Let us parse whats happening here. One guy identifying as “Trad” brought Durga and Saraswati and connected it to Shaktitva to mock Sonia Gandhi worship. Then one person brought in the word for prostitute and another one for pornographic imagery.

How is this not deva-ninda?
Some 16yo who can google and tweet Sanskrit verses should not be automatically allowed to take over the mantle of “Trad”. There is nothing Trad about abusing Devi.

Whether or not you support the idea is an entirely different matter, but you do enable these abuses by engaging.
I am not someone who operates in isolation. I have always respected healthy debate & feedback. One of the first few people who I reached out to when the idea behind Shaktitva was ready were extremely conservative people I met through Twitter. I still check in with them personally
But lets be clear, this is not feedback or debate. This is downright misogynistic abuse because they have made up an image of “good” women and anyone who doesn’t fit is to be abused. The ideal woman is Parvati and even she’ll be abused when she becomes Kali or Durga.
They initially refuted the idea that the notion of embodying Devi or imagining ourselves as one was “blasphemous”. Except..

Devi Mahatmyam, Ch 11, Verse 6

विद्याः समस्तास्तव देवि भेदाः
स्त्रियः समस्ताः सकला जगत्सु।
त्वयैकया पूरितमम्बयैतत्
का ते स्तुतिः स्तव्यपरा परोक्तिः॥६॥
All serious refutation of ideology ended there. Since then it has just been abuse. They troll Hindu woman on the internet who they deem doesn’t fit the mould and abuse “Shaktitva” for whatever they think is behaviour worth abusing. Whether the woman has even heard of it or not.
Now my question is simple: Dharma is defined by aacharan and gunas. How does one determine that through 140 characters? When you’re abusing a woman on the internet, for not having enough kids because dharmik prescription is that she should have, how do determine why she didn’t?
Also lets be clear. Where did they learn this idea of public shaming of random women for not being dharmik enough, from? Yes, Abrahmist fringe indeed. This is the same idea that says that any woman who is not covered in Burqa is not a true muslima and therefore, is fair game.
Coz you see, this has nothing to do with Dharma. The 40yr old uncle from UP may now be living in USA, but most certainly he has seen dhoti clad daadis in villages who spend their entire lives without wearing a blouse because stitched clothes are technically forbidden for pujas
All these men are also fully aware that clothing looked very diff in traditional India (still does). Modesty was not just in clothes but in eyes of the viewer as well. Our culture doesn’t justify rape coz the woman was “uncovered” which can mean anything. This idea is an import
A Hindu woman’s existence is not solely for the amusement or attraction of men coz all the red-pill bullshit about “mating” is useless for Bharatiyas where vivaaha is still the norm. Why? Coz hindu weddings are not just licenses for having sex. They are a pratigya of 2 families
So no, a woman doesn’t base all her life’s decisions based on alpha-beta nonsense because sexual attraction forms a miniscule part of the decision to marry. Yes, even today. Yes, even for urban Hindu women. And yes, my own ideas have evolved in the past few years.
These are some of the nuances, we are in fact, trying to clarify. Not just for the men, for women also. Our entire society’s understanding of what is “traditional” and what isn’t is completely skewed and I know this by experience.
End of rant. Lastly, you are welcome to engage and debate and we can all grow together. Or you can support these gang of orange-misogynists because their abusive behaviour is emboldened with your follow-backs. Think before you condone abuse because you dont like the target.
Ok this sentence ^^ reads as the opposite of what I was trying to say. It should be:

“They initially argued that the notion of embodying Devi or imagining ourselves as one was “blasphemous”, except..”
More “trads” attaching Devi’s pictures to abusive handles.

Deva-ninda is NOT “trad”.

Ofcourse the misogyny of these people extending to the devi is hardly surprising. She is the most powerful woman afterall. But least we can do is stop calling them “trads”.
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