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It’s time for a #careeradvice thread, from Blogging to Mentors to Upskilling.

All of those little things that make you a better team member, leader and develop the soft skills to #levelup.… with a little help from the #devcommunity 👇

#codenewbie #womenintech

A is for Automate the Boring Stuff

Doing repetitive tedious work isn't fun. Whether you are just starting your career or have an established way of working you can always benefit from trying a new tool.


B is for Blog

#Blogging reinforces your understanding of your chosen #technology or tool. Even if you only get a handful of views, you’ve still done something worthwhile.

Check out this from @kaydacode

@kaydacode (4/28)

C is for Communication

Ditch the jargon, keep things concise and don't assume everyone is on the same page as you. Check out this insight from @maniflames

@kaydacode @maniflames (5/28)

D is for Don't Know What You Don't Know

Things change quickly so get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Even if you are not a solo #developer this is a great read from @MarkJohnson303 on getting to grips with learning and asking for help.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 (6/28)

E is for Empathy

When the pressure is on and the #code you're reviewing isn't exactly how you would have written it, keep in mind that people don't code in a bubble.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 (7/28)

F is for Family

Life is short and family time is precious. Make sure you are making family a priority. @rionmonster provides important advice on priorities.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster (8/28)

G is for Glossaries

Learning a new tool or language? Confused about all the jargon? Take @KatieKodes advice and write your own glossary.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes (9/28)

H is for Hype Cycles

Being a critical thinker is an important career and life skill. This allows you to make better decisions and avoid the pursuit of the next shiny new thing.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes (10/28)

I is for Imposter Syndrome

Instead of comparing yourself to the seniors on your team try to use the sense of panic as motivation to learn more from those around you.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes (11/28)

J is for Job Descriptions

Confused by what 'senior' and 'lead' means? Have a read of this post from @jamesmh_dev who gives his excellent advice about putting equal effort into soft skills as well as your #techskills.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev (12/28)
K is for Knowledge Gaps

If you're feeling overwhelmed with how much you don't know, or think you don't know, take the panic out of the process by using the steps in this article from @xbgord

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord (13/28)

L is for Learn these skills

Learning how to learn, how to debug and how to read documentation are important skills to learn no matter where you are in your career. Check out more tips from @SaulDCosta

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta (14/28)

M is for Mentorship

Not everyone hits the ground running on day one. Be flexible and patient. This doesn't just apply if you are a people manager, be a good team member and look out for your new teammates. Excellent advice from @edaqa

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa (15/28)

N is for New Developer Resources

Looking for your next book for your daily commute? Check out this list of excellent resources from @SandorDargo for both new and established #developers to add on their learning journey.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo (16/28)

O is for Options

In this post, @marekweb explains how there are more options in your career than you realise. Find out what works for you and go for it.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb (17/28)

P is for Progress not Perfection

@ilonacodes advises to keep your learning journey in mind, compare yourself to where you started, not on being perfect.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes (18/28)

Q is for Interview Questions

Everyone who is on the job hunt should read this post from @edaqa for advice on the coding interview, how to make sure you come across as confident and capable without talking too much ... or not enough.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes (19/28)

R is for Reviews

Taking time to do some self-reflection on what you've learnt and where you'd like to learn more is a great way to manage your #career and #learning. Read more from @anniesqueedle

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle (20/28)

S is for Stress

Breaks are important. This post from @alexwire highlights how they help your brain refresh and stop you spiraling down an unproductive rabbit hole when you could do with a rest.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle @alexwire (21/28)

T is for Time Management

There are only so many hours in a day. Keep focused and take care of yourself by prioritising what you need to get done without burning out. Read more from @simoroshka

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle @alexwire @simoroshka (22/28)

U is for Upskill

Whenever you're making a career change or leaping into a new #technology it's important to set goals, document your efforts and to find a mentor to help you along the way. Read more with @Donbavand

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle @alexwire @simoroshka @Donbavand (23/28)

V is for Veteran Developers Tips

Take the advice of @EeKayOnline and his 15 years of experience, keep in check with you and what makes you happy.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle @alexwire @simoroshka @Donbavand @EeKayOnline (24/28)

W is for Writing an Awesome Resume

@bhilburn highlights who you need to be writing for, what you should include and what you shouldn't on your next job search.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle @alexwire @simoroshka @Donbavand @EeKayOnline @bhilburn (25/28)

X is for Experience

Your physical workspace makes a big difference to your productivity and how much you enjoy your workday. Make life easier for yourself by creating a comfortable environment.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle @alexwire @simoroshka @Donbavand @EeKayOnline @bhilburn (26/28)

Y is for You Should Know Something Well

In this excellent post, @rhymes_ highlights the value in problem-solving over this-or-that tool.

@kaydacode @maniflames @MarkJohnson303 @rionmonster @KatieKodes @jamesmh_dev @xbgord @SaulDCosta @edaqa @SandorDargo @marekweb @ilonacodes @anniesqueedle @alexwire @simoroshka @Donbavand @EeKayOnline @bhilburn @rhymes_ (27/28)

Z is for The Zone

Being in 'the zone' is great to help you focus on the task at hand, but has diminishing returns over time.

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