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Filia 2019 has started, woop woop @FiLiA_charity #Filia2019
Filia is here to build sisterhood and defend women's human rights. It has never been so urgent #Filia2019
It is Filia's 6th year, it is growing. Women in this room have been fighting for 60 years & women whose first conference are attending #Filia2019
Pragna Patel, founder of Southhall Black Sisters is speaking first. It is SBS's 40th anniversary. In county after country criminals are being elected as leaders, democracy is in the firing line. Truth & freedom are being sacrificed. #Filia2019
We are seeing a world wide onslaught on human rights and secularism. An exponential rise in social injustices as a consequence. Are we witness to history running backwards? #Filia2019
In my opinion Southhall Black Sisters personify Crenshaw's thesis of intersectionality- their politics challenges racism, classism and sexism #Filia2019
The anti-racist left let feminists down. Secular feminists were seen as undermining religious communities. Suera Shah from Bradford brought this to a head. The judiciary failed to understand the context, she received an inhumane tariff. #Filia2019
Religious fundamentalism has shattered anti-racist unity and perpetuated violence against women #Filia2019
The left were characteristically silent, refusing to support women against fundamentalism for example during the 1989 Rushdie protests and book burnings #Filia2019
The de-secularisation of public policy and political activism has also been supported by some 'feminists'. It has devastating consequences for women. #Filia2019
How did we sleepwalk into this crisis of democracy? Feminists and progressives must find a way out of the cul-de-sac of identity politics. #Filia2019
The concept of intersectionality has been butchered. The idea of victimhood is seductive.
We need to nurture a politics of dissent and hope #Filia2019
Women Asylum Seekers Together are now presenting their roadshow.
Immigration is a feminist issue. #Filia2019
A few saddos who think women's oppression is natural and innate have turned up. Two men, two women. #Filia2019
Panel time, Feminist Perspectives on the Sex Trade.
In Sweeden there is a loophole in legislation, it is impacting on implementation negatively affecting women trying to exit the trade #Filia2019
Next news from the Netherlands, the Netherlands was the first country to legalise the keeping of brothels and pimping. The State became a pimp - it profits from selling female flesh in terms of tax. #Filia2019
In the Netherlands decrim was sold as a way to better prostituted women's rights. Last week a municipal brothel opened- My Red Light. The city government is directly pimping women. #Filia2019
This is having a normative effect. In foreign policy the Netherlands are exporting the idea that women are for sale as objects to men. In reality, prostitution is a form of male violence against women. #Filia2019
Women from Israel now, last year they passed the Sex Buyers Act.

There is multilayered violence in Prostitution. Three Models to address this: 1. Prohibitionism 2. Decriminalisation 3. Abolitionisism. #Filia2019
In Jewish Folklore, in the town of Chelm there was a rickety bridge causing lots of accidents, the mayor of Chelm used money to build a hospital rather than fix the bridge! #Filia2019
We have to challenge the rhetoric of the sex trade lobby - they brand themselves sex workers rights. No. They fight for men and pimps. #Filia2019
Prostitution- she doesn't have to be awake to get paid.
This highlights how it is neither sex nor work #Filia2019
We must debate the issue on social media, share survivor stories. #Filia2019
Blanca is here from Argentina, she has lost her daughter to human trafficking. She advocates for the abolition of prostitution #Filia2019
The rich countries are importing the children, girls, from poor countries. The trafficking business is making $150,000,000,000,00 per annum. It is a trade in slaves #Filia2019
Children are disappearing in alarming numbers in Argentina, to be sold as sex slaves. Sexual tourism of children in Argentina is on the rise. How has society allowed this? #Filia2019
Prostitution is run in Argentina by the legislature- judges, police etc. who are you going to appeal to? #Filia2019
In Argentina 45% of men buy women. There is a cultural problem. The men want girls 9 to 17 year olds. However, it is getting younger. Pornography sustains this system and culture. #Filia2019
Brothels = slave centres #Filia2019
Girls are raped by up to 30 men per day, tortured and buried in nameless graves. #Filia2019
@MadresTrata is their Twitter #Filia2019
Here are @MadresTrata at #Filia2019
Panel: Femicide.
Conceptualising femicide- in a patriarchal society every killing of a woman comes under the umbrella. #Filia2019
The biggest group of perpetrators are partners and ex-partner, next are relations, but there are a huge group - elderly women - killed by strangers (still males) #Filia2019
The most common method of killing across all women is men using knives #Filia2019
It is necessary to look beyond a domestic violence setting, this is important, but women are also being brutally murdered by men unconnected to them. The connection is men's fatal violence. The stranger murders express extreme hatred of women, we see this in how they have been
Killed and what was done to their bodies #Filia2019
A pattern repeats, women have reported these men to the police who don't act, they then go on to kill. #Filia2019
The reality of what men are doing to women is an absolute horror, the brutality is almost incomprehensible #Filia2019
Towards a solution the Hardman White Model 2010 is our best shot. #Filia2019
Tammi is next, she is a feminist from Brazil just finishing her PhD.
