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#TomSimpson, one of the most famous sports deaths in history. British world champion #cycling died allegedly in the #TourDeFrance of 1967, after collapsing on a scorching hot #MontVentoux. Allegedly. I have major doubts. Another #masonic sports #hoax? I start to think so. Thread
#Freemasons, and #TomSimpson was one (like most prominent professional sports players), shown here by this #masonichandshake with #Anquetil, are symbol fetishists. #Freemasonry is based on #Kabbalah, #numerology, other occultism. Check out this coincidental 13-repetition. #hoax
Meet the doctor who tried to save #TomSimpson, renowned #TourDeFrance dr. #PierreDumas, who was also involved in several well known #doping related stories back in the day. He has the serious #crisisactor look we know from faked shootings and terror. Right, in a #masonic pose.
First thing I noticed was the ridiculous patch of "blood", or whatever they want this look like. The guy doing the kiss of life is Dumas. Cliffhanger: next tweet will show where the "blood" comes from... Stay tuned ;). #TomSimpson's death is another #freemason sports #hoax. 100%
Big bada boom. SO.... What is this guy doing? I know what. He's smearing the #fakeblood on #TomSimpson. I knew I'd find something. The #Freemasons/Jesuits in charge of our reality™ always make mistakes, sometimes so big it's like they're mocking us. They probably are. #hoax
Moving on. Putting the nail in the coffin of #TomSimpson's big theatrical exit. Simpson died allegedly of a #heatstroke, it was over 90 F (over 30 celsius). Now. Have a look at this picture. PEOPLE WEARING SWEATERS. Please. #HoaxOMeter going off the scale here. #hoax #psyop
Read the Bible and see that #Jesus told us to use what God has given you, namely your eyes and ears, for they see and hear. Well, I do. I see here two different shadows in the "harsh light of the #MontVentoux". This image is totally doctored. #TommySimpson #hoax #masonic
#HelenSimpson, Tom's wife doing a #masonic fist that we know from masonic inventions as socialism/communism etc. Right another 100% confirmation: a clear #masonichandshake of #TomSimpson. Freemasons and drama are never far away. See my thread on #ChrisFroome's fake bike crash.
I haven't even touched on the most obvious element, the elephant in the room, because it doesn't matter much, the visual hoax analysis suffices. However, #PeugeotMichelin, #TomSimpson team, used the #freemason black-white checkers. So common people don't even see the symbolism.
Not sure what this was supposed to mean. The last day of #TomSimpson before he went underground. I see water symbolism a lot (especially water bottles), not sure of the meaning yet. Could be kabbalah, etc. Help if you know something. The occult upward Jesus look, mason favorite.
Learn to recognize this occult pose. The upward looking Jesus look, described in the freimaurer symbolism book. Tommy has done several. And guess what, there's a Jesus on his fake monument. False Christs, false heroes. All #freemason liars. Fooling the masses. #TomSimpson #hoax
Reference to that other #cycling #hoax of this year, #ChrisFroome's "horror crash" in the middle of a town that nobody saw, heard or photographed. Here #DaveBrailsford doing his version of the occult Jesus look. Check out this thread. So unbelievable now?
People just cannot believe that there is a "#conspiracy" with the involvement of "many hundreds" and turn to ridicule. No. Always properly FIRST analyze the evidence, before you let your doubts take over. Why is #TomSimpson's famous photo doctored? The #Devil is in the detail.
#Hoaxes (in fake terrorism, sports, the climatehoax, all of them) are an elite game. #Freemasons & #Jesuits. Need to research #TomSimpson's background a little bit. But look here, Kate unveiling a mural for #TomSimpson and #CharlyGaul in #Luxembourg. Masonic raised finger here.
When you see black & white checkers, #freemasonry runs the show. Professional sports is one of the #masonic distraction industries, to distract the masses and keep them from the real Truth of this world. Namely God and Creation. - Here #Merckx and #Poulidor on Simpson's memorial.
Apparently no spectators there at all on the #Ventoux here. Dramatic shot, putting the image in the collective minds of the people, of the suffering of #TomSimpson. All faked. Possibly a shot taken earlier, before the big #hoax. I believe they prepared everything in advance.
Remember #WoutPoels smiling to #Froome and saying "be careful" when he put on his jacket (no cyclist ever says this)? That was #PredictiveProgramming, aka masonic #RevelationOfTheMethod. Look. I knew I was right with dr. Dumas. He called it, on the very day. #hoax #TomSimpson
For the initiated in occultism that our elite are using. #TomSimpson's famous invented last words. "On, on, on. ". There you have your 33, as usual with #freemasons. They put their symbols everywhere, hidden in plain sight for those with eyes that see. #gematria
The race went on after Tom left the stage. Teammate (it was a national team in those days), brit #BarryHoban was allowed to win the next stage. Here a clearly masonic mouth covering pic of him. Shhhh. Pentagrams. The usual stuff. Right him and fellow #freemason liar #TomSimpson.
