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So now that Dan Gerlach has resigned as ECU's interim Chancellor, when do we find out how much taxpayer $$$ was spent on UNC-system lawyers trying to keep those security videos under wraps for weeks? 🤔
To recap, Gerlach got suspended about a month ago

Ensuing media coverage focused on a prostitute who'd reportedly serviced him in one of Greenville's local watering holes

Old thread is here:
The public relations response after Gerlach's suspension hopscotched across a variety of excuses, including this notion that he'd been set up by ECU police officers who pressured him into going to the bar

This doesn't look like a guy being pressured tbh...
Here's a different camera showing the other angle at the same time

For Gerlach not to know these guys, and them pressuring him to do things, he seems awfully chatty
I'll skip past the assorted in-bar festivities and the transfer from Bar #1 to Bar #2

Because I'm genuinely curious how Gerlach made it more than one step after losing a flip flop, or why it was so hard for him to put it back on? 😂

This was at 2:10am btw
By 2:11a-ish Gerlach is so drunk he can't walk without stumbling twice, can't walk in a straight line, and damn near walks into a pole...
Now, typically when you're that drunk it's a *really* bad idea to drive

But this is Greenville. So y'all already know what happened.

(Also, is it just me or did Gerlach nearly fall over trying to get into the car??)
And Dan Gerlach was sufficiently drunk he apparently forgot you're supposed to pick one lane to drive in instead of straddling two of them
There's more video footage, because there's *always* more footage for dumb sh*t like this

But the videos aren't the point. Gerlach's resigned and that's all he himself can do

What I want to know about is the tax-funded apparatus that went to work defending him
Dude got put on leave 9/30. How long do y'all think it took the UNC system's lawyers to get those tapes? A week? Two?

I'm a defense attorney so looking for footage (esp non-police video) is one of the first things I do on a case...
...yet there was a media blitz to demonize the escort, to insist the cops set him up (they made him walk to his car? took his phone so he couldn't get an Uber?), plus this cover story by Henry Hinton's people that Gerlach was at Bar #2 at 10 yet on video leaving Bar #1 at 10:40p
(Henry Hinton is the former chairman of the ECU Foundation's Board of Directors, who used to be on the UNC-system Board of Governors and is a huge Gerlach booster. He runs a media company that offered quite a bit of airtime to Gerlach to pitch his shifting stories.)
And if we want to get technical about it, the pervasive lying to try and get Chancellor Dan reinstated sure sounds like an attempt by him to obtain property by false pretenses, being aided and abetted by some co-conspirators

My clients have been criminally charged for less...
So some questions I'd love @WITN or @reflectornews or @CarolinaJournal to ask:

➡️ Did UNC use their in-house lawyers or outsource this investigation?

➡️ How long did they have these tapes?

➡️ How much taxpayer $$ was spent on this charade after they already knew what happened?
Yep. Had Gerlach run over a student in his drunken stupor, the bar would've been sued for negligence

A university system reverting to the bad ol' days of backroom politics and patronage appointments and using tax money to cover up scandals and etc

I wonder how long system President Bill Roper knew about these tapes

Was he motivated to keep quiet because he's the one who picked Gerlach for the job? 🤔
Had you actually read the thread, you'd have seen the photos. They were published, widely, weeks ago

What "cover"? 🤣 I'm not the guy who used my radio station to run interference for a public employee driving home while he was stumbling drunk

My "interest in this" is spending 2 years on the Board of Governors and expecting better of public servants and their defenders 😉

Maybe if you were similarly credulous this wouldn't be such an issue

Right? 🤣

Videos get released and @HenryHinton1's response is basically this, rather than what's on the video that he didn't want you to know about

Which part of the videos aren't facts?

What was "impartial" about your "I support Dan and always have" post?

A reporter I'd worked with on the Xanax / ECU frat story awhile back. The issue where I'd emailed Board leadership about the problem a year before all the arrests and public exposure

You were on the Board then, weren't you? Why didn't you do anything?

My email was sent in July 2016. You were definitely on the Board then

So, I'll ask again: why didn't you or your colleagues do anything about ECU's Xanax problem after I'd brought it to the Board's attention?

