1 Should the Democrat party be outlawed?
That’s a pretty outlandish question I knew; but I’m not asking it it just because I don’t agree with their politics, no does it come from an emotional response, but rather rational thought, and pride for my country.
2/ Granted for years @TheDemocrats have been calling us “right wing extremists” based on mere opinion(emotion)and no facts.
I’m not coming from that POV.
Let them name call.
If I pose such a question it should be backed up not only with #facts but also law.
I’ll do that.
3/ so on that premise let’s get started.
I’m all about the #1a and our right t free speech, and that may protect ones hate speech but you can’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded movie theatre and hide behind the 1a. This is exactly what @TheDemocrats have been doing, and more.
Read on
4/ it’s actually nothing new for them, they’ve been calling us “NATZIS” since at least the 50’s, but the last few years they’ve become more brazen, and unhinged, and quite frankly it’s becoming a danger to national security, safety and tranquillity. #fearmongering
Today we have elected leaders who took an oath to uphold the #constitution, yet we have so many in the @DNC who are openly ignoring all the parts of that beautiful document they don’t like while accusing @realDonaldTrump of doing it. #Projection
6/ They are seeking to destroy those parts they don’t like such as the #1A and the #2A.
If this is true and they really could do it, there would be NOTHING standing in their way to do even worse.
Hitler did just that, but
“Trump is a NATZI” 😂🙄
#WWG1WGA #LeadRight
7/ I’m not about to give you a history lesson about the Natzi party.
If you’re too lazy to look it up then I don’t care about your ignorance.
I WILL say that NATZIS did everything @TheDemocrats want to do, but accuse @realDonaldTrump of doing.
It’s a fact, you can’t ignore.
8/ well you CAN ignore it not that doesn’t make it go away.
#MyTruth is not reality, nor is it law.
It’s a fact the NATZIS
Took away the citizens right to
#BearArms, Removed free speech, Tortured, imprisoned and executed dissenters,you can #FactCheck me.
@realDonaldTrump has not done anything #Fascist and if he did I’d be the first to point it out.
To many on the left they don’t want to bother with definitions, only what sounds derogatory enough to illicit an emotional reaction that @CNN can spread.
10/ I hope the setup didn’t bore you and you’re still here but it’s important.
Let’s talk about the Democrat politicians who for lack of a better term exhibit all the traits of NATZIS and #fascists.
From worst to insignificant, each with their own tweet.
11/ @RepAdamSchiff,writes the constitution as he goes along, and leaks more than a man with a swollen prostate! #Crime
Accuses @POTUS of treason for talking to our Allies.
Hitlers propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels falsely accused dissenters and made up crimes. #Fascism
12 @RepJerryNadler during the #ClintonImpeachment Jerry was outspoken in his opposition to @BillClinton’s ordeal.
Now...he’s doing far worse than Republicans did.
And like Hitler he has called for the arrest of opposition.
Mainly #AGBarr re contempt
But he has no authority to
13/ @SpeakerPelosi I can’t forget our Flip floppin
MADAME SPEAKER who was against #Impeachment before she was for it!
Some think it’s to cover for @JoeBiden NAH it’s to cover for her family who benefited from
#Burisma. she’s a danger and is breaking the law.
14 @RepMaxineWaters
Not only is she filthy rich off the back of the Taxpayers but also called for the harassment if not violence towards supporters of @realDonaldTrump, which is not free speech, but Hitlers brown shirts would be proud!
But they didn’t like African Americans
15 And then there’s #TheSquad
@AOC @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib
What can be said?
They love #Socialism hate #Israel, white people #Jews and anyone who s disagrees with them is a #Racist
Hitler was a socialist who hate Jews too... Jus sayin.
They also support ANTIFA
16 @SenSchumer.. he’s been pretty silent lately but when he said “ #CIA and the #FBI could go after @realDonaldTrump 6 ways from Sunday.”
Is not only what NATZIS did but should send a chill up your spine.
I think @SpeakerPelosi shut him up when he agreed with Trump 😂
17 what a number to stop on 😂
Ok there are more instances but honestly I’ve spent too much time on @TheDemocrats.
“Should they be outlawed?”
I’ll leave it to you BUT I will say they’re not getting any better!
FYI The NATZI PARTY is illegal in Germany, so... it could happen
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