, 70 tweets, 58 min read
#SmearAlert My writing/vids must be becoming awfully Effective given the #RiseInAttacks lately. Noting, for their Smears, Inventions, Lies, Revisions of History, as of date:

Judging by the convolutions, repetitions, targeted attacks rolled out by the Spoo'k crowd post the #PedoSatanicSpook tweet, it sounds like all await a repeat Public Ed effort on #EllaFree #MidgeMathis #DrKatherineHorton-Thx. Offers an opp. to re-post vital articles, excerpts. 2/
Those like #OrtaineDevian #AndySpoo #DeborahWeber & a few others, in particular, appear variously confused & keen to lash crudely out, always a prob. I'm sure when alligators used to mud-wrestling encounter a truth-telling journalist. 3/
It's a muddy world when the spies lie and a circle of lies—old lies, new lies—feed the Psy Ops by the Cyclops.

And we know #MockOp has many faces.

Some like #OrtaineDevian are wedded to the False-Construct narrative & like #DrKatherineHorton will endlessly flash it abt....4/
...as she does, in hopes the Repetition of the Lie will stick.

As I've noted before, this little technique of hers is not exactly new, it's an oldie-but-goodie she fishes out periodically & splatters about with SRP-style “outrage.” 5/
The hope apparently is to try to run a #NewOp when Truth-Telling clears up a bit more of #MockOp mud here. Note that the Spoo'ks came out right after Report #144 & this article, which called attention to #EllaFree's divisive betrayal of #ThoseTargeted: everydayconcerned.net/2019/08/28/ram… 6/
Report #144 also called attention to #MidgeMathis's divisive endorsement of #DrKatherineHorton & #RichardLighthouse's Disinfo & Discrediting calls to violence, deceit, stalking, & by extension & promotion, of #KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign

It's really the #SameOp, in new guise. Some like #AndySpoo take high aim, (revealing roots) casting abt. for a label, a way to denounce, dismiss, discredit, in hopes that enough vitriol will bury the writer, smear the truthtelling as lies: & thereby undermine the journalism.
This is the strange twilight world of the TI Containmt Ops Community. Inversions abound, spies spew lies, plants spout platitudes. #ThoseExposedByTheirOwnWordsAndActions engage in false-accusation attacks: #EllaFree, check; #MidgeMathis, check; #DrKatherineHorton, check.9/
Those following along like lapdogs endorse these mob-attacks, no evidence of indy critical enquiry. As I noted to a friend: It doesn't matter what I say, how much I write, how many videos I make to address actual truth of the matter, none bother reading or listening to it ...10/
...apparently, but follow the top mob-attackers: this is classic ignoring, akin to racism.

