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1 - A lot of #MAGA #Patriots are rightly upset about the @FoxNews poll about impeachment.

But the changes in Fox and the @GOP just show that @realDonaldTrump is winning.

Follow along as I explain the #ImpeachmentHoax
2 - To understand zoom out to the 100,000+ foot level and travel back in time to 2016

@realDonaldTrump becomes the nominee for the @GOP

He wants to Make America Great Again

But to implement his policies and #MAGA means that he also has to #DrainTheSwamp
3 - All polls show @HillaryClinton winning the Presidency in a landslide. Great job @FiveThirtyEight

Liberal Conclusion: See there was no motive or reason for @BarackObama administration to create #FISAGate or set up @GeorgePapa19 etc.

All of that is a #ConspiracyTheory
4 - Many on the right like @benshapiro think the same.

And that was my main hang up . . . until this morning.

I was listening to @dbongino new book on my commute and he said something that made it all clear:

To #MAGA you must #DrainTheSwamp

5 - See @HillaryClinton was supposed to win.

Politicians are smart (despite all contrary evidence) and most of them are lawyers. And smart lawyers always tilt the scales in their favor to the greatest extent possible and ethically challenged lawyers go until they get caught.
6 - So its 2016 and @realDonaldTrump is promising to #DrainTheSwamp

Losing would suck for @HillaryClinton but it would also put all @HouseDemocrats and @SenateDems in jeopardy for their corruption.

So they decided to tilt the scales in their favor.
7 - The @BarackObama administration, as admitted by @SallyQYates and Clapper, obtained a #FISAGate warrant and unmasked campaign associates of @realDonaldTrump and spied on the campaign

8 - The #ScandalFree @BarackObama administration got the #FISAGate warrant using the #SteeleDossier and McCabe testified under oath that the #FISAGate warrant wouldn't have been obtained without the dossier

9 - The #SteeleDossier was paid for by @HillaryClinton and Steele's sources were Russians . . . (does that sound like foreign collusion?)

10 - And of course @GeorgePapa19 was set up by #JosephMifsud who was a western intelligence asset, not a Russian asset.

11 - And @HillaryClinton wasn't taking any chances herself.

She enlisted the Ukrainians to help her win . . . (again this sounds like foreign collusion to me).

12 - But we're now in the weeds.

Zoom back out to 100,000+ feet.

@JoeBiden @BarackObama and #DirtyDems had things they didn't want spoken about.

So they needed to MAKE SURE @HillaryClinton won even though she was supposed to win in a landslide.

13 - But then something happened that wasn't according to plan.

14 - The #DirtyDems go into panic mode and start throwing everything at @realDonaldTrump that they can.

@Comey @JohnBrennan Clapper, Strzok, Lisa Page put into play the "Insurance Policy"

15 - And it worked. #RussiaGate was everywhere, the #MuellerPrope was going to save the Republic and remove @realDonaldTrump from office

At this time, the @GOP stood behind @realDonaldTrump because they new it was all BS and there wouldn't be enough to #Impeach
16 - The added side effect of this was that the #RussiaHoax completely neutered @realDonaldTrump

Any of his attempts to truly #DrainTheSwamp and #MAGA were sidelined. Only minor victories were made.

So there was no real outrage from the #NeverTrumpers
17 - And then it all blew up in their faces. #MuellerProbe was a complete dud.

18 - The pressure was back on the @DNC because @realDonaldTrump was free to truly start #DrainTheSwamp

But it was a one way street, the #NeverTrumpers were again not in a panic because Trump would only be going after the #DirtyDems
19 - So they started throwing everything at the wall to see what would stick.

Which is where we are with Ukraine and the multiple whistle blowers and the surrounding shenanigans
20- Rules and forms were changed to allow whistler blowers to use second hand information

but the actual wording of the law wasn't changed so don't worry it's all 👌👌

20 - Schifty @RepAdamSchiff aids spoke with the Whistle-blower (but the whistle-blower didn't speak with the Senate Intel. Committee . . . interesting).

21 - And @RepAdamSchiff sent a staffer to Ukraine during the middle of all of this on a trip that was paid for by the Atlantic Council which is closely tied with Burisma.

22 - Bottom line = #Impeachment is not going the way liberals thought it would when @aoc and #TheSquad forced @SpeakerPelosi to start this farce of an "Impeachment Inquiry"

Again rules and precedent don't matter to the @HouseDemocrats

23 - So it now appears that @realDonaldTrump is attacking this #ImpeachmentHoax straight on with a "Scorched Earth Defense"

24 - And it's true. @realDonaldTrump is going to go scorched earth which will in turn


See Trump is calling them out and demanding they put forth their #Principle - why are you #Impeaching me?

Then he'll apply that #Principle to everyone in the #Swamp
@realDonaldTrump 25 - And this is why the #Swamp #NeverTrumpers and @FoxNews are starting to change their point of view in regard to #Impeachment

They now realize that @realDonaldTrump is truly going to #DrainTheSwamp

And this will mean that @DNC and @GOP members are going down.
26 - If an #Impeachment happens we get a Senate trial.

@realDonaldTrump gets to call witnesses and expose all of the corruption in DC and it will truly #DrainTheSwamp

The establishment can't have that, so they need to make Trump resign instead defend himself in the Senate
27 - And that is why we're seeing weak and corrupt @GOP and @FoxNews starting to turn on @realDonaldTrump . . .

they don't want to truly #DrainTheSwamp

#StandWithTrump and we just may see actual change in Washington.
28 - It's a straight up #ImpeachmentHoax

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29 - #TweetStorm over . . .
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