Found ANOTHER 13 with #TomSimpson fake death. His race number was 49. 4+9=13. 49 is a number you see a lot in fakery, it's both 7x7 (77) and 13. Occultists/kabbalists/masons love this stuff. Our elite sports players all wear 13, 33, 23, etc. Symbolism is their language.
#Freemasons. #EddyMerckx and #TomSimpson. Look at their #masonichandshake. At some point you need to start believing your eyes and stop ridiculing. This is not how normal people shake hands.
Tour of 1965. Is this a #hiddenhand shot? Speculative, but I believe so. All left arms are hidden here. This is not how you hold a bike, I know. With #freemasons you should treat symbolism as intentional.
I have little doubt this broken leg of #TommySimpson was faked. Is this how the script suddenly connects with #ChrisFroome, who also faked breaking his leg? #Froome also on the way for a comeback and a planned big exit? If it happens, remember this thread.
"Near godliness". The #masonic sports distraction industry creates new gods for us, to steer us away from the one and only #God, #Creator we have. This is where #satanism comes into play, which #freemasonry in the top is all about. You play along, you get rich.
Rarely has one sportsman been so associated with the #masonic checkers as liar #TomSimpson. Makes sense, once you know #freemasonry is all about deceit. "On, on, on." Yeah, on with living and lying after that fake exit. Tommy, you reading this? Some KNOW, you sc*m.
Only thing I wonder, did Tom produce offspring after his exit? Does someone in cycling now has Simpson genes? Miquel #Indurain sure has Tom's hairdo. Speculation, but I have more and more the feeling pro sports is run via a breeding program. Hard to prove. Ideas? #TomSimpson
#BradleyWiggins was the first to call a "full recovery" of #ChrisFroome's (fake) horror crash, which normally would be the end of anyone's pro cycling career at that age. But no, Sir Bradley knew Froomey would rise like a #masonic #phoenix and win the Tour again. - I believe it.
I had browser tabs open from both #Wiggins & Simpson, and I thought I was reading Wiggins bio. Turns out I was reading Simpson's bio!! Both lived in GHENT, BELGIUM. BOTH. Sir #BradleyWiggins is the son of #TomSimpson, who did not die in the Tour of 1967, but made a son in 1980.
@SirWiggo, or should I say Sir Bradley Simpson, care to comment? A like will do, too. ;). - Good genes, chap. Would be nice to tell where you got them from. Will we see a ever see a coming-out biography?
@SirWiggo You cannot make this stuff up. 😂 #BradleyWiggins unveils the #TomSimpson memorial. Of course Wiggins calls Simpson "his childhood hero", 🤣😂, don't we all call our father like that? - Reminds me of that BBC interview of David Bowie talking about his own death.
@SirWiggo Funny that Froome & Wiggins have exotic backgrounds. Froome from Africa, Wiggo from Australia/Belgium. Makes it easier to hide histories. Wiggo had no contact with his official "father" for 14 years. Ghent connection seals it. He looks way more like #TomSimpson than #GaryWiggins:
@SirWiggo @SirWiggo has a bird prominently tattooed on his left arm. #TomSimpson was nicknamed after a bird: The sparrow. Simpson biography was called "Bird on the wire". Sir Bradley Simpson-Wiggins is probably honoring his father Tom here with this tattoo. Am I right, Wiggo?
@SirWiggo Forget about Wiggo's horrible occult/satanic tattoo, but focus at the noses. Apart from an almost identical front of their faces, they have very similar, characteristic noses. Will look for a few more. I think I hit the mark here.
@SirWiggo So, people. What are the odds of two world-class, #British cyclists, both having almost identical faces, one having a tattoo of the other's nickname, good in similar disciplines, both having lived in #Ghent, one opening a monument of the other, NOT being related. Very slim imho.
@SirWiggo And that is even excluding all the freemason and elite connections that I found, for which I always get flak of the folks that are not in the know of these things (#tinfoilhat=not original). But since I care about #truth, I will not leave these things out. Better learn something.
@SirWiggo Some funny similarities: #TomSimpson started at 12. #Wiggins started at 12. Guess how Gary Wiggins allegedly died. EXACTLY like Simpson! Alcohol, drugs, found on the roadside and passed away in a hospital. 100% identical story, lol. Gimme a break. @SirWiggo-Simpson having fun.
