Looking at what's on my feed today... people who run (or think you run) in "social justice" type circles? You REALLY need to start checking all your friends and the people you look up to for bite marks already, because this is really getting out of hand.

Elaborating at length-
A lot of the best known/loudest "social justice voices" out there are actual full-on neo-nazis in leftist drag. That's not a metaphor. Literally, a bunch of Gamergate scumbags, including the founder of KF did a thing a few years ago where they "left Gamergate," "became leftists"
but continued right along using the same unthinkably horrific tactics to attack the same exact vulnerable trans and autistic people they'd always been targeting, just making slight adjustments to their messaging, and a bunch of people were taken in by that.

Another huge swath of
"big names" have their hearts in the right place, but... frankly reached the positions they are currently in not from having put in a lifetime of work and experience fighting against harassment, but just... by being harassed hard enough to be handed megaphones to tell their side
of the story. There was no vetting process in there. And sure, living under that spotlight and having that microphone do generally encourage people to grow up and get educated on these things in a hurry, but if you've got a petty vengeful streak, it's not going to go away, and
using that sort of platform to "punish your enemies" can become pretty damn tempting. As can giving your even-less-vetted friends a hand up to similar positions of social power.

And then of course there's thousands of people out there whose role models on how to make the world a
better place belong to the groups above, and plenty of toxic behavior gets emulated and passed down as dogma. And the result of this is we have a ton of people running around out there doing exactly the same sort of harm to people that full on nazis do, and doing it to the same
people, without any awareness that it's what they're doing. Mostly because they're just jumping directly to the last step or two, when we mostly focus on how horrible the setup is.

Put as simply as possible if you're at a point where you consider someone to be The Enemy Who Must
Be Stopped Or Warned Of, you... almost certainly have a bite from the Fascist Bug there that you need to deal with, and be sure not to pass on to others. There's exceptions to that of course, but not many of them. Like I recently wrote this piece on Bannon bylinetimes.com/2019/10/02/mon…
This is a guy who's basically a supervillain, is pretty darn open about wanting large swaths of the population dead, and has the ears of heads of state and social media monoliths, so... yeah, keeping serious tabs on HIM is a pretty good idea. And the same can be said for leaders
of other terrorist groups, owners of other hate sites, anyone else with a clear agenda of genocide, but... that's about it. Nobody else should be THE ENEMY in your mind, or your personal nemesis or whatever, and unless someone is like a clear and immediate threat to your personal
health and safety, you should be spending all of 0 hours a month plotting against anyone or obsessively pouring over all their creative output for things to get upset over.

And I'm not saying that in like the sense of "you should always floss between meals" or "you shouldn't hit
spiders on your walls with rolled up newspapers," I'm saying "if you do that you are literally doing the thing all those nazis on 4chan and reddit are doing that collectively makes them such an existential threat." Again, exceptions exist but they're absurdly extreme and obvious.
So, let's tie this in with current events here. It is presently very very popular in trans circles in general to run across people who have an intense burning hatred for one Natalie Wynn, wish to see her utterly destroyed, her lands burned, and all her heirs hung by the neck.
The people who harbor that hatred can all very easily cite any number of horrible things she's allegedly done (at least a couple of which she actually really did) in order to rationalize that, and I am going to spend all of 0 seconds weighing that evidence, because I also have at
hand the very very short list of things that actually rationalize that sort of treatment (you can see it upthread where I'm talking about rare exceptions), as well as the shorter list of things that rationalize the specific actions being taken by people as a result of that hate
(which is a completely blank page because like, there are people posting the home addresses of family members of people who like talked to her once to dedicated stalking sites people peruse when in the mood to send people death threats).

Now, if I were actually to look at these
sorts of grievances in a vacuum and how best to respond to them...honestly they're mostly total BS and disproved with the slightest bit of research. Past that there's a couple instances of saying or doing something pretty uncool that somewhat elevates awful BS others have to deal
with, to which an appropriate response would be to... pull her aside, explain why that's messed up, ask for an apology, and see if she gives one. Which... in every instance I'm aware of totally happened, so, anyone with any sort of legitimate grievance with any given act should
be long since satisfied and have moved on.

But, of course, none of this (for people with the mentality I am addressing that is, please keep the size of the brush I am using in mind here folks) is actually about being upset at any given particular statement or act. Those are just
points of evidence in building a case that she is A Bad Person and secretly harbors Horrible Views, to which some response is necessary.

