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If the wealth of people today is measured by what fancy cars they own then the Muslims from the period between the 8th and 13th Century would have their wealth measured by what they own in terms of books and manuscripts.


Whereas 95 percent of residents in West during Middle Ages did not know how to read or write, the Islamic state established thousands of schools (Madaras) spread amongst cities and villages to teach people Qur’ān, accounting, history, biology, mathematics and geography.

Following is a list where I've named key Islamic Scientists and related writers produced by Madrassahs from the 8th to the end of the 13th century. By placing each writer in a historical context, this will help us understand the influences and borrowing of ideas.

701 (died) - Khalid Ibn Yazeed

721 - Jabir Ibn Haiyan (Geber)
(Great Muslim Alchemist)

740 - Al-Asmai
(Zoology, Botany, Animal Husbandry)

780 - Al-Khwarizmi (Algorizm)
(Mathematics, Astronomy)

787 - Al Balkhi, Ja'Far Ibn Muhammas (Albumasar)

796 (died) - Al-Fazari,Ibrahim Ibn Habeeb Astronomy, Translation

800 - Ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi (Alkindus)
(Philosophy, Physics, Optics)

808 - Hunain Ibn Is'haq
Medicine, Translator

815 - Al-Dinawari, Abu-Hanifa Ahmed Ibn Dawood
Mathematics, Linguistics

836 - Thabit Ibn Qurrah (Thebit)
(Astronomy, Mechanics)
Muslim Scholars and Scientists.

838 - Ali Ibn Rabban Al-Tabari
(Medicine, Mathematics)

852 - Al Battani Abu Abdillah (Albategni), Mathematics, Astronomy, Engineering

857 - Ibn MasawaihYou'hanna

858 - Al-Battani (Albategnius)
(Astronomy, mathematics)

860 - Al-Farghani (Al-Fraganus)
(Astronomy,Civil Engineering)

884 - Al-Razi (Medicine,Ophthalmology, Chemistry)

870 - Al-Farabi (Al-Pharabius)
(Sociology, Logic, Science, Music)

900 (died) - Abu Hamed Al-ustrulabi

903 - Al-Sufi (Azophi)

908 - Thabit Ibn Qurrah
Medicine, Engineering

912 (died) - Al-Tamimi Muhammad Ibn Amyal (Attmimi)

923 (died) - Al-Nirizi, AlFadl Ibn Ahmed (wronge Altibrizi)
Mathematics, Astronomy

930 - Ibn Miskawayh, Ahmed Abuali
Medicine, Alchemy

932 - Ahmed Al-Tabari

936 - Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahravi (Albucasis)
Surgery, Medicine

940 - Muhammad Al-Buzjani
Mathematics, Astronomy, Geometry

950 - Al Majrett'ti Abu-alQasim
Astronomy, Alchemy, Mathematics

960 (died) - Ibn Wahshiyh, Abu Baker
Alchemy, Botany

965 - Ibn Al-Haitham (Alhazen)
Physics, Optics, Mathematics)

973 - Abu Raihan Al-Biruni
Astronomy, Mathematics

976 - Ibn Abil Ashath

980 - Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
Medicine, Philosophy, Mathematics

983 - Ikhwan A-Safa (Assafa)
Group of Muslim Scientists

1019 - Al-Hasib Alkarji

1029 - Al-Zarqali (Arzachel)
Astronomy (Invented Astrolabe)

1044 - Omar Al-Khayyam
Mathematics, Poetry

1060(died) - Ali Ibn Ridwan Abu'Hassan Ali

1077 - Ibn Abi-Sadia Abul Qasim

1090 - Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar)
Surgery, Medicine

1095 - Ibn Bajah, Mohammed Ibn Yahya

1097 - Ibn Al-Baitar Diauddin (Bitar)
Botany, Medicine, Pharmacology

1099 - Al-Idrisi (Dreses)
Geography, World Map (First Globe)

1091 - Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar)
Surgery, Medicine

1095 - Ibn Bajah, Mohammad Ibn Yahya (Avenpace)
Philosophy, Medicine

1099 - Al-Idrisi (Dreses)
Geography -World Map, First Globe

1100 - Ibn Tufayl Al-Qaysi
Philosophy, Medicine

1120 (died) - Al-Tuhra-ee, Al-Husain Ibn Ali Alchemy, Poem

1128 - Ibn Rushd (Averroe's)
Philosophy, Medicine

1135 - Ibn Maymun, Musa (Maimonides)
Medicine, Philosphy

1140 - Al-Badee Al-Ustralabi
Astronomy, Mathematics

1155 (died) - Abdel-al Rahman AlKhazin

1162 - Al Baghdadi, Abdellateef Muwaffaq
Medicine, Geography

1173 - Rasheed AlDeen Al-Suri

1184 - Al-Tifashi, Shihabud-Deen (Attifashi)
Metallurgy, Stones

1201 - Nasir Al-Din Al-Tusi
Astronomy, Non-Euclidean Geometry

1203 - Ibn Abi-Usaibi'ah, Muwaffaq Al-Din

1204 (died) - Al-Bitruji (Alpetragius)

1213 - Ibn Al-Nafis Damishqui

1236 - Kutb Aldeen Al-Shirazi
Astronomy, Geography

1248 (died) - Ibn Al-Baitar
Pharmacy, Botany

1258 - Ibn Al-Banna (Al Murrakishi), Azdi
Medicine, Mathematics

1262 (died) - Al-Hassan Al-Murarakishi
Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography

1273 - Al-Fida (Abdulfeda)
Astronomy, Geography

1306 - Ibn Al-Shater Al Dimashqi
Astronomy, Mathematics

1320 (died) - Al Farisi Kamalud-deen Abul-HassanAstronomy, Physics

1341 (died) - Al-Jildaki, Muhammad Ibn Aidamer

1351 - Ibn Al-Majdi, Abu Abbas Ibn Tanbugha
Mathematics, Astronomy

1359 - Ibn Al-Magdi,Shihab-Udden Ibn TanbughaMathematic, Astronomy
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