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When I point out how #MAGA are being lied to & misled by @FoxNews shills like Bongino & Solomon, it makes some people confused & angry.

They ask "Lying about what & why?"

Shortest answer to the WHY is: Jacob Rothschild.

Follow the THREAD & learn WHAT you aren't being told.
Viewers of @FoxNews are being misled about most of the most important issues of the day, as is @POTUS.

It's especially bad with @realDonaldTrump because of Kushner, who is linked to Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch, as I'll show you in this thread beyond any possible doubt.
The issues @FoxNews is omitting info, lying about & misleading on include:

- The RussiaGate story; the "Spygate" narrative is a half-truth meant to demonize Putin & Russia

- Jeffrey Epstein

- Israel / Zionism

- The Syrian war.

- Ukrainegate

- China

Why? Rothschild.
Who is Jacob Rothschild and why is he central to the FoxNews lies?

It's not a conspiracy theory or racist rumor.

Rothschild and his connections to Kushner & Murdoch explain all these lies due to Rothschild business interests in two energy companies; Genie Energy & Yukos Oil.
We'll start with Genie Energy.

No conspiracy theory: here's a 2010 press release showing Rothschild & @FoxNews owner Murdoch each are part owners of Genie Energy.

Both are on their eye-popping advisory board.

But let's explain Kushner's link 1st.…
@FoxNews Genie Energy's parent company is IDT.

IDT not only leased their New Jersey headquarters from the Kushner patriarch Charles, but they the owners are also close family friends.
Here's the press release on the IDT / Kushner dear.…
And here's Genie Energy's site.
Not only is the Kushner family close friends with the people who run Genie Energy, Jared Kushner actually brought Ira Greenstein into the @realDonaldTrump administration.

This article doesn't mention Greenstein was President of Genie in addition to his role at IDT.
Ira Greenstein was part of the 3 man group vetting people for roles in the Trump admin, including State Department. @Scaramucci was another in that group.

Here's that article on Kushner's closest allies.…
I haven't even mentioned what Genie Energy does yet: they were granted the exclusive drilling rights to oil under the Golan Heights, the disputed area between Israel and called Trump Heights after @POTUS gave it to Genie / Isreal.…
@POTUS Let's add that the Kushner family's connection to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is so close with Jared Kushner’s family that he once slept in Kushner’s childhood bedroom."

That may have helped "Uncle Bibi" grant those drilling rights.…
@POTUS It's somewhat outside the scope of this thread, but based on the evidence I've seen I believe that @POTUS and @IvankaTrump have been used, manipulated by this Kushner / Murdoch group.

Two quick links on this.

1) Kushner's parents were "horrified."…
2) When Ivanka and Kushner almost broke up when she didn't want to renounce Christ and convert to Judaism, Rupert Murdoch's much younger Chinese wife Wendi Deng stepped in to keep them together.

(More on Wendi in a few tweets.)…
Kushner remains extremely close to Genie Energy co-owner Rupert Murdoch.…
I think it should be very clear that due to their business interests, @FoxNews and their staff like are forced to be dishonest on issues related to Israel and Syria.

Example: this AP story published on the Fox News site makes NO mention of Murdoch..…
Now let's discuss why @FoxNews is and will continue to be deceptive on Jeffrey Epstein.

This relates to Genie Enegy, but worth noting this photo of bisexual pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell with Ruprter Murdoch, years after Epstein's a Wendi Deng event, by the way,
At least 5 people (out of 8) on the Genie Energy Board have direct, close connections with intelligence / organized crime linked pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein.

We've already shown you Rupert Murdoch & Ghislaine Maxwell.
In addition to Rupert Murdoch, the other four members of the Genie energy board with ties to pedophile blackmailer intelligence operative Jeffrey Epstein are:

- Jacob Rothschild

- Bill Richardson

- Larry Summers; important link on the Russia connection

- Michael Steinhart
It was Jacob’d’s cousin Evelyn Rothschilds wife, close Clintonista Lynn Rothschild that introduced Jefferey Epstein to his friend and attorney Alan Dershowitz.
There’s a lot more that could be said on the connections between Jeffrey Epstein and Genie Rnergy, and I will be outlying them in my upcoming book The Epstein Network but with these connections don’t look for Real reporting about Epstein from Fox News.
Before we move on to Russia, just one quick point about Rupert Murdoch‘s ex-wife and Jared Kushner friend Wendi Deng.

Kushner has been warned repeatedly that she is a Chinese spy.…
In this discussion of how & WHY @FoxNews 7 their personalities like Dan Bongino & John Solomon getting major aspects of a number of stories wrong, I introduced the Genie Energy connections first, because as you’ll see shortly they relate to Russiagate & Putin.

Which aspects?
Broadly, the reporting of @FoxNews is no different than @nytimes, @CNN & @washingtonpost in falsely demonizing Putin and Russia in regards to #Russiagate.

The only difference is they say Trump wasn’t involved.

And @potus wasn’t, but this set up is MUCH deeper than Fox let’s on.
Specifically, #FoxNews gets the following things completely wrong in the #Russiagate story.