OK. If any variation on that at all is your stance, you are, inherently, assuming and acting in bad faith. Like, yeah, sometimes people will
indeed pretend to apologize, and say they don't hate group X when they actually aren't sorry at all and totally hate group X... and it's totally cool to keep that reality in mind, but only if you have some sort of objective proof that they're lying. Like if you confronted say,
Orson Scott Card on his massive homophobia, and he were to somehow come up with some bizarre contortion of the truth where anything he ever said on the subject was some sort of error or misunderstanding or a period in his past he's since moved on from, you can just kinda point to
all the money he gives to anti-gay organizations and call him out as being totally full of shit.

But like, in the most recent example here, where we have a woman getting chewed out for throwing a clip of Buck Angel into a video, getting called out for it, and saying "oh, sorry,
I was completely unaware of Buck Angel's reputation as a terrible person," then unless you like, have access to some archival footage of her like, cackling madly while watching footage of him treating other trans people horribly," you have a social obligation to take her at face
value on that. Like, you don't have to really believe it. If you have some feeling deep down in your gut that someone is full of it, then, OK that's a feeling you have, but it's your responsibility to acknowledge that it's JUST a feeling you have, and all that gives you the right
to say or do is smugly announce "I knew it!" should evidence backing your gut feeling sometime surface. That's it. No telling people not to trust the subject of your irrational distrust, no stalking, you just get the "I knew it!" coupon. (Also, quick aside? Until this whole THING
here, I actually didn't have the faintest clue Buck Angel had that reputation, and I tend to be pretty well informed about even the most minor instances of celebrities being shitty to trans people. For whatever that's worth.)

Now here I'm sure I have at least a few people going
"OK but this isn't just a one-time case of being ignorant about something like this, it's part of a pattern!"

It is! The woman in question, over the last couple years when she's been enough of a prominent person for me to become aware of such things, there's been, like, half a
dozen instances of her tossing out a little bad info about some subset of trans issues she's had to then apologize for and correct, and that time she made everyone slap their foreheads in frustration by sitting down with an interview with an extremely notorious transphobe she'd
missed the memo about.

That's not a pattern that proves any sort of malice though. That's just one that definitely proves any time she screws up on something there's a massive public reaction and every single trans person hears about it (which as I'm explaining is... unhealthy),
and arguably a sign that she should put more effort into doing background checks on people she's going to speak to/reference in a positive light/generally do more research on how a given issue effects the trans community as a whole before publicly speaking about it.

And I mean,
that's not an either/or thing. Doing more research so there's less fodder for big public Incidents is a good idea in a vacuum, but the point I'm making is still that there's kind of a reversal of cause and effect here, where it isn't that people hate her because she screws up and
things become these big huge Incidents, it's that there's a bunch of people who hate her and obsessively scour for anything of which they can be critical to blow up into the biggest scandal they can manage.

And what really kinda shows that is when you look at how much attention
this sort of thing gets next to much worse things other people are doing. Like... well, here's the most obvious examples. I've been seeing calls for Wynn's head over this that and the other on and off for years, while actively trying to avoid the subject. Presently, for boosting
Buck Angel... but I've literally never seen any criticism lobbed at Angel himself outside of people providing context for that. And I remember everyone losing their minds when she sat down for an interview with Jessie Singal with an intensity I don't see thrown his way outside of
quick one-day bursts when a propaganda piece goes to print in a huge outlet.

Now sure, some of that disproportion we can just pin on the fact that people are just naturally way more keen to tear apart a trans woman than anyone else, but if it were really just that and not people
just doing the obsessive hateful stalking thing, we'd see the same levels of general furor over every horrible thing said or done by trans women with youtube channels of similar size and popularity that, oh... spouted off full-on nazi talking points, right? Like say Blaire White?
Who I believe has recently been sounding off in favor of torturing trans children, forcing them through the wrong puberty, taking them away from supportive parents, etc. but I can't say for sure because I've seen all of one person even bring the matter up, once, a couple days ago
I think it's important to really seriously think about what the difference is there. Like, it'd be cool if we could say "well White's a straight up nazi and obviously a lost cause, but Wynn's a good person who does good work and should always be criticized."

But wow that'd be a
massive lie, because we're not talking about criticism, we're... talking about... trying to hatefuck a woman into obscurity, tear any supporters down with her, and loudly proclaiming the whole time that she's evil and two-faced and deserves it.

