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1. John Durham investigation now becoming CRIMINAL
Which are the consequences?


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2. notice to Paul Sperry and Sean Hannity: all information in this Thread are protected by Copyright Laws.
copyright ©2019 Greg Rubini. All Rights Reserved.
3. First of all, it means that John Durham now has the power to access documents.
ALL documents - related to his investigation.

think about it...
4. it means that now Durham can have ALL THE EMAIL
sent & received by John Brennan,
from January 2016 to May 2017.

also his PRIVATE emails, not just the official .gov emails.

BOOM !!!
5. imagine what Durham will find, in those Brennan emails...

John Brennan is SCREW*D
6. John Durham now has the Legal Power to access also
the Google Drafts of John Brennan.

and the metadata and the RAW data of his phone calls - to and from -
from January 2016 to May 2017.
7. and remember: the NSA has it ALL.
8. RAW data means that John Durham can have the ACTUAL RECORDINGS
of all the Brennan phone calls, from Jan 2016 to May 2017.

imagine what is in those phone calls...

and the NSA has everything.
9. perhaps John Durham ALREADY HAS
all that bounty of material on John Brennan...
10. this is the reason why Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are so MAAAD about that "Impeachment circus"...

they know what's coming...

John Brennan is the Mastermind of all the SpyOps on Trump,
and Eric Ciaramella is a Brennan boy - as I wrote on Oct 15:
11.and the IRONY of it, is...
it was Michael Hayden, then Director of the NSA, who put in place the illegal NSA spying system, called Trailblazer, back in 2001.

and Michael Hayden is the mentor and Best Friend with Brennan:
12. thanks to Michael Hayden, the NSA has it ALL - on John Brennan.

and also on Michael Hayden himself...
13. and John Durham now has the POWER to access not only the email, phone calls,
and everything on John Brennan...

but also on James Clapper
14. and on Susan Rice...

email, phone calls, and everything.
15. and on everyone these three - Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice - had contact with - between January 2016 to May 2017.
16. and where does this lead to?
17. where does this lead to?
let's listen to the DONKEY's mouth...

Clapper is so kind to give us the answer:

18. Thank you, James Clapper!

"President Obama is responsible for that"
19. notice to Paul Sperry and Sean Hannity: all information in this Thread
are protected by Copyright Laws.
copyright ©2019 Greg Rubini. All Rights Reserved.
20. but the Durham power to access emails, phone call records and everything does not stop at Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice and Hussein Soetoro (aka Soweto, aka 'obama').

and to file CRIMINAL CHARGES on them

(check the date of this Trump tweet... Aug 2012)
21. it goes all the way:
also to McCabe, Comey, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Joe Biden

and Hillary Clinton, of course.
22. this means that John Durham is "rounding up" all the Big Guns of the obama Administration.

and Brennan is the Biggest.
not obama (who was his puppet)
23. as we know, Durham has already said that he wants to question Brennan and Clapper.

what does it mean?
24. simple:
it means that Durham and William Barr already have ALL THE EVIDENCE they need, to file CRIMINAL CHARGES on them

- and on all the others mentioned above
25. now it is just a matter of days...
26. which are the POWERS that Durham now has?

- power to access documents
- power to issue subpoenas
- power to empanel a Grand Jury
- power to compel witnesses to give testimony under oath
- power to file CRIMINAL CHARGES

27. it will be EPIC.

have your popcorn and beer ready...

(notice to Paul Sperry and Sean Hannity: you are allowed to steal the information in this single tweet and claim it as your own "creation")

as you see I'm generous
28. I also allow Paul Sperry to write in an article this sentence: "have your popcorn and beer ready" and to claim it is "The Paul Sperry story"
29. personally, I do not put much faith in the IG Horowitz Report.
as with all the other Horowitz reports, I think it will be another nothing-burger.

besides, Horowitz has no power to file charges,
and his jurisdiction is limited to the DOJ and the FBI.
30. the only useful thing that might come from Horowitz are some documents - some of which may be interesting
31 the REAL BOMBS will come from John Durham, not from Horowitz.

but one interesting aspect is that all these 5 EVENTS seem to be synchronized together, and pointing to a CLIMAX.

BOOM !!!
32. Enjoy the Show!
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