This vote splitting garbage has me LIVID.

I will vote for the person with the greatest chance of beating the Con. Period.

As for all the Singh purists, I am beyond up. Know why? Keep reading.../1
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
I started this election season truly supporting Mr. Singh. I saw a man who was passionate, articulate, charismatic. Turns out I was conned by an opportunist put in place by the NDP. They saw those traits & exploit them to save their dying party, regardless of 0 experience../2
At 1st I thought Mr Singh was very upfront & relatable. Turns out he went to an expensive private school in the states & is currently worth over $4 million. Meanwhile, he stayed silent while Scheer was attacked for misrepresenting his socioeconomic status.
People bash Trudeau's upbringing; read this article about Singh.

Flash and polish, no substance..../4
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC…
As for politics; Mr Singh didn't hold a seat in Parliament, didn't run for a seat In his home province, didn't even campaign across Canada then he presumptively says he is "willing" to have a coalition; yet he has said he would not work with the CPC, then not with Libs.../5
Question for Mr Singh:
If you can't work with your fellow parliament and countrymen; allies, how can you possibly negotiate with other countries, dictators; adversaries..../6
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
Over time Mr Singh has changed positions on major issues depending on his audience. Some that come to mind:
- coalition government
- fracking/pipelines
- environmental policies
- electoral reform
- Bill 21
- provincial jurisdictions
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
NDP joined the CPC in NOT agreeing with reform, pushing referendum which in turn the CPC stated would NOT vote for reform..../7
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC

#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
#FactsMatter #BigPicture…
The NDP will pay for their unicorn and rainbow promises by upping taxes; proposed tax hikes would hit Canadian households and send businesses running for the border
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
Singh defends platform…
All this time Mr Singh attacked the PM for spending, yet his plan is to ADD a HEFTY chunk to the deficit .../9
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
NDP unveils fiscal plan that would increase deficit…
Singh's stance on Bill 21 called out by anti-hate group.../10
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC…
Singh says issue of government-owned pipeline is 'complicated'
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC…
NDP Environmental plan
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
NDP Financial plan
(Pass =/= Good)
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh seems to walk back his “absolutely” response he gave yesterday to joining a coalition with the Liberals in a minority parliament. Singh says today in Vancouver that it "was not my position” .../15
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
Mr Singh really lost me, and many others, when he switched from a positive inspirational campaign, to a negative one. Lying, misleading and dodging about issues and policies.
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC
Singh’s one-liners aren’t an energy policy…
Mr Singh false claims:

O&G subsidy claim: false
LPC didn't raise taxes on rich: false (it's almost 5% according to Kevin Milligan)
LPC bought corps jets and limos: false
LPC get most donations from super rich: false
LPC responsible for Doug Ford's cuts: false
Mr Singh also has no authority to abolish the Senate. Supreme Court issued unanimous decision on 04/25/14 b/c Harper already asked if it could be abolished. It requires a constitutional amendment & consent of 10 Provinces..../18
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty…
NDP could suffer from Jagmeet Singh’s links to Indian conflicts
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty…
As Jagmeet Singh condemns terrorism, second video shows him speaking alongside Sikh separatist
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty…
As for Trudeau, here's a thread about our @CanadianPM & his actual qualifications.
#cdnpoli #elxn43
In the end, I will STILL vote for whomever can beat the Con.

There is FAR too much at risk this election to allow a CPC government; incl our Charter

That is what putting country over party means.

So please, spare me the purity tests.
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty #ABC #StopTheCPC
As for the electoral reform hill so many want to die on, here's a thread for you too.

*fed up
P.S. This just showed up in my email...
#elxn43 #CountryOverParty
NDP will not form a majority. Not this year. A year where our individual rights and freedoms are at stake.

Please, do not split the vote.

#ABC #CountryOverParty #elxn43 #cdnpoli
I can't understand an unwillingness to vote for another party when you know your 1st choice can't win.

Cons are a very real threat to our Charter & to every person who is not a wealthy, straight, white, Christian male.

Why help the Con when you could help everyone else? #ABC
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