was already selling drugs, they had connections to an endless supply of off the grid trafficked kids to experiment on. This ballooned into all the Satanic Cults you see popping up all over the place loosely associated with CIA
Many of these cults operated and abused children on military base pre-schools and similar government funded childcare centers.

So this puts us roughly where we are now.

Thru the use of child assets: Threats are entrapped with pedophile temptations or killed with mindbroken torture-slaves (Most well known mass killers spent time in CIA funded “treatment centers”, and had political killings mixed into random victims).
I’ll wrap up with how this relates to Trump’s fascination with the military and why JSOC’s men and component units (but not necessarily the organization itself) might be the ultimate foil to these pedophile Satanist freaks.
When Trump speaks of decorated Generals he speaks warmly. He is quoted as being a fan of Patton as well, another “General’s General” to put it his way. dailycaller.com/2017/04/20/pre…
That’s not to say he’s a sucker, but he definitely has a soft spot for men in uniform especially highly skilled men. His trip the fallen Navy SEAL’s return ceremony is proof he has a deep respect for the men of the Joint Special Operations Command. military.com/daily-news/201…
I believe Trump’s fascination with the military, his inferred respect for JSOC Operators, JSOC’s hatred of the CIA and CIA’s antagonism towards JSOC is bringing the situation of trafficking & CIA illegal ops to a head.

(remember this was all written Feb 2017, before Q)
Trump’s tough border is especially worrisome to the CIA and especially mouth-watering to JSOC who would like nothing more than to be sicc’d on the cartels.
There is essentially no facility on Earth JSOC can’t break into. and that if the CIA crosses the line, which they very well may have done with Flynn Trump might have JSOC spank them, or even worse for them have JSOC start dismantling their ops. JSOC would jump at the chance
Please pick apart and criticize this analysis, but before you do please read these three books.

1. Inside Delta Force: Eric Haney
"Army's most elite top-secret strike force. But you won't hear about their heroics on the news" amazon.com/Inside-Delta-F…
2. Relentless Strike: Sean Naylor
"The inside story of Joint Special Operations Command, the secret military organization that during the past decade has revolutionized counterterrorism"
3. Programmed to Kill: David Mcgowan
"McGowan takes a fresh look at the lives of America's most notorious accused murderers, focusing on the largely hidden patterns that suggest there is more to the average serial killer story than meets the eye"
OK, now we have a deep understanding and map of JSOC and CIA

Let's tie this all back to today and Hillary, Obama and the election!

Remember those 33,000 emails Clinton deleted 3 weeks after a congressional subpoena?

They were not filled with yoga.
Instead they were filled with Russian bribes for #UraniumOne arming & training ISIS for Saudi Arabia's corrupt Prince (who was arrested and bank records will be able prove things)

Link is new, but remember I'm transcribing what was posted in 2017 breitbart.com/2020-election/…
13c. Clinton's Emails.
The guy who posted that giant info-dump on instagram was remarkably prescient. Ok, let's keep moving forward. This next set of what I'm transcribing is the bullet points from his info-graphic with (as before) relevant links to help with comprehension.
1. Qatar Approached the Clintons about the Qatar-Turkey pipeline (also made donation to CGI & Bill's $1 million birthday gift). rt.com/usa/271162-cli… #Qatar #ClintonEmailScandal
2: The only country the pipeline has to cross through not currently "friendly' with the Clinton cartel is Syria. #SyriaCrisis rt.com/op-ed/syria-wo…
3: ISIS was formed and used to topple the other Oil competitors in the region (Assad, Gaddafi, etc.) in order to create a Clinton/Qatar/Saudi/Turkey/lSlS oil empire monopoly. rt.com/news/324045-pu…
4: Obama's job was to keep Erdogan in control of Turkey in order for the deal to move forward. asbarez.com/100402/obama-n…
5: Hillary wants NATO/UN to sanction (block) the flow of Russian oil to Europe, so her cartel would control all of the oil being sold to Europe. america.aljazeera.com/opinions/2015/…
6: Russia accused Turkey of buying ISIS oil. Russia's economy is controlled by their oil. If they allow the Clinton cartel's plan to go through Russia's economy will crash over-night. But Hillary must force Russia out of Syria for her plan to work. theguardian.com/us-news/2016/o…
7: Ambassador Stevens found out what was going on through Gadhafi's former generals. He was going to come forward & so Hillary left him to die at the hands Of the rebels she had armed. This is why Gadhafi's men helped. They were friendly with Stevens.
Note, just like much else in this 2 year old infodump, how the stuff he related about #Benghazi is more relevant now than ever - btw this article clearly Mockingbird - yet these days it's a badge of honor : ) salon.com/2019/10/09/gow… #Gowdy #TreyGowdy #Benghazi
First she wheeled and deal with Putin, but once the $ and better board position opened up, she took SA $ and gleefully went against Putin. Her Russian reset was far behind along with the bank deposit receipts. On to new owners and a new war in Syria. huffpost.com/entry/saudi-ar…
It gets WORSE, back in 2010... Hillary and the Podestas are in the middle of Russian bribe operation to buy American's Uranium rights to mine through a Canadian company. To do this, Russians involved in the deal bribed $145M to #Clintonfoundation and $500k personally to Bill
FBI watched, spied and captured all of this but was told to cover it up by Obama DOJ.