Isn't racism making someone invisible? not seeing or hearing them? Is this a mobbing racist attack on me? 11/
My friend notes: “They're using abuse tactics - stonewalling you: narcissistic abuse. All abusers hate to hear what they have done--so they refuse to listen to it--instead they victim-blame & rehash their web of lies even in the face of truth, evidence. It's gaslighting too.” 12/
The primary FACT is the many articles I've published—well before any of them made their appearance in cyberspace—on seamy facts of targeting, EW tech used, WHO is being targeted, COINTELPRO, the scientists, whistleblowers, agencies, the non-consensual human experimentation...13/
...invasive neurotech, sadistic V2K, org. crime syndicate in #FBI #DHS #CIA #NSA—and the many interviews with reporting victims, whistleblowers, I have published--are Ignored by them while they focus on rehashing lies, name-calling, abusing, mobbing, #PsyOps, cyber-bullying. 14/
In other words, ignore the journalism, bury the journalist—who is exposing targeting! How would that make sense except in a mass communal Containment Op? Is there a bit too much truth, perhaps, in my articles, for the criminals running these #TerrorOps on us? #TooMuchTruth #15/
In this one, for instance, which spells out both #MassFISAFraud & the illegal, torturous bio-effects of targeting tech on human bodies and states flatly that these #NLWs have got to go? Only the truest TIs have supported, shared this vital Memo online: everydayconcerned.net/2019/07/03/onc… 16/
Or this one, w. lists targeting tech, platforms—& caused such a stir in the “classified” world w. declassifies by illegal-use-on-Americans that heavy-duty trucks started pounding down our st. & I was hit nonstop w. congestive heart frequencies right after I published it? 17/
Are the TI-support-grps nothing but elaborate #DOD/#CIA holdouts herding noncons. test subjects, offering “hope” while collecting data, posting disinfo, running protests for FakeMedia to denigrate, holding space for those mapping brains & slamming m/c pulse shots into organs? 18/
Certainly, the critical thinkers amongst us can see the plethora of Fake-TIs here. And it's a FACT the #DOD/#CIA are seeking constantly to hide these #MengeleMen expmts. They KNOW it's all TORTURE & #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity. And hello, TREASON. 19/
What exactly is TJ, what is it doing? Eternal mystery, but 1 clue comes from this letter filled w. falsehoods TJ advises people use when talking to City Councils, inst. of asking WHY they permit DOD/DOJ/CIA EMF/neurowpn use, ops, expmts, & demanding they STOP the #WarCrimes. 20/
That #EllaFree, divisively, unintellectually betrays TIs by naming them Mental, acts as self-appointed statistician for #ThoseTargeted, tho', she said, she doesn't read/keep track of articles/videos, was covered in this reveal of the @SunTimes debacle. bit.ly/2lZxcw6 21/
The same #EllaFree who spouts dreams of “unity” who's never “united” w. my work, stating to others in a bizarre, competitive email my views were “extreme” while hers were middle-of-road perfections that made her ideal to liaise with media, often uses "Extreme" in ref to me. 22/
The same #EllaFree who says she does not read my articles, or follow my work (or anyone else's apparently—since she's missed #Giordano's), yet dares to speak for me and #ThoseTargeted I cover by telling #NeilSteinberg “a portion of TIs are mentally ill.” 23/
The same #EllaFree who uses a prop, #DrMatthewAaron, who's put out Disinfo incl. in a handout to #NeilSteinberg abt targeting being run by “criminal networks” & not well-funded #USGOV pgms, who publicly launched a puerile & baseless attack on me, calling me “anti-Semitic.” 24/
#EllaFree's blather about “no facts” is just that: blather. Those who do read can follow the trail of evidence displayed in the Chicago @SunTimes Debacle piece: everydayconcerned.net/2019/09/10/fai… 25/
Then cavils of “attacks” on all, filled w. stories & slander. One cannot expect #Disinfo mavens or CIA Hollywood #MockOp plants to convey #Truth or even use lang. accurately. Apparently “Attacks” is how #EllaFree labels all exposés & questioning of the dubious & questionable. 26/
It's also a mud pie of lies. Notable in #EllaFree's #AttackSlam is inclusion of #JackChristiana, whose Open Letter on TJ mess w. RLighthouse was endorsed by CIA WB Barbara Hartwell & myself & read out by me on Report #144—as well as posted on my site. I wrote to Jack abt this.27/
However, there are indeed a whole CREW of infiltrators among TI activists. Contrary to #EllaFree's amazingly presumptuous & off-base pronouncements, I am neither lacking in discernment, perspicacity, nor acute insight. In fact, I rather suspect the IntelWatchers watching us...28/
...are kicking themselves for not having roped me in as Top Spy😉for all their secret sussings out of ppl: I have a nose for both news & #Truth. But I'm not the only one. Close emails w. many top activists & WBs have ensured we agree on who we can see are indeed infiltrators. 29/
#AndySpoo, #EllaFree, #DrKatherineHorton, #MidgeMathis have now all publicly accused me of “attacking everyone” in TI activism.Fact is, for over 30 yrs, infiltrators have held sway as censors, gatekeepers, shutters-down of imp. action on email lists. Some of us know who's who.30/
If it weren't for those unafraid to point out the glaring inconsistencies, clear giveaways, questionable tacks, terms, modes of “activism” aka major wheel-spinning being used, staying mired in pointless action will be all anyone can look forward to. 31/
I'm glad to count other clear seers by my side, even if not engaged in TI activism, like writer #BarbaraHartwell. And #Cassandra, #KarenStewart, #GeralSosbee, #PaulBaird. Many others I have exchanged emails, convers. with, on this sub. @NHScorrupt @karen_kams56 @GeralSosbee 32/
So what #FFTI #EllaFree is all abt. I think can be gleaned from the canvas of hypocrisy here, where the “sweet” supporter of #ThoseTargeted falls over, w. such #LibelHounds as #AndySpoo & #DrKatherineHorton to target the #TooMuchTruth-Telling journo...33/
...with the very labels pinned on TIs by the Using Abusing CRIMINAL Surveillance State: Paranoid, Delusional, Nutjob. With an extra kick: Narcissist.

