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Live tweeting re-watch of #MainPremKiDiwaniHoon henceforth to be referred to as #MPKDH

First 5 minutes, and this college clearly never had a #POSH training because a student has plopped into a professor's lap and the professor is telling the girls they'll clear the exams
And of course the #electricguitar is connected to

When I see a puppy
And thus was launched "Papa ki pari" a phrase Indian incels would use for eons to come
It's the same professor again. Student-Teacher touching is off the charts Baba re
Himani Shivpuri making the face I make when I see men get away with #mansplaining

#outrageous I say 🤯
Me inviting ppl to my house to meet my dog
1 sardar ji doing balle balle in the name of #diversity
When I see ads asking "Is your body #bikiniready ?"
Sis was the first to advocate for #STDtest in a Bollywood movie
Every Indian girl on /shaadi.com
This #elektra situation is making me v v uncomfortable
How I feel when I get invited to college fests by embryos who assume I'll perform for free
Amen sister, Amen
I know sis I feel you 😭
I'm 😂
Man this movie is old! #YahooMail 😂
Every #desi who received a call from #NRI relatives
When my friends ask me why I don't go to #openmic anymore 😂
Sis legit said "Prem Kumar ki mummy ki Prem Kumar ke liye..."
Sis we get it.
His "surname" is important. Okay then.
Aaannndd there's the #casteism
Achha bonus
Protecting big basket delivery agents from Moms
That's how we plan to change the world #askquestions
Coz he can't handle the truth darling
The girl they call fatso is me 30 kgs ago
Hello is it Barjatiya movie or #TheMask?
When international #backpackers land in Goa
Sexual tensions in this movie are out of control
Every #politician in every #rally
Everyone in this movie is hot for everyone
They all keep cuddling with each other especially ppl they've met for the first time. They're not even Punjabis I don't get it
I'm tellin you about the sexual tensions man
They ripped off the last scene of #shutter yaar
When you finally look like a "good girl"
When I show up to a wedding in jeans and boots coz it's literally freezing at North Indian winter weddings
Throwing on pants before food delivery person arrives
Which WhatsApp University student wrote these subtitles?
Can ppl in this movie stop hitting on everything that moves
When someone finally opens the first bag of chips at a house party
Ey Methi is not Spinach yar what are you doing
This is now the only acceptable response to this f*ckall question
Every Indian parent when guests come over
When you spot your friend's crush in the audience
My #depression at 4AM
Every #engineering student
My friend, knowing I will never ever again muster up the courage to travel back to Thane
#Casteism at its peak (she's asking her househelp to stay back while entering the temple)
When you compare the size of his feet to...
Everyone is practically mounting everyone, a big ole orgy soup
Reviews are important after ;)
Girls in spaghetti strap blouses in freezing North Indian weddings in December brrrrrrr
And then pretending that they're not freezing
Lokhandwala dudebros in Aram Nagar
When I confess my deepest darkest thoughts to my #therapist
Men #sliding into #Instagram DMs
Mediocre af bros on /shaadi.com
Bhai pls don't take it seriously when #DonaldTrump says Grab 'em by the...
That one reply guy in your DMs who messages you every Friday asking you why you don't reply
Every guy who later broke up with me/cheated on me #breakup
Guy to you while he's bitching about being in your #friendzone to his Bhai log
Dude's leg is hurt but Hrithik be massaging shoulders. Kinda like when I go to the doctor for migraine and they tell me to #loseweight
When you manage to create #art even when you're #depressed
My allergic ass when I open an old book
Down with #heteronormativity
#BrandPlacement ki hadd

@nirav_kh 😂
When #sexist bois smell a hint of #feminism
When benevolent cis woke bro is finished #mansplaining #menstruation to me
Worst advice ever okay
Why did Hrithik and bros have to go to Spain in #ZindagiNaMilegiDobara when all adventure sports from river rafting to bungee jumping to skiing were available right here in Sundernagar? #MPKDH
OG Ice Bucket Challenge
Every #cheatingspouse / partner's justification
What the Bangalore dude wanted to do to the shorts wearing woman
When normies come at #gender bending people #NoShame #Pride
Forget the ring, propose like this bois
#Mansplaining : The Horror
Before #gurujikapyar there was this
Never put a lover's name in a #tattoo yaar cover up/removal costs a lot 😂
Me @ anyone who's nice to me for 2 minutes
Love is "pullulating" you guys #subtitles
When you start dancing to Saat samundar paar at 3 AM in #houseparties
#LanaDelRey 's new song
If your mom knew how many #tinder dates you go on
Arre I want to do a sarcastic thread but what is this adorableness of boi in tiara, I crie, it's too cute
Harasser dudes leering at seated women's cleavages by standing close in bus
When someone finally asks about my traumatic #childhood
Couples coming at #bisexual girls on #tinder
Indian girls #education plans in two parts
Bro clearly had jaundice
#ContestAlert I will Google pay amazing prize of 101 rupees to whoever can tell me what it says on his t shirt #MPKDH
Bonus 11 rupees for naming the stylist who did this to him
Het girls @ cis bois
#MaleGaze 101 y'all
When bois think these "lines" will work... Bro we know that ain't shit
When you ask a het woman who gives her the best sexual pleasure
All these girls are super skinny, kitnaaaa #bodyshaming my God
When something is working but he starts changing things up
When you forget your own #poem mid-performance
When ppl give me shit for my #mentalillness
Community is priority. Everyday #casteism
Indian family ki pehchaan #compromise
Bois trying new positions to overcompensate
Best advice
When someone says #Men are #Dogs
When he finally learns and she doesn't have to take it anymore
When you overshoot your time limit at open mic by 10 minutes and host is trying to take mic away from you
The way they've made fun of a person with #visualimpairment is so not okay
What #corporate bosses want you to feel like
Okay I started watching #MPKDH ironically but now it's low-key tugging at heartstrings y'know
When I have to meet my #relatives
Uncle in the background is exactly how #bystanders react to #intimatepartnerviolence
When I publically say that i want to remain #childfree
Yaar bas Karo na #casteism
After he reads ONE #Osho book
#Instagram couples be like

I will love him till the end of

The End. If anyone has made it till here please let me know coz I'll send you 1 rupees Grand Prize 😛
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