Tallying the obstruction in plain sight.
I think we know the answer already.
45 is using his office for his own personal benefit, not the good of our nation.

You know what this says, Anderson?

It says 45 & $ondland are obstructing justice in plain sight.


Hidden or not, obstruction is an impeachable offense.
This Fresh Air interview on #CambridgeAnalytica could not be timed better.

Well, hello, Rudy.
You’re looking swell, Rudy.
You’re still going
You’re still crowing
You’re still doing wrong.

You’re looking pale, Rudy.
I can tell, Rudy.
You’re still colluding, still deluding
Still doing wrong

Golly gee, Rudy,
We can see, Rudy,
Rudy is going to jail
Rudy is going to go jail real soon!

With apologies to Louis Armstrong et al

As I amuse only myself — if absolutely no one else in the entire Twitterverse — I shall carry on, as a mockingbird in the midnight, as an owl upon the wing, as a clever creature hunting in the absence of the light.

I know. I know it’s no laughing matter.

The Russian-backed occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has caused me to laugh out loud.
These guys make the three stooges look like brain surgeons.
A goldmine of links not to mention superb research from the Center for Responsive Politics.

I feel like I could get whiplash just watching this debacle.

OK, another count to add to our tally.

Clearly there is a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Between 45, Deutsche Bank, and I’m thinking some intermediary. Hello, Ambassador.

Tucking this thread on Kazakhstan moneylaundering in here, even though technically it’s not about obstructing.
But seeing as how Rudy is a key player in obstructing, WTH...

Rudy getting cybersecurtiy deals with Kyiv and Kharkiv and hushing up poor old Peter Poroshenko... does some like it should make the tally, too.

Possibly running a shadow government for the personal benefit of the White House occupant is more in the emolument category than obstruction, but WTH, it’s going on this This Is Everything 🧵

Why not add Abuse of Power to the many high crimes and misdemeanors on this tally?

Come for the over-the-top quote and stay for the palace intrigue...
Is this why Bolton quit?


“Giuliani’s a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up,” Ms. Hill quoted Mr. Bolton as saying during an earlier conversation.”

I guess Bolton didn’t want to get hit with the schrapnel.
Fiona “The Slayer” Hill.

“According to whom?”
Editorial note: nice little sidebar piece

Parnas tells some whoppers.
He works for Firtash. He has for a long time.

By “holed up” I believe Polly Sigh means “arrested and awaiting extradition to the United States.”

Yes, Rudy admits, Fraud Guarantee paid me half a million last year. However, for the president of the United States, he works for free.

So that temblor reminds me, all of this has a California angle...

In addition to #IgorAndLev, we had the arrest of Andrey Kukushin in San Francisco.
And he is involved in the California marijuana market with what looks to my eyes like the Serbian-American mob who often have a lot of intersectionality with the Russia/Ukrainian mafiya.

Such is the nature of transnational organized crime.

Foreign Investor-1 Muriaviev invested through Parus Capital Limited.

I do think Muravyov is the better spelling of Муравьёв.

Foreign Investor-1 made his fortune building up Siberian Cement into the largest cement company in the world, along the way giving himself & managers loans that went unpaid. Mobligarchs gotta mob.

And OK, what would my tweets be without legion typos?

Hall spelled it Muraviev.
It’s just that in Russian the “ё” has a long “O” sound that is better transliterated as “YO”.
Before we get back to the crime scene, an aside. I just can not think of Kevin Hall anymore without thinking about this story he posted on how Trump bought a Hollywood mansion for $0.00.

The most seriously underrated story of all?

Alright, here is a very official looking portrait of Foreign Investor-1, which may be subject to copyright, but I think we can agree that this falls under fair use, can’t we?

Андрей Анатольевич Муравьёв
Andrey Muravyov
I mean, I think it’s the same guy as who is funding #IgorAndLev and thus Rudy. But maybe it’s time to go back and reread the 20 page indictment. 🤨
Meanwhile, Rudy says he does not need a lawyer.
What are the odds Sales quit?

Whoever said money can’t buy you love?

So to recap:

The president’s attorney (paid by Ukrainian associates of a wanted mobligarch) went to Ukraine, leaned on the new president of Ukraine to give up dirt on Biden’s son, or 45 would withhold aid had Congress approved, despite warnings from Fiona Hill & maybe Bolton.
If it’s what you say, I love it.


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