taekook au;

when both get stood up by their dates at the same restaurant on the same night, high school rivals taehyung and jungkook end up reuniting; although both soon become interested in each other, they’re unsure if they can get over their rocky past

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title: after all

- main: taekook
-side ship: namjin
- slight angst & slow burn
- fluff throughout
- probably long
-happy ending 💞

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Jungkook wasn’t sure why he’d let Jin talk him into this date. Maybe it was the mild threat of “you’ll grow old alone” that had terrified his 24 year old self, or maybe it was the monotony of his life that finally made Jungkook say “fine” when his oldest and closest friend
said he’d found the perfect match. Jungkook couldn’t care less about details such as name or how the other would look, for him this was just another item on his calendar to get through for the day.

He hadn’t dated anyone since high school, college had been too busy and life
after was only busier, so he had low expectations for this date.

Perhaps not low enough he thought, as he looked down at his watch. It was 45 minutes past the hour, whoever this date was, was running late, extremely late by Jungkook’s standards. Already a red flag.

He looked around the busy restaurant, he had picked a fancy one that had recently opened in a landmark skyscraper, the kind that offered an expansive view of the city skyline below.

As he looked around at the other patrons he noticed most were couples, some young, most old.
That’s when he first caught side of a side profile that seemed all too familiar. The way the nose sloped sharply but ended on a soft curve. The familiar lips drawn into a pout, the dark and defined eyebrows, furrowed in concentration as they studied the menu.

Jungkook had only
seen this juxtaposition of striking features accentuated with soft curves once in his life, and they had belonged to Kim Taehyung.

But there was no way, it /couldn’t/ be. Maybe his memory was tricking him, it had been almost 10 years after all.

Jungkook wasn’t sure how long
he’d been staring until an impatient waiter cleared his throat repeatedly.

“Mr Jeon, if the other member of your party doesn’t show up within the hour, we will have to cancel your reservation and allow another couple to use your table, as we are quite busy tonight.”

He nodded.
He looked back at the mystery man, that was seated just a few tables to the right of him, the seat across from him empty as well.

Was he here to eat alone?

When he started looking around himself, Jungkook ducked behind his own menu, hoping he hadn’t been caught staring.
He peeked over the top of the paper, then glanced down at his watch, 10 minutes left for his date to show up, if they ever did.

He groaned to himself; this was the last time he’d let Jin talk him into anything.

Another glance towards the man who had now swapped his menu for
his phone, scrolling lazily.

Was he waiting for someone too?

The more Jungkook looked, the more he recognized him, the broad shoulders, the elegant fingers, adored with the similar rings.

It /had/ to be him, but why hadn’t he recognized Jungkook yet?

To clear his head and
pass the time, he decided to get up and head to the bathroom. After splashing his face with water a few times, he looked up at the mirror in front of him, startled by a figure that was now standing behind him.

“You done hiding from me, Jungkook?” said the familiar, deep voice.

Jungkook’s first reaction was to blink twice, then rub his eyes, as if doing so would make the other somehow disappear.

The action drew out an amused giggle from Taehyung. Jungkook had expected many reactions out of the other, anger, resentment, even annoyance, but not this.
His almond eyes turned into downward crescents and lips gave way to a stunning boxy smile. The same one Jungkook remembered falling for years ago.

But considering how they’d left each other, before Taehyung had moved away, Jungkook had imagined balled fists and gritted teeth.
“I saw you staring at me for a while back there, and when I tried to get your attention, you hid behind the menu, so I followed you in here. Thought you had something to say?”
He cocked an eyebrow, arched and demanding.

Jungkook smiled meekly, part embarrassment, part guilt.
“I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure if it was you or not. I didn’t want to go up to a random stranger.”

Taehyung clicked his tongue in disappointment, “It hasn’t been long enough for you to consider me a random stranger, Jungkook.”

His name rolled off the other’s tongue, heavy and firm.
Jungkook looked down, unsure of what to say next. Taehyung cleared his throat, the sound echoing off the tiled bathroom walls.

“S-so, how have you been, T-Taehyung?” He finally let out, voice weak and hushed.

Taehyung let out another giggle, approaching Jungkook slowly as the
other looked on with wide eyes and a slightly parted mouth. To his surprise, Taehyung wrapped two long arms around his shoulders, bringing his head to rest on Jungkook’s neck briefly.

A fleeting yet deep breath fanned on to Jungkook’s nape.

