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Good morning, #KHive! Today, I’m kicking off the week with my thread of 46 reasons that Kamala Harris should be our next president! Let’s go! 👏🏽 #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople #KamalaHarris
1 - It’s time for a woman in the White House. More than that, it’s time for a WOC in the White House - for Kamala. She comes from a diverse background that understands how the majority of Americans live day to day + her 3AM Agenda speaks to what keep us up at night. #Kamala2020
2 - Kamala has broken barriers that noone has before. Kamala was the first female DA of SF + First black woman to serve as AG in CA. Kamala is also the second black woman and first South-Asian American elected to the senate! WHAT GLASS CEILING? #Kamala2020 harris.senate.gov/about
3 - During her tenure as DA, Kamala specialized in prosecuting child sexual assault cases + helped to change the way victims were viewed; as victims not as criminals. Many victims are, unfortunately, LGBTQ - a major reason for Kamala’s choices. #Kamala2020 hrc.org/resources/sexu…
4 - Kamala has ALWAYS stood by the LGBTQ community. As AG, she refused to enforce Prop. 8 which denied same sex marriage in CA. This decision led to Prop. 8 being overturned and Kamala’s advocacy was instrumental in marriage equality being passed in the Supreme Court! #Kamala2020
5 - Kamala Harris has plans that have POLICY behind them. She, more than any other 2020 candidate, has flushed out how these plans will specifically operate and be funded. After all, Kamala has a BA in economics + poly sci. #Kamala2020 KamalaHarris.org/issues
6 - Speaking of economics, Kamala has fought for the people of CA to stop the mortgage companies from preying on residents. She won a judgement 5 TIMES higher than what was originally offered - $25 BILLION
7 - Kamala also took on Big Oil in CA and won millions for her state and held them accountable for the destruction they’ve caused in her state. #Kamala2020 politifact.com/california/art…
8 - Kamala has always been a champion on the climate crisis and has unveiled a plan that pours $10 Trillion into changing the most critical thing facing us. It is bold, but it is doable! #Kamala2020 politico.com/story/2019/09/…
9 - Kamala Harris is focused on what can be, unburdened by what has been. She was born to parents of the Civil Rights movement + has grown up knowing that the deck is stacked differently for POC + women. As DA + AG she introduced programs to target these issues. #Kamala2020
9b - Kamala introduced the Back On Track Program to help nonviolent offenders get back into society. She knew it was about rehabilitation, not punishment. #Kamala2020 dailykos.com/story/2019/7/1…
10 - As part of her dedication, Kamala has vowed to close the gender wage gap. Her plan, tackles the incongruity in pay scale and addresses it with heavy penalties to companies that don’t play fair + don’t provide transparency to its employees. #Kamala2020 kamalaharris.org/equalpay/
11 - Gender equality does not only mean financial equality - it means believing victims. One prime example and a pivotal moment for me was the Kavanaugh hearings and this exchange between Kamala and Dr. Blasey Ford. #Kamala2020
12 - Kamala has always been an advocate for victims in and out of the justice system. She wanted to be a prosecutor to change the system from the inside; Something that many POC choose not to do because of the systemic racism. Kamala - didn’t care. #Kamala2020
13 - Kamala’s plan to reform the Justice System has been widely hailed as the most comprehensive and detailed plan. She has talked at LENGTH about how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. This round table highlights that. #Kamala2020
13b - Kamala’s full plan is also here in detail. It’s well worth the read! #Kamala2020 kamalaharris.org/issue/-justice…
14 - Kamala is dedicated to helping the most affected by our economies crash + imbalance out of poverty. Kamala has introduced the LIFT act to help over 9 million out. It’s been signed onto by over 200 fellow economists + puts about $500 extra in YOUR pocket! #Kamala2020
15 - In addition to the LIFT act; Kamala’s economic policies are some of the best and are highlighted on her website here: kamalaharris.org/issue/economic…
16 - Kamala supports our immigrants and doesn’t believe that Latinx people don’t belong in this nation. She has said that upon day 1. She will abolish ICE and private prisons that serve as the torture chambers for millions of migrants + their families. #Kamala2020
17 - Speaking of support, Kamala is the only candidate that is known to be able to reach across the aisle to make meaningful change. Recently, she even collaborated with fellow Senator Rand Paul on a Bill to abolish the cash bail system. This is just ONE example. #Kamala2020
18 - Kamala is really for the people. Throughout this election, nobody else has gone to the most rural parts of the country to speak one on one to people about what matters. We have seen it time and time again.