The real Russian collusion was Hillary, Podesta, Obama and the FBI!

> Sberbank is a Putin owned bank (how ironic!)
> #Podesta lobbied directly for Russia against US interests
Next is the breakdown of how it worked...

Note familiar names again re-appearing as of late Seth Rich and Natalia Veselnitskaya. Both long overdue to become household names #SethRich
15b. The Actual Russian Collusion
10/19/2017 Obama administration AG Loretta Lynch blocked FBI Informant from testifying to congress. thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/lorett…
10/17/2017 Ex-FBI Director James Comey together with Robert Mueller, Andrew Mccabe, and Rod Rosenstein covered up and killed the Uranium One Investigation. thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/deep-s… #UraniumOne #Mueller
PodestaGroup Represented Uranium One
opensecrets.org/lobby/clientlb… #PodestaGroup #UraniumOne
John Podesta’s Brother Bagged $180,000 from Putin’s Uranium Company breitbart.com/politics/2016/…
9 Uranium One shareholders donated $145 million to the Clintons, then 20% of US Uranium production undisclosed sale to Russia got approved. nationalreview.com/2017/04/clinto… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #ClintonCrimeFamily
Once Clinton lost the election, her operatives cobbled together the myth that blamed her defeat on a Russian influence Operation that had had actually targeted viewpoints across the political Spectrum. breitbart.com/politics/2017/…
15h. FROM RUSSIA TO HILLARY: BRIBES, EXTORTION, URANIUM AND LIES archives.frontpagemag.com/fpm/russia-hil…
The millions flowing to the #ClintonFoundation bought complicity. And by corrupting the Clintons the Russians had also managed to corrupt the DOJ and leadership within the FBI #GreatAwakening
Seth Rich gave HRC a distraction and coverup to pin the emails he leaked to Wikileaks as a Russian's attempt to hack the election. Together With MSM, the Russian hacking becomes a coordinated effort to distract from the actual collusion #Qanon
15j. FusionGPS
-Anti-Trump Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Donald Trump, Manafort, and Jared Kushner

-Rob Goldstone - the man who arranged the meeting — is associated with Fusion GPS, the firm which created the debunked 'pissgate' dossier
-Veselnitskaya also has ties to Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, who helped lobby against the same rase

-The meeting with Trump Jr. is suspected to be the basis for the FISA request to surveil (and unmask) the Trump team. ibankcoin.com/zeropointnow/2… #FusionGps
if this is true where the heck is CNN/MSNBC? Why are they not reporting on this?

Maybe they are working together with FusionGPS? Perhaps they would rather put the blame on their political enemies, to cover their own crimes
redstate.com/streiff/2017/1… #FakeNewsCNN #Qanon
CNN's reporting on the dossier, led by justice correspondent Evan Perez, has been favorable to Fusion GPS, & hyped the dossier's credibility. Left out of reporting, (relied largely on unnamed sources) is his personal closeness to Fusion GPS dailycaller.com/2017/10/28/cnn…
Fusion GPS has repeatedly been described in Senate testimonies as a smear-for-hire operation that manufactures misleading or false media narratives for its clients. thefederalist.com/2017/07/26/sen…
Glenn Simpson, the Fusion co-founder most often associated with the dossier, is used to working on stories with Perez. As reporters at the Journal, Perez and Simpson regularly co-authored stories on national security. newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/tim-g…
Puts a whole new light on things doesn't it?
Wikileaks Podesta E-mails: 04/29/2015
*Subject:* *It's out there*
wikileaks.org/podesta-emails… Links to Article that day detailing the #UraniumOne Scandal. - today if you check MSM it'll call it a lie. Their first internal reaction? "IT IS OUT THERE" #Qanon
04/29/2015 Daily Caller: Firm Co-Founded By Hillary’s Campaign Chair Lobbies For Russia’s Uranium One
The Article in question that had them so scared. - IMPERATIVE TO READ - what does it mean to give away 20% of our Uranium? dailycaller.com/2015/04/29/fir… #GreatAwakening
"#UraniumOne story starts in 2005 when Canadian mining magnate Giustra flew with Clinton"

"Giustra donated $31 million to the Clinton Foundation with a pledge of $100 million more."