Oh, and let us not forget that #Ultra TI Special....Being Neurotech'd or "Controlled"! 😉34/
That #MidgeMathis--divisively--betrays #ThoseTargeted by long-choosing to maintain a distance from my work, actively rejecting my call for support, and choosing to platform #DrKatherineHorton despite K's visibly divisive betrayal of #ThoseTargeted... 35/
...with irresponsible calls to knock off corrupt judges and cops while running multiple #SmearCampaigns and disingenuously losing babies and lawsuits must not be forgotten. Those who call "TIsUnite!" need to Wake Up & Read This. #ContainmentOps 36/
There is no use in #MidgeMathis falsely claiming my focus is slander and “spewing malicious venom” when the simple fact is that divisive, quelling, Targeted action was early taken by her against me, a fact repeatedly ignored, one I have simply pointed out—no venom, pure fact. 37/
Much of the eternal confusion, however could simply be cleared by reading #SwissCheeseAndBayonets, which apparently #OrtaineDevian #AndySpoo #MidgeMathis #EllaFree & co. are unable to read. The blistering #Truth in it is probably too blinding. everydayconcerned.net/2018/12/19/ram… 38/
Those aware of how these Counterintel Psy Ops work might be able to trace #KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign at root of it all: everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/dr-… 39/
And just to thwart yet another future attempt by the lady in Swiss Dragonland to Revise History and throw her smears about yet again, I am posting here once more my statement on #DrKatherineHorton, also based on fact:

#MyStatementOnKatherineHorton/1 40/
And here is The Consequences of Infiltration, referenced in #MyStatementOnKatherineHorton: everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/the… 44/
Once more (sigh), The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory: everydayconcerned.net/2018/08/15/ram… 45/
And the Standing Notice at my site of her nonstop #SlanderFiesta: everydayconcerned.net/about/standing… 46/
Also re-posting this important thread which explains the #MidgeMathis betrayal in valorizing #EuroDeceit & #NASADeceit: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1165824… 47/
A few more bits & pieces relevant to this focus: When Techno broke up, I def. was given the impression #LousyIntel (#TopCrims) didn't want us to break up: (Full story in #SwissCheeseAndBayonets) 48/
#MidgeMathis #FrankAllen @FranktheArcher @JusticeTargeted were notable among those who promoted #DrKatherineHorton's slander of me, offering extravagant protection to her, post Techno-breakup: 49/
In #SwissCheeseandBayonets I noted also the extravagant protection "Intel" had given #DrKatherineHorton despite incendiary graphic Intel-heads-in-crosshairs tweets, miraculously addressed in May 2019 as I worked on The Cons. of Infiltration, when Twitter suspended her a/c. 50/
As #KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign against me got underway, she was platformed on the #WorldStage by such stalwarts as #KerryCassidy #RichieAllen #CatherineAustinFitts. 51/
Note carefully that #KerryCassidy, altho initially intent on interviewing Techno team earlier had dropped this plan and interviewed #EllaFree #DrMatthewAaron instead--this was before Techno broke up. Again, no "venom," mere imp. fact. #EllaFree was invited, I was dropped. 52/
Selective support poured out from #AlfredWebre for #DrKatherineHorton and #JasonGoodman for #EllaFree. 53/
Meanwhile, retaliation for daring to write candidly abt #DrKatherineHorton poured out for me. #CessPoolMassachusetts showed its hand. Various "activists" advised I ignore KH, and "not respond" to her nasty slander. 54/
It is extraordinary tthat those witnessing the Malice & Smears from cyberbullies here maintain silence in hopes of avoiding “controversy.”Sad sign of desperation really where ppl. actually look to TJ, FFTI, ppl like #EllaFree #MidgeMathis #DrKatherineHorton to “save” them. 55/
I'm told #DrKatherineHorton is busy again w. her cohorts to #LibelRamola on her fave #KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign, no surprise there. Like #EllaFree & #MidgeMathis, she seeks to keep her job, which seems to entail nonstop smears of yrs truly. 56/
The persecution, TORTURE of TIs with NewAge energy/neuro/bio wpns w. the Mil/Intell/Acad/Industrial Complex is running worldwide is a Billion-Dollar industry, where NLWs, Nanotech, Neurotech each occupy a fiscal tier; #TopCrims take out their fave Activists & Whistleblowers...57/
To this end, the Containment Ops are vast, Octopus-like, and persistent: this explains why the targeting has gotten worse over 30-50 years, not better, why the #NLWS have not been stopped, why the Neuro/Nano tech has increased in sophistication and harm. 58/
These industries WANT victims, and corrupt #FBI/#DHS are busy creating them. #WatchlistFraud #FBILies #DHSLies & #Kickbacks behind all.