19 - Kamala is the only candidate consistently out there campaigning for herself AND down ballot Democrats everywhere she goes. Showing support in races that the others can’t be bothered to pay attention to. #Kamala2020
20 - In 2018, instead of fundraising for herself - she spent the majority of her time fundraising for OTHER Dems and assisting in their elections or re-elections. #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople
21 - Kamala Harris is the only candidate to consistently voice support for Hillary Clinton + not take swipes at her for political gain. #Kamala2020 #StillWithHer
22 - Kamala was hailed + endorsed by most of the Dems running as well as President Obama. He even asked her to be AG (which she turned down). Her ambitions have never allowed her to settle. #Kamala2020
23 - Kamala has something that we need so desperately in this country - empathy. When speaking to a supporter about the pandemic gun violence in the nation she showed how deeply personal this is to her. #Kamala2020
24 - On Gun Reform. Kamala is no stranger to this issue. From the start of her campaign this has been a key issue for her. She was the first candidate to introduce a comprehensive plan for gun reform + even call for executive action if congress failed in their duty. #Kamala2020
25 - Kamala spoke with Jimmy Fallon + took questions from the audience. Her response is to this violence is too perfect + linked below. #Kamala2020
26 - Further on violence Kamala is aware and vocal about the fact that trauma is violence and that to stop gun violence we must address race bias and economic injustice. #Kamala2020
27 - Kamala is no stranger to bias or hate either and has been the target of insane levels of racism, misogyny and erasure throughout her career. Amidst this - shes remained strong. #Kamala2020 wsj.com/articles/bots-…
28 - Kamala has remained gracious in spite of every attack thrown at her and every piece of misinformation spun. She is always a #JoyfulWarrior and leads with a smile. Something we desperately need! #Kamala2020
29 - Kamala has a family that would be worthy of the title of “First Family.” There are some impressive people! Each one deserves a reason! #Kamala2020
30 - Doug Emhoff! #DougHive! Kamala’s husband and partner. He is ever dedicated and one of the most kind people. He is a major part of this campaign and is consistently out there with the #KHive and digging his heels in. He is no stand in - he shows up! #Kamala2020
31 - Maya Harris! Kamala’s sister and BEST FRIEND. Maya, a prominent civil rights lawyer is always Kamala’s right hand. She worked with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 + is instrumental in her sisters campaign. She brings light and power! #Kamala2020 oprahmag.com/entertainment/…
32 - Meena Harris! Kamala’s niece and firebrand of the family. She is an activist, an entrepreneur, a mother and an inspiration to a younger generation. She is vocal and unapologetic. A breath of fresh air! #Kamala2020 elle.in/article/meena-…
33 - The #KHive! Yes, we are a reason she should be elected! Kamala’s supporters are the most diverse and dedicated group of supporters out there. We are fiercely loyal, educated and driven to elect Kamala as the 46TH President! #Kamala2020
34 - Kamala’s passion in politics and public service doesn’t stop there. Her passions are deeper. Her love for her family and for cooking are so beautiful to behold! It’s passion we need! #Kamala2020
35 - Kamala’s personality. Her light is so infectious and charges up every room she is in! It is impossible to not feel her presence. Even at a distance, she is electric! It’s time for real charisma! #Kamala2020
36 - The last few reasons are personal for me. It’s what Kamala’s candidacy means to me. Kamala running for President inspired me long before she even announced her run. When I saw her in the senate - I was entranced. This was someone with intellect + I was moved. #Kamala2020
37 - I immediately began following her in spring of 18 as speculation whirred around her rising star and how powerful she was. People were flabbergasted by her mastery of the senate hearings and her iron will. I’ve always loved powerful women + I recognized a queen. #Kamala2020
38 - When Kamala announced, I watched with baited breath + was moved to tears for the first time. For the first time I felt seen. I felt as though there was someone driven to represent ME. #Kamala2020
39 - After the first major shooting this year, there was a town hall where Kamala spoke and the fire and passion I felt grew. The way she talked about this issue touched on something that I knew would ignote my fire. She FELT for the community, for the people. #Kamala2020
40 - After this pivotal moment - I was in. I knew she truly was the person I wanted to represent me as an American and I immediately wanted to get involved. I’d never done that before although wanting to, but for Kamala I would. #Kamala2020
41 - After figuring out how to stay involved I watched every press conference, every interview and every policy as they unraveled; Showing the inner workings of a policy wonk and someone with a real vision for the country. #Kamala2020
42 - The best part is that the vision reflected MY vision for the country. A place where we are not bound by the rigid lines set in place by systemic oppression and bankrupt morality based on outdated views. #Kamala2020
43 - I saw here a champion for The LGBTQ, the Latinx, the Black, the Asian, Native, Female etc etc etc. communities. I knew that she was going to be a firebrand and a driver of change that we so desperately need. #Kamala2020
44 - At the first debate, the country caught a glimpse of what I saw too. A woman with the power and ability to take on Trump and to affect change the likes of which we haven’t seen in years, and if you ask me, ever. #Kamala2020
45 - Then, I saw the hate. The inherent racism in media, the Democratic Party and the vitriolic smear campaign that followed. Throughout each hit piece, every lie and every dismissal. Kamala never wavered. This was not a new fight for her. #Kamala2020
46 - These are my reasons that I am all in for Kamala and there is NO OTHER. No matter the uphill battle, no matter the attacks or the shit slinging. I will not waiver. Kamala Harris is For the People and I am for Kamala Harris and this nation. #Kamala2020 #KHive #ForThePeople
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