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This touches on multiple issues that I think a lot of people are grappling with (and that I myself continually grapple with). Disclaimer: Obviously, I’m not a priest and I am only giving my personal opinion.

As for daily NO Mass, I personally am at the point where I will not go. Obviously daily Mass is a great thing, however, giving tacit approval to error (girl altar boys, extraordinary ministers, etc) in my view would supersede any good I would attain for myself.
It’s not strictly /necessary/ to attend daily Mass at all, so I cannot in good conscience advise going if you have to subject yourself to a Mass with all of these dangerous innovations.
I feel compelled to to address the more complex related issue of Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, I know this isn’t directly part of your question but bear with me.
Missing Sunday Mass is a mortal sin. However, I am at the point where I honestly don’t know whether attending a Novus Ordo Mass on Sunday is something I could ever do again.
I fear to even tackle this topic, for if I am wrong, I would be telling others to sin. This goes both directions, however, as it is also a sin to participate in false worship that is offensive to God.
I will not advise anything. But there are two schools of thought: people who believe that you must ALWAYS attend Sunday Mass, regardless of the nature of the worship, and those who believe you do not sin by forgoing a normally obligated Mass if that Mass would offend God.
There is a bit of a middle ground position that I actually think most people fall into. Option 2, but with a caveat: not attending a Sunday Mass that is /blatantly and obviously/ offensive to God.
This is important in light of the recent news on female “deacons”. I have stated that I will not ever attend a Mass which involves them. Maybe that’s my personal red line. But this is all an issue of degree, not kind.
It seems obvious to me that this abuse of Holy Orders is blatantly offensive to God. But who is to say that the use of a table altar isn’t blatantly offensive to God? Or that laywomen touching the sacred hosts is not blatantly offensive to God?
Or that the very text of the Novus Ordo Missae, as written, does not contain (or omits, permit me this awkward phrasing) elements of the Mass which makes this worship blatantly offensive to God?
I think that a very good case has been made that this is true. After reading Michael Davies’s Liturgical Revolution series - which extensively addresses this topic both historically and in the conciliar era - I do believe the Novus Ordo is severely flawed.
Same goes for various writings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. The SSPX position is that Catholics are not obligated to attend the Novus Ordo Mass, and I believe their case is a reasonable one that we must duly consider.
As for how this applies in my own life? I don’t know. I just don’t know. Blessedly, I can attend a Latin Mass every Sunday, and I do so. The simplest solution: drive to the Latin Mass on every day you are obligated to attend Mass.
It’s worth the sacrifice, for so many reasons beyond the scope of this thread. But what if that is impossible? I have attended the Novus Ordo twice in recent ish months. The first time, we were VERY far from a TLM and my fiancé was ill.
The second time, we had far more surmountable logistical concerns. That second Mass pained me so much, partly because I knew in my conscience that I had done wrong due to laziness, and also because it was far less reverent than the prior one we’d attended.
I walked out of it and I told myself, “never again”. And I don’t plan on it. The question is, what will I do if I end up six hours from a TLM? What will I do if there not only is only a Novus Ordo, but only a Novus Ordo featuring female “deacons”?
What if soon it’s an NO with a female “priest”? Where is the line? I can’t answer for you. I can barely answer for me. But I believe that the real line was crossed a very long time ago, when we destroyed the Roman Rite in favor of a “banal, on the spot product”. (Benedict XVI)
I don’t think we’re getting out of this conundrum with real clarity for the time being. We need to ask ourselves these questions. Fundamentally? We need hope. We need hope in God’s mercy.
At the end of the day? Lord have mercy on me, a sinner. I don’t believe God is going to send people to hell for attending the NO, especially the many people who haven’t yet come to see the value of the TLM. I’m not saying “there’s no salvation outside the SSPX” or whatever.
However, I also don’t believe God is going to send me to hell for staying home some theoretical impossible Sunday because I’m not going to a Mass that I believe - based on a massive pile of evidence - is damaging to my faith.
I believe in the God of mercy. The real God of mercy, of true mercy, of true justice. I will do my best to educate myself and my child, deferring to my husband when we marry (though my fiancé and I in the same place of uncertainty now).
I love my brothers and sisters who attend the Novus Ordo every Sunday, or every day of the week. You are not my enemies. I do not see myself as better than you.
I know this topic offends greatly, but I have to say what I believe is the truth, and I believe that the fundamental answer is that we need to restore the Latin Mass. To do that, we need to be there. I don’t want my kids to grapple with these impossible questions. God bless.
Note: this thread /presupposes/ the VALIDITY of the Novus Ordo. There are other schismatic groups (the Eastern Orthodox, for example) with a VALID Eucharist. That is not part of the argument I’m making.
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