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Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay and a full throated condemnation of #ColumbusDay, the worst holiday in the United States and a celebration of apocalypticism, genocide, slavery, torture, embezzlement, and unremitting brutality, all in the name of Spanish Catholicism and bad math.
On the most basic level, #ChristopherColumbus was a bad person with bad ideas who engaged in bad actions on both a micro and macro scale, and celebrating him as a human being is wrong. Celebrating his achievements? ALSO WRONG.
#ColumbusDay is somehow taught to kids in the US as a celebration of an individual who thought the world was round when everyone else thought it was flat--anyone else remember that crap?--which is complete garbage. No one thought the world was flat. No one.
Greeks proved it was round in like the 5th c., and by the Middle Ages the debate in Europe was not whether it was round but exactly how big it was. #Columbus fell in with the camp that was MOST WRONG, and thought the world was much smaller than it actually was.
The idea of circumnavigating from Europe to Asia? NOT EVEN HIS IDEA. Fifteen year before he proposed it to the Portuguese in 1485, a Florentine astronomer proposed the same thing but without details, and was rejected. When Columbus proposed the circumnavigation, the Portuguese
checked his math and rejected his plan because COLUMBUS WAS WRONG.

So on your most basic American mythology, Columbus was not unique in thinking the world was wrong and had garbage math and geography to back him up. So fail.
But this is obviously the MOST MINOR complaint against Columbus. Columbus was a bad leader, who ruled over his crew with brutality, lied, stole the reward promised to the first person to sight land from one of his crew, kidnapped natives, brutalized the population of Hispaniola,
and, in his subsequent voyages and colonization, engaged in a genocidal campaign of enslavement, rape, removal, and punishment against the Taino people--first on Hispaniola, then spreading out against Arawak people across the islands, setting a precedent of incredible carnage.
The search for gold in the Caribbean was doomed to failure, but #Columbus used forced labor of indigenous people under starvation conditions to search for it, while disease, malnutrition, and abuse continued to destroy the population.
When the majority of the #indigenous people of Hispaniola had been killed, he actively campaigned for the importation of slaves from Africa to work on plantations to make the colony profitable, bringing the Atlantic slave trade to the New World as his other abominable legacy.
Columbus NEVER DISCOVERED THE CONTEMPORARY UNITED STATES, so celebrations of #ColumbusDay have never made sense here. But people do, because we actively and egregiously work to suppress discussion and knowledge of the atrocities committed against the #indigenouspeople of the
Americas and the atrocities of slavery in numerous aspects of public discourse and education in this country.

And every year, someone chimes in with a "product of their time" nonsense, so let's dwell on that for a moment. If, as that line of garbage goes, Columbus was a
"product of his time" then no one in Europe would have complained, right?

WRONG. Columbus was noted for his brutality against EVERYONE, and was dragged back from his governorship of Hispaniola in chains for trial in Spain, and was only saved because of his relationship with
Queen Isabella. And even when he was not imprisoned, he was banned from EVER SETTING FOOT ON HISPANIOLA AGAIN UNLESS HIS LIFE WAS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER.

EVEN. WITH. THE. QUEEN. ON. HIS. SIDE. Because he was tried for tyranny and mutilation: theguardian.com/world/2006/aug…
Oh and hey, it's not just that he was arrested, removed from his position, and only allowed free because of the queen and forbidden to return. Bartolome de las Casas by 1516 was named "Protector of the Indians" because of the abuses against them by ARCHBISHOP CISNEROS.


And let's add the last wrinkle: #ChristopherColumbus was a megalomaniacal doomsday preacher who believed he was paving the way for the Apocalypse under Ferdinand and Isabella, as laid out not only in his letters but his "Book of Prophecies": amazon.com/Libro-profec%C…
THIS. THIS is who we celebrate when we celebrate #ColumbusDay in the United States: a genocidal tyrant, advocate of mass slavery, an apocalyptic preacher, a brutal, incompetent, violent, awful human.

Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay. May #ColumbusDay die a fitting death.
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