I mean seriously, dude was named a Committee Chairman just a month prior 🤣

You're a smart businessman, you mean to tell us you don't understand why a documented pattern of ignoring problems is "an issue"? 😂

I work for myself btw, run my own law firm. Why are you such a conspiracist? 🤔

"Public records requests, how do they work?" 😂


(For the record, I've not been paid by anyone or any thing / org / corp / etc, in any amount at all whatsoever)

I figured @TXantislapplaw's @'s were already enough of a mess without me adding more to it 🤣

Graduated from NCCU too btw. You have a problem with HBCUs?

It's weird b/c I usually only see this level of denial from people who've committed actual crimes

I wonder if @HenryHinton1 has anything he wants to share with the class? 🧐

Already answered that question awhile ago, do try to keep up

If you're this far behind on a Twitter conversation, I guess I can't be surprised you ✌️had no idea✌️ about DWI Dan

Oh @HenryHinton1 isn't a journalist, he's a media mogul and politician. Told the top Republican in our Legislature that he'd been appointed to run the largest PAC in NC, back when he was trying to get reappointed to another term on the Board of Governors

Answered that question too. And a number of people have helpfully sent you screenshots in case you missed it

(which, let's be honest, we know you didn't miss it because you've been obsessing over this thread since this morning 😉)

No one accused you of "setting Dan up"

If you think that's what I said, you should probably go back and try reading more closely

Evidently. It's also weird af

I'll look forward to his station's reporting on his truth about my friends 🤣

Nah, Hinton's a Media Defendant so the burden would be on me to prove he knew his statements were false when he said it. Tbh after his comments today I'm convinced he's dumb enough to actually believe it 🤣

The fun part of @HenryHinton1's paranoia: I didn't even know there was a "media package," but now I do

Guess good ol' Henry knew about this after all, and decided to keep it hush hush 🤔
Gonna be tough to convince a court to slice the distinction that finely. I'd almost certainly be considered at least a LPPF anyway

I asked Good Ol' Henry that question earlier, he deflected and went back to raving about the secret cabal that hired me

Part of me is inclined to come up with a fake dollar amount like we did with the conVics, just to see if the DUI Dan supporters would buy it. $75 per tweet you think?

Not familiar with Judge Foster at all, haven't talked to Matt Davenport since June 2018 when the ECU Xanax scandal broke, and @PeterRomary is a big boy who can speak for himself

You created a whole fake account for that?? 🤣🤣🤣

Oh c'mon, @ragnardanny, just because you were wrong doesn't mean you need to do a tweet-and-delete!

My agenda's so clear no one's been able to articulate it to me yet 😂

Keep reading the thread down from the tweet you commented on, or scroll up (way up) from here. Should be about 5 of them posted

I like it

Now that we know how much I'm getting paid, who do we say is my client? 🤔 I feel like it needs to be some NCSU-based secret society colluding to hold ECU back from its greatness and such...

You're welcome to believe what you want, and free to unfollow at any time

You seem nice. Do you get this upset about all drunk drivers, or just this one?

$5/word works out to $100/tweet more often than not, right? Maybe we should do a poll on what's more believable

No one said anything about the ECU Board. We were talking about the UNC system's Board of Governors.

Now that you've made it clear you don't understand how the university works, run along and play so the adults can talk in peace

If you think the University system's oversight body doesn't intervene to address "police issues" before they become police issues, you lack the life experience to participate in this conversation

Go have a PBR and relax

🤡: "DoN't YoU hAvE sOmEtHiNg BeTtEr To Do?? HoW dArE yOu ReSpOnD tO mE!"

Why wouldn't I like ECU or Greenville? Because I think y'all deserve better than what you had?

That's a weird take but ok I guess

Fair enough. For what it's worth, I've spent a *lot* of time at ECU over the years. Exposing Gerlach isn't the point here since he'd already resigned beforehand, but I *am* definitively excited about exposing the bureaucrats who ran interference for him

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I didn't even know there was "an anonymous media packet" until Good Ol' Henry talked about it today

If y'all want to spend even more taxpayer money investigating that person(s), knock yourselves out

The "photographer who took the pictures" had them on Instagram, Facebook, and a wide variety of other places minutes after it happened. You're basically claiming this Foster / Davenport / Romary cabal orchestrated a viral social media campaign in minutes

(And the videos were taken by security cameras, not a photographer)
I care about ECU quite a bit (along with the other 16 UNC institutions) for obvious reasons. But the rest of this tweet is entirely spot on

This is officially one of the very worst puns in my mentions in a loooong time 🤣🤣🤣

Wasn't there *just* an ECU partisan in my @'s a few hours ago insisting the woman wasn't a prostitute?

