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134 years after the legal dispute first began to be heard in the courts, "Enough is enough! #AyodhyaHearing must conclude by 5 pm today", says the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India.

134 years.
The new Indian vocation appears to be ordering people to not celebrate the Ayodhya verdict if it goes in their favour.

This when the same Indians are perfectly fine with celebrating the supremacy of a religion, of a god, over other religions and other gods. Every single day.
I'll tell you what I am celebrating - that I live in a country where a billion have, in effect, left it to five to decide the weight of their religious belief.

How much more open and mature can one get. India is going to write her history with the grammar of justice not anarchy.
It took 490 years for an historical injustice to be corrected. But corrected it has been.

यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः Where there is Dharma, there is Victory :The inscription under the Supreme Court emblem.

THIS, is why I love my India.
When Dr KK Muhammed was told he was going to be suspended for making public that he had discovered temple remnants inside Babri, he replied, in Sanskrit: Lokasamgramevapi Sampasyan Kartumarhasi. Swadharme nidhanam shreya.

I spoke the truth. Death is preferable while on duty.
Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana returning to Ayodhya.

From The Constitution of India, Page VI, Fundamental rights. (Illustration by Acharya Nandalal Bose; Calligraphy by Prem Behari Narain Raizada) Image
Today is the day when India wrote her history with the grammar of justice, not anarchy.

My summing up on @TimesNow. #RamMandirInAyodhya
The 1891 ASI Report that was cited by one of the Supreme Court judges yesterday (

Mir Khan built a masjid on the Janmasthanam during the reign of Babar, which still bears his name. This old temple must have been a very fine one...… Image
Supreme Court accepting the 2003 ASI report as proof of a large temple of Hindu religious origin whose foundations were used to build a mosque over it ( ).

The @ASIGoI team of scientists and archaeologists need to be thanked for their phenomenal work. ImageImageImage
The SC has wilfully ratified (pp 116-125) the Places of Worship Act, 1991 that obligates maintaining ALL religious places as they were on Aug 15, 1947.

Historical injustice of Kashi can now never be addressed unless parliament overrides BOTH, the 1991 Act and this SC judgment. ImageImageImageImage
Someone should file a review petition imploring the hon'ble Supreme court to retract its wilful ratification in its Ayodhya verdict, of the Places of Worship Act, 1991.

A legal recourse to correct historical injustices must not be denied in a democracy.
I convey an urgent message from Dr Meenakshi Jain: These amazing treasures were probably under the Ram Lalla murti that has only now been shifted. It is VITAL that digging should now involve the @ASIGoI. We need to protect the old as much as build the new.…
Dear @VHPDigital & @ShriRamTeerth. Drs Meenakshi Jain and KK Muhammed are of the opinion that these priceless excavated idols and Sivalinga could be from the eighth century or earlier. Please pause on the excavation until you involve them and the @ASIGoI.
Nations weaken not because of their past but, rather, by how they are taught it.

My views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar, on the discovery of Hindu idols at the Ram Janambhoomi site and the shameful perfidy of the Left. #RamMandirExisted
Dr BB Lal. The legendary archaeologist who proved the existence of a temple under the Babri mosque.

Here in an interview to @madhukishwar, the 99 year-old recounts how @PMOIndia neglects the treasures of Kalibangān, even as it renovates Aurangzeb's coronation site.

The Ayodhya Ram Mandir Corona jibe by @PawarSpeaks is a calculated move to wrest control of the appeasement bank in the now secularised Maharashtra political landscape.

My views on @TimesNow with @PadmajaJoshi. #AghadiMandirHypocrisy
The Bhoomi poojan is a momentous occasion for the religious Hindu as well as for all Indians.

A confident and just India will rise from the ashes of a meek and victimised one on August 5.

My views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar. #RamBhumiPujanBlockade
The concept of Justice is like memory; it keeps getting passed on until realised. Today, it stands realised.

My views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar and @navikakumar.
I am sure the Left, that claims to fight casteism must be celebrating today the fact that a man who a century ago, because of his caste, wouldn't have been allowed near a temple sanctum leave alone enter it, is today laying the foundation of the most sacred temple sanctum of all.
Gyanvapi mosque (Illustration by James Prinsep, 1836) built atop the Kashi Vishwanath Temple demolished by the genocidal MONSTER Aurangzeb.

If orphaned stones could speak and not just weep, the stories they would tell; if we weren't fearful of our past, the future we would have. Image
Should a judge be the product of the society, or should a society be the product of the judge?

These and other views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar, that include exposing the rank perfidy and Hinduphobia of the Left and the AIMPLB. #BharatRisesWithRam
On the court judgement on the Babri demolition.

My views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar. #BabriProvocation
Why is money being collected for Ram Mandir construction, when the State already collects BILLIONS from thousands of Hindu temples? Use that money first, or RETURN it to Hindus.

My views on @TimesNow with @RShivshankar. #AppeasementFirstNotAastha
From Somnath to Kashi Vishwanath, Babarpur to Bakhtiarpur, from Allahabad to Aurangabad, for 70 years we were taught to forget historical injustices. Not anymore! We want to rewrite our history with the grammar of justice not of anarchy. #KashiMandirSurvey
Exposing the bundle of lies being uttered by an AIMIM panellist, that the Babri masjid was not built upon an ancient temple.