"it was revealed the #ClintonFoundation had not disclosed some of its foreign donations"
10/27/2017 Lawyer for FBI Informant: Clintons Engaged in 'On-the-Record Quid Pro Quo'
"with Bill receiving a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian bank & #ClintonFoundation getting tens of millions from people interested in the #UraniumOne deal insider.foxnews.com/2017/10/27/vic… #Qanon
10/17/2017 FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium #UraniumOne
FBI: Operation Ghost Stories
Inside the Russian Spy Case
"we arrested the illegals on June 27, 2010 later, they pled guilty in federal court to conspiring to serve as unlawful agents of the Russian Federation within the U.S." fbi.gov/news/stories/o…
04/03/2012 Russian spy Anna Chapman 'was close to seducing Obama official' By Tom Parfitt, Moscow
"one of ten "illegals" – Russian sleeper agents – who were ejected from US in 2010 after their attempts at spying were monitored for years by the FBI."
FBI watched, then acted as Russian spy moved closer to Hillary Clinton
"Agents were surprised by the timing and size of a $500,000 check that a Kremlin-linked bank provided Bill Clinton with for a single speech in the summer of 2010." thehill.com/policy/nationa…
I'm highlighting 2010 over and over in those past tweets as it seems so much corruption converged around that time. These events are big and have many tentacles and focusing on a date like this can help
2010: Special Agent FBI charges as follows:
Notable lines:
"Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering"

"Secreting info in an image"
#Qanon #GreatAwakening
The full image I pulled all those bits from. There's more, in particularly multiple pieces about those involved "now cleared to testify" that was present tense then so it's not as essential to the point they were making. Feel free to dig deeper tho
They had to hide their crimes from Trump so they planned to entrap him for the same crimes they are guilty of. They used the CIA, FBI, MSM, FISA court & Fusion GPS to stop them from ripping their corruption out by the roots.

Full Resolution: i.imgur.com/wbhN15x.jpg
So Fusion GPS sets up the Trump Jr meeting under false pretenses which then be used both for a MSM firestorm and as a way to get a FISA warrant - it's all legal, so long as no one finds out who paid them.
10/18/2017 Fusion GPS Partners Plead The Fifth During House Intel Appearance
Pleads Fifth “to every question asked of them,” - from being compelled to give SELF-INCRIMINATING TESTIMONY dailycaller.com/2017/10/18/fus… #Qanon #FusionGPS
10/24/2017 Clinton Campaign and Democratic Party Helped Pay for Russia Trump Dossier

$ relationships By Timeframe

GREEN = Exists PRIOR to NeverTrump effort to eliminate Trump from GOP Primaries

RED = Started when Trump announced candidacy lasted until Trump secured GOP Nom

Blue = Following Trump GOP Nom until Election day
06/09/2016 Trump Tower Meeting:
Natalia Veselnitskaya (Fusion GPS)
Anatoli Samochornov (Translator Fusion GPS)
Rinat Akhmetshin (Lobbyist - Fusion GPS)
Rob Goldstone
Rep of the Agalarov Family
Donald Trump Jr.
Kushner (Left early)
Natalia Veselnitskaya was DENIED A U.S. VISA to enter. How did the Trump Tower meeting happen then? Well, she received special permission to enter under “extraordinary circumstances” by Obama AG Loretta Lynch! thehill.com/homenews/admin…
"3 who attended Trump Tower meeting with DTJr., have ties to Fusion GPS dating to at least 2015"

"In other words, #FusionGPS tried to set @DonaldJTrumpJr
up on behalf of HRC but he and others didn’t take the bait. "

@DonaldJTrumpJr 17i.
10/29/2017 Obama’s Campaign Paid $972,000 To Law Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS In 2016

