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Here, I have been mostly writing in Turkish. Since the fascist invasion of Rojava (N Syria), I have decided to inform the world about the Kurdish struggle for human rights. I cannot standby while Kurds are subjected to ethnic cleansing by Erdogan's regime, the supporter of ISIS.
My interview with Noam Chomsky a few years ago on some political issues, including Kurdish one.

The discussion on Kurdish issue start here (The last 10 minutes)

The fascist government you worship killed thousands of Kurdish children, including the poster baby you used for decades to call Kurds as "baby-killers". AYHAN ÇARKIN, a Turkish Special Operation police, confessed the killing of that baby & more for propaganda purposes, on live TV
My religion is PEACE.
I do not discriminate between Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Jews, Hindus, Anglos, Germans, Hispanics etc... They are all my brothers and sisters. However, I stand against warmongers, religious fanatics, jingoists, aggressors; fascist and/or imperialist governments.
@TarekFatah Thank you Tarek for the RT... Kurdish people needs your support.
The information you will hear in this interview is very important. It is from the first person in history who translated the Quran into 2 languages.

You will understand why @RTErdogan's AKP supported ISIS for years. Why they prayed for ISIS against Kurds.
@RTErdogan I live in US. I always feel bad for my first country not having products in stores. Thus, whenever I find Turkish dried apricots and figs, I always buy them.

But, because Erdogan's government's fascist ethnic cleansing of Kurdish people I am now boycotting them
@RTErdogan And there are those who pray, "We want our soldiers come back without a nosebleed." As if they send their children not to kill, invade and plunder but to a playground.

Your soldiers will not come back as they were; they will return as DEAD, MURDERER, or WOUNDED in every aspect!
@RTErdogan I do not consider my "religion" indifferent to truth, freedom, justice, life, peace!

I do not share the same religion with those who use religion either as stupid set of rituals or as a means to divide & control humanity.

My religion is PEACE.
I stand against warmongers
Please follow my friend @eugenegu.
He is an impressive young doctor, who relentlessly exposes lies and fallacies in @realDonaldTrump's tweets. Here are a series of tweets on Kurdish people.

@eugenegu @realDonaldTrump HOST: Can they attack?
MINISTER: Ha Hi Ho. Don't worry
REPORTER: What if ISIS infiltrate?
MINISTER: Europe is scared to death. Ha Hi Ho.
REPORTER: What will we do? Try them, send them back, kill them?
MINISTER: The world is scared of them. They have to accept our terms. Ha Hi Ho.
@eugenegu @realDonaldTrump Beware Fascist Propaganda
"In war, truth is the first casualty."
Here are two examples of fascist propaganda...
Turkish government led by Thief-in-Chief fascist @RTErdogan is taking the revenge of ISIS from #Rojava Kurds...
They are in love because both have so much in common. BOTH are:

Grand thieves
Congenital liars
Exploit religion

Erdogan is a US-appointed Governor.

15 years ago, he publicly bragged 34 times, "Ben BOP (Büyük Ortadoğu Projesi) eşbaşkanıyım" that is "I am the co-leader of the Grand Middle-East Project."

While domestically he poses as an anti-imperialist, he serves both the USA & Russia⬇️
He plundered the resources of Turkey. He made the biggest palace for himself. His childrens stole billions of dollars. His son-in law manufactures some primitive killer drones and they are used against Kurds.

Here he is showing off as a great Turkish leader.
Stupid and Pathetic
The Turkish AKP government is the biggest terrorist organization in the Middle East. It has been the number one supporter of ISIS. The USA-Inc appointed fascist dictator @RTErdogan is another incarnation of Saddam Hussein.

A typical nationalist is jingoist, selfish, hypocrite, and stupid.

-- The Lions are going; the Lions...!
After the splash:
-- Darn it. F*CK your work; you pimp!
The Turkish media is a perpetual fascist propaganda machine. Here, the reporter of the IHA is exposed.

She's frustrated that she cannot find a single resident to blame the Kurdish YPG for the deadly shelling.

Kurds know that it is false flag operation. She calls police.
Turkey is a NATO ally and armed by both US+Russia. Its ISIS-friendly fascist government is supported by the US+Russia. Turkish people are fed tons of propaganda to make them hate Kurds everywhere. Fascists will win this battle against Kurds, but in the end Kurds will be free, GW.
My support of Kurdish people is not because I am Kurd. I am a PEACEMAKER. Nationalism racism, tribalism, is evil. I stand with Kurds, because they have been oppressed/killed by 4 racist states for generations. I have also personal experience with Turkish racism.
I am an American citizen and I am pushing for impeachment of "your president" @realDonaldTrump, who betrays universal principles like your other president @RTErdogan. Both are thieves, liars, nepotists, corrupt, sociopaths, narcissist, & authoritarian idiots. Both betray humanity
I have been on the black list of the Turkish Saddam for 7-8 years.

