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@AlexandraMcG If you read the actual report, Wray says that Islamist terrorists pose the greatest threat to the US.

@AlexandraMcG Here's what he says about homegrown non-Islamist terrorism:

"The FBI is most concerned about lone offender attacks, primarily shootings, as they have served as the dominant lethal mode for domestic violent extremist attacks."
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost distorted what Wray said, of course.

Do you know how many American Neo-Nazis there are?

Try to find the number.


Guess why that is?
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost Nobody will tell you how many American Neo-Nazis there are, because all American Neo-Nazis couldn't fill the New Orleans House of Blues.

There are about 500 American Neo-Nazis IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost When you read about a Neo-Nazi rallies, they'll tell you that they came from ten different states.


One from THIS state, two from THAT state.

Neo-Nazis usually get no more than 30 people at a rally.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost Democrats asked Wray about American Neo-Nazis because the current crop of Democrats are the worst politicians in our history.

But the people who SUPPORT those Democrats are just as bad.

This is all about @realDonaldTrump. Democrats don't give the tiniest hoot about terrorism.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump In 2011, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tried to assassinate Saudi ambassador Adel al-Jubair with a bomb that would've killed members of Congress too.

The Obama administration didn't care.

Obama kissed Iranian butt his entire presidency.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump Imagine if Mexico tried to assassinate the Canadian ambassador and members of Congress, and Trump then signed a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Mexico and gave them back their frozen assets.

The Democrats and the press would be howling for Trump to be lynched.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is the armed force of the Iranian Islamic republic political system.

You can't get any closer to the very people who Obama cuddled and stroked.

And they tied to assassinate members of Congress.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump This wasn't a member of a consulate acting out of his own fanaticism.

This was a field operation by the IRGC.

Remember what everybody said after 9/11?

"You can't judge an entire group by the actions of a few."
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump True.

But you can judge an entire group by the actions of the entire group.

The IRGC went into Syria to kill everybody who wanted to be free of Bashar al-Assad. But the IRGC is not comprised of soldiers. They're paramilitaries at best.

They kill civilians.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump In Syria, the IRGC had its butt handed to it on a silver platter.


Commandos of the Gulf Cooperation council and their allies.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump So the IRGC got the hell out of Dodge.

They still have bases in Syria, but the men themselve are nowhere to be seen.

It's only Syrian Arab Army advancing on all fronts.

@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump They have no equipment, so they're using UNHCR (UN High Commission on Refugees) tents.

These soldiers are showing the flag. It keeps Turkey at bay, and it helps unite the country.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump TRUMP got the Syrians out of the mess they were in.

@TulsiGabbard hates Saudi Arabia, but it was the Saudis who spent blood and treasure in Syria, defeating Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah.

And guess what?
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard The UAE armed and trained the Southern Front, Yemenis who had their own country--South Yemen--until 1990.

The Southern Front were separatists.

Now they're willing to make a deal with the Yemeni Central government.

The Yemen war comes closer to an end.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard Here's a good rule of thumb:

Everything the Democrats tell you is a lie.

The threat in this country is NOT from Neo-Nazis. It's from crazy people. DEMOCRATS started the movement to deinstitutionalize the dangerously insane.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard Guess how many mass shootings we had in this country before deinstitutionalization began in 1963?

What I mean is, how many mass shootings did we have in our entire history before 1963?


In our entire history.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard September 6, 1949, in Camden, New Jersey.

The guy who did it was mad as a hatter.

Look at his face.

Totally flat affect. Not quite human.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard Before 1963, guys like him were locked up for life.

Guess WHY the mental institutions became so terrible?

Up to the 19th century, the patients were put to work. They maintained the hospitals, and they manufactured products that were sold to provide income.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard In the 19th century, LEFTISTS said that it was inhumane to make patients work.

So the work was outsourced to private-sector companies, and the patients just sat around with nothing to do.

@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard Everything we hear from leftists is untrue, both micro and macro.

That's because leftists care about only one thing: power.

They want their boots on your necks.

So they lie about Neo-Nazis and the Saudis.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard We can't actually fix the country as long as leftist policies remain in place.

That means you have to vote out every leftist in the next election.

Democrats are in a frenzy because they know what's coming.

A political bloodbath. They earned it. MAN, did they earn it!
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard So to save me and you some time, just remember:

If a Democrat said it, that means it's a lie.

No need to fact-check it.

Just reject it. KNEE-JERK reject it. Don't even think about it. Say, "Nope" and move on.
@AlexandraMcG @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @TulsiGabbard When one side does EVERYTHING in bad faith, you write 'em off.

There aren't two sides to this story.

There's only one.


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