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This is one of the most controversial videos we've ever posted but if you have an open mind you'll know she speaks 100% truth.

It starts with indoctrination and education...
"The first modern human beings that evolved on this earth were Black women...& every human being on the face of the earth today has the memory of those Black women's genetic structure in their genes. We don't want to admit that, but that's the way it is..." - #JaneElliott

.@nhannahjones check tweets above in our thread...
One of the main "unintended consequences" of educating and indoctrinating #WhiteSupremacist values in America's system: It creates a negative #ImplicitBias towards Black and Brown folks.

And it's not just white people who have these biases. Actually, all races do...
Here's an example of how America's values were formed:

"Eugenicists used the *science* of the day to advance the social agenda WIDELY ACCEPTED in white America, to breed the best and the brightest...always white...and breed out society's worst and weakest...of all colors".
If you're wondering how/why that #Eugenics example applies today, it's simple: Most of us are the result of the experiences we learned from home, good & bad.

The people who taught you learned from someone before them, and before them, and so on... (Generational values)
Due to the #WhiteSupremacist indoctrination/education established, even after the Civil Rights Movement "ended" most people's true perception on race did not change, and they taught their kids.

Jane Elliott tried to educate the misinformed. Check this footage out...
This exercise Jane Elliott did with these students is so LEGENDARY...it puts them in the lives of the daily microaggressions Black & Brown people go on a daily.

Like they say: "It ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun..."
Getting the *right* education is SO IMPORTANT. The Black Panther Party tried to teach Black kids real American history/values through Black eyes, but folks like the #FBI demonized them.

Here's @KellitaSmith1 interviewing Huey Newton back in 1978...
Here's 8-yr old @KellitaSmith1 describing the #Oakland Community Learning Center, started by the Black Panther Party.

Huey Newton, although not perfect, had a great solution to the #WhiteSupremacist education/indoctrination issue...
The great thing about these Black-run schools was that they not only taught "real" education through Black eyes, using mostly Black teachers, but they fed them as well...

Check this: Even when students did wrong, they had other students determine their "punishment". Reminder, this school was run by the Black Panther Party in 1978.

Real education through Black eyes...
Through it all, yrs later many of these #WhiteSupremacist values still run true, especially in rural areas and by most of the rich/elite, especially those who inherited their parent's fortune.

Don't believe us? Check the COUNTIES who voted against #Trump (blue). Major cities...
This also means damn near all rural areas voted #Trump, a man who echoes many of the #WhiteSupremacist values taught by his upbringing, who learned from their upbringing, etc.

Check all the counties that voted for/against Trump in 2016 in #Texas. Nearly all states followed this.
The point of showing all this is just a way to prove that #WhiteSupremacist values never changed in most of America. And it was by design‼️

Sure, #SocialMedia brings more awareness, but that's it...just more awareness. Awareness does bring power -- for the next generation...
Since we still live in a #WhiteSupremacist-educated/indoctrinated country, we need more white people to be ALLIES for TRUE equality.

Don't just sit down and wait it out. Don't be afraid of what your parents/loved ones will think. It's a new day...
Watch that above video in this thread again! And again!
This is why we fully support @nhannahjones' #1619Project. Teaching *real* history.

It starts from there.

Once you know your history, you will know yourself.

You will also know that NOT ALL Black people will be FOR you, especially when they advance in higher positions of power in most companies they don't own/government.

But we're not ready for that conversation yet...
In order to enact TRUE change, the LAWS must change. Since most people want to "do right", changing laws to make it illegal to do certain activities will certainly change people's actions.

It won't change their hearts & minds, but their actions...
Real change is coming during these times, lead by #Trump's election. As @rihanna said in her recent @voguemagazine interview:

"I feel like the darkness has actually forced people to find this light within them where they want to do better...”
Now that you've hopefully read through this long twitter thread, check out #JaneElliot's quote we posted at the very beginning of this thread (or just click the vid below).

If you keep an open mind, you'll understand why what she said was 100% truth...
There's 2 solutions to the current problem of #WhiteSupremacist values we've been taught: 1. Redo the ENTIRE system, or 2. Change the core laws. Either one will bring REAL resentment & pushback (even death) from those who currently benefit.

But it HAS to be done.
If drastic measures aren't done, we'll continue to have "hashtags" of people like #AtatianaJefferson dying by police. Folks like @Kaepernick7 @bruu_truu13 will continue to be banned by protesting inequality & brutality, etc...
It starts from home. The education system. How we are indoctrinated. It was all by design.

*End of thread*
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