@SirWiggo #Wiggins/#Simpson connection is convincing. This is more speculative, need to research: who does #VinDenson, on the right of Simpson, look like? With those squinting eyes? Yes, #cycling fans should know he looks like #MarkCavendish. Genetic bloodline buddies??? Would be amazing!
@SirWiggo Man, would I get two out of two? #TomSimpson's team mate and best friend #VincentDenson sure resembles #MarkCavendish, who in turn is close buddies with Bradley Simpson Wiggins. Fathers were friends, sons too? Denson was present on #Ventoux, so he knows Tom faked it. #VinDenson
@SirWiggo #Cavendish family I came across in my research into "science" and its controllers: an elite British family. #Freemason #HenryCavendish has been the only one
"proving" #Newton's kabbalistic invention of #gravity, ever. Classic #hiddenhand. If #MarkCavendish related, then mason.
@SirWiggo Look at the snake on the very top. Can only mean one thing. It's a #satanic family, the #Cavendish clan. As if the horns weren't enough for you. Heraldry is very telling, if you know your symbolism. Bottom right the #IHS #Jesuit sun. Never a good sign either. Sun worshippers.
@SirWiggo #VinDenson - CaVinDish. Denson at 70+ mingling with pros, e.g. his son #MarkCavendish? They always give hints like this. #RevelationOfTheMethod, part of being a mason. It's a mockery of the general public, mainly, I believe, and a confession. Interview where he only mentions Cav.
@SirWiggo I know how Britain became a #cycling nation. It's not the track, or training methods etc. No, GB have have a top notch #genetic program, that is just reproducing the world class riders of old. I need to look at more riders and see if i can find similarities. #Eugenics at work.
@SirWiggo So, nobody knows how #TomSimpson died. Or if he even died. The usual dead-ends in these stories. - Perhaps Tom's still alive (82?), and wondering why it took until 2019 for someone to find out he #hoaxed his death and produced a cycling demi-god son. Good #hoax, Tom & Brad!
@SirWiggo Oh look, a nice family gathering on the #MontVentoux at the #TomSimpson monument. #BradleyWiggins and his sister Joanne at the big show-monument for their actor dad. This stuff just gets hilarious once you know. I think Tom Simpson was actually watching over his son here in 2009.
@SirWiggo Really. Your son just died in France in the #TourDeFrance (allegedly) of a heatstroke. Weeks later, it's dope, amphetamines, alchohol. AREN'T YOU INTERESTED IN WHAT THE DOCTORS FOUND? - FFS. People, either continue to suspend your brain fuction, or wake up. #TomSimpson #hoax
@SirWiggo Note the #NLP programming: "Everyone still living will tell you it's true". This is how you get programmed. It's true. Just like the guy on YouTube saying "Everything about Ineos and Froome is genuine". Trust us. Believe me. These are the facts. It's true!___>Big red flag.
@SirWiggo Here we go. Instablocked haha. I guess the #TomSimpson family will be informed shortly that someone out there KNOWS.
@SirWiggo If people can't handle the truth, they're liars. Here cycling writer #ChrisSidwells. Legendary faker #TomSimpson was/is his uncle. They don't like people like me rocking the boat. You don't get a reply, or proof, no you just get blocked. That's the only strategy left for liars.
@SirWiggo Let's see if they attack and ridicule me like they did with #ChrisFroome's fake crash earlier this year. #ChrisSidwells is well connected, and part of the Simpson family. No doubt some urgent discussion is going on behind the scenes that someone found out their game.
@SirWiggo Wiggo is well connected, he's a #freemason alright. Some pictures/symbols are clearer than others. On the right the #masonic handbook. Being a high level freemason usually means deceipt, scheming, and being part of all kinds of high-level agendas.
@SirWiggo I think I stumbled upon a major hidden agenda here: our professional sports heroes are genetically manufactured. Our demi-Gods are created for us, like gladiators. Sometimes it's clear gene lines are good, like MaxVerstappen, Mathieu van der Poel, but sometimes hidden. #eugenics
@SirWiggo I'm just searching for #TomSimpson memorial ride and Wiggins is the first name I see. First 2 words in the article even. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Must be cOiNcIdEnCe, all of the time.
@SirWiggo I thought I was looking at #BradleyWiggins. Turns out it's #GraemeGilmore, pro cyclist. Drumroll.... #TomSimpson was the maternal uncle of Graeme. Given his looks, I believe the relation might be a little more direct. Another son of Tom? #Wiggins fits right in the Simpson family!
