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1. I always feel the need to explain things. To understand beyond physical view. Threads & Decodes have been merging together like nothing I’ve ever imagined. #GodatWork Recently I realized why they are intersecting & where its pointing me so I’m going to go deep into that here⚠️
2. This is really an extension of a thread from here👇🏻 It all came to a head. Multiple crossovers from @paulacblades001, @JackalsLast & @voeljegoed were exploding in front of me💥 & it’s really felt unexplainable... until I looked for a birds eye view🦅
3. I will do my best to explain it as clearly as possible. 🙏🏻 I know it will be hard for some, just remember fear is not from our Creator! It is said that “FEAR NOT” is mentioned 365 times in the Bible. That is not a mistake. I think He means it.
4. I’m going to start in the past. #futureprovespast? My 8 & #TripleEights 888 dig is why I’m here, & it’s culminated to this point. #symbolism #astronomy & the #mirror of microcosm (us) & #macrocosm (heavens✨) b/c [they] know it & use it & we need to understand the connection.
5. Do you remember the chaos created & surrounding December 21, 2012? Hollywood had movies🎥. “The Apocalypse,” they said. “The end of the world!” They said. Based on what [they] read of the Mayan calendar
Ezekiel 38-39. L👀K at the actual translation.
6. Pacal Votan, around 600 AD, predicted that b/c civilizations would be consumed in industrialization & material things they would lose their interdependence on nature which would result in a GREAT SHAKING to culminate on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 AM.
NOT the end of the world.
7. This colliding in our time, this great shaking was not to predict the end of the world, but a change in mind, an Awakening to what we’ve done in past & what we need to do to move forward into future. How do we know this? B/c this prediction spans geography, time & “religion”..
8. Any resemblance here? 🤔💭😏 #MayanCalendar #QClock
No coincidences #QAnon 😉 #futureprovespast
That “Apocalypse” that #fakenews media “predicted” over the Mayan calendar never came did it? Almost 7 years later & we are now immersed in “The Great Awakening.” #darktolight
9. Was there any other message in history that was delivered to us as an apocalypse, an ‘end of days’ message?
Yes. Remember Nostradamus & his quatrains?
Interesting that his 2012(approx) predictions are not listed in Wiki. 🤨 That’s not by accident. I’m going to show you why.
10. Let’s look at #symbolism in the Quatrains (writing) by Nostradamus. Each quatrain he had a wheel. (Symbolism is YUGE but only going into this for the wheel now). Plate 35 has 8 (it was the end of a time), 66 only has 7 as start of a time.🦁 Then plate 67= 8 spoked wheel...
11. Jump forward to 71 & 72. Note the boat / arc shape. Symbolism for the water, rising, & entering into the arc of meditation & higher consciousness. Note top ribbon on 71 is not complete. That was not complete until 72 w/ the empty wheel. Wheel represents time #infinity ♾ = 8
12. Nostradamus predicted the empty wheel ♾ #infinity or the great shaking to occur when the signs Scorpio, Sagittarius, & Ophiuchus aline together. [They’ve] tried to hide this prediction. Nostradamus knew he had to speak in code b/c of “the church” hence the 8 spoked wheel...
13. Wait. Who is Ophiucus? We just saw that name! @Txgrown2020 gematria in other thread🧵& matched a @JackalsLast decode. See it also hits 11:11 via “Coptic” Pope Peter = Egypt & #Syria in her decode! Remember Pacal Votan’s theory mentions 11:11!
Here 👉🏻
14. So who is Ophiuchus & why did a Nostradamus mention it? Aka Asclepius, The 13th Zodiac sign, healer, serpent holder (caduceus) son of Apollo & Coronis.
Aka Benjamin, 13th son of Jacob born in the land of Canaan, “the promised land”. Sun☀️ travels around him only 👉🏻19👈🏻 days.
15. Now note in linked thread, Obama’s back to us. Not by accident. Look at Ophiucus. See pics. Obama facing the sun means rising heliacally, Scorpio dies, being driven to the underworld. Obama & GWB have both been linked to Scorpio as well as Jolie. See👉🏻
16. We need to jump back to the significance of 👉🏻1919👈🏻 for a couple tweets here.
Back in July 18th this large thread noted the watch, & the @realDonaldTrump Jersey’s & more.
