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Agreed. "The most disrespected person in America is the black woman," said Malcolm X.

And I just wanna point out how erasing Kamala Harris infuriates me to no end, as a brown Asian. Kamala is a brown Asian as well. For far too long we are erased and erased, 1/
Wherein in films such as "Crazy Rich Asians" and even in Filipino shows and films I watch, many of the people portrayed and many of the people in power are the ones who have lighter skin, i.e. East Asians and Europeans. Media erasure of Brown Asians probably made me 2/
Wish before, in an act of internalized racism, to really wish I was White or had fairer skin, because throughout my childhood most of the would-be role models I see are of fairer skin tones.

It was only recently, around 2-3 yrs. ago, did I begin to shake off that and begin to 3/
Appreciate my race, my blood, my ethnicity, thank God, because before I thought that only fairer-skinned people succeeded in life. Similar to what MLK said about Blacks, I am a Brown Asian, I'm proud, I'm a Brown Asian and I'm beautiful!

One of the biggest reasons why I support Kamala Harris is because she lifts up the voices of those people who have not had much chance to speak and be at the negotiating table. Her candidacy and, God-willing, POTUS win, is a signal to us Brown Asians that we can be who we 5/
Want to be, it means so much to me who have continuously been shown that us Brown Asians can only merely be domestic helpers, janitors, and less-than-minimum-wage sweatshop workers working far from our families. We CAN DO MUCH MORE THAN THOSE. 6/

We CAN be businesspeople, politicians, scientists, social wastronauts astronauts, star athletes, diplomats, artists, and so much more.

And most of all, one of us CAN and WILL, God-willing, be the US President. 7/7
That is why an attack on Kamala Harris is an attack against me and other Brown Asians who have been told to shrink and be yes-people to White, or at least, Fair-Skin, supremacy across the world. An attack against her is an attack against who we are and what we can be.
#Khive I just want to add into the mix the Brown Asian identity of Kamala Harris. Yes, she is not Filipino, yet in many ways, her experience and mine have many similarities.

I wanna live in a society where my children don't have to go through the hoops and crap we went through.


And others... Got too tired too quickly tagging people to share this story and promote Kamala as not only uplifting Black women, but also Brown Asians as well.
I just want #KHive to answer this question as well: Andrew Yang is Asian as well but isn't getting the media erasure like Kamala Harris is getting. Now I wonder why...

I gotta sleep, I have a slightly severe cold. God bless!
I think you all know by now what the answer to my question is.
P.S. There's also the issue of East Asians or other fairer-skinned AAPI people being touted by racists as the "model monority" for performing much better than other minorities, esp. brown Asians, Blacks and Native Americans.

Those people forget such "model Asians" came to
America rich in the first place! Many of them may have become wealthy in their origin countries but it will always have something to do how many richer Asians conspired with colonists to keep the colonies poor for the colonists' benefit. Not to say all rich Asians are elitist and
racist but it inevitable that many rich Asians consciously or unconsciously made their wealth on the back of the poor and low-income people in their origin countries.

Yes. It happened in the Philippines, when richer, and fairer-skinned, Pinoys who owned lands conspired with
Racist Whites in the US, for example, to screw the Philippines over with the US getting to sell their products to Pinoys without restrictions, but not the other way around. Filipino injustice enablers agreed to it 'cuz it also included agri quotas that made them profitable

Dolan, Ronald E, ed. (1991), Philippines: A Country Study
books.google.com.ph › books
Philippines Constitution and Citizenship Law Handbook - ...
This is also a reason why I never trust Warren with foreign policy and trade: She may act like those racist Whites who say "(White) America First, screw anybody else!"

Like, you know, who Warren torpedoed the TPP.
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