@RTErdogan is coward. He cannot face me. I know his character well from high school, and the İslamist youth organization which I was leading.

He was coward/dishonest then and now.
Uyduruk sınırlara tapınmam. Toprak ve saltanat için kan döken Osmanlı Çocuğu değilim. Kürt milliyetçisi değilim. Bu dünya hayatında tüm insanlarla eşitçe ve özgürce barış içine yaşamak isterim. Soruya kısmen cevap verebilirim, ama önemsiz. Bir insan hayatı tüm devletlere bedeldir
Racist ideology has plagued my first country. From atheists to this Sunni charlatan, there are millions of racists. They try to cover their PARANOID RACISM against Kurds under code word "terrorism", but their evil mind is always exposed against Armenians.
40-50 years ago, even the existence of Kurds was DENIED in Turkey. The word Kurd was BANNED in books & media. Racists failed. Then they BANNED Kurdish Language between 1980-2000 and assassinated many Kurdish authors/artists. They failed again. 7 years ago:
To defend all your CRIMES and evil, you ALWAYS pick the worst examples in the world and try to justify your crimes. To justify your fascist state's CENSORSHIP, you don't pick the USA, but pick Iran & N. Korea as an example! This way, you have created a COLLECTION of EVIL, a hell.
Turkey is NUTHOUSE. Hundreds are prosecuted for using the word WAR to depict Turkish war against Kurds in #Rojava

Saddam Erdogan forces people to call his racist war PEACE, and calls it FREEDOM.
In Turkey:
War is PEACE
Fascism is DEMOCRACY
Theft is JUSTICE
Aggression is DEFENSE
Because the world sees that Turkey is run by an ISIS-friendly Sultan Saddam Erdogan. PYD never attacked Turkey. The same with Iraqi Kurds led by Barzani. They were Turkey's ally. But your fascist government threatened them too. Why do you defend ethnic cleansing of Kurd ?
@SonerCagaptay Millions of Kurdish people living in Turkey, Irak, Iran and Syria have suffered greatly from racist and fascist regimes.

The biggest weapon of fascism is its PROPAGANDA machine. Turkish people are fed national lies over lies. They justify state terrorism and ethnic cleansing.
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch Your lies are endless... Any person or group could be the target of your lies and insults. You are shameless.

@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch The @cnnturk has been PROMOTING Erdogan's military invasion of #Rojava and ethnic cleansing of Kurdish people. Why an American news agency become the propaganda machine of a fascist regime?

@cnn @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks The @CNN's Turkish branch @cnnturk is acting like a fascist propaganda machine for Saddam Erdogan. The news agency is the mouthpiece of AKP's fascist government in its bloody ethnic cleansing of Kurds.
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic @HuffPost @nowthisnews @BBCWorld @maddow The Turkish dictator is feeding malnourished REAYA (herd) with Religion & Nationalism. The National IQ level has gone down greatly. Here is a dialogue.

REAYA: 350 Kurds escaped from PYD and joined us.

ANSWER: 100,000s have escaped from your dictator to Europe & North America!
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic @HuffPost @nowthisnews @BBCWorld @maddow War is evil. Politicians & war profiteers use a combination of nationalism, jingoism, religion, fear to create strong emotions to justify wars. The PROPAGANDA MACHINE distorts reality. Below, Turkey is using American tactic to justify its petty imperialism towards Kurdish people.
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic @HuffPost @nowthisnews @BBCWorld @maddow About 40 million Kurds, indigenous people of Mesopotamia, were divided by Brits in 4 countries. Kurds have been subjected to genocide, forced immigration/exile, massacres, prisons, assassinations, assimilation & fascist propaganda. Which one is the destiny of Kurds in 10 years.
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic @HuffPost @nowthisnews @BBCWorld @maddow "None cares about Kurds. The imperialists wants to divide our country and create 2. Israel."

This idiot's fascist Thief-in-Chief Erdogan is supported by the US and Russia. Turkey, a NATO member, uses American Jets, Israeli drones to kill Kurds.

Turkey is much worse than Israel.
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic @HuffPost @nowthisnews @BBCWorld @maddow These are 4 REAL PICTURES depicting the psychology of Turkish people under the regime of Erdogan's Sunni-Fascist party.

1. Member of Turkish Congress (MHP=KKK), Supporter of Erdogan. Howling like a wolf in a video
2. Mayor of Kastamonu
3. "A Haber" Reporter
4. Erdogan's follower
@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic @HuffPost @nowthisnews @BBCWorld @maddow @abdullahnaci Sunni Preacher: "A peeled apple attracts germs. Women should cover themselves like an apple"

During the 17 years reign of Sunni-fascist @RTErdogan, the IQ level of Turkish population fell sharply. Thousands like this idiot are preaching in mosques & TVs.

