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I used to REALLY dislike TRUMP, but on this day 1 yr ago...I drove 545 miles to attend a rally in Elko, NV!
It’s a long detailed thread, but it’s from my heart. I’m not a great writer, but it would mean a lot to me if you would read what I have to say!
@StopTheCoup #KAG ☀️❣️🇺🇸
Let’s start with why I did not care for 45. It’s simple, I was brainwashed. Plus, my ENTIRE family/friends hate him and I work in education in CA, need I say more? I actually enjoyed watching “The Apprentice” back in the day tbh! So after a strange encounter while in a hospital
I was given a “vision” in 2014(this could be an entire thread in itself- while under Trump was going to run for Pres, Kanye was involved, I kept saying the same 12 things over and over which included the words baking, rose garden, owls, Halloween, Disney, etc.)
I bring up the “vision” because I now find it VERY significant since I have been following #Q. I thought the whole #Qanon thing was cray cray until I decided to research for MYSELF! I will probably do another thread on what led me to #Q because it’s literally unreal.
You will be SHOCKED! Heck, it’s so juicy that I will give you some hints. Basically, it involved a song and a pigeon landing on my shoulder, which led to Tesla, John G. Trump and eventually #Q! Anyway, when it was ACTUALLY revealed that Trump was running for Pres, I #WalkedAway!
I voted for Trump because he was NOT a politician AND I’M SO THANKFUL I DID! Fast forward to 10/19/18 when I told hubby I wanted to go to a rally. We live in CA, the next rally was the following day in NV, so I got tix at 8pm. We slept until 2am and hit the road!
I was SO excited that I did not note the time the rally started and assumed it was in the evening. 😬 Wrong, 11am start time! It’s an 8 hour trip and there was some serious DIVINE intervention because we arrived at 10:45am and even got to see the plane pull up! I was also nervous
that I might not be able to take my service animal in, but everything worked out perfectly! The location was awesome, the Elko airport so it was outdoors. It could not have been a more beautiful day! Everyone was so friendly and quite a diverse crowd! It’s hard to explain the
energy that was present, I describe it as “electric”. It was like a buzz in the air, such positivity radiating from the crowd! I didn’t get super close, but I was able to see and hear well. Trump delivered a great speech, here he is mentioning “17”...
...and talking about “illegal immigrants and ICE”! I don’t even think this rally was televised, so check it out!
45 touching on “Human trafficking” because let’s be real, this is about the children. I can’t wait for people to wake up and realize that the wall is SO much more than just a wall. #FinishTheWall
“We will NEVER give in, we will NEVER give up!” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
This part of the rally got me super pumped up! Listen...
@POTUS #Stopthecoup #VICTORY
I truly believe Trump is finishing what #JFK started!
I avoided politics my ENTIRE life. I voted for ppl my family/friends wanted me to vote for. I know more about politics now than HS and college combined because of Trump and #Q. I’ve never been so patriotic in my LIFE! I’m EXTREMELY proud to be an American with Trump as my leader.
...and MOST importantly, I have NEVER been so close to God as I am RIGHT NOW! I strayed and fell off the narrow path, but #Q, @GenFlynn and Trump have guided me back to my Father and I will NEVER turn my back on him again!
I’m really not sure how to end this thread. I will say that while this has been an amazing journey so far, it has been tough. I’ve lost many friends, my godchild won’t talk to me and my immediate family have brought me to tears because of my beliefs. My husband and his family are
the only ppl that support Trump in my life besides my Twitter family. I am the ONLY one that follows #Q, hubby does not understand, but tolerates me wearing my #Q gear and jewelry lol. It’s pretty lonely. I’m not bitter, I have nothing but love for those with such hate filled
hearts. I’m 100% ready to take them all in with open arms once #thestorm hits and they are all awakened. I feel every single moment in my life so far has led me HERE to help others with #TheGreatAwakening. My Pops hollered at me saying this was NOT how he raised me.
He cannot fathom that I support 45 because I am half Hispanic and some of my relatives came from Mexico. Regarding #Q, he said “You think you are like some sort of CHOSEN ONE or something”...and he’s right! You TOO are chosen, YOU have all this valuable information. We can’t be
mad or upset at those who belittle and try to humiliate us. They do not know better, MSM has them completely brainwashed and frankly they are so asleep and in the dark about what is really going on in this world. So just a reminder that YOU are special, hang in there! This plan
has been in place for so long that it is carefully and slowly being carried out. Timing is everything! What an exciting time to be ALIVE! I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this movement and you know what? I’ll be totally fine if #8kun and #Q do not return, (even though
I do not believe that to be the case) BECAUSE WE HAVE IT ALL....and #GODWINS!!! ☀️❣️🙏🌎🕊✝️
For those still on the fence about Q, I understand. But please do check out my new friend @TruthHammer888’s thread if you get a chance! WORLDWIDE AWAKENING!
THE END 🌎🕊✝️
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