💥Make note it also connects to #infinity ♾ & #TripleEights, AGAIN. See here 👉🏻
17. Even as I do this thread I am in complete AWE!😅 @paulacblades001 w/ incredible, divine, intuition shows us here how 19 connects to the Day of Atonement. I cannot believe that the day I’m doing this, today is Yom Kippur💥 Day of Atonement 🤯 #butGod
18. Here is where you will see 19 connects again to #infinity#TripleEights 888 & @voeljegoed drops booms💥 as 19 is the 8th prime number💥 #magic8ball! 🤯 😁
#LionsGate 🦁 #DaysofNoah #Jesus = 888 (we will get to that part later😉)
19. Then this all connects back here💥 Obama in Africa🧢 “Dawn Dawn, When It Happens” Occult order: The Golden Dawn to Scorpion aka Scorpio ♏️ + @paulacblades001 SmithSONian Sun☀️ & 19 connect to BO.
[They] know their days are numbered!👊🏻 It’s written!
20. In regards to #17 in this thread, @voeljegoed connects @IvankaTrump “United Kingston” & our # *19* reveals to recent “Move the Sphinx” & to many others #Tesla #UFO’s, #oliveleaf, #GoodTrumpsEvil 😁 I like that 1! #pyramids at Giza. 🔼
21. Back to Ophiucus! Was Nostradamus on🎯 regarding alignment of Ophiucus, Sagittarius, & Scorpio as it relates to his 8 spoked wheels to #infinity?♾ ☀️👉🏻19 days👈🏻
Note his mother Koronis or Coronis refers to “Vessel” as in boat. As in water 💦 #watchthewater #followthewives
22. Very difficult to find that info. But 1 place it’s found is in a History Channel documentary on Nostradamus. See [they] have to drip pieces of info. So it’s chock full of #fearporn but glaze past that! Read b/w the lines. Remember Fear is Not from our loving Father, Creator!
23. For this next part I have notated parts of discussion in History docu (approx 2007) “Lost books of Nostradamus & Ophiucus” to the notes attached.
➡️Note 💥Ophiuchus referred to as a BRIDGE💥
➡️Check out the expert’s name, 😳 BRIDGES! 😂
1st Video 👉🏻
24. ..History docu (approx 2007) See notes attached.
✨ Ophiucus alignment was used as the marker ✅
➡️ ...like hours on the clock🕰 (Like the QClock?!)
➡️ The KNOWLEDGE will be revealed! 👉🏻Remember QDrop3106 Good vs. Evil Tree of Knowledge
1st Video 👉🏻
25. ...History documentary- See notes attached as this is where it confirms tying so much together in the #symbology & more discussed later!
➡️Note “Arrowhead 🏹 & Ophiuchus in Gematria from previous thread!🦂
➡️Happens 1x every 13,000 years!
2nd video 👉🏻
26. And THERE is your 8 pointed star, the 8 spoked wheel!
➡️ The great cross that doesn’t move. The divine cross.
➡️ Aligns w/ Pacal Votan Mayan calendar Dec. 2012 predictions & others.
➡️ Right out of their own mouths. BUT NOT an apocalypse, but rather A Great Awakening! 🕊
28. So we’ve seen what the Mayans and Nostradamus revealed towards The Great Awakening. Are there any others that claimed an age of awareness or awakening happening around the same time as 2012 & are consistent with the decodes & clues?
Yes! There are more 😉
29. Let’s head over to Ancient India . Did you know Gautama Buddha’s prophecy was consistent w/ Votan & Nostradamus? Buddha also had a wheel, & it had 8 spokes as well! His prediction was a matter of a change of the mind, carnal consciousness to higher consciousness.
30. Buddha had what was called The Dharma Wheel, with 8 spokes. ♾ The Noble Eightfold Path, put into 3 ages of Buddhism, Former, Middle, Latter.
31. The 3 ages of Buddha’s Dharma Wheel / Eightfold Path are shown in years.
1. 500 & 500 = 1000 yrs (500 BC ➡️ 500 AD)
2. 500 and 500 = 1000 yrs (500 AD ➡️ 1,500 AD)
3. 500 yrs (1,500 ➡️ 2,000 AD)
TOTAL = 2,500 Years
Slight diff but very close to others!
32. 3 Ages of Buddhism:
FORMER - Spirit of Buddhism prevails, people can attain enlightenment by practice.
MIDDLE - Buddhism b/c’s firmly estab. in society.