“That’s no way to greet an old

He stepped back, scanning Jungkook’s face for a reaction, but the other was still shaken. He hadn’t expected Taehyung to greet him so warmly.

The entire friendly manner and the cheerful demeanor of the other was off putting.

He had imagined that if he ever
saw Taehyung again, he’d drop down to his knees in apology and beg for Taehyung’s forgiveness, ask him to show him his beautiful smile again, and hold him in his arms once more.

But Taehyung had skipped all those steps, presenting his sweet & calm self. No bitterness whatsoever.
After another beat of the awkward silence, Taehyung gently pulled Jungkook towards the bathroom exit, back into the restaurant, not stopping until they were in front of his table.

He motioned for Jungkook to sit down, the other obeying as if in a trance.

“I didn’t want to
catch up with you while standing in a public restroom. Plus, it seems like the people we’ve been waiting for are clearly not here, so why waste a good dinner?” Taehyung said, flashing another smile.

He beckoned the closest waiter with a slight nod, letting him know Jungkook had
joined him now and the two were ready to order. Once the waiter had hurried away, Taehyung returned his steady gaze onto the man across from him, who was still looking down into his lap.

“Jungkook? Are you alright? You haven’t said—“

Jungkook’s head snapped up, and their eyes
finally met, Taehyung let out a quiet gasp as he took in the damp eyes and flushed cheeks.

“T-Tae, I’m really sorry about,” his shoulders shook as he willed his tears to stay in his eyes.


Taehyung reached out to place a hand over Jungkook’s trembling ones.
“Gukkie, I forgave you a long time ago. You don’t have to apologize. I’m just glad to see you again, what are the chances in a city this big?” He offered a kind smile to Jungkook, who was still looking at him tearfully.

“Now can I see your dumb bunny smile again. I missed it so

The words finally drew a grin from the other earning a clap of approval from Taehyung.

“There it is!”

And for a second Jungkook believed he’d been blessed with a second chance, another opportunity to redeem himself, earn back Taehyung’s love & trust.

Until Taehyung’s
phone began vibrating. He glanced at it briefly before rolling his eyes, and explaining to Jungkook,

“It’s my boyfriend. The one that’s an hour late for our anniversary dinner, please excuse me while I yell at him.” He smiled to himself as he answered the call.



Jungkook was sitting on Jin’s sofa cross legged, bottle of soda in one hand, the other propping his head up, deep in thought.

“Guk, you’ve been so quiet, what’s going on?”

Just a hum in response.

“You never told me how your date went last week?”

A longer hum this time.
Jin scrunched up his face, he knew Jungkook was only like this when he was extremely tired or extremely sad about something, so he left the cookies to finish baking and joined Jungkook on the couch, patting the other on the arm.

“We’ve known each other since childhood and you’re
like my younger brother, so I can tell when something’s bothering you. Now tell me what’s up, before Joon gets here.”

Jungkook sighed. He had been moping all week and did want to let it out to someone, who better than his favorite hyung?

“My date didn’t show up.”

“But instead I ran into Tae. Taehyung.”

Jin gasped, almost comically, “As in /the/ Kim Taehyung. The one from high school. And?”

“And he ended up inviting me to have dinner with him.”

“Oooh,” Jin said,

“It was going well until his boyfriend showed up, a little late since he
was stuck in traffic, with the largest rose bouquet I’ve seen. Then I sat third wheeling them until I couldn’t bear it anymore, and then I went home and cried.”

He looked at Jin who’s excited had quickly fizzled.

“Oh, Guk, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault for setting you up in that
place, if you hadn’t gone, you wouldn’t have seen that.”

“No it’s fine, atleast I got closure of some sort. I was able to apologize to him and he seemed happy, so I’m glad, and atleast now I know, there’s no further chance for us. I guess I can finally move on.”

The last bit
came out quieter than intended. Jin rubbed his arm, “When things are meant to be Gukkie, they happen no matter what the consequences. And they happen at the best time. Look at Joon and I? We dated so many other people and never thought we’d actually find love until we found each
other. So don’t give up hope just yet. Just be glad Taehyung isn’t mad at you anymore, I know that was weighing you down for years.”

Jungkook nodded but there was still something unfinished about their interaction, something shallow about the apology. He wanted to really let
Taehyung know how sorry he was. How much he regretted what had happened between the two, and although he was glad there didn’t seem to be any bitterness between them, he almost wished there was.