@SirWiggo The British saw the talent of legendary cyclist #TomSimpson, removed him from the stage, and started a genetic breeding program, with #BradleyWiggins, #GraemeGilmore as the most succesful names. It all fits together. Gilmore home: #Ghent. Yep. Home of the Simpsons. #eugenics
@SirWiggo It's a whole family of Tom Simpson sons and grandsons. @GreyTonka
@SirWiggo I'll continue to add some interesting facts I found in this research, for those interested. Did you know that #HelenSimpson, wife of Tom, later married #BarryHoban? Hoban was present at #TomSimpson's big exit on #Ventoux, he knew. Close little group, huh?--> #InformationControl
@SirWiggo If Helen Simpson produced #BradleyWiggins (could be, Wiggo's father sure is Tom Simpson), then what offspring would come out of Helen and #BarryHoban's genes? Is it #IanStannard? British, sturdily built as Hoban, same power grinta, same generation as #SirWiggo-Simpson. Not sure.
@SirWiggo Another bird. High importance for #Wiggo. Now you know why. It's a reference to his father, #TomSimpson. Add in some monarch butterflies, for #projectmonarch #mindcontrol (yes you, you who watch 3 weeks of #TourDeFrance while the elite robs you blind!). h/t my bud @buddendorf
@SirWiggo @buddendorf The whole of British professional cycling has been decided in #Ghent Belgium. #TomSimpson, #BarryHoban, #BradleyWiggins, #GraemeGilmore all lived there. They're all VERY closely related. Either father-son-grandson, step-father/uncle. This has the hallmarks of genetic planning.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf A bit off-topic. What does #PaulWeller have in common with #BradleyWiggins-Simpson? Is this another hidden genetic connection? Lots and lots of pics of them.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf A tattoo, too. Just too much here.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Of course Brad #Wiggins owns this iconic shirt of #TommySimpson. Easy when it was your father's, of course. He also mentions Barry Hoban here, which is who his mother Helen Simpson married in 1969 (or whatever). British #cycling indeed owes (its genes) to those guys. #eugenics.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf As with most big #hoaxes, nothing is true. No evidence exists that Simpson ever doped or that he died of a heatstroke. This is JFK/Diana-like disinfo, intentionally misleading alternative theories, that hide the fact that NOTHING HAPPENED. #TomSimpson DID NOT DIE that day.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Found another possible glitch in the Matrix. BROWN cycling gloves or WHITE? You don't switch gloves in a race. Unless they photographed shots earlier and mixed it in with a live feed. They do this a lot in hoaxes. I believe they did the same with #TomSimpson's big #Ventoux #hoax.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Nobody looks properly at any evidence of anything, ever. As soon as you do use your God-given eyes, you'll find stuff you'd never thought possible. Your eyes see, if you let them. That is what waking up really means. No 3rd eye/pineal gland BS needed.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf @SirWiggo is unfortunate that I have both years experience in debunking media fakery as well as a life-long cycling passion. I enjoyed your character in the peloton, but lying is not ok. That goes for you and your father. Never too late to confess and get with Jesus. God bless.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Fallen Angel. Diavolo. The masonic/satanic #deification of our sports heroes. All to distract from the only and real true God. #Fausto Coppi. Il campionissimo. What's in a name. Goethe's #Faust sold his soul to the #devil for glory. Did Coppi do the same? faust=the (masonic) fist
@SirWiggo @buddendorf #TaylorPhinney, America's one-time dream of being Lance Armstrong's successor in #cycling, sure has the #Simpson/#Wiggins nose. And when a #Cavendish clan member talks about talent, he's means genes, in the literal sense. I suspect Phinney is another #TomSimpson bloodline result.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Connie Carpenter-Phinney (CC/33), retired road cyclist, allegedly #TaylorPhinney's mom. Well, I can assure you this is nobody's mom. We know which group dominates women's sports. Right Phinney's dad, Davis. So, where exactly does Taylor's fine nose come from? ->#Simpson petridish
@SirWiggo @buddendorf They fill up the whole sports of #professionalcycling with #TomSimpson seed it seems. This is why Tommy Simpson had to exit from the stage. He had been identified as a prime candidate for the #eugenics program, and needed to produce offspring. Breed endurance gladiators.Who else?
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Think I'm lying? You might. Phinney's background sure is 100% not what we're being told. And symbols don't lie, though. The upward Jesus look, for the knowledgeable occultism experts among us. The masonic pyramid needs no explanation I hope. #TaylorPhinney. Bred to cycle.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Watch out for these kind of photos: dark/light. Common in our occult elite. This is classic #masonic #dualism, the black and white checkers. Our masters of our reality™ think they know of Good and Evil (Satan's promise). - And NEVER give any money to any elite scam foundation.
@SirWiggo @buddendorf Whatever Phinney's background (who's his real mother?), I think I've established at least the premise that pro-athletes are being bred for us. Now, to continue on my theory that #doping is supplied through the system itself. Every "leak" is controlled. Here famous #DrFuentes. 666
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