LATTER - people lose desire for enlightenment, increasingly at mercy of their greed, anger & stupidity = 3 poisons 🦂
33. Now remember above Pacal Votan (Mayan Calendar) said the shaking in 12/2012 would come because of our obsession with material things & the loss of interdependence with nature. It sounds like the same concept to me b/w all 3 now. It also sounds like now, but many are waking.
34. There are 8 Spoked Wheels all over the world. More On these additional wheels & use of #symbolism in a bit 😉 #compassrose, boat wheels #watchthewater #Evergreen #CopticKey #CIA
35. While I was looking into the Dharma Wheel I came across something the monks make called a Sand Mandala. It is ritualistically dismantled! It’s collected in a jar, wrapped in silk, transported to a RIVER or any place with moving WATER where it’s released back into nature...
36. Sand Mandala: The release of it back into water 💦 is what caught my attention! “This symbolizes the ephemerality of life & the world.” (I told you we were going deep😉) The outer beauty is nothing compared to the inner beauty, the deeper meaning. You as light!
37. Ephemeral = used to describe objects in nature “...The ebb & flow 💦 of the crowd’s concentration...”
I recalled @FLOTUS’s visit to #GrandTeton 10/4-5, the Snake River pic, the mountains🏔😍 Mountains = higher consciousness #watchthewater #QAnon
@paulacblades001 @JackalsLast
38. See also @JackalsLast decode on @FLOTUS’s Grand Teton visit. Like I mentioned b4, it’s truly incredible when God points us in the same direction & our thoughts merge together! 🎯 Daniel the judge & the days of Noah.
#watchthewater #QAnon #GodIsGood
39. While we were talking about water💦, mountaintops, cleansing & Noah I’m going to drop a few more addtnl links to threads & discussions on the Days of Noah.
This 1 addresses sacrifice. Please be sure to go into @paulacblades001’s Thread there too!
40. Another excellent decode by @JackalsLast where Days of Noah is revealed💦. Floods are a way of cleansing, precisely what we are seeing in this age! #draintheswamp Keep in mind that it may not mean a literal or physical flooding, but 1 of knowledge😉
41. While searching for more of our flood / Noah threads, I ran across @Ascension_Guide’s tweet & absolutely L❤️VE IT! 😍
Had to share! ThanQ Ascension🙏🏻 #flood #Noah #KnowledgeIsPower
42. @voeljegoed adds this excellent description decode which includes the flood in numbers & mathematics & Gematria 💦 #Noah 👌🏻 #TruthIsAForceOfNature Love it! ❤️
43. Another fantastic Gematria match & decode by @voeljegoed 👏🏻♾ This ties the flood to the Great Pyramids to energy, electricity, photonic light (💡you & me, for another thread😉)
💥Do you notice anything familiar about the photon pic?
👉🏻8 points! ♾
44. Since we‘re on Biblical events😊
We’ve now looked at 3 separate historical views on the “Dawn” of this new era we now call The Great Awakening✨
Is there another source 📖 that discusses a period of intense change? Is it for the better?
“It’s going to be BIBLICAL” ~ Q
45. BIBLICAL! Does the Bible talk about a time of great change coming? An apocalypse? Or really a “Revelation,” an “unveiling” as we’ve learned. A 2nd Coming of Christ? A new Earth? Does Jesus somehow relate to the 8 spoked wheels we’ve seen? The answer is YES to all the above.
46. I won’t be giving a Bible lesson, I’ll just be touching on parts that need to be addressed on this topic of the Apocalypse aka Revelation aka The Great Awakening.
👉🏻Review Ezekiel 38-39 & Revelation 20-21
I attached version: NIV for quick reference for you. 📖
47. 1st Note Ezekiel 20:1 An angel (=angle of light=✨) coming down out of Heaven, having the key to the Abyss holding a chain, 👉🏻seized the dragon🐉, that ancient serpent🐍, ...bound him for a thousand years...”
Sound familiar? Could it be Ophiuchus? Looks like it doesn’t it?!
48. Is this speaking about now? Could this have already happened?! Not sure I can answer that quest.?🤔 [They] can I’m sure. [They’ve] kept so much secret for so long. But gather Scriptures, Nostradamus, Mayan, & Buddha’s prophecy, it very well could have. 💥Approx 13K yrs ago👇🏻
49. I want to be clear as possible.
Remember Nostradamus Plate 66🦁. The New Age approx 13,000 yrs ago. Then the Ophiuchus History Narrator “The crosses have not aligned since 11,000 BCE, roughly 13,000 years ago...” And we know Votan of Mayan calendar lined up to Dec 21, 2012.
