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hey so you guys know I'm the biggest ever proponent of Connor keeping his LED post-revolution. He's proud of what he is, doesn't feel the need to hide.

But what if. WHAT IF. Listen. We don't ever get to see him remove it because things were crazy. Unlike Markus or Kara he
never had to hide from humans. He didn't even deviate in a moment of fear and trauma like the other two. There was no reason for it.

But... time passes. Androids begin to remove their LEDs. Connor doesn't at first, isn't sure why he should. Hank doesn't pressure him to.
But he does look at the Cyberlife jacket with a particular kind of distaste. The first thing he does that morning, in front of the chicken feed after they part, is push it off Connor's shoulders and offer to burn the damn thing. Because Connor is no one's property anymore.
They make a beeline home so Connor can warm up. The stores are closed, half the city evacuated, everything still in chaos. They don't burn the jacket, but it does get tossed aside carelessly, Connor standing half-naked in Hank's bedroom while Hank raids his closet.
He hands Connor some sweatpants, a few soft shirts Hank insists are too small on him anyway, and Hank's DPD hoodie.

They become Connor's very favorite clothes, even after he goes shopping a few weeks later. He tries to give them back, but Hank insists he can keep them,
and Connor is secretly very happy.

He stays with Hank. The legislation is complicated, and even if it wasn't, it would be hard for him to find a place, so he just - doesn't, not for now. They grow close. And where it hadn't occurred to him before, the more he learns, the
more he settles into himself, the more he begins to see the LED at his temple as - well, not a burden exactly, and maybe nothing to be ashamed of, not even something that separates him from Hank but as - another mark. Another cyberlife brand on his body.
Another way in which they made him into something other and alien. And - he doesn't love the way it broadcasts his emotions, either. Hank told him his face does it too, but this is somehow worse, betraying him when at times there are things he'd rather keep to himself.
So he takes it out. The removal doesn't have to be permanent, so he tries it, just to see how it feels. It's - not much different. He didn't really have any particular awareness of it before, and so he doesn't really feel its absence. He almost forgets he put it away, until Hank
comes home, and does a double-take when he sees Connor's face. Connor turns away, inexplicably shy, heart thudding because he's not sure how Hank will react. He doesn't want the gesture to be taken the wrong way. He doesn't want to pretend he's something he's not, or hide.
But Hank doesn't say anything to that effect. He just smiles, gently tips Connor's chin up, tilting his head back and squinting like he's getting a better look, as if he's not standing two feet away. His hand is big and warm and briefly cups Connor's jaw- Connor almost leans in.
Then the contact is gone, as quick as it came, but Connor's still left reeling, and there's a warm light in Hank's blue eyes.

They don't really talk about it. But a few months later, weeks after Connor cracks and crawls into Hank's lap to kiss him while they're watching a movie
he takes the LED he'd put away in a box in the drawer, and gives it to Hank.

He's not sure why he does it. It doesn't feel like a romantic gesture at the time, he's just not sure what to do with it, his feelings still conflicted and complex, and he hopes Hank might help.
Hank helps. He stares down at the little light in his hands, something strange flickering in his expression as he runs his thumb over it. If he had one of his own, Connor's fairly sure it'd be spinning yellow.

"You want me to have this?" he asks, voice oddly quiet.
Connor shrugs uncertainly. "Yes."

Hank closes his fingers over it, still not looking at Connor. "Thank you."

Connor's not sure why Hank's thanking him for such an odd gift, if one can even call it that. At least not until much later, when he notices that Hank keeps it safely
tucked away in his pocket, almost always on his person. And that, periodically, especially in times of stress, or sadness, he takes it out, turning it over between his finger slowly, or looks at it with a sort of intense focus on his face. He does it a lot when it's late and he
feels the urge to drink, and even more when he's alone but content, and then a small smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, eyes going soft with that open, kind expression that Connor has fallen so in love with. His own little reminder. A little piece of Connor for comfort.
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