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hi i havent forgotten about this one uwu
and i know how its gonna end uwu
Hoseok is in the kitchen when the doorbell rings. He looks up at the clock and blinks in surprise. It's a quarter past midnight. Who could it possibly be at this odd hour? It can't be Taehyung, he has his own keys to Hoseok's place.
The bell rings again, a sharp piercing noise.
Hoseok throws off his apron, and abandons the dirty dishes in the sink. He makes his way towards down the hall, humming softly under his breath. He leans up and peers through the peephole. He gasps when he sees his boyfriend-- his face marred with blotches of red and blue.
Hoseok hurriedly unlocks the chains and throws the door open.
"Tae--," he barely manages to say his name before Taehyung pulls him into his arms, pressing him into his chest and pushing the door closed with his heel.
"Hyung," his voice is dry and cracked and wet.
"Hyung, please."
Taehyung groans as he pulls Hoseok impossibly closer, making him lose his breath. Hoseok weakly pushes against Taehyung's chest. Taehyung is wounded-- he's bloody and hurt.

"Please, hold me."
"Tae, what happened--"
Hoseok doesn't get to finish his words before Taehyung slams their lips together. Hoseok gasps and Taehyung takes the opportunity to slip in his tongue.
Taehyung's mouth tastes like copper, Hoseok opens his eyes wide with worry. The blood is fresh.
"Tae," he whispers when they finally part for air. Taehyung's face is mere centimeters in front of his own and Hoseok feels his stomach drop when he finally takes in the scars that mar his boyfriend's features.
"Tae," he extends his hand out and slowly caresses Taehyung's cheek.
Taehyung hisses and winces at the touch, breaking Hoseok's heart. He sighs and then wraps his hands around Hoseok's, closing his eyes before leaning down and whispering against Hoseok's lips. Taehyung's free hand snakes up Hoseok's shirt, grazing his hips and making him shiver.
Taehyung's hand circles Hoseok's waist before tugging at his hands, slowing easing his way past the thick fabric and rubbing Hoseok's ass.
"You're not wearing underwear."
Hoseok sucks in his breath. "Tae, you're hurt-"
"Hyung, please. I want to love you.'
Taehyung's voice cracks.
we getting some steamy times today
"Okay," Hoseok whispers before Taehyung is once again devouring his lips. Taehyung's hands pull his pants down and Hoseok gasps, reaching out to pull it back up.
Taehyung's mouth sucks bruises into Hoseok's skin even as his own body lay scattered with wounds far more severe.
"Tae, let's go inside," Hoseok pants against his boyfriend's ear, said boyfriend biting viciously into his collarbone.
Taehyung hums before he pulls Hoseok into the bedroom, immediately pushing him onto the soft white sheets and crashing their bodies together.
Taehyung bites and licks and sucks Hoseok's skin. He wants to feel. He wants to inflict feeling.
Something. Anything.
He nips at Hoseok's hardened nipple, pulling it harshly and sucking around it till the skin becomes tender and red.
"Hyung," he bites harshly, making Hoseok moan.
Hoseok is a sobbing mewling mess when Taehyung sits back and looks down.
He looks absolutely debauched. Hair a frayed mess on the white pillow, lips bruised and swollen. Chest red, and littered with Taehyung's bite marks.
Taehyung pushes his legs apart, ready to consume.
He rummages in the drawer for some lube, and hurries towards his boyfriend, fingers already coated and rubbing together to warm it up.
He nudges Hoseok's thighs apart before he slowly teases his rim with his index finger.
Taehyung sighs.
Hoseok is so beautiful.
He slowly inserts his lube covered finger into Hoseok's hole, teasing his pink puckered Rin before pushing it in. Hoseok shudders and gasps as he revels in the mixture of discomfort and pleasure.
Taehyung watches as if he's bewitched.
Maybe he is.
Maybe Hoseok is magical.
Taehyung moves his finger , pressing into Hoseok's walls and stretching them, before adding another and scissoring it, successfully stretching Hoseok's hole.
"Tae," Hoseok is a whining whimpering mess.
And any other time, Taehyung would revel in the glory of his power.
But not this time.
Suddenly, Jungkook's face flashes before his eyes and he sucks in a breath. Hoseok opens his eyes and looks at Taehyung with concern.