"The spouse of one of Fusion GPS’s key employees was working directly for Obama in the West Wing."
thefederalist.com/2017/10/29/oba… #FusionGPS #Qanon
@DonaldJTrumpJr 17j.
Christopher Steele Used Random CNN Online Comments to Create Anti-Trump Dossier — Deep State FBI Used it to Spy on Trump thegatewaypundit.com/2019/03/stunni…
@DonaldJTrumpJr 17k.
If the unsubstantiated dossier information was entered as verifiable information before a FISA court, the implications are “staggering,” former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova told TheDCNF. dailycaller.com/2017/10/18/con…
"That would mean the Obama administration pursued “a type of manipulation of intelligence data and false intelligence data to mislead a court,” diGenova said. “It’s staggering in terms of its implications.”
The possibility the Obama administration might use the unproven allegations before a FISA court “constitutes a crime of unbelievable dimensions,” he said, adding: “It requires the empanelment of a federal grand jury.”
Grassley added a new twist to the “Steele” dossier, noting in his letter to Wray it appeared the former British agent also gave his same set of allegations to his compatriots in British intelligence. To a “senior UK gov national security official.” judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/…
“Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides” "Wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House"
And how do you get electronic surveillance?

How can those involved in the #SteeleDossier and #UraniumOne deal investigate Trump?

I replaced Papad with Joseph Mifsud from original. in 2017 it wasn't evident how important he would be. It doesn't start with Papadopoulos, it starts with Mifsud!
The Russia hoax began with a self proclaimed Clinton Foundation member (confirmed to have donated) named Joseph Mifsud told George Papadopoulos that he knew of dirt on Hillary Clinton. Mifsud is a huge rabbit hole. Well worth an aside here. dailycaller.com/2018/03/30/jos…
But was even that the start?
James Comey & Joseph Mifsud were in Australia the 2nd week in March 2016 just b4 Papadopoulos's arranged meeting with Misfud in Rome! James Clapper was in Australia 2 weeks later! ty
@prodreamer1 18c.
It's important to note that Comey claimed just months ago that Mifsud was a Russian asset. He was not, it's very clear to any who dig that he's Western intelligence and connected to the Clinton Foundation. It's all a scam.
@prodreamer1 18d.
John Podesta Met With #FusionGPS Founder Right After Dossier Was Published
The revelation is significant because Podesta, a longtime Democratic operative, told the Senate Intel Committee he did not know who paid Fusion GPS to produce the dossier, dailycaller.com/2017/11/11/joh…
@prodreamer1 18e.
Proof: Trump Tower Meeting was a Set-up
@prodreamer1 18f.
Dan Bongino SPYGATE: The Characters You Need to Know

Papadopoulos told Downer about the Russians having material that would damage Clinton, which Downer later reported to the FBI. Like Mifsud, Downer is connected to the Clinton Foundation
bongino.com/spygate-every-… #Qanon
@prodreamer1 19.
Podesta's email shows CNN's Brian Fallon knew about HRC's improper dealings w Russia by April 2015.
Then he spent years accusing Trump of it.
Subject: It's out there
To: Brian Fallon
Story about HRC's campaign chairman's company lobbying for Russia wikileaks.org/podesta-emails…
@prodreamer1 19b.
That forward was also to Jennifer Palmieri, who, along with CNN's Brian Fallon were ever ready to "debunk" inconvenient Wikileaks e-mails, they had a pipeline for it.
@prodreamer1 19c.
Tho Fallon was far from the only MSM hack exposed for colluding with the Clinton campaign thanks to Wikileaks.
@prodreamer1 19d. More examples
04/01/2017 REPORT: Lynch Colluded with WaPo, NYTimes to Bury Tarmac Meeting Story
hannity.com/media-room/201… #ProjectMockingbird #Qanon #Hannity
@prodreamer1 19e.
Wikileaks: Leaked Email Shows Hillary Camp Internally Bragging About “Killing” a Story Linking Bill Clinton $500K Moscow Speech to Magnitsky Bill thegatewaypundit.com/2017/07/leaked… #GreatAwakening
@prodreamer1 19f.
10/23/2019 FBI was surprised but took no action after Bill Clinton took $500,000 from Russian bank while Hillary decided on American uranium deal
dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5… #ClintonCrimeFamily #GreatAwakening
There is an "on-the-record quid pro quo" surrounding the deal, with Bill Clinton receiving a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian bank and the Clinton Foundation getting tens of millions from people interested in the #UraniumOne deal insider.foxnews.com/2017/10/27/vic… #Qanon
Loretta Lynch Blocked FBI Informant From Testifying to Congress About Russians Bribing Clintons in Uranium One Scandal
thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/lorett… #Qanon #UraniumOne
10/17/2017 FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot BEFORE Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium #UraniumOne thehill.com/policy/nationa…
04/03/2012 Russian spy Anna Chapman 'was close to seducing Obama official' By Tom Parfitt, Moscow
"one of ten "illegals" – Russian sleeper agents – who were ejected from US in 2010 after their attempts at spying were monitored for years by the FBI." telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews…
FBI: 10 Russian Spies Arrested in U.S.
"posing as innocent civilians while trying to infiltrate U.S. policymaking circles" theguardian.com/world/2010/jun…
"There is not one shred of doubt from the evidence that we had that the Russians had set their sights on Hillary Clinton's circle because she was the quarterback of the Obama-Russian reset strategy and the assumed successor to Obama as president," washingtonexaminer.com/hillary-clinto…
A number of these are repeats from this section
- this is because the original source for this repeats but adds more info. i.imgur.com/dvX8wpF.jpg I add in a bit here and there but mostly I'm just trying to faithfully replicate the original effort.
You can really start to see why Trump supporters feel like he is getting a raw deal in the press compared to Obama and Hillary.