50. Moving on 👉🏻Does the Biblical Jesus have any connection to an 8 pointed star? I’ve dropped this many times... the Coptic Key🔑 D. Fideler wrote “Jesus Christ Sun of God,” & describes a key of survival given, as legend goes, to the ancient Egyptians known as Gnostic Coptics...
51. (FYI ThreadReader stops at #44😒)
...This #symbol came from Gnostic book IEOU.
IEOU in Greek = Hebrew Yeshua, these names derived to = Jesus (also Joshua) so we know this book, according to the names, supports the legend that it’s from the Jesus we know in the scriptures...
52. We can see the Coptic Key has 8 points like the wheel, calendars & stars we’ve seen w/ the other prophecies. What does it mean? It’s a cipher (cypher)🔑 for you to seal if reached 4th Aeon. Seal 👉🏻”a non-leaking union” 👉🏻”device or emblem” A word used in the Bible many times
53. Well what is an “Aeon?” 😮 Aahh! An age, a CYCLE of time, & of 1 of a series of ages stretching to #INFINITY ♾ 😳🤔💭 Well isn’t that interesting?! We use “wheels” for our “cycles” don’t we? 🚲 Nostradamus used a wheel. Mayans used a wheel.
What might be this 4th Aeon?...
54. Jesus reveals the Coptic Key (8 point star) it’s name Azozeo. “Seal yourself with the seal”.
4 Aeons (4 fold nature of man)
I wrote out for you to see.
It is the ascension of consciousness & new mind. The true baptism. “Baptism by Fire”, the mountain, the ark, the flood..
55. Did Jesus tell us how to survive the flood? Build the ark, rise above, reach the mountain? Yes!👇🏻Small examples of those instructions to a new mind, the keys to the Kingdom.
1. Matthew 6:33 Earth
2. Luke 17:21 Water
3. Matthew 6:31 Thought
4. Matthew 6:22 Higher Mind
56. Our Father! ❤️ The word Father is concerning an age, a time, an “Aeon.” Father derived from Greek Aether. In mythology it symbolized “the Best Element,” “ the life-spark of all creatures,” the “Upper Sky,” “pure upper air.”
“No man cometh unto the Father, but by me” per Jesus
57. In Hebrew our Father’s name translates to “Yod He Vav He” or YHWH (2-V’s became W). See pic of my notes👇🏻
You can see we have the 4 stages to a new mind, Christ Consciousness or Higher Mind.
What’s after the 4 stages? The 5th Element (that encompasses them all) ...
58. Now let’s go back to “Aether” as in Father.
Note links to: Quintessence, UNIverse, pure air/sky, Burn or to shine, The Fifth Element, luminous light, crystalline spheres made of Aether thought to hold the celestial bodies 2gether, light. The One who creates out of nothing.
59. The previous charts take us back to the 8 point star. So much to it so I drew it out & attached pic👇🏻
The compass rose, the 8 point star, the wheel of 8, the Coptic Key. Ezekiel 1:10 relates as the face aka Hedron of each directional, along w/ it’s Element, & ascension path.
60. ... I know there are some of you already noting the symbolism. I promise we are getting to that! But we need to 1st understand what it is, & where it comes from to uncover why [they] use it & hide the truth for thousands of years. Take time to read the above chart 👍🏻 ....
62. So “faces” (hadrons) correspond to our compass rose, as well as our blueprint of life - DNA🧬, purification of the mind (baptism), traits, & animal description. Can you see how vital it is for us & to us when it’s all put together? #Mirror #watchthewater #microcosm #macrocosm
63. I want to make a special note on the original Hebrew translation of Ezekiel 1:9-10 showing that the intention was a connection &/or joining of the faces. See in red: “...each joining...”.
Also note 5th Element Phosphorous (phosphorus) never found as a free Element on Earth.
64. ThanQ @paulacblades001 for reminder Ezekiel not only speaks about “faces”, but literally describes the wheels!
“Sparkled! All 4 looked alike! Intersecting! Wheels also rose! THE SPIRIT (light) OF THE LIVING CREATURES WAS IN THE WHEELS!” Creatures=Zodiac. Rose=Compass Rose!