My views on @TimesNow, where I also ask a simple question to the row of Muslim panellists opposing the #KashiMandirSurvey.
Celebrate this day, sure. But not until the last vestiges of that genocidal monster Aurangzeb’s vandalism are legally removed and relocated from the Kashi Vishwanath temple complex, would the soul of our civilisation find peace.

My views on @TimesNow.
The genocidal monster Aurangzeb personally ordered demolition of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Only those who have read history from the WhatsApp university believe otherwise.

Here I quote from primary sources to demolish their psychopathic propaganda.

• • •

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Aug 17, 2023
The first quanta of royalties from Hindus in Hindu Rashtra [] has arrived - ₹ 51,000. Thanks, @BluOneInk.

As promised, and in gratitude, donating the entire sum, first up, to Sewa Nyaya run for Hindu Refugees by @swati_gs & @SanjeevSanskrit. Thank you.
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Hindus in Hindu Rashtra: Victims of State-sanctioned Apartheid.

My talk expounding on eight reasons why Hindus have been reduced to not just second-class citizens but, rather, eighth-class citizens in their own country.

Reason 1: State control of Hindu temples
Hindus in Hindu Rashtra: Victims of State-sanctioned Apartheid. Eight reasons why Hindus have been reduced to not just second-class citizens but, rather, eighth-class citizens in their own country.

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Eight reasons why Hindus have been reduced to not just second-class citizens but, rather, eighth-class citizens in their own country.

How can a 1500-year-old Tamil Nadu temple be adjudged by Waqf to be on Islamic land when Islam is only 1300 years old?

Reason 3: The Waqf Act
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Oct 20, 2022
The only way stubble burning can be banned is if we call it Parali Dahan, a Hindu festival wherein according to the Atharva veda, lord Vishnu burnt demon king Paralisura when he enslaved Maruts and storm king Rudra. Only then will it be banned.

My views:
For those blaming Diwali for the state of Delhi air, here's some perspective: An area of 17,900 sqkm, or 12 times the size of Delhi, is on fire, right now, right next to Delhi. 35 million tonnes of stubble is being burnt.

This is the current situation in Punjab. Absolute MURDER. Image
We are outraging only because Delhi is affected by farm fires. 98 million tonnes of stubble is burnt every year in India, ALL YEAR round.

Punjab recorded a crazy 1842 farm fires yesterday. Forget politicians, there ought to be a class action suit against Supreme court judges. Image
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Jan 9, 2022
“Old and SENILE men like Periyar deserve a place more in a lunatic asylum than in public life. It is HIGH time Periyar and his followers were BANISHED from this land.” - Jawaharlal Nehru

Dare you to say Pt Nehru was an idiot to have said this for Periyar. Don’t run away. WDTT
Shifting goalposts and slinking away from answering straight can work on twitter but I’m afraid the ED and CBI won’t fall for such tricks. Was about to suggest you get some interrogation training but then I remembered you’ve been home-schooled at this.

Have a nice Sunday 😊WDTT
Ha ha, If only you were able to shift your wealth as smoothly as you do goalposts, you’d be safe. Now pay attention, double O six. Fascism was when you went crying to your dad in 2012 and got a man arrested for his harmless tweet. It is you who pines for that past. Bye now. WDTT
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Dec 17, 2021
This is unacceptable and OUTRAGEOUS. ⁦@Twitter⁩ has indefinitely blocked journalist ⁦@AartiTikoo⁩ for this tweet, where she is looking out for her brother ⁦@TikooSahil_⁩ whose life is being threatened by terrorists. Twitter are you mad? Unblock Aarti. RIGHT NOW. Image
Bravo, @AartiTikoo. BRAVO. Never bow down to these terror apologists at @Twitter.

Dear @Rajeev_GoI. Please take note of this ridiculous and bizarre situation. A sister is being punished for protecting her brother. Never seen anything like it. Image
Laton ke bhoot baton se nahin mante. Aarti takes @Twitter to court for acting against her when all she was trying to do was protect her brother @TikooSahil_ from terrorists.

More power to you, @AartiTikoo. Sahil must be so proud to have a sis like you. And shame on you, @paraga. Image
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Dec 10, 2021
Exact opposite happened. Govt provided choice on APMC, gave option on contract farming, amended ECA promised by INC, even decriminalised farm fires; while the other side pillaged, raped, murdered, blocked highways.

Do you hire cartoonists or propagandists, @timesofindia? WDTT Image
UNREAL blend of Hindu hatred and Scientific ignorance: 1. Suggesting that evolution is incomplete if you don't convert into Abrahamic religions; 2. Claiming that religions that contradict evolution complete evolution.

Do you hire cartoonists or propagandists, @News9Tweets? WDTT Image
@timesofindia Crazy. Trying to project Elon Musk stifling free speech like the tinpot dictator Idi Amin when he is the exact opposite and trying to rid twitter of Idi Amins, this is not propaganda anymore, this is psychopathy.

No one has ruined Laxman's legacy like the newspaper he drew for. Image
Read 4 tweets

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