So Here is the thread about Chakras;
This thread is About Advanced Yoga Techniques so first please refer to my thread on Ashtanga yoga. Also I will suggest you to do practices under supervision of experienced Guru.
Chakra is actually a term which defines a number of lines meeting on a common specific point. So in our bodies we have a number of nerves crossing at various parts our body forming major and minor energy meridians which carry the energy to different parts of out body.
If you could see chakras you would be able to see each primary
chakra as a spinning vortex or wheel of energy; spinning inward
from the front of your body towards the center point of that chakra on the kundalini and then spinning outward from that same point from your back.
We have seven major chakras which act like the 7 gateways for pranic energies to enter our aura so that the energy may be supplied to our subtle bodies and we also have a number of minor chakras in our bodies. The chakras we are talking about are physical and metaphysical both.
In the physical body, these chakras are a result of the intersection of various nerves or nadi’s and in the metaphysical terms these chakras are a result of the intersection of our nadi’s in our subtle bodies. @DharmikSonal
everything that exists in this universe is just vibration so that means each chakra in our physical body & the subtle body will also have a specific vibration. So each of our chakras have a particular frequency on which they should vibrate to be in harmony with all other chakras.
Therefore each chakra has a particular sound, colour, fragrance, crystal which vibrate to a frequency matching to the chakra itself. So whenever a chakra is out of balance, we can tune in the chakra to the right frequency by using these tools
Yoga teaches that a human being is made up of 4 bodies- the physical body, mental body, the causal body, and the astral body. It is in the astral body where the Chakras reside.
The chakra cleansing exercise accomplishes pranayama,
pratyhara, and dharana all at once being an excellent preparation before
meditation or other practices of laya yoga. I'll write a separate thread for Nadis, Mudras and Bandhas. As can't discuss everything in detail here.
It helps us focus within toward awareness of the energy body, based on the classic seven chakras and their seed (bija) syllables. Each chakra has thus a corresponding vibratory sound energy which helps us get in touch with that region. @BesuraTaansane
According to classic
hatha yoga there are seven chakras and their sounds are approximately;
1-Lam for the muladhara (earth) chakra located in the perineum area. Yellow in Color
2-Vam for the swadhistana (water) chakra located in the prostate/ovaries area. Orange in Color
3-Ram for the manipura chakra (fire) located above the navel. Red in Color.
4-Yam for the Heart chakra (anahat) associated with the element of air. Blue
in Color
5-Ham for the vishudda (throat) chakra associated with ether (akasha).
Dark Gray
Aum for the third eye
7-AH for the Crown (various schools use different sounds for the crown chakra, here AH is a special mantra specifically chosen for its benign effects. @NileshOak
The first five seed syllables are said with a nasal “hngh” type ending more
than a mmm type ending as in lamngh, vamngh, ramngh, yamngh, and
hamngh. In the Nepalese and Tibetan tradition it is often pronounced la, va, ra, ya, ha. @TejasOmkara
We can increase the detail in regard to colors, number of lotus petals, letters on the lotus petals, sounds of the lotus petals turning, etc. to aid further detailed concentrations, but this process of differentiation can be endless.
There are three main ways to control Chakras
1- Meditation
2- Through Nadi Shuddhi Pranayama
3- Yoga poses for each Chakra
For those who are a bit unfocused, then the need for more details may help
their over active mental situation so detailed information of each chakra with controlling techniques will be given in tomorrow's thread.
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