That Taehyung had cared just a bit more and not moved on, the way Jungkook hadnt.
But Jin was right, when things are meant to be, they happen regardless, so if that’s how their story was meant to end, so be it. Jungkook would get over it soon enough.

His thoughts were interrupted by knocking on Jin’s door, as the older got up to open it.

“Oh Guk, forgot to
tell you, Joonie’s bringing over a friend today. He recently moved here and wanted to meet new people. Hope you don’t mind, maybe he’s even cute.”

He winked before swinging the door open.

Both Jin and Jungkook gawked at the sight of Namjoon & the man behind him.


Jungkook sat where he was, too stunned to move. It was like the universe was playing some sort of sick joke on him.

Just when he’d gathered resolve to get over Taehyung, here was looking just as stunning barefaced and in casual clothes as he had that night at the restaurant.
“Jungkook?” The deep voice called out, eliciting a small smile from the other as Taehyung came to join him on the couch, Namjoon and Jin falling back to talk in the kitchen.

“What a pleasant surprise!”

Jungkook just nodded, “So you’re Joon hyung’s new friend?”

“Yeah he’s a
coworker, and we got along well so when he asked me to hang out with his boyfriend and him, I agreed. But I didn’t know you knew his boyfriend?”

Jungkook cleared his throat, “Yeah that’s my Jin hyung.”

“Oh the one you used to always talk about.”

Their brief introduction was
interrupted by Seokjin offering them a plate of warm cookies, as he and Namjoon took seats on chairs adjacent.

“Jungkook-ah, it seems you and Taehyung already know each other?” He gave a knowing smile to Jin.

“Yeah. He was my—. We were—.” The words seemed to get caught in his
throat as he tried to vocalize exactly what their relationship had been.

“We went to high school together and used to be close, Joon hyung.” Taehyung responded for him. “I recently reunited with Guk a week ago but I didn’t know he knew you too.”

The four nodded, accepting the
unexpected situation.

“Well, Taehyung, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve been hearing great things about you from Jungkook all these years and recently Joon. Welcome back! I heard you used to live here, right? If you went to the same high school as Guk?”

Taehyung smiled.
“Yes sir. It’s so nice to meet you too, Namjoon hyung is always singing your praises and now I see why.” Jin blushed before reaching out to hold Namjoon’s hands.

“But yes I did live here, but I...” his gaze dropped, briefly turning to Jungkook before continuing, “decided to go
to college in my hometown. I started work there too and met my boyfriend, but after I got this job offer, I just couldn’t refuse. So that’s how I ended up back here. Although he’s not too happy about it. He drives all the way out here every week, insistent on regular dates.”
Jungkook did not like the way Taehyung gushed about his boyfriend, because that was supposed to be him. That was supposed to be them. Their happiness. He was supposed to be the reason behind Taehyung’s shy smile and light blush.

He sighed, maybe too loudly, because the three
turned to look at him.

“Oh sorry. I didn’t mean that. Continue.”

But Taehyung dropped the conversation almost immediately, as if he understood Jungkook’s discomfort.

Damn it, why was he so considerate? Why didn’t he have a single flaw that Jungkook could use as an excuse to
get over him? Why had all the feelings come rushing right back?

And during one of Jin’s jokes, when Taehyung accidentally dropped his head into Jungkook’s lap laughing, an old habit of his, and Jungkook felt that familiar proximity, he knew he was too far gone for Taehyung.
So the day went on, with the four of them enjoying each other's company and quickly falling into comfortable conversation, until Namjoon posed the question, "So how did you two meet?"

Jungkook shut his eyes at the memory, he didn't think of the day often, mostly because when he
did, all he wanted to do was go back and change the way he'd done things.

Taehyung spoke up, "It was so funny actually. Just like the movies, Jungkook here was rushing off to somewhere and I was turning from my locker when we collided and our books and papers went flying across
he hallway. With flustered smiles and light blushes, we quickly gathered our things and left. But the next day, Jungkook came back to my locker to return a notebook of mine that he had accidentally picked up. And with shuffling feet and a nervous smile he asked me out on a date
and I thought he was just the cutest thing in the whole wide world, so of course I accepted. And so we went on to date for almost a year until," he paused before continuing with a tight lipped smile, "things didn't work out, and we went our separate ways."

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Jungkook's memory of the day was very different. He had been rushing to the basketball tryouts, he had been trying to make the varsity team for the past two years, but the jerk captain only accepted boys he thought were "manly" enough for the game, and he considered Jungkook too
soft. But today he was determined to get on the team no matter what. After all, without an athletic scholarship, there was no way his family could afford to send him to college, and basketball had been his dream.