Y'all need to do better coordinating talking points...
(Also, who claimed Gerlach was being "a nuisance"? Y'all keep adding new stuff 🤣)
I'm now getting the "you can't prove he was legally drunk!" coupled with him telling me the off-duty cops (on the video) actually met Gerlach in the bar instead 🤣

The parallels to certain other Stand With CHUDs is eerie
Security cam footage doesn't lie. I'm sorry someone clearly misled you

Dude clearly never worked in criminal defense

But the footage is so grainy! And clearly this was all a setup by the cops anyway! And the not-a-prostitute was in on it too! While the anti-ECU cabal made it all go viral minutes after it happened!

*Manufacturing a media narrative 4 weeks after his suspension and the first set of footage became public. Because I procrastinate

Yes, I have. Many times, over the span of many years.

Gerlach was weaving.

Because he was drunk.

I've walked that exact same spot, plenty. The only ones nearly walking into the pole are drunk, and few lose their footwear for several steps

Try again:

Not surprised someone stanning so hard for a drunk driver would also trash-talk an HBCU though

Yes, I'm quite conservative. It's why I don't like government officials getting stroked in their second bar of the night before drunkenly driving home then spending taxpayer money to go on a media offensive denying it all

Except for those security videos, apparently 🤔

I mean the videos are here in the thread, plain as day for all to see

Not sure what you think I gain out of this other than CHUDs like you polluting my @'s and DMs

You're definitely stanning for a drunk driver, yes. It's gross.

I didn't have one. I'd actually asked @BullCityVA if she had any opinions because I didn't know much about him

*and a cost of attendance that was 1/2 UNCCH's at the time

Indeed. And they hired one of the premier law firms in NC so you know they were getting billed $500+ per hour for this

"You have no ties to ECU" confirms you're more clueless than I thought. It's impressive tbh

You're much better at this than Good Ol' Henry

Oddly enough, no one was complaining when I was calling for Staton to be fired awhile ago

Fair point

(Though as I mentioned further up, it's not even Gerlach I care about. It's his tax-funded enablers.)

So you admit to trademark infringement, but you're concerned people will think you're an employee? 😂

Good to know. Where'd you get your law degree?

I already shared my LSAT score with you.

It was higher than yours.

That's an awful lot of words to say "I don't have a law degree"

"Yet" was the keyword on your LSAT score being lower than mine? Do they speak English in What?

You don't understand, if he just puts "analyst" it's not UPL! Just like he can dilute ECU's trademark if he just puts "not affiliated" in his bio! It's all magic words anyway!

Of course I am, every time I reply to you the first tweet in the thread gets spread to more people

Sadly, as entertaining as this has been, I've gotta go to bed so I can get up before dawn tomorrow

Night y'all
I 👏 deserve 👏 better 👏 enemies 👏

Irving Kristol, often described as "the father of neoconservatism" here, had a saying "There are 2 types of conservatives: those who are anti-state, and those who are anti-Left"

The anti-state Rs like me are mostly all dead and gone

I look forward to using my powers for good, my ability to... compel government officials to get sh*tfaced at 2-4 bars depending on who you ask, take an Uber home, then walk back to downtown to drive drunk instead because reasons?

It's a lame power tbh 😪

It really is the exact same, except these ones Stand With Dan (a now-resigned temporary Chancellor who was revered for being more student-friendly than his garbage predecessor, so breaking the law and lying about it are totes cool)

Did you see the sockpuppet account created just to imply I was working with a judge I don't know, a defense attorney I haven't talked to in over a year, and another attorney who's active on Twitter and speaks for himself?

Such investigative skillz

Pick a number and a client, then watch the magic happen 😂

Also notice it's not a conspiracy when Kindly Ol' Henry gets paid to comment on things – money that enabled him to donate his way onto the BOG – but me not being paid to do what I regularly do on Twitter (for 10+ years now) is somehow odd 🤣

Some updates on things here:

➡️ Turns out the security videos I posted were already out in the wild before I tweeted them?