- They make it appear that Fusion GPS is the genesis of the #Russiagate lies; it was CLINTON / State
- The Trump Tower meeting
- They falsely demonize Russian lawyer @VesNagency

The Fox News team also gets the following points wrong:

- no acknowledgment of Obama administrations coup in Ukraine / attempted coup that lead to civil war in Syria
- Unquestionably Skripal narrative, never tie in Steele
- criticized Trump after Helsinki
- no Cody / Kimberlin
And @FoxNews & their shills like Bongino and Solomon NEVER discuss the central role of @Billbrowder & Khodorkovsky to #Russiagate, which also means they let George Soros off the hook for his role.

So, why?

Let’s start here. I’ll explain, but see this?…
What you’re seeing in that link is that a Russian billionaire named Mikhail Khodorkovsky gave his shares of a company called Yukos to Jacob Rothschild...who I’ve already shown you in this thread to be Rupert Murdoch’s business partner in Genie Energy.

Got that?
THIS is what @FoxNews doesn’t want anyone to know about and it explains the lies, omissions & misdirection of #Spygate / Bongino / Solomon / etc.

You need to understand, we’re talking about a HUGE amount of money here.

Mega Billion$.

And nobody talks about it.
So what is Yukos?

And who is Khodorkovky?

This is from Khodorkovaky’s own site and even though it leaves his corruption, it shows how much money is involved.

In 2003, Yukos Oil was Russia’s biggest oil company, producing 2% of the WORLD’S oil.
Again, read it yourself — this is from Khodorkovsky’s own website.

I’ll explain what he is NOT telling you in a minute but note what he tells you here.

Khodorkovsky became the richest man in Russia and was trying sell a HUGE stake to US / UK companies.…
This 2003 article details how Khodorkovsky built ties to both elitists in both Democrats AND Republican parties, including the Bushes and people like Henry Kissinger.

The Russian billionaire was buying his way into Washington DC to steal Russian oil assets and sell them off.
Then in 2003 Khodorkovsky’s scheme was stopped.

By Vladimir Putin.

The oligarchs who put Putin in place though he’d be another puppet like Yeltsin but Putin turned out to be a Russian Christian who was ready to stop the steal.

Khodorkovsky went to prison & plotted revenge.
This Russian billionaire, connected to money laudering and murder, DID have friends in high places.

NOBODY talks about this.

Read it yourself: in 2006, Khodorkovsky was supported in a bill by @JoeBiden.

Co-Sponsors ; @BarackObama & @SenJohnMcCain.…
If you didn’t click the link on that last tweet about Senate Resolution 322 ☠️ please do it and see for yourself

A bill defending Russian criminal billioniare oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky had ONE sponsor: @JoeBiden.

This SHOULD be an election issue but NOBODY HAS REPORTED IT.
Time for a short commercial break to remind you that I do braver, factual journalism overnights the stories the rest of the media is too afraid or bought off to cover.

Please support real journalism with a donation.

Thank you. Back to the thread.
In case you hadn’t guessed by now, Khodorkovsky is also supported by @HillaryClinton.

Of course.

Okay, so now you’ve seen there’s this Russian billionaire named Khodorkovsky and he supported by @POTUS haters @JoeBiden, @HillaryClinton, @SenJohnMcCain and @BarackObama...

But does this really connect to #Russiagate?

It 100% does.

Let’s talk about Jonathan Winer...
Jonathan Winer is right at the center of the #Russiagate hoax and although Fox / Bongino may mention him a bit, they avoid pointing out his connection to both Khodorkovsky, @Billbrowder and his CENTRAL role in using State Department resources and Clinton connections.

Who is he?
Let’s look at Winer’s own words.

We’ll reference his op-ed about his involvement.…
He is alawyer, consultant, former Assistant Secretary of State and was special envoy to Libya, post coup and post Benghazi.

Also : a lobyist at APCO, a major lobbying firm. Remember APCO’s name.

Also 35 year working relationship w/ John Kerry.

Also. Middle East Institute.
Now let’s look at how Dan Bongino reports on Winer in his book Spygate.

These are literally all the regencies to Winer, not including Dan’s very selective ‘timeline.’

No Browder, Khodorkovsky. No APCO.

Blowspast the fact the WINER introduced Steele to State.

Really think about this.

Three people at State — Nuland, Talbott and Winer — were being briefed by Steele during 2016.

Winer is the guy who brought Steele to State in the first place.

Yet Dan Bongino barely mentions this in his book Spygate.

THIS is a cover-up.
Dan Bongino’s scant mention of Jonathan Winer in the book Spygate is slightly better than his mention of Biden / Obama / McCain / Clinton / Soros protected Khodorkovsky.

Zero mentions.

That’s because Khodorkovsky and Yukos are really a big part of what motivated the entire Russiagate hoax.

It’s also why DAN, Solomon & Fox lie the Trump Tower meeting, which everyone agrees was about The Magnitsky Act.…
One of the few reporters who is taking this on at all is Jeff Carlson @themarketswork.

These are the same facts that I’ve been reporting for about two years now.

Bongino won’t address them. Does he think Carlson is a Russian stooge?

Read this.…
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