But before he can ask what's wrong, Taehyung sheathes himself,in rubber, pours lube over hinselves and pushes in.
remind me never to write smut at 2 am
this is horrible
no wonder taehyung is crying
And we're back
Its half an hour to 1 am and I'm gonna write until I fall asleep
Had a terrible day
Gonna vent with this story
Enjoy 💜
Taehyung pushes in slowly, watching the Hoseok's hands clutch at the sheets. He pants and mewls.
"Tae, it hurts."
Taehyung's eyes widen in surprise, before it dawns on him that he hadn't stretched Hoseok out before pushing his engorged member into him.
"Fuck. Fuck.
I'm so sorry."
He pulls all the way out, reaching to get off his lover and help him up. But Hoseok pulls him down. He wraps his legs around Taehyung's waist and pulls him close.
"It hurts. But I'm okay.'
Hoseok locks his ankles in place around Taehyung's hips.
"Im okay, Tae."
Hoseok's smile is bright and Serene and plain beautiful. Taehyung feels his eyes well up with the magnitude of his love.
"Fuck, hyung. I'm so sorry."
His voice breaks on a sob and he slowly sheaths himself back into Hoseok's tight warmth.
"So fucking sorry."
Taehyung snaps his hips back before pistoning into Hoseok. Hoseok winces as his body is pushed towards the headrest, his hands scratching into the mattress and his mouth hanging loose, small broken pants and hiss leaving his swollen lips.
"It's okay," Hoseok shudders as he pulls Taehyung down towards his lips. Taehyung is quick to latch on, kissing Hoseok with renewed vigor.
He wants to drown in Hoseok's body.
He wants to forget everything that's happened in the last few hours.
Taehyung pulls out before slamming. Hoseok's body arches upward, convulsing in a deep shudder before he spills onto both their cheats, white strings of his release painting their tanned skin.
Taehyung fucks into Hoseok, not relenting even when he sobs in oversensitivity.
"Sorry," he whispers, feeling his gut tighten and twist as a familiar heat began to build up. Taehyung's pace intensifies. "Sorry, hyung."
Hoseok brings his palm up to hold Taehyung's face, his hands warm against Taehyung's cheeks.
"It's okay, Tae. Use me please."
Taehyung's heart stutters , even as he tips over the edge and empties his load into the condom. He rides out his high, still thrusting into a whimpering and sobbing Hoseok, before he collapses on his chest.
Taehyung forces his eyes open, looking at how Hoseok lays beneath him, absolutely fucked out, lazy post orgasmic smile still resting on his face.
And Taehyung's own fave twists in agony.
He'd been using Hoseok by venting his frustrations through sex.
"It's okay. Wanna tell me what happened?"
Taehyung sighs,rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands.
Taehyung sighs, breath escaping in little tufts.
"Hyung, do you know about how I go into every game, ready to give it my all. Give my absolute best."
Taehyung's breath stutters.
"It's because I love winning. So fucking much.
I love knowing I'm worth something, I'm good enough.
It makes m we feel like my existence-- my reason for being where I am-- is justified."
Taehyung stutters.
"But today, I faced a friend."
"Today my battle was with my only friend, with Jungkook.
And I couldn't fight like I wanted to.
I couldn't give it my all."
Hoseok pulls Taehyung into his arms, Taehyung wraps his own around Hoseok's waist.
"I always want to win.
But this time--"
Taehyung feels the tears fall down his face, onto Hoseok's bare chest, shiny against his golden skin.
"This is the first time I wish I had lost.
The first time I wish I had let my opponent beat me."
His closes his eyes and cries jnyo Hoseok's warm chest.

This is so fucking long
Is anyone even reading?
If u r
Enjoyyyyyy 💜 💜
"Hyung, it's my last match of the season tomorrow," Taehyung's whispers into Hoseok's skin, kissing his words into Hoseok's bare collarbones.
"I'm in the finals. It's make or break. All of nothing."
Taehyung nips softly at Hoseok's skin, making him moan.
"I want you to be there.
Want you to watch me win."
Taehyung tightens his grip on Hoseok's waist, pulling him into his lap.
"Want you to be proud of me."
Hoseok frowns, biting his lower lip and staring down into Taehyung's eyes.
