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Read this piece by @Anis_Shivani to get a terrific glimpse into the undying craziness and self-delusion of the leftist psyche.

@Anis_Shivani "Columnists at the New York Times are all angry at the possibility of decriminalizing of border crossings, health care for the undocumented and the abolition of private insurance."
@Anis_Shivani "In fact, they don’t want to do away with Trumpian inhumanity. They want the oppression to continue, but without the transparent rhetoric."
@Anis_Shivani "Minus the Trumpian rhetorical overlash, war, empire, violence, hollowness, junk goods and a junk life are all the people have ever known and all they want."

This is endless hallucination.

@Anis_Shivani Well, NOT GOING TO WAR is in fact war.

"But what kind of a fascist doesn’t start a war in three years? Trump doesn’t need war: He has brought the war home by making