Apparently a judge had ordered them released to the public on Friday???

That does make me wonder why Kindly Ol' Henry Hinton was so concerned about how I got videos a judge had ruled were to be made public more than a day earlier... 🤔
➡️ My question about "how long did it take the University's lawyers to find out about the tapes?" got answered

They learned no later than October 14th. Meaning they decided to go the cover-up route – with taxpayer money – for at least two weeks!

➡️ Gerlach was at 4 bars that night, not 2 as previously reported

➡️ The security video shows him walking *into* downtown because he'd initially taken an Uber home, discovered his house keys were locked in his car, and walked back to his car to get them (when he drove off)
(Gerlach was staying in the Ward Guest House on 5th Street at the time. Sup Dogs – the first bar he was at, where he parked – is also on 5th Street.)
➡️ Bill Roper, President of the consolidated University of North Carolina, knew all this – but apparently participated in sweeping it under the rug anyway

He told the Chairman of ECU's Board of Trustees on Friday that he was planning to reinstate DUI Dan today
That was uncharitable of me, let me rephrase: President Roper either knew and participated in the coverup, or was deliberately kept in the dark by the General Counsel

I'm not sure which is worse tbh
➡️ The results of the Friday hearing – a judge ordering that these security videos be made public – were why you suddenly got a random resignation

President Roper, either willfully or due to being kept in the dark by the General Counsel, was trying to run out the clock
➡️ Both the UNC Board of Governors and ECU Board of Trustees are having emergency meetings tomorrow

I have no inside Info on what will be discussed, but I'd expect closed session talk on what the President knew and when
(Sorry, typos 😑)
House keys locked in the car, that's what the investigators were told. Presumably still had his car keys on him. So he walked from the house back to his car parked downtown, got in it, and drove off

Definitely unethical, not sure about illegal


And yes, I know he's walking back to the bar. DUI Dan was so drunk he locked his house key in his car, forgot, and had to walk back to get it

Mentioned all that a few tweets up, 30+ minutes before you @'d me here

Try again. Do better.

➡️ Depending on who you ask, ECU partisans are adamant the police and prostitute set him up

➡️ Unknown, but doubt it. The pics hit social media quickly, suggesting it was out-of-the-ordinary

➡️ For some, they liked him better than his (trash) predecessor
Kindly Ol' Henry was just blustering. He evidently was embarrassed there was a whole court hearing on Friday that he didn't know about.

More fun to accuse people of conspiracies than to do actual work

The guy he replaced was really, *really* garbage

I'm telling you the investigation results. Gerlach parked downtown, hit 4 bars, got a handjob from a prostitute, took an Uber home, realized his house key was in the car, drunkenly stumbled back to his car, drove off

Idgaf whether you believe it or not 😂
No clue. It's a truly old-school way of dealing with scandal, unfit for our social media era

I never said he walked downtown "to go to another bar." Your reading comprehension skills are LOLable, and your judgment is about as good as a guy who stumbles drunk to his car while on camera and then drives off

Was "walking back to the bar" (where he'd parked his car) somehow unclear in its meaning?
Enlighten us: on which block of which street do you think his car is parked?

And the address for Sup Dogs – the first bar Gerlach attended – is what?

Government cameras. Greenville added a bunch of them around downtown last year

True. Doubly weird when he's on video walking down 5th Street to the bar on 5th Street where he parked his car on 5th Street (before driving drunk down 5th Street)

Except we know he was drunk. Whether he was "legally" drunk is irrelevant.

We also know he lied about it after the fact.

Him being placed on leave, and then resigning because he was going to get fired, would suggest otherwise 😉

Already answered that awhile ago, right here in this very thread. You should read it.

Nah. I have friends who are subject matter experts who'd be willing to handle it

I'd double-check everything they did though 🙈

There's a minimum IQ required for me to take someone seriously. You don't qualify

No one told you to scroll through 166.5K tweets over 10.5 years

We said to scroll the short thread you're commenting on instead of begging people to spoon-feed you like a mewling whelp

There's not though

I guess we can add innumeracy to your list of defects

Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh.

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