Indic history of mathematics

The journey of mathematics was left behind in the saga of man and mathematics developed together. In reality, the development we talk about is based on mathematics.

It is not known when humans first started counting.
It is certain that the digits will be calculated by human hands, feet and fingers. Like two hands two legs, twenty fingers.

The first writing of the numerals began on clay in Babylonia (Iraq). Rope knots were used in Egypt to make right angles.
First arm 3 knots Second arm 4 knots Third 5 knots long This Egyptian pyramid could not have been built 2500 years ago without geometric knowledge.

Far from Egypt, the Great Wall of China whose first stone 2500 years ago
would not have been possible to keep it without the knowledge of the people.
Counting was done from a piece of bass.

But there was a revolutionary change in mathematics in India which changed the mathematics of the world.
Writing of numbers 1 to 9 started in India. 10 was written in India as a number.

The people of Egypt and Babylon left empty space instead of zero. India ranked tenth. The invention of this void made mathematics as if it were a wheel.
This void was in India at philosophical level from time immemorial, it is considered to be a creation from zero, which will be found in a vacuum. Only zero is considered complete.

Poornamad: Poornamidam Poorna Poorna Mudchyate
Purnasya Purnamaday Purna Meva Vasishyate
That is, on removing the complete from the complete, which remains complete even if the whole is added to the whole, it is Brahm.
In the seventh century, Brahmagupta gave the principle of calculation of zero,
it is still prevalent today like
Adding 0 to 1 will keep 1
Subtracting 0 to 1 will keep 1.
Multiplying by 0 will keep 0.

One thing was left, what will happen when you divide something by zero? Mathematician Bhaskaracharya gave this answer in the 12th century.
He said that dividing by zero will result in "infinite". This infinite was also in Hindu philosophy long back in which the form of God is said to be infinite. Vishnu is also addressed by the name Anant.
If you cut a fruit once, then it becomes two, in this way two will continue to grow in the order of four, 4 to 8, 8 to 16 and 32. Finally, when the fruit becomes zero, its fruit is divided
can not be done.
Then when we cut that undivided piece, then there will be infinite piece which is not possible to count.

Philosophers in India interpreted the points as not just adding, subtracting, but they are invisible and intangible entities,
they are not limited to the human imagination but are free. This was the reason that India gave the world the theory of negative numbers, it was called "debt". This word made negative numbers.

It will be -1 after subtracting 3 to 4, it happened on India soil.
The Greek, Chinese, Babylonian people were using the equation in their own way.

Trigonometry When the Moon is half the angle between the Earth and the Sun is one seventh of 1 °.
The Kerala mathematician Madhava proved that numbers can be broken into infinite pieces or added to infinite pieces. A number hidden between 0 and 1 is infinite.

The value of π (pi) was stated by Aryabhata in the sixth century as 3.1416.
In the 15th century, Madhava gave π the ratio of diameter and circumference. Π is required to understand the bend or curve.
The seed math is the gift of billions, the Babylonian people divided the hour into 60 minutes and 60 minutes into 60 seconds.
There was a decrease and prevalence of moment in India.

Although algebra started out of India, algebra was developed in India, many of whose rules are in the leelavati of Bhaskar, which is still in practice today.
India has never been behind in science and technology. All the energy of India went into conflict with the barbaric Arabs, the Turkish plundered British and when India became independent, education system was completely destroyed and the English education system was introduced.
However, in today's time, the quality of our research has given new dimensions to science and technology after the scarcity of resources and lack of origin,
in which the achievements of the people are commendable. 37 percent of NASA scientists are Indian. Leftists in India, asks what did India give to the world?

Credit : @dhananjaygangay sir
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