Femicide is not new, it is well known but we have greater urgency now. Brazil has a cultural acceptance that men can kill women as self defence (it is an honour killing) #Filia2019
The study of VAWG in Brazil started in the 80s. More recently, not much information is made public, it is difficult to get the data. The fight against femicide really started in 2003 with a policy against VAWG. #Filia2019
Since the 2015 impeachment and Bolsonaro came to power he has taken action to hinder the work against VAWG. He has supported the entrenchment of gender - girls in pink, boys in blue. #Filia2019
The violence in the murders of women are increasing, everyday you read about a new brutality. Fire, knives. #Filia2019
Femicide in Brazil has a racial element, it is increasing amongst black & indigenous women more than white women. #Filia2019
Fiona, from London, is the next speaker. She launched @Wecantconsentto #Filia2019
Alongside the murder of women during sex they are incredibly concerned with the normalisation of violence against women during sex. #Filia2019
No woman has ever used the defence of 'sex game gone wrong' for murder, only ever used by men in the UK #Filia2019
Shout out to @HarrietHarman, who promised to take up this issue. #Filia2019
The radicalisation portal - @MumsnetTowers - that 'hive of vipers' have been researching and collecting data on the brutal murders defended by 'sex game gone wrong'. (I love Mumsnet) #Filia2019
The strangulation of women is 3 times higher in the rough sex defence cases than in other femicides. #Filia2019
The MP for Natalie Connolly gets a shout out for speaking for a clause to the Domestic Abuse Bill @Mark4WyreForest #Filia2019
Feminists from Germany are here trying to compile femicide data regarding women murdered in the sex trade in Germany. Many women are now anonymised in the German press - woman murdered. #Filia2019
Patterns emerge, prostituted women are mostly murdered by either buyers or pimps. Ordinary men are murdering these women, not monsters but average men. #Filia2019
The BDSM practitioners kill women for sexual highs. #Filia2019
In court in Germany men's supposedly unhappy childhood's are being used as mitigating circumstances for the murder of women #Filia2019
Most murders in the sex trade in Germany happen in indoor prostitution, in brothels #Filia2019
Mercedes is here from Guatemala. She is the director of GWA.
It is a sexualised genocide. 137 women are murdered every day, globally, by someone who they know. #Filia2019
Countries which have suffered greater colonisation have higher rates of femicide #Filia2019
Big talk now: Creating the Transgender Child #Filia2019
Heather Brunskell Evan's 'The Invention of the Transgender Child'.
The Liberal view is that transchildren are real, based on the trans women philosophy. The child is used to justify the idea of a trans women #Filia2019
The claim that an adult man can really be a woman born in the wrong body requires and creates the Transgender child #Filia2019
The book explores the social and medical consequences of creating the Transgender child.
Transgender theory has been developing over the past 30 years, it is not new #Filia2019
Heather claims that the Tavistock itself has helped create the Transgender child. #Filia2019
Trans lobby groups have been at this a long time. The political consequences for women and children have been terrible. Male rapists housed in women's prisons, sports, mixed sex wards etc. Silencing, women's meetings being protested #Filia2019
The medicalisation of children under transgenderism is an abuse of the rights of the child as outlined in international law #Filia2019
Liberals appear to use the same language as radical feminists but this language is a sham. Liberals are not about inclusivity and acceptance. They are entrenching sex stereotypes. Trans ideology is retrograde & sets us back decades #Filia2019
Susan Matthews now. She is a historian of sex and gender. She will talk about the cultural construction of the Transgender child #Filia2019
Child 1 born in the 1990s, let's call him Arthur, he loves dressing in Jo's sister's clothes, no one makes a fuss, let's him dress up in what he likes, this goes on until he is 11 when he expresses a desire for masculine clothes
Child 2, Johnny turned 4 last year, he likes dressing up, his school has been told to affirm him, his mother has bought every trans book. Johnny has learnt all about his gender and trans gender.
Matthew's believes mothers are being schooled into policing gender and sex-role stereotypes like back in the 1950s and 1960s.
These are real children highlighting the difference in two historical moments.
