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Welcome to today's edition of the White House Daily #shadowbriefing Today's theme to steal from @Acosta is cleanup on aisle 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let's start with Turkey. It would be quicker to point out the things @realDonaldTrump said that were true, if we could find them
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 2. But let's get right to your questions because there were a lot of lies spilled and I don't know where to start. Q.The President declared victory today. How is this a victory? A. Let me stop you right there, because it was not a victory, it was a major defeat. But the polling
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 3. shows that victories are more popular than defeats. But let's be clear what our victory won us--American troop withdrawals left our Kurdish allies to be slaughtered or ethnically cleansed at best, Russia's influence is strengthened, Syria position has been improved, and
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 4. Turkey having gotten what they wanted with the invasion is emboldened so much that they are now publicly saying they are going to acquire nuclear weapons. But other than that it was a geopolitical bonanza. Oh and let's not forget the windfall here for ISIS. We can't really
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 5. fight ISIS from Iraq and they'll reconstitute in a matter of months. So yes we can call it a victory just like the Astros could say they won a World Series game last night. Doesn't make it true. Q. @realDonaldTrump said this "peace deal" was made by the US and only the US
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 6. Is that really true? A. OF course not. This deal was made yesterday in Sochi, Russia. Putin and Erdogan made this deal without the involvement of the US as most decisions going forward in the Middle East will be made. Our interests were not represented in any way unless
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 7. you consider that we've abdicated our national interests to serve the interests of Russia. If you look at it this way, there is a scent of victory in all this. Q. The President said they troops were only supposed to be there for 30 days and stayed for 10 years. Where does
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 8. he get that. A. He made it up. He made it up and no matter how many people tell him its not true, he will continue to use it. The truth is not an objective concrete thing to him. The truth is whatever he says and whatever serves his interest. It's really not hard to
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 9. to understand. Q. Haven't we let a bunch of ISIS prisoners escape? That can't be good? A. No he can't. The reason we were there was to protect our own interests fighting next to the Kurds to defeat ISIS. Now the President actually believes that he and Only he defeated
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 10. ISIS and personally captured thousands of terrorists. But now many of them are on the loose. As he was declaring victory at the White House, his special envoy was on the hill saying terrorists are loose and we don't know where to find him. Making it worse, the Defense Sec
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 11. told reporters yesterday that prisoners had escaped but not as many as we thought would. So we knew that one of the results of this policy surrender was to put more ISIS terrorists back on their battlefield. Let me say that again...we knew ISIS prisoners would escape making
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 12. all of us less safe and we gave Turkey the green light anyway. Let that sink in for a moment. Q. The President indicated only he could construct such a victory where so many others have failed. Is that really the case. A. See, I knew if we stuck at this long enough we find
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 13. one place where the President told the truth. Only he could have so screwed up the policy, put lives at risk, undermine our national security and destabilize the region for our ally Israel, strengthening Iran's hand and walk to the podium and declare victory. Only him.
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 14. Let's change the subject to something lighter. Q. Does the President have any reaction to Amb. Taylor's testimony yesterday. A. It was something similar to the reaction to events that were described in the Mueller report. Q. Can you be a bit more specific? A. Yeah, he
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 15. said I'm fucked, my Presidency is over. He quickly recovered and realized that he'd won a big victory by handing our foreign policy over to the Russians, but that wasn't his first reaction. Q. Does the President approve of what Rep Gaetz and his colleagues did today in the
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 16. SCIF? And did he know about it in advance? A. Of course he knew about it in advance. Matty boy calls him every night after a few pops at his local where he gets all his good ideas. The President believes they did the right thing in disrupting the hearing but is ok if
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 17. they're all shot at dawn. He figures we all could use a little distraction this week. Q. Former Acting AG Whitaker said yesterday that abuse of power is not a crime. Does the President agree? A. You bet he does. Why else would he put a hack at Justice like Whitaker.
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 18. Trump agrees with Nixon, if the President does it, it's not a crime. Although Trump would add if the President does it and it doesn't make him a buck he's a schmuck. Q. The President's lawyers argued in court today that if he shot someone on 5th avenue there was no judicial
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 19. remedy. A. The President has always believed that he was just a little surprised he found a lawyer who would defend that point in court. He's very pleased. Q. The Republicans have floated about a dozen defense of Trump abandoning them almost as fast as they're used.
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 20. Does he have a personal favorite. A. Yes he does. He just learned the meaning and the pronunciation of the word coup...so he really is into that one. Q. The question simultaneously says he doesn't know Taylor and he knows he's a never Trumper. How do you square that?
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 21. I don't understand the point of your question. Oh, I'm sorry, you're new. You see here at the Trump White House we don't have to square up seemingly opposite statements. We just say that's Trump being Trump. Make sense now? Q. @PressSec issued a statement last night
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 22. blasting the radical unelected bureaucracy saying Taylor was part of a coordinated smear campaign. Isn't it the White House coordinating the smear campaign. A. Yes you're right and we were all hoping you wouldn't notice that. The best part though is @PressSec herself.
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 23. she's smearing an American Patriot when she herself is a radical unelected bureaucrat who the public never sees. You can't make this shit up. Q. Does John Thune's statements today on impeachment and how troubled he is worry the White House. A. Thune isn't part of the
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 24. He's just a backbencher with an ax to grind trying to get attention. Q. Actually he's the number 2 Republican in the Senate. A. Oh, I didn't know that. Well the President says he acts like a number 2, he looks like number 2...man that was a good one. Trump will love that.
@Acosta @realDonaldTrump 25. I'm going out on top tonight with a great number 2 zinger. See you all tomorrow and bring your best.
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