65. Are there more connections of Jesus to the #coptickey of 8 points, wheel, & #infinity♾? Why yes there is! I’m glad you asked😉 I’ve shared b4: Jesus is derived from Latin Iesus, a transliteration of Greek Ἰησοῦς (Iesous)
👉🏻Numerical value = 888!👈🏻
66. So the name Jesus has a numerical value of not simply 8, but 888. So I see it as Jesus is #infinity X 3! Very powerful! As we all know, an 8 on its side is an infinity loop. A mathematical fact forwards & backwards.
What is 8 “3 times”? 8+8+8=24. Any other Biblical reference?
67. I did uncover when cross referencing different translations of Revelation 5:5 👉🏻the “Twenty Four Elders.” Seems like an important # considering context! Especially finding Jesus = 888. ♾ Why would they remove it? 🤔💭 It’s confirmed down in Rev. 5:8.
68. Clarity: Lion of Judah 🦁 is on the East, constellation Leo (Remember the chart?😉).
👉🏻Numbers 2:3 “on the east side towards the rising sun...camp of Judah pitch throughout...”
👉🏻East also = Right side🧠 Microcosm mirrors macrocosm✨ 👉🏻Pitch your tent⛺️😉. 7 energy centers
69. Is there another source from the past prophesying the cleansing, purification, awakening of the hearts & minds of us? Yes! The Hopi Indians prophesied of a Blue Star Katchina✨ A sign of the symbol of the sun...
@paulacblades001 has excellent details
70. If you caught the ‘swastika’ I will go into in 2nd part of thread. So don’t be afraid of this prophecy b/c it mentions it. It is more ancient than what Germans have made it in recent times. It’s found all over the world in ancient anthropology. It corresponds to cosmos energy
71. In my research of the Hopi Indians I came across this MOST EXCELLENT article! And what do you know.... the Hopi’s had a “Truth Wheel” too!😏 This article aligns it to other ancient sites.
Note: “East has not always been East”....
A must read! 👉🏻blog.world-mysteries.com/science/a-hopi…
72. Correction👆🏻👉🏻Author calls it “Hopi Truth Wheel” based on equinox’s & solstices.
Hopi say East has not always been East. I want to connect this to the “Emerald Tablet” which states “changed the Earth’s balance” ALSO “MASTER OF CYCLES”💥#infinity
73. I want to tell you that #infinity♾ is found ALL throughout Emerald Tablet. I’ve been studying it for about a year now. It deserves is very own thread. I have also connected it to #TripleEights ♾ 💥 I have an entire separate thread on 888’s.
74. Incredible when our minds come 2gether & we haven’t even talked about it! @paulacblades001 didn’t know I was going to add Daniel next! Yet, she connects my Ezekiel info to Daniel “roll up & seal the words of the scroll.”📜#butGod No coincidences!...
75. In Daniel 5, fingers of a human hand write on the wall.🤚 What did it write? Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin (Peres). Mene means God has numbered your Kingdom or days of your reign & ended it. So what is the #?🤔 M=40, E=5, N= 50, E=5 😳
👉🏻4555 where have we seen that before?!...
76. 4555 is the cipher for the Coptic Key 8 point star, said Jesus gave to the Egyptian Coptics!
Coincidence? You be the judge. I’m just laying it out there for us to see what’s been hidden for entirely too long!
(Detail found via Hiddenmeanings .com)
77. We’ve also seen an NG4555 in previous post. A solitary elliptical galaxy surrounded by a Halo 😇. Fascinating! It’s in the Coma Constellation. = mother & child, & in the Virgo sign ie: “virgin”. Sound familiar. Mirror macrocosm
Discovered approx 2004
😴 ☀️😳 😃 ♾
79. In Dec. 2017 NASA announced discovery of 8th (♾) planet, whirling around its star every 14.4 days. Kepler-90.
Note the “treasure trove” it brought with it!
I’ve heard that b4😏 QDrop 1229 See external Thread on Weiner laptop TY @JudicialWatch👏🏻👏🏻😁
80. Macrocosm has signs of #Infinity ♾, how about microcosm w/ us? Most think there’s 7 Chakras or some say Energy Centers, but there are actually 9.
I’ve been saying for some time Q is guiding us through enlightenment. Here is 8th energy; notice ♾ Infinity?
It’s BLUE👉🏻NG4555🔑
81. NOW 😊 Remember the prophecy up above from the Hopi Indians by @paulacblades001 on the Blue Star Kachina. The BLUE star, and NG 4555 shown BLUE which is also the cipher # to the Coptic key from Jesus 888 ♾ #Infinity X3! Is this a coincidence?! 😏
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