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Monday morning thoughts on 8kun, Jim Watkins and Q.

As we prepare for the return of 8chan/8kun and Q, I'd like to thank those who have not given up hope for a return of justice and liberty. Your prayers and encouragement to others are critical to the success of this operation.
Some people have expressed concern that the inability of 8chan/8kun to return to normal service and for Q to continue posting is a poor reflection on Q, the President and the integrity of the overall operation.

A review of Q's operation may provide a helpful perspective.
Q began posting on the 4chan board /pol/ on October 28, 2017 and chose that board for specific reasons.

4chan users can remain anonymous which is why government employees sometimes use this board to drop information about public corruption.
Because Q's operation involves the exposure of powerful, corrupt people, Q must remain anonymous. 4chan provided the anonymity he needed.
4chan is frequented by computer geeks and hackers who are adept at bringing together information from articles, videos, public records and other sources. The presence of thousands of skilled researchers was a key reason why Q’s operation was launched on 4chan.
Anons have researched posts from intelligence community insiders (both real and fake) for years. People regularly show up on 4chan claiming to be an agent from the CIA or another intelligence agency.
They’ll claim to have insider information on an investigation or predict the arrest of a famous person and usually, they’re never heard from again. Many of these predictions don't come true because a lot of these people are frauds.
Dealing with phonies has made the anons of 4chan a jaded lot. You have to provide a mountain of proof before they’ll buy your “intelligence insider” story.
Q knew the anons were skeptics. It’s one reason he chose to post on 4chan. His messages needed to be vetted for legitimacy. He knew anons would intensely scrutinize his posts and if they could be verified, Q would gain the trust of some of the most skeptical people on the planet.
Gaining the trust of skeptics was vital to the operation. Q claims to have access to the President. That claim could only be verified through careful and exhaustive analysis.
Once verified by anons, Q could provide vetted information about the true stories behind world events and the facts of history that have been hidden from us.
Less than a month after he began posting, Q indicated that 4chan had been infiltrated and he was moving to 8chan.
The CI_A (Snow White) has used every tool at their disposal to shut down Q's operation. Q has attempted to overcome their attacks but that caused additional connection and security problems.
After only a month and a half, the CI_A's attacks had severely impacted Q's ability to post securely.
On January 6th, 2018, moderators on the current 8chan board (/CBTS/) were causing problems for Q, who said he anticipated a short life on each platform due to verification (proofs) and the rapid spread of his message, which would bring opposition.
On Jan 6th, 2018, Q informed anons he would not post on a compromised board.
On January 6th, on a new board /thestorm/, Q asked Codemonkey if a read-only board could be set up which would allow him to post without replies.
On January 8th, Q posted on a read-only 8chan board called /greatawakening/.
That same day, Q began posting on a new 8chan board called /qresearch/ where anons could reply to his posts. (This is the most recent research board where Q has posted.)
On May 4th, 2018, Q confirmed he would be posting on a new "read-only" board called /patriotsfight/. (This is the most recent read-only board where Q has posted.)
Q could (as some have suggested) go back to posting on 4chan if his operation was only about providing information. He left 4chan because it was infiltrated with enemies. Maintaining operational security (OPSEC) is just as important as providing information to the public.
Q has chosen to post on 8chan because it provides a platform free of censorship, it provides anonymity, and it allows him to coordinate with anons who research and reply to his posts. It is an ideal environment to carry out such an operation.
Q and the platform he uses (8chan) have become a threat to the establishment to the point where Silicon Valley has been weaponized against them.

8chan has been offline since August 5th because tech companies have been threatened and harassed into denying them service.
The inability of 8chan/8kun to return to normal service is not a poor reflection on them. It's evidence of the extremes that corrupt people will go to to keep their secrets hidden from the public.
I trust that Codemonkey and Jim Watkins will have 8kun online soon. I suspect (but I can't confirm) that they have a number of ways to bring the platform online and they're running through their options, one at a time. Be patient.
For those who are concerned about Q's identity when he returns:
Q's tripcode is password protected. It secures his message and verifies his identity. I don't think there is anything to worry about but, you should check out his posts when he returns to see if it's the same Q.
Many people have commented on the "odd" behavior of Jim Watkins on his live streams. I've taken a wait and see attitude. People have been messaging me for weeks suggesting that he's been dropping coded messages in his live streams.
Last night, two things became obvious:
His odd behavior is an act.
Fearing censorship, he's been acting corny because in his words, "cory people don't get censored."
It also became clear that he's providing information to us but he has to be careful about how he does it because he doesn't want to tip off his enemies about his plans.
It seems likely Watkins has been dropping coded information the entire time. If you're an astute observer, and if you review his previous live streams, you might pick up a few things you didn't see before.
Cucumber dance?

Or Qcumber dance?

"Double meanings work well against sniffers."
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