So what's the REAL reason? Again,
in my estimation, you kinda need to follow the nazis here. While I don't want to say White has ZERO nazi stalkers, knowing how much difficulty they always have in avoiding the urge to eat their own, the bulk of them recognize that she's a mouthpiece for them and leaving her alone
is their end of an unspoken deal. And she has no audience of sensible caring people watching her videos or following her on social media because why in the hell would anyone subject themselves to that? This gives her an audience that generally, you know, likes her*, and has no
reason to look for excuses to attack her.

*and yeah, "likes" isn't really the best term for nazis pushing up the view count on propaganda but you know what I mean.

Any trans woman with any sort of public notoriety at all though who ISN'T a Nazi stooge has an absolute army of
them stalking her, with the explicit goal of wanting her isolated and then dead, and their whole playbook is looking for molehills to make into mountains (or just inventing them when they can't find them). So they are definitely going to be right in there kicking up dirt, and if
anyone else is present who's got a bite from the fascist bug is in earshot, they're going to help there, and, tada, constant cloud of scandal.

Another issue, and really, one that's way more important here for how many people get hurt over it, is that a bite from the Fascist bug
kinda causes people to view the world where either you like somebody, or you hate them, just completely erradicating any concept of being indifferent to someone, or even disliking someone but not being a jerk about it.

Like, just looking at my mentions as I write this thread, a
TON of people are chiming in with some variation of "I really dislike Wynn for [rational reason], but I agree with everything you're saying" and, that's great, basically. I too have a number of objections to things she's said or how she's said them, or just with the production of
her videos (it's the lighting and ambient music, makes everything all tense and spooky and I don't like that pared with that subject matter). Other than just now to lighten the mood a little though, I don't bring them up in public. Nor even in private generally. I mean, in this
particular case, I actively avoid it, because there is very very clearly this ever-raging fire of irrational life-ruining hate burning away here, and I'm a firm believer we all have a duty to avoid ever throwing any fuel on those when we're aware of them, but just in general, I
am not the sort of person who, when I dislike something, or someone, feels compelled to seed that dislike into other people so there's people to agree with me. Like, I'll speak up if there's an actual danger to warn people about or protect people from, and I'll share my thoughts
on things when I'm asked, but people have a really nasty tendency to draw lines in the sand and demand everyone get on their side or be viewed as enemies. Sticking with the Wynn thing, people who've been bitten by the fascist bug are totally out there declaring anyone speaking in
support of her, either specifically or just in a broad ethical sense, or even just having had past dealings with her (like say appearing in clips in videos of hers recorded before there was an Incident to take a side over) and that's incredibly toxic in very obvious ways.
Like, there ARE totally situations where you need to draw a line in the sand, and where you have a duty to educate everyone you can find about something and what a Very Big Deal it is. but most of them involve imminent votes, or elections, or appointments to positions, or calls
for violence being made, where there's some serious immediacy. Like... if I became aware that... excuse me while I pull a name out of a hat, John Goodman had some barely suppressed animosity towards all black people, I'd be pretty upset. I'd probably shout my new knowledge out
nice and loud to be sure everyone heard, and I'd have one of those "ugh, do I let this slide or say something quick or really get into it?" moments every time someone suggested watching a movie he was in, but I'm not going to start grabbing everyone by the arm and aggressively
interrogating them on their Goodman Stance. Again, with an exception if he were to suddenly run for mayor, or through some bizarre chain of events become King of England.

Fascists on the other hand... hell just to change gears for a second to another current topic- do you have
any clue at all who the hell Jessica Yaniv is? There's absolutely no reason that you should, but a current big thing with anti-trans hate-mongering people is to just kinda jump every trans person on the street and demand they voice their opinion on someone by that name. And then
there's this whole damned if you do damned if you don't situation where unless I suppose you actually have a script prepared full of all the necessary talking points to full-throatedly condemn this random person nobody's ever heard of that doesn't live in a far-right echo chamber
whatever you say ("Who?" probably) is then used to establish your poor moral character and/or your inexcusable ignorance on such an important person (that I can't actually be sure they didn't just make up). That's another tactic to have spread from full-on-nazi types to circles
of "social justice" minded people. Demand to know someone's stance on someone they have a problem with right now, if they don't have one, provide a very one-sided summation, and ask again.