@SonerCagaptay @TobiasHuch @cnnturk @CNN @nytimes @CNBC @Independent @TwitterAPI @TheYoungTurks @washingtonpost @TheAtlantic @HuffPost @nowthisnews @BBCWorld @maddow @abdullahnaci @RTErdogan Turkish President @RTErdogan is the greatest leader in the history. He cares about his people so much, he lives in a modest home with 1150 rooms. He turned Turkey to a beacon of justice & freedom by imprisoning thousands for criticising his fantastic work.
Woah! @ChrisCuomo just exposed the hypocrisy of @TomReedCongress for betraying Kurdish people in Rojava, while at the same time sending troops to Saudi Arabia...
Here, @ChrisCuomo is exposing the hypocrisy of 60 Republican Congressman for betraying Kurdish people in Rojava.
And here, @ChrisCuomo is exposing the hypocrisy of 60 Republican Congressman for betraying Kurdish people in Rojava.
@ChrisCuomo From a fool to another fool!

"Don't be a tough guy. Don't be a fool! I will call you later. Sincerely"

This was the last words of @realDonaldTrump's letter to @RTErdogan who is indeed a fool, a hypocrite and coward like his boss, Donald.

@ChrisCuomo @realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan I am not a historian. But, the bloody lists of genocides & massacres need to be discussed freely by ALL PARTIES. I would like to listen all sides. As for the last 60 years, Turkish policy against Kurds, can be summarized in two words: PARANOID RACISM

@ChrisCuomo @realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan As I said above, I am not historian. But, I lived and know well the suffering of Kurdish people.

If what you are telling is true, so what? I do not brag with my ancestors. Hamidiye Tugayları? Damn them all to hell. I have nothing to do with evil murderers. And so should you!
@ChrisCuomo @realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan Three corrupt, racist, lying, conniving, religio-fascist murderers!

Together they slaughtered Kurdish people in #Rojava for 10 days and now they are completing the ethnic cleansing and declaring themselves as heroes.

They betrayed humanity:
@ChrisCuomo @realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan @VP The Turkish nationalists who call themselves GRAY WOLVES howl & bark like wolves. Literally! Here, one of them translated an English tweet critical of Turkish fascist invasion of Rojava... He translates it into a language his pack understand well, CANINE LANGUAGE: Hav hav hav 🤣
"[History] will look upon you forever as the devil if good things don’t happen. Don’t be a tough guy. ...................."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

Please, fill the blank in the end of Trump's letter to Erdogan, above:

17 years in power, @RTErdogan, the Turkish patron of ISIS, broke records in corruption and killing Kurdish people. Turkey was a fascist state; The US-puppet dictator turned it into a "petty imperialist fascist state." Turkey killed many times more Kurds than Israel killed Pals.
@RTErdogan This is exactly what we are witnessing in Turkey. Erdogan is a Turkish version of Trump. A lying machine, filthy corrupt, petty thief, narcissist, manipulator, polarizing, fascist... And his followers are almost exactly the same. Ignorant, fanatic. They also follow these 5 steps.
@RTErdogan This @AvarBanu is a passionate anti imperialist Turkish author. Great. However, whenever she hears the word "Kurd" or "Kurdish" she loses her cool mind. She is okay with invading Kurdish lands. Here she has problem with Trump EQUATING Türkiye and Kurds.
Paranoid Racism!
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu They are evil twins, though I am not sure whether Hitler was a petty thief like @RTErdogan who built the world's biggest palaces for himself, 1150+300 rooms. Turkish people are hungry and in poverty, but Erdogan uses their taxes to enrich his family and massacre Kurdish people.
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu I may not agree with the "the most" part but the following observation is amazing. I have difficulty in ranking all these evil men here. They are competing with each other in evil deeds and bloodshed. They each become "the most evil man" in turn. Today, Trump & Erdogan are tie.
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar Paranoid racism against Kurdish people is both endemic and epidemic in Turkey. The Kurdish resistance against fascist state's policies of cultural genocide created a coalition among archenemies such as:

@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar Petty thieves are recognized from what they steal and rob; great thieves are recognized from their bragging with what they steal and plunder.

Turkish fascist @RTErdogan is Thief-in-Chief like his boss, the American Thief-in-Chief, @realDonaldTrump
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar @realDonaldTrump This is the summary of what is going on in Rojava, Syria. NATO, USA, TURKEY and ISIS...

