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#SriSriAtIISC : I heard some people opposed my talk at IISc today. People who opposed me don't know me. Even to oppose something or someone, one needs to study and know it in detail. You study something properly and then you discard it." Fair no?
#SriSriAtIISC :
Director of @iiscbangalore had asked those protestors to attend the event and raise questions! I came to know from reliable sources that there were 8-10 of them and chickened out from raising any questions
@iiscbangalore #SriSriAtIISC : In Scientific temperament and learning mode, prejudice is detrimental to science. If you have prejudice towards anything then you can't call yourself a scientist.
#SriSriAtIISC : Because prejudice won't allow you to perceive things properly. One's mind should be full of spirit, enthusiasm, energy and interest to learn from anyone in any part of the world
#SriSriAtIISC :
Petition: @iiscbangalore campus is struggling with widespread and varied issues of mental health. @SriSri's @ArtofLiving offers a blanket therapeutic solution to multiple mental health ailments which is medically baseless & dangerous. 1/2
#SriSriAtIISC :
They wanted some experts from NIMHANS instead
to discuss ways to achieve a relatively stress-free academic life as opposed to Sri Sri’s “unscientific therapeutic” solutions.
Didn't they know SKY has been researched by NIMHANS
#SriSriAtIISC :
If the folks and so called Scientists in @iiscbangalore did not know here is a research
Read the reference Section!
NIMHANS researcher. So if NIMHANS were to have a session, they would have clearly advised #SKY
@iiscbangalore #SriSriAtIISC :
Before anyone questions, let me clear it upfront, I did challenge @SriSri when He was at our Institution in most scientific (that is what I thought) manner way back in 1987 and rest as far as I am concerned in History. Never looked back 1/2
#SriSriAtIISC :
As is the wont of all those who came through this system (I was no exception) my issue was more about Indian knowledge vs Western ways. Nothing to do with @SriSri Answers we received bowled us and today makes that campus an AOL centre 2/2
@SriSri #SriSriAtIISC : Confession! I spent a good deal of time in 1988-1989 @iiscbangalore campus working with Dr Manjunath, Dr Jamadagni. Pradip Yammiyavar (in CEDT and CMA) We don't want to research what "we don't want" to. If I don't know it is not scientific?
@SriSri @iiscbangalore #SriSriAtIISC : Let me reproduce the talk from my notes. Tweeps can decide on whether anything in this was unscientific as some "so called" Scientists @iiscbangalore made out to be (even before they heard Him. LOL) That is the funny part of their Science
#SriSriAtIISC : "What is this?" is Science & "Who Am I ?" is Spirituality. Objective analysis is Science & subjective knowledge is Spirituality. Science and Spirituality never contradicted in the Eastern part of the world. No scientist was persecuted here.
#SriSriAtIISC :
We have always said "Tattva Gyan", knowing the principles. When Prof Door, a nuclear scientist visited our Ashram he said, ancient Egyptians knew only 4 elements. They were unaware of Earth element. In India we knew about it since ages.

#SriSriAtIISC : We always say Panchamahabhutas. Not just that, we knew about time as element as well. We have 36 elements. Desha (space), Kaal (time), all this is counted. Even Shiva tattva is considered to be amongst them, which is a state of consciousness
#SriSriAtIISC : Now, what is detrimental to Science?

First is belief, second is prejudice. If you have any type of prejudice, I tell you, you can't call yourself a Scientist. Because your prejudice does not allow you to perceive things properly.

#SriSriAtIISC : To have a clear perception, you should have a mind which is free from stress, healthy, vibrant, a spirit which is full of enthusiasm & creativity and a willingness to learn from any corner.
#SriSriAtIISC : Like there are people who in the name of Spirituality do all sorts of non-sense, same way in garb of scientists there are people who have such prejudiced minds, short sightedness & fear in them.
#SriSriAtIISC : If you're sure about what you know you won't be scared to listen to any opinion Because you're not sure yourself, you are scared to listen to other's point of views. In this country even atheism is part of the culture.
#SriSriAtIISC : And there are multiple philosophies & it is said that you study, listen to all of them and then choose what you think is right for you.
#SriSriAtIISC : You will never be scared about or label anything without studying. That is unscientific. If we don't study anything thoroughly before discarding it, we are of the same mindset like Spanish inquisition where people were deaf to new thoughts.
#SriSriAtIISC : NIMHANS scientists have done research on our techniques and also many other researchers world over believe that millions of people are getting benefitted from breathing techniques.

#SriSriAtIISC : Nobel Prize for Physics has been given to a Scientist who found out about the oxygen reaction on brain cells. This is exactly what we do in Pranayama, which we have known from ages. People who practice it, their mental health is in good shape
#SriSriAtIISC : We say Meditation & some people call it Mindfulness. It is presented in a western coat, we take it. This is prejudice.
A small group of ppl in this country also has been suffering from such prejudice and I'm sure they'll get over it soon
#SriSriAtIISC : Sometimes success is driven by my own desire to be famous which comes from ego. Is this bad?
No, let it be. Do it with your ego. Set some rules for yourself and don't cross those.
Make service part of life. Without that there's no charm.
#SriSriAtIISC : Can Atheists learn meditation?
Atheists can do meditation very well. Don't have to believe in God to meditate. Jainism & Buddhism doesn't preach God but they preach about meditation. Hinduism says you meditate & discover yourself even if no belief is there.
#SriSriAtIISC : What is the role of intellect in inner journey of peace?
Intellect has a big role to play. From intellect, this urge to have the journey comes. Only through intellect you get the awareness & logic that I am not the Body, Mind or Prana, but something more.
#SriSriAtIISC : Why Art of Living & why not Science of Living?
You can call it by whatever name you want, but the fact is, that it is what it is! @ArtofLiving
#SriSriAtIISC : Are communism & spirituality far apart? Do you feel comfortable with communists?
True communist is one who cares for everybody & is free from any sorts of superstitions & narrow mindedness. It's an oxymoron if a communist says that I don't believe in something 1/2
#SriSriAtIISC : If you don't believe in something, then you're not a communist. You are a narrow minded, short sighted, old fashioned, unintelligent person 2/2
#SriSriAtIISC : How can we help tribal population from turning into naxalism?
Wrong indoctrination has led them to naxalism. Give them pride in their own tribal culture. And give then basic needs. Proper education & job opportunity will help them get out of naxal mindset.
#SriSriAtIISC : Why don't we have institutes of Spirituality like Science institutes?
I think every individual is a spiritual institute.
#SriSriAtIISC : How do we blend logic & intuition to do research?
Both are essential in life. Usually I suggest the people who do lot of left brain activity, to listen to half an hour music everyday. And similarly people who are singing all the time, I tell them to solve puzzles
#SriSriAtIISC : How does one measure spiritual evolution?
By how much you smile, how confident you are, how many compassionate acts you have done, how free you feel & how open you are.
#SriSriAtIISC The END!
Check the above thread! Anything unscientific and dangerous to one's mental health in whatever was spoken? It is clearer than Plasma research, Nano, etc :-P
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