THREAD: The more I think about #DemocraticSocialism the more irritated I become. #Bernie2020, #AOC and company are moving in each and every direction to democratically socialize America and I'm supposed to jump and down for joy?! 🤔
#M4A, #GreenNewDeal and #CancelStudentDebt are massive wealth transfers to white America that "nibble around the edges of big problems" affecting #ADOS. White America owns 93% of American wealth and 98% of American land. White millennials are living off of inheritance.
Socialist policies will do nothing to correct the racial wealth gap.

"But what about the planet?!" What about it? In undergrad I volunteered for a professor who needed someone to kayak lakes throughout northern Florida in remote areas. I once applied to veterinary school
'cause at the time I was convinced that I was to become a veterinarian and live my Animal Planet fantasy. To this day, I still daydream from time-to-time about quitting everything and relocating to a remote sanctuary to take care of endangered fauna or perhaps work at a zoo.
I enjoy hiking and I would love to travel and take pictures of me enjoying nature, you know, like white YouTubers/Instagramers and environmentalist who think they're the only ones concerned about the planet.
But I care more about my community and the state of it more than I care about aquatic microbes in the Aegean Sea, cetaceans in the pacific, and the endangered Dragon Tree of the Canary Islands. If my community is to be ignored and glossed over by
democratic socialism, then let the world burn.

"But what about student debt?!" What about it?! How is that not a massive wealth transfer to white America?! #ADOS attend university at roughly sixteen percent of the #ADOS population.
Excusing student loan debt will not elevate the economic standing of #ADOS as a whole. I have six figure student loan debt. But what's the point if my community is still ignored and I still can't find a job because I lack the nepotism required for employment and because
Affirmative Action has been expanded to everyone but (soon to be ) straight, white men?

"You don't care about healthcare?!" It would be lovely. But democratic socialist policies, summed, equate to an estimated $50.2 trillion dollars. (cont)
#Reparations2020 is estimated at $7-17 trillion. You mean to tell me y'all can't find that number in a democratic socialist budget? Democratic socialism will not fix the bottom caste existence that #ADOS currently, and historically, occupy.
It'll make it worse 'cause such policies will attack us on both ends. America, white America, gets to keep the money that it has hoarded over centuries and socialize the cost of American living to the federal government. Immigrants? They get to immigrate here, with not history
in this country, and have complete access to the financing required to live in America in such a way that #ADOS never have. And I don't believe the narrative that all immigrants arrive to America with nothing.

That. Is. A. Lie.
Here is a FIU professor stating that South American immigrants in SoFlo represent the upper economic strata of their countries.

America currently selects for immigrants with the economic resources to make it to America.
Maintaining that current filter (so to speak) and coupling that with democratic socialism means that relatively wealthy immigrants get to arrive to America, keep their money and socialize the cost of American living to the federal government while #ADOS play catch-up!
That makes no sense! Here is a video of liberal's favorite white Latina, #AOC, saying that America needs more immigrants because the nation is so productive. Really?

Then why can't America and it's productivity pay #Reparations2020 🤔
This is usually the point where Bernie sycophants jump in my mentions telling me that universality means no specifics and that Bernie has been consistently on the right side of history for decades and is a true believer of universality.

Yeah, that's a lie.
Bernie voted for the '94 Crime Bill that DEVASTATED #ADOS communities! And to my knowledge he refuses to apologize for the bill. He instead deflects by stating his support of the The Violence Against Women provisions present in the '94 Crime Bill.
Do the Black male bodies targeted for the prison industrial complex not have mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and nieces? How is removing them from #ADOS communities not a violent act towards #ADOS women?

Are they not women?
Bernie falls becomes temporarily clueless when questioned about #Reparations2020 but had no problem voting for the Holocaust Rail Justice Act, estimated to pay $60 million to Holocaust survivors *and* their descendants who were affected by France's involvement. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Bernie supports the Opium Reimbursement Fund. A bill to fix the negative economic impact of communities affected by the opium "crisis".

Communities affected by the opium crisis = white America.
Here is Bernie at the Native American summit telling Native American Indian elders that he'll provide the financing necessary to fix issues specific to Native Americans! And to honor Native American Indian treaties and agreements with America.
Bernie is perfectly capable of zoning in on specific policies that he cares about.🤷🏾‍♂️

But Bernie will sign HR40?
#ADOS have endured the Transatlantic Slave Trade; the auction block; American Chattel Slavery; chain gangs; Red Summer of 1919; destruction of Black Wall-street in Tulsa, OK; Reconstruction, Jim Crow; Redlining; The War on Drugs, Prison Industrial Complex and et cetera.
And the best that Briahna, Nina and KillerMike can persuade Bernie on is his pledge to sign HR40? A bill written to study reparations and a bill that he, based on his actions, will put zero effort into its passing? This is the revolution?

I'm not impressed.
*Bernie becomes temporarily....

(I hate typos, ugh).
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