> John Podesta Met With Fusion GPS Founder After Trump Dossier Was Published dailycaller.com/2017/11/11/joh…
Honeypot Confirmed? Russian Lawyer Met With Clinton-Funded Fusion GPS Before and After Trump Jr. Meeting
21 CrowdStrike
But didn't Russia hack Podesta? About that.... what if like the fake Kremlin/DNC dossier, Hillary also paid for a "fake investigation" by skipping the FBI and hiring their own company, CrowdStrike, to investigate and "find the evidence" zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-2…
21b. CrowdStrike
$100M from Google to CrowdStrike
$100M for CrowdStrike from Warburg Pincus.

Warburg Pincus?
21c. Warburg Pincus
Timothy Geithner is President of Warburg Pincus
Timothy Geithner worked under Bill Clinton, connects to the Federal Reserve and was the Secretary of the Treasury under President Obama,
21d. CrowdStrike
Given we know who CrowdStrike is now, and we know that CIA has capabilities that allow them to hack into targets and leave fingerprints of other attackers.... independent.co.uk/life-style/gad…
21e. CrowdStrike
Given what we know now, is it really logical to just trust their assertion of Russian hacking when they won't even let the FBI look at the DNC servers to confirm anything? dailycaller.com/2017/06/24/cro…
21f. CrowdStrike
Mueller's team didn't get to look at the servers either. - Just a quick update on that since it's kind of relevant that to date NOBODY but Google/Obama/Hillary/Soros's Crowdstrike has seen the server and it's just taken as fact by MSM
21g. CrowdStrike
Perhaps now it's becoming more clear why the CrowdStrike server mention by Trump caused so much panic.
"I would like you to do us a favor though... Crowdstrike ... one of your wealthy people... The server, they say Ukraine has it." rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2019/09/…
21h. CrowdStrike
Keep in mind 90% of what I'm posting is from a giant treasuretrove datadump back in 2017 imgur.com/a/DTeK7 - including this theory which, if they ever get that server may well be proven as fact. "Russian Collusion" they said, really?
That server, kept by some rich guy in Ukraine, may well be the final piece of the puzzle needed to connect all the pieces.
They attached Russia to hacking thru Crowdstrike lies and Russia to Trump through a FusionGPS/Mifsud scam.
And with either or likely both of those pieces carefully lied about using Steele (and endless MSM propaganda) they got the FISA to spy on Trump.