He doesn't want to go.
He doesn't like it when Taehyung fights.
He doesn't like when Taehyung gets hurt.
But he knows how important this match is, how it's Taehyung's last match.
So he nods his head in affirmation, letting out deep sigh of resignation.
"Yeah, I'll be there."
Taehyung's answering smile is bright and dopey and fucking beautiful, and it makes Hoseok's heart warm over with love. He bends down and peck:s Taehyung's lips, puling back too soon.
"I'll be there to watch you win."
Hoseok barely manages to whisper out his words before Taehyung pulls him down into a passionate kiss, nipping his lips and whispering into his mouth how much he loves him.
Hoseok giggles into Taehyung's kiss, basking in his affection.
He smiles wistfully as they make love, allowing Taehyung to ravish his body and distract him from the uneasy tingle that coils in his chest.
/It'll be okay. Everything will be alright./

⚠️⚠️⚠️TW for violence⚠️⚠️⚠️
ummmm things gonna get kinda shit from here on
so heads up
He's terrified.
There's half an hour to go.
Half an hour before he gets up on that stage and faces the reigning champ. Taehyung's never made it this far. He's never made it till this final round.
He's all alone in the backstage locker room.
And he's absolutely shaking.
There's a small knock on the door, and he turns around so fast that he nearly gets whiplash.
The door creaks open to reveal a meek Hoseok, hiding something behind his back. Taehyung's shoulders slump in relief
"Hyung," he doesn't even have the energy to get up and approach Hoseok
Hoseok wailks up to him, looking uncharacteristically sheepish. Taehyung watches his lover curiously, as he finally stands before him, his hands still clasping something behind his back. Taehyung tilts his head and looks up into Hoseok's eyes.
A familiar fondness washes over him as he takes in how Hoseok's cheeks are flushed a dusky shade of warm pink.
He pulls Hoseok by his waist towards, kissing his chest through his sweater. "Hyung, are you here to wish me luck?"
Hoseok nods, before he pulls away.
Taehyung whines in protest, already reaching out to pull Hoseok back.
But he stops short when Hoseok brings out what he's so far hidden behind his back.
His throat clogs as his entire body freezes.
It's a purple banner with "Taehyung Fighting" written in pretty golden letters.
Taehyung feels the lump in his throat clog his eyes with tears.
"Hyung," he whispers as he pulls Hoseok back into his arm, nuzzling into his chest. Hoseok wraps his arms around Taehyung after covering him in the purple banner, almost like a cloak.
"Hyung. Hyung. Hyung."
Bros this fic is making me so sad
Like legit tearing up
I don't wanna write this bros
Why are they so soft and gay and in love and
Hoseok smiles into Taehyung's hair.
"You're gonna win, Tae. I know it."
Taehyung's eyes well up and he pulls Hoseok imopssibly further towards himself.
Hoseok giggles. It's almost like Taehyung isn't incapable of saying anything else. It warms up his heart.
Their affectionate embrace is interrupted by the short buzz of Taehyung's cellphone. He peels himself away from his lover, feeling how the banner pulls off his skin. Hoseok winds it back up, as Taehyung unlocks his screen, extremely annoyed at being interrupted.
He's surprised to see that it's Jungkook. The boy hadn't contacted him since their previous match.
// TW violence and intense sad time
If you're uncomfortable with that, you can skip this part and come back later
I'll probably finish this arc tonight
You can use the tag #vhopeboxerau to see the end of this arc, where the sad shit is over
Taehyung sighs as he locks his phone and moves out of Hoseok's arms.
"Where are you going, Tae?"
Taehyung sighs once again.
"Jungkook said he wants to give me a good luck charm. Gonna go take it from him, he's waiting in the back."
Taehyung shuffles about, before he leans forward and pecks Hoseok's cheek.
"I'll get it over with real quick." He giggles, "Although, I doubt his charm can be that efficient what with how he lost our match."
Hoseok punches him playfully, lips pulling up in a smile.
His eyes suddenly go wide as he realises that he can make it easier for Taehyung by going in his place.
"Tae, why don't I take it for you. That way, you can just relax before you go on. You can get in the right headset."
Taehyung contemplates Hoseok's words, before he nods softly
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