And apparently #SmearCampaigns against the truthtellers are part of this #SeamySeascape. (Law of the See...) 59/
Thanks to all who've had the spine, integrity to speak out, those who've questioned the false-narratives, false-accusations, false-claims, Satanic memes from the Cont. Ops crowd, & understand as I do that there is no in-between, there are 2 separate sides, Dark and Light...60/
... it's NOT a Masonic chessboard, and picking the right side is the route to clarity, authenticity, #Truth. The Masons are kidding themselves, while destroying countless lives. #KarmaAwaits Thx to all who support my voice. My work continues. 61/
For all keen to find best ways forward to address, end the crushing injustice & #WatchlistFraud w. leaves #ThoseTargeted persecuted, terrorized, experimented on non-consensually, while CRIMINAL govts, Univs, pvt companies make millions off your suffering, pl. stay tuned...62/
#SolutionsRemediesForAllTargeted: The conversations in this Round-Table will help--esp. listen to later part, w. discussion of Notice of Intent to Claim, going "Private", eschewing Maritime Law, denying jurisdiction (I'll explore further shortly): 63/
#SolutionsRemediesForAllTargeted: The information and advice in this #Newsbreak with NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart addresses the importance of writing letters: everydayconcerned.net/about/ramola-d… 64/
#SolutionsRemediesForAllTargeted: Information and advice in this #Newsbreak with #KarenStewart & #ThomasMcFarlan addresses the value in signing petitions, supporting larger causes, sending letters, using flyers locally to raise public awareness. 65/
#SolutionsRemediesForAllTargeted: The information and advice in this collection addresses various ways forward, incl. Declaring No-Consent, No-Contract, and changing your political status.: everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/imm… 66/
#SolutionsRemediesForAllTargeted: Note the importance of quantum-parse-syntax-grammar and using the correct-language that :Mark-kishon: Christopher talks about--the ultimate key to shaking free from Mil/Intel slavers? 67/
#SolutionsRemediesForAllTargeted: Will cont. to cover this vital sub.. We need positive ways forward, not wheel-spinning w. appeal to co-opted politicians, corrupt Congress, lawsuits in Admiralty Law slated to die in courtroom w. “State Secrets Privilege” and Masonic judges. 68/
#SolutionsRemediesForAllTargeted: What might be the most powerful way to ensure end to this crime? Statements, affidavits, books, public talks, conferences, change of status, denial of jurisdiction? Groups may not be answer, indy action instead. Will write on all shortly. 69/
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