He was rounding the corner with resolve when he suddenly ran into
someone and that someone had been Kim Taehyung. Up until then Jungkook had only heard of Taehyung. Rumor had it, his one gaze was enough to make you weak in the knees because he was so beautiful, and although he was naturally a part of the popular crowd, everyone always spoke of
his kindness. He hadn't dated anyone yet, probably because no one had been good enough for him.

And when Jungkook looked into the eyes of the other boy, he understood why Taehyung had the reputation he did. He was truly stunning, in every sense of the word, and instead of anger
towards Jungkook for messing up the pile of neatly organized books he had been carrying, he had simply smiled and immediately bent down to retrieve them. Jungkook had apologized profusely, and Taehyung reassured him it was completely fine, and the rest of the way to the gym he
had felt like he was floating. The soft smile on his face from the interaction not fading until the sneers of the team members came into view.

They mocked him for returning for the nth time begging to be let on to the team, but Jungkook chose to ignore it, instead going right
up to the captain and demanding to know how he could prove he was good enough for the team. The other boy rolled his eyes at first, but then noticed the bright red notebook Jungkook was clutching. TAEHYUNG it said in block letters at the top. He smirked.

"Alright, a real man
doesn't care about whose feelings he hurts, so here's what you're going to do. You're going to ask out Taehyung and if by chance he says yes, you're going to date him for a month. You have to send me a picture of you two kissing to prove it, and then you're going to break up."
Jungkook's mind was spinning and he couldn't think straight. It seemed like an absurd request but also really simple, considering the hurdles he had been through before. So with the vision of both his parents coming home from working late nights and sacrificing their own dreams
to save up for Jungkook's college, he agreed. It's not like he had a chance with Taehyung anyway. And if one kiss is all it would take to get closer to his goal, then he wasn't going to pass up on it.

And so he agreed. The next day, he had presented in front of Taehyung, shy
and hesitant, hoping he'd decline, so he didn't have to go through with the bet, but instead he had gotten an immediate nod and an excited "Yes!"

Jungkook took him out to the arcade for their first date, thoroughly enjoying the company of the other. He had tasked one of his
friends to shadow them and snap a picture when Jungkook made the move and send it to the captain. His plan was to do it quickly then immediately apologize and explain the whole situation to Taehyung.

And so while Taehyung was whining about another game he'd lost, Jungkook
had pulled him by the waist & planted a soft kiss on to his lips, silencing him immediately. He hadn't expected Taehyung to kiss back or run his fingers through his hair or say what he said next.

"Jungkook, I really like you. I'm so happy."

And he knew he had made a mistake.
He had gotten so lost in the sparkly eyes looking at him, he almost forgot why he was there in the first place, but suddenly it all became very clear.

He couldn’t do this to Taehyung. The truth was, over the course of just the few days that they’d known each other Jungkook had
developed feelings too. And he didn’t want to start off what could potentially be a great relationship feeling like he was taking advantage, so he quickly pecked Taehyung once more before excusing himself to the bathroom and meeting up with his friend.

“Please tell me you
didn’t send the picture.”

“But you asked me to!”

Jungkook would spend the next few days bargaining with the team captain to get it back or to atleast not let Taehyung find out. In exchange he gave up his potential spot on the team.

As much as he loved basketball, after meeting
Taehyung, his priorities had changed. He could never bring himself to tell Taehyung the truth about what happened, he considered him like a glass doll, one that would shatter if he ever came to know, that someone somewhere had a picture of their first kiss and that the moment
wasn’t as intimate as he’d believed.

It tore Jungkook apart to know that but he simply couldn’t risk losing Taehyung and so he guarded that secret with his life. He paid the captain large amounts of money, did his homework, ran his errands until he finally deleted the picture.
Or so Jungkook thought.

One day as Taehyung and Jungkook walked into school hand in hand, they were met with snickers and secret glances from classmates who were looking down at their phones.

Taehyung grabbed someone’s phone and took a look at the picture of him and Jungkook
from their first kiss at the arcade along with the accompanying message: MVP JEON WON THE BET

He looked up at Jungkook, eyes wide in bewilderment. Jungkook gulped and brought Taehyung outside.

He quickly tried to explain the condition he’d regretfully accepted and the picture
and how he’d tried his best to make sure it was gone, but the captain must have circulated it as a sick joke.

And although Jungkook couldn’t remember the exact words the two had exchanged, he could still picture Taehyung’s face vividly.