@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar @realDonaldTrump Turkish academician @hiyenigun (now Stanford University) is a man of integrity and courage. He lost his job at a Turkish University, together with 400+ academics, for SIGNING PEACE DECLARATION (Barış Bildirisi). Yes, he was attacked by @RTErdogan for wanting PEACE with Kurds!
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar @realDonaldTrump @hiyenigun Doublespeak
A popular example:
The biggest terrorist organizations are states. They are arm manufacturers, dealers & have army of killers. They kill in MILLIONS. They use their byproduct "Terrorist organizations" to justify more wars and invasions
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar @realDonaldTrump @hiyenigun Erdogan's Sunni-Fascist government and racist Turks watched and enjoyed ISIS massacring Kurds in Kobani for 36 bloody days. Every day they prayed for ISIS to slaughter Kurds and enslave their women. Only after pressure from world, Turkey allowed Kurdish Peshmerga to help PYD.
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar @realDonaldTrump @hiyenigun Religious/Racist Turks are nationalists in DOMESTIC politics. They're BRAVE only against Kurds who have no state, no jets, no NATO, no UN.

But, they are COWARDS. For decades Erdogan condemns Israel but never confronts it. Turkey is Israel's major trade & military partner.
@RTErdogan @AvarBanu @DanaNawzar @realDonaldTrump @hiyenigun The so-called Muslim world is sick. Sunni & Shiite religions, sects, culture & politics is:

Enemy of reason,
Enemy of equality,
Enemy of women,
Enemy of freedom,
Enemy of peace...

They create a schizophrenic personality:

Slave/sheep to the powerful;
Tyrant/wolf to the weak
Kurds, Uyghur Turks, Catalans, Kashmiris and Palestinians should read this article:

The '3.5% rule': How a small minority can change the world... bbc.com/future/article… via @BBC_Future

Though imperialist powers, their local stooges and evil people are against your freedom, millions of good people around the world are praying and supporting your struggle against racism, fascism, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

You will be free in your land.
@BBC_Future Sorry that you pay so much taxes.
But Erdogan needs more:

He is adding a new palace with 300 rooms to his 1150-room palace.

His children and son-in-law need more $ Billions.

His wife needs more Hermes brand purses valuing $49,995 each

Ethnic cleansing of Kurds is also costly
@BBC_Future Turkish-fascists who criticise Israel for its treatment of Palestinians, are much worse towards Kurds. For expl, Israel let Pals have their autonomous rule in West Bank; but Sunni-fascists get bloody paranoid even if Kurds have an autonomous island in the middle of Pacific Ocean!
@BBC_Future No exaggeration!

Knowing him personally, knowing his religious ideology, his policies & crimes, I can PROVE at @IntlCrimCourt that Erdogan is an ISIS ally.

With the exception of worshiping saints/shrines, ISIS follows exactly the same religious ideology

@BBC_Future @IntlCrimCourt 2 days ago, I did survey with 2 options.

Kurds should be free
Kurds should not be free

So far out of 2,290 participants, 73% supported Kurdish freedom. The 27% are paranoid racists who object Kurdish freedom everywhere.
1 more day left. Here:

@BBC_Future @IntlCrimCourt To my fascist brothers:
As a peacemaker, I have no allegiance to your evil state!
You banned my mother tongue.
You tortured me to say "I dedicate my life to Turks"
You killed my brother.
You rewarded the convicted killer of my brother by electing him to Turkish National Congress!
@BBC_Future @IntlCrimCourt Wow😂

After he got permission from his boss @realDonaldTrump, Erdogan bombed Kurdish towns with American jets, killing hundreds!

He just flipped like his boss:

"I just wanted to help Kurds by moving them from desert to a better place. God-forsaken desert is better for Arabs"🤪
@BBC_Future @IntlCrimCourt @realDonaldTrump A PERFECT CONFESSION
"This desert strip is better for Arabs. It is not good for Kurds." Erdogan just confessed his crime. We knew that security was bogus pretext; all was about displacing Rojava Kurds, i.e, ethnic cleansing. This alone will suffice to indict him at @IntlCrimCourt
@BBC_Future @IntlCrimCourt @realDonaldTrump A PERFECT CONFESSION 2

In addition to the above speech, here Erdogan is likining its invasion of Kurdish Rojava to his glorious Ottoman ancestor's invasion & plundering Europe up to Vienne. As a sociopath, he talks about high morals of his imperialist "ancestors!" @IntlCrimCourt
@BBC_Future @IntlCrimCourt @realDonaldTrump I am ending this thread with this new thread of 30+ tweets containing my personal story that implicates @RTErdogan, my former comrade, with direct involvement in the murder of my brother. He is the Sultan of Turkish ISIS, a danger for Turkey and the world.
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