Of course history doesn't start with Trump. You can go back just a bit further and see the real history of these techniques used (successfully) over and over again. That is the old world we are leaving (hopefully) a better world awaits.
Even the template of "Russian Colluder" is old
03/09/2017 Fix Is In: House Committee on ‘Russian Hacking’ Includes Only DNC-Hired Tech Experts breitbart.com/politics/2017/…
Years and years the media pumped up the collusion narrative, only to have it fall flat because there never was any evidence. Only a few scams that are FINALLY being unraveled
How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost
Of course they would leave the server in a place they trust. It's taken a long time to flip Ukraine.
thehill.com/opinion/white-… #Qanon
A long time to flip Ukraine... well, that's what happens with billions in bribes. thefederalist.com/2019/09/24/wat…
The 2017 infodump: the bases for this thread. imgur.com/a/DTeK7 and the image for the last section. i.imgur.com/jRtPBIt.jpg - A few pieces I didn't adapt like dissecting Sessions meets with a Russian media push. It's relevant, but an aside to the Crowdstrike bits.
This tweet about Hillary and Hammers and bleaching e-mails was within a day of the media going nuts about Mueller going after obstruction for firing Comey. Media firestorm after firestorm dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4…
It's almost like there's some kind of connection between his political rivals and the media. Oh right they are literally family.
#GreatAwakening #ProjectMockingbird
"The Media Won't Report on Fusion GPS' Activities as a Major "Source" of "News," Because If You Dug Down Into It and Saw Fusion GPS' Emails With the Media, "It will look like an apocalypse" #GreatAwakening
Links in pic: acecomments.mu.nu/?post=370891 #Qanon
Testimony of William Browder to the Senate Judiciary Committee on FARA violations connected to the anti-Magnitsky Campaign by Russian government interests
07/27/2017 Lindsey Graham: ‘Russians Were Behind Org That Tried to Get Dirt on Trump’
from Bill Browder: FUSION GPS, the firm behind the dossier that contained false info about President Trump, WORKED FOR THE RUSSIANS
legalinsurrection.com/2017/07/lindse… #FusionGPS
07/27/2017 Senate Testimony: Fusion GPS Helped Corrupt Russians And Venezuelans
"oppo-research-for-hire outfit of former reporters tries to seed stories in the American press for global clients"tabletmag.com/jewish-news-an…
07/26/2017 Senate Testimony: Fusion GPS Helped Corrupt Russians And Venezuelans
Bill Browder: “Veselnitskaya, through Baker Hostetler, hired Glenn Simpson of the firm Fusion GPS to conduct a smear campaign against me" thefederalist.com/2017/07/26/sen…
Remember the truth of what we face...
Patriots vs
A: Globalist bankers (Central Banks/Rothchild)
#Qanon #GreatAwakening #EndTheFed
B. A coalition of corrupt mega corporations that subsidize propaganda in your face 24/7 - in print, cable, the internet. (Soros)

#TheGreatAwakening #Qanon8kun
C. A coalition of Government and theological leaders that are in power due to being compromised in various ways by people like Epstein & Hefner. (Saud) #QAnon
The underlying rubric that ties these entities together is a theological fellowship that hides in plain sight using a language of symbolism.
TPP = Global corporate control
EU = Rothchilds/Soros/Merkel control out of Brussels
UN = Third World control and empty promises for cash

2017: President Trump Kills TPP Once and for All with EO
breitbart.com/politics/2017/… #GreatAwakening #Qarmy
Now you can step back and appreciate fully What really happened.

1 . Donald was to be one of the "pied piper" candidates (per DNC strategy memo, April 7, 2015 - see Wikileaks).

(full thread going into Trump's history as a spy)

2. Should the Donald do well, dirt would be required on the Donald - real or fabricated.

First was Access Hollywood - which was demanded of him for his stellar MSM support from 2005-2015

3. Fusion GPS hired both for justification for FISA warrants to spy on Trump (& others) as well as creating the bones for a MSM "Russian colluder narrative"

4. Evidence took two forms:
4a. Electronic
Tea Leaves (cybersecurity researcher April Lorenzen) creates forged DNS logs from Trump server contacting Alfa Bank in Russia gives the info to abc agencies June 2016 disclosure prompts a FISA warrant.

4b. Human
As Trump server was supposedly contacting Alfa Bank, Goldstone sets up the meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, making sure to use key words and tricky phrases that implicate Russian gov't involvement.

5 After FISA warrant obtained, plausibility has been established. It does not matter that the dossier was amateurish, as it provided a distraction for the FBI to vet it. pjmedia.com/trending/the-t…

6. Trump expected to lose, so nothing much was done with this prior to the election other than to establish a Trump-loves-Putin story about unhealthy dictator worship. It was shopped around but most MSM didn't bite. No need to risk wider exposure.

7. Trump wins?!? Time to arm the landmines that were set, but never used. - they have Comey present the dossier to Trump “Mission accomplished.” Comey tells Clapper after meeting Clapper calls CNN, they can now report on the pee dossier rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2019/05/…
I took a lot of liberties with this section of the 2017 infodump given what's been learned since 2017. Feel free to look at the original.
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