It was painted with hurt and betrayal.
Slow tears formed in the corner of his eyes and fell down each cheek, one by one.

Meanwhile Jungkook tried to frantically hold on, but Taehyung shook his wrist off and without another word turned around and left.

Jungkook didn’t see him in school many days after that and a week
later his locker had been emptied out and the teacher announced that Kim Taehyung had moved and transferred high schools.

Jungkook felt the loss in every fiber of his being. His best friend, greatest supporter, and only source of happiness had left under the worst circumstances.
And he hadn’t even gotten to apologize properly or explain himself. He tried to get in contact over the next few months but to no avail, and as months faded to years, Jungkook would look back at his memories with Taehyung as a fond dream.

They had been the happiest days of his
life, and sitting here /now/ with him again, his familiar laugh echoing through his mind, Jungkook felt another wave of guilt wash over him.

“I-I need some fresh air I think.” He announced, getting up and heading outside the apartment for a walk.

As he looked on at the sunset
and the quickly darkening sky above him, he heard soft footsteps following him, until they suddenly stopped and he heard a faint “Jungkook.”

He turned and saw Taehyung, who had followed him out of Jin’s place until he’d caught up.

“We need to talk,” Taehyung said.


They found a bench in a small park not far from where they’d been walking and sat down. Silence hanging still between them.

“Jungkook, I thought after all these years, when we’d meet again, we’d have forgotten and moved on. But today and that night at the restaurant I noticed
something’s still bothering you. Now that we’re mature adults and realize there’s no point in running away from problems, I thought we should talk about it. So, please talk to me.”

Jungkook looked down into his lap, thinking. His mind was so full of thoughts but his tongue
simply couldn’t deliver the words. Taehyung noticed the nervousness and reached out to pat Jungkook’s knee, a habit they’d had since when they first started dating.

Taehyung found no matter how nervous Jungkook was, a simple touch like that was enough to ground him.

And so Jungkook finally did. He started at the beginning and told him everything, why he’d agreed to the condition in the first place, how he immediately regretted it once they’d kissed, and why he’d kept it a secret from Taehyung.

His words were laced with pain and remorse and
Taehyung knew a few tears had slipped from the other’s eyes when he felt wet drops on his hand that still rested on Jungkook’s knee.

“So I guess I just needed you to hear my whole side of the story and I know it still doesn’t excuse it one bit and I consider that to be the
biggest mistake of my life, but I hope you can really forgive me.”

Taehyung took a deep sigh, he placed himself in the shoes of a 16-year old Jungkook who’s family was struggling to make ends meet. If taking a picture of a kiss with a stranger was his only way out, he probably
would have done the same. So Jungkook hadn’t betrayed him or lied to him as he’d believed all these years. He loved him then, and it seemed like he loved him now.

He didn’t realize when the tears had begun falling from his own eyes until Jungkook scooted next to him and hugged
him. His arms finding their once familiar home around Taehyung’s waist.

“Baby, don’t cry. It’s not too late now, we found our way back, please give me a second chance,” he whispered against the shell of Taehyung’s ears.

“I...haven’t...been able to...trust anyone since...”
Taehyung tried saying in between sobs, until Jungkook rubbed circles on his back to calm him down, “I never dated anyone in the first place because I was afraid of getting hurt, and then when we dated and I thought I was finally happy, I thought you’d hurt me, and all through
college my now boyfriend pursued me and was so kind and patient, he waited until I was ready and comfortable enough, while I was still trying to get over you and what had happened.”

Jungkook stiffened at the words, letting go of Taehyung to look at him.

“You’re over me now?”
Taehyung shook his head, bringing their foreheads to rest against each other,

“How could I ever get over my first love? I still haven’t forgotten the taste of your lips, you know. Maybe I never wanted to, maybe that’s why even after two years of dating him, I still haven’t
kissed him once.”

It was silent. Jungkook had noticed while he had sat with the two for dinner that Taehyung had not initiated any skinship, and the boyfriend was more keen on impressing him, it hadn’t seemed strange then, but it made sense now.


Jungkook brought up a
hand to caress the other’s cheek.

“I haven’t loved anyone since you either. I was waiting for us.”

That was all Taehyung needed to hear before he quickly closed the small distance between their lips, and kissed Jungkook slowly, who quickly returned it, passionately.

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They took their time with each other, soft breaths mingling with salty tears, but neither seemed to care. This kiss had seemed long over due.