It is very likely that we are medically removing gay and lesbian children #Filia2019
The book Julian is a Mermaid has been greeted as a ground breaking book, it tells the story of a boy named Julian, never in the book does it say that the boy wants to be a girl or that he is really girl, the book portrays Julian enjoying dressing up and flowers. Now is Julian
an Arthur or a Johnny? Julian, according to Pink News is a trans child. #Filia2019
In the current climate it is hard for a child - Julian - to remain free from the strict categories the Guardian and Pink News wish to impose on them. #Filia2019
Children's literature often has a dual address - the adult and the child. #Filia2019
Another book Gender Diversity by CJ Atkinson, tells the story of Kit 'assigned female at birth' but Kit hated dolls, dresses, and having long hair so at 12 she goes on hormone blockers. It sounds like Kit lives in a 1950s time warp. #Filia2019
This book about Kit is part of a pack schools are encouraged to buy and use. #Filia2019
Charlie, a human biologist, launched the detransition advocacy network this year. She was that kid in a lot of ways. She was diagnosed with gender dysphoria.
Her and other young women are being told that their bodies do not match their brains and they are transitioned. This is what the concept of gender dysphoria does, it attacks disproportionately autistic young women #Filia2019
The little girl who grows up not conforming to sex role stereotypes has a gremlin - gender dysphoria- which criticises how she looks, the gold standard treatment for this gremlin is a double mastectomy. #Filia2019
To surgically treat gender dysphoria is, Charlie thinks, comparable to lobotomy which was once government funded, once policy. Still a damaging scandal #Filia2019
Another aspect, to treat trauma - from abuse, from rape - with cosmetic surgery is horrific. #Filia2019
Another issue is consent, if a young person has reached such a low in their life that they want healthy organs removed, such self hatred they want surgery can it be considered informed consent? #Filia2019
Charlie recommends that to get through to young women we have to keep questioning, keep saying feminist analysis, for butch lesbians to be more visible #Filia2019
For doctors to say there is another way, to challenge the narrative and the self hate #Filia2019
Heya @DetransAdNet please see above tweets as it's your fantastic talk #Filia2019
Filia Day 2!
Session on Surrogacy #Filia2019
Julia Bindel is up first. She is discussing the issue of gay men and surrogacy. She claims they are used as a smokescreen to obscure the trade in female bodies. #Filia2019
It is a trade, it doesn't matter one bit that a tiny amount of women want this, the sale of women's organs is not ok. Using women's bodies is not a human right #Filia2019
Wealthy, privileged gay men are presenting their purchasing of women and women's organs as a right. #Filia2019
Defending women's rights is not homophobic. Speaking out against the purchase of females is not homophobic #Filia2019
Men broker surrogacy deals, receive commission on the sale of women. Women are sliced open on request and the child removed on a commissioned date #Filia2019
Aswell as this, prostituted women who are made pregnant in brothels have their babies sold by the pimp - couples are told the baby is from a willing surrogate #Filia2019
In Cambodia women are milked for their breast milk to be sold, for surrogate babies to be fed by it. #Filia2019
Men are pimping women into surrogacy, like they pimp women into prostitution. #Filia2019
Surrogacy is a deeply racist trade. The babies, the people commissioning babies - are all white, the women who are being used are all brown #Filia2019
Sheela now - Situating India in the Global trade.
Once surrogacy was banned in Thailand, Cambodia etc the market moved to India #Filia2019
September 2015 India banned commercial surrogacy.
Sheela conducted studies in Gujarat. Human rights violations include restricted movements, restricted bodily functions (restrictions on urination for example), final payment is based on the weight of the baby. #Filia2019
Clinics make AUD 28000 per baby, surrogate paid AUD 800. #Filia2019
These are poor women, less opportunity, less education- this is not agency. #Filia2019
The media is creating a false, glossy narrative which covers up the deaths, near deaths, uterus removals, abortions involved in this industry #Filia2019
Jennifer now. She produced the documentary 'Eggsploitation' (alongside so much else from the EU to the U.N.) #Filia2019
Two positions in the current debate on surrogacy- 1. Allow with regulation vs 2. You cannot regulate away harm and exploitation. #Filia2019
The contracts American women sign are telling: the women have no choice, the women have no rights #Filia2019
In the contracts overwhelmingly the word mother is removed. The payment structure is outlined. The whims of the purchaser are outlined- what the woman may do during the pregnancy, eat etc.

Most surrogates in America never see the children which are delivered by c-section #Filia
Contracts always contain an abortion clause where the purchaser can demand it #Filia2019
Renata Klein is the last speaker.
What about so called altruistic surrogacy?
Studies show no. It is harmful, hurtful, exploitative.
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