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A lot needs to be cleared up regarding the ongoing #OperationHammer, which is a hybridized & lethal protocol, comprised of tenets from #COINTELPRO (#FBI) + Phoenix Program (#CIA in Vietnam) + #Stasi #Zersetzung targeting.
(2) A lot of misinformation, disinformation and half-truths are being slung about, which only results in further "muddying the waters."

Operation Hammer is CURRENTLY being run through #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters and the primary facilitators/perpetrators are ....
(3) #NSA #DHS #FBI #InfraGard #JTTF - not the #CIA.

Yes the #CIA has engaged in questionable activities in the past, however the FBI, DHS, NSA consistently utilize the CIA as their scapegoat or "whipping boy" for all of their extrajudicial F-Ups & #DOMINT operations ....
(4) including #OperationHammer - and many similar, parallel programs, farmed out to private contractors to target millions of innocent Americans.

The focus of Operation Hammer is not running a "coup" against .@POTUS Kevin Shipp. That is incorrect.

Indeed, Op. Hammer ....
(5) is a hybridized, #Stasi-styled targeting protocol dovetailed with the #JadeHelm rollout (not simply "an exercise" people), and the boys at #DHS #DOJ & Fort Meade are fully involved - not the #CIA.

The goal is to clandestinely take down millions of potential American ....
(6) "dissidents" (AKA "Patriots") via advanced technology the American population is totally unaware of.

This includes - but is not limited to - Remote Neural Monitoring technology (#MASINT) synthesized with AI support systems, and a standing army of civilian vigilantes ....
(7) funded by #DHS #DOJ - and armed with real-time tracking and targeting (#TTL) smart-phone applications.

#DOJ #DHS #NSA #FBI have already deployed a Chinese-style social credit system under the guise of Operation Hammer, comprised of elements of counter-terrorism and ....
(8) counter-intelligence programs utilized by rogue intel & LE agencies over the past 70+ years (as previously referenced).

I agree with .@kevin_shipp that the blame for this should not be placed on the #CIA, as #DOJ #DHS #NSA #FBI #JTTF #InfraGard are the primary perpetrators.
(9) But Kevin, the problem is that your comments lack specificity, leading the public to believe that (A) the focus of Operation Hammer was to foment a "coup" against .@POTUS, and (B) that the program is now defunct.

Both assumptions are wrong.

#COINTELPRO never died Kevin ....
(10) indeed, #COINTELPRO is more vicious and lethal than ever, especially when combined with tenets of the #Stasi's #Zersetzung protocol, aspects of the Phoenix Operation, and elements of China's social credit (targeting and elimination) system.

Furthermore, the target is ....
(11) the American population - not simply "facilitating a coup" against .@POTUS.

I respect the opinions of @docdhj (Janda), @KirkWiebe - and (up until now) yours as well .@kevin_shipp.

I have spoken with William Binney extensively and respect his opinion in these matters.
(12) IMHO Kevin, you need to extrapolate a bit on your recent statements.

Once again, while I agree with you that the CIA is not at the helm of Operation Hammer, I stand with Dave Janda and Kirk Wiebe regarding their analysis of this program.
(13) BTW #JadeHelm is a Civilian-Military Operation AKA #CMO, which complements Operation Hammer - and also utilizes advanced technology synthesized with AI platforms, to assure that its "civilian sister," Operation Hammer is successful and runs in perpetuity.
(14) People, one needs to zoom out to 30,000 feet (versus 5000) to get the bigger picture.

A micro-analysis of America's rapidly evolving police state and extra-judicial security apparatus does not suffice.

A wider, "full spectrum" view needs to be employed here - pun intended.

B) #Stasi #Zersetzung
C) Phoenix Operation
D) #JadeHelm
E) China's Social Credit System

have been "hybridized" to create what is known as Op Hammer

The goal is the absolute control of society, not the mere implementation of a solitary SAP run from a SCIF
(16) The powers that be, love the current scenario:

Ordem Ab Chao attained thru PSYOPs - and it is working apparently.

Shipp, Wiebe, Janda and others (such as myself) at loggerheads with those whose opinions we usually respect.

Let's not fall victim to MOOTW people.
(17) Zoom out to 30,000 feet instead of hovering at 5K, regain your bearings & situational awareness in order to re-assess the discrepancies & all that we know to be true.

Operation Hammer is the tip of the new American Social Credit System, it is alive and well, and ....
(18) only increasing in its lethality.

The police state is here people.

Threat Fusion Centers are the forward operating bases for Americas sadistic and militaristic reich, with #DOJ #FBI #DHS #NSA hell-bent on the destruction of our society as we once knew it.

Dr. X

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