Which also ties into the other bit on my timeline I thought I'd have gotten to a while ago
by now- a few fresh waves of people claiming how important it is to thoroughly denounce some small and relatively obscure subset of queer people as "frauds just in it for the attention" in order to somehow protect everyone else. Been seeing it today with ace people, demi people,
bi people and furries (who yes, are not, as a group, included in "the alphabet soup" but I legitimately don't know that I've ever met a cis heterosexual furry, and I've definitely met tons of bigots who act like being super into tigers or whatever somehow invalidates their claim)
Much in the same way, come to think of it, that bigots insist absolutely no trans people ever have any right to exist in any sort of queer spaces, despite the fact that we're something like 30/30/40 straight/gay/bi so no matter how slice it, 70% of us would still be there even if
we weren't trans.

And I mean hell, is this even a topic I need to elaborate on? Like if you follow me, or you follow anyone who quotes me with any sort of regularity on these sorts of things, there's no way in hell you aren't extremely aware of the professional transphobe scene,
where fascist agents (frankly making shockingly little effort to hide what they are) have been going around for decades spreading anti-trans propaganda with the cover story that they're "feminists" trying to "protect women" from "dangerous invaders in their spaces." Which, y'know
is fundamentally the exact same pitch line fascists use for all their propaganda and recruitment, and there's always some number of existing members of whatever community they pull that crap in who never got vaccinated against nazi bites and start preaching that crap right along
with them. It's a ubiquitous thing. There is no community too obscure for them to try it in, and they pick different minorities to vilify depending where they're recruiting. This is basic basic stuff, and if you've seen one instance, you should really know what to look for.
So like I said. Start checking yourself and people around you for bites from the fascism bug. If you or someone you know has a visible hate boner for someone who isn't committing war crimes or acts of terrorism or even slightly suggests that some minority group is fake/evil/whiny
then... I mean I'm not saying you should shout "you're acting like a fucking nazi!" at them, but I mean, they are. So find some tactful way to point out how they're acting and how that's a road they really need to get off, and if they straight up stonewall you about it, run maybe
or try again, or stage an intervention. Really doing anything is pretty cool so long as it isn't quietly ignoring the hatemonger in your midst, or falling into the same trap of just kinda instantly judging them as The Enemy Who Must Be Utterly Destroyed and doxxing them and so on
As an addendum to this thread from last night, making my way through the replies and addressing follow-up questions and comments from people, the main thing that I came away with is that people aren't quite aware of the scope of the current attack on Wynn. Specifically, the fact
that in addition to bad faith demonizing comments directed at her (which, yes, are interwoven with legitimate politely worded criticism from people I am explicitly not talking about), people are going in hard on anyone defending her, anyone just calling for people to stop, think,
and verify information coming from biased sources, like I'm doing, and anyone who they just personally associate with her, which in practice means that anyone with a left-leaning youtube is presently getting doxxed and threatened. See
As such campaigns go.
While I'm sure people can come up with very comforting rationalizations for why a woman promoting someone with an ugly track record has to be met with endangering the lives of a bunch of other random people, hopefully everyone else can see how that does not fly. Meanwhile, today
I woke up to a nice fresh example. Not usually big on screenshots for these things, but it helps to see a few posts in tandem.

There's only so much I'm willing to subject myself to, but what we seem to have here are a couple of twitter accounts more or less completely dedicated
to directing hate at Peter Coffin, using comments in defense of Wynn to rationalize it, or possibly demonizing Coffin because they hate Wynn, or they hate both equally.

They are, however, most assuredly stalking Coffin's feed, came across my thoughts on the subject and sought to
find some horrible dirt to paint me into the same box of horrible devil people they've placed those two in, turning immediately to the dedicated reactionary hate site whose sole purpose is spreading rumors to push trans people to suicide that is Kiwi Farms. As that is the only
place I'm aware of where one might come away with the notion that I am "best known for spreading dubious claims about Zoë Quinn." Have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw that.

I'm not going to go so far as to say "hey, these two accounts are fascist plants stirring up evil,"
but at the absolute most generous, they operate on bad faith by default and have no qualms trusting the absolute shadiest and most easily disprovable sources when they need ammo against people they hate. Which, again, is entirely too common and inherently gets tons of unconnected
people hurt pretty badly, in addition to whoever that hate is directed at. Not a good way to lead your life, please, again, attempt never to fall into it, and focus your energies towards actually helping people, or at least, if you're going to be attacking people, stick to nazis.
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