Taehyung was the first one to break away, still keeping his forehead pressed to Jungkook’s.


Jungkook just hushed him.
He didn’t know what would come next, how long it would take for them to mend their wounds and truly try their relationship for a second time.

But he knew in that moment, that the anxiety he’d felt in his heart all these years had subsided & was replaced by serenity.

Being with Taehyung again felt like coming home, and he wanted to relish that feeling for as long as possible, so he shushed the other and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him closer, until their heartbeats could be heard between them.

“Tae, I know we have a long way to go.”
“A lot of trust to rebuild and a lot of time to make up, but I want to promise you now that I’ll be there with you for all of it. We are worth waiting for.”

Taehyung nodded & buried his face into the crook of Jungkook’s neck, to stop his crying & steady his voice before replying
“I just cheated on him. By kissing you. It only took me a few minutes of being alone with you to throw a two year relationship away. Goes to show how happy I was.”

Jungkook rubbed circles into his back, trying to calm him, he knew Taehyung would feel guilty about this. He could
never hurt anyone. But he also knew that the longer Taehyung stayed in that relationship the more time he’d be wasting and his boyfriend deserved to know the truth.

“We can go talk to him tomorrow. Together.”

Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s neck, before nodding.

So, as planned, the two headed to Taehyung’s boyfriend’s house the next day. The conversation was a long one with the two boys trying to explain and apologize but the third boy remained quiet, just smiling softly to himself.

“I already knew, Taehyung.”

The two boys looked
slightly confused.

“I already knew your heart wasn’t in it as much as me. And although when I first heard you cry out Jungkook’s name in your sleep, I thought it had been accidental, but that night at the restaurant, I watched you look at him. That look in your eyes is what I’d
hoped to see for myself by now. That look of genuine love and care, and even before you introduced him as Jungkook, I already knew. I’m surprised it took you two this long.”

Taehyung blinked quickly, “So, you’re not mad? Upset?”

“I mean it will take me some time to get over you
but looking at you two and hearing your story, I believe in true love now. So hopefully I meet my own soulmate soon.”

Taehyung stood up to give him a tight hug and Jungkook shook his hands.

“You will.”

Then the two returned home, hand in hand, Taehyung taking in Jungkook’s
apartment for the first time. He noticed a familiar red photoalbum embedded among the rest of the books on Jungkook’s shelf.

“Is that our journal, Gukkie?”

Jungkook nodded, and the two sat down to look through it. They’d decided to get it the first week they’d begun dating and
filled it with pictures, notes, and logs of their dates and funny stories. And Jungkook was so thankful he’d kept it safe all these years.

“There’s still lots of empty pages to go, you know?” Jungkook said.
“Hm, maybe you should ask me out on another date.” Taehyung teased back.

And so the two began dating again, taking it slow, catching up and enjoying each other’s presence in their lives again. They felt the clouds that always seemed to loom over their heads had cleared and they felt light and giddy, just as much in love as they’d been in school.
One day while they were having brunch with Namjoon and Seokjin, Seokjin cleared his throat,

“Jungkook, Taehyung, since you guys are officially together now, Namjoon and I have to admit something.”

Namjoon started now, “Basically when Taehyung began working at my office, I came
home and told Seokjin about it. He immediately recognized the name and the backstory.”

“And I told Joon, I didn’t care whether this Taehyung guy had a boyfriend or not, he was my Guk’s first and only love and the reason why he’d become a mope over the years.”

“Hey! I was not!”
Jungkook whined, which caused Taehyung to giggle and lean over to peck his cheeks.

“Go on, hyung!”

“So I asked Namjoon to snoop around and figure out a good place for you two to accidentally meet. He told me about Taehyung’s weekly dates, and so I lied to you Jungkook about
setting you up with a date. I just wanted you to go to the restaurant and see Tae, see if the feelings were still there.

Jungkook face palmed.

“It worked, didn’t it?” He exclaimed.

Taehyung found the whole set up amusing and laughed fondly at how embarrassed Jungkook looked.
“Fine. Thank you, hyung.” Jungkook finally mumbled.

Seokjin just smiled, interlocking his elbows with Namjoon’s.

“Didn’t I tell you, when two people are meant to be, they find their way back to each other.”

And the four smiled as they raised their glasses to that.

[a/n] thanks for reading and interacting! 💜 your comments and quotes mean the world to me, and thanks for voting in the poll and sparing all of us the extra angst I was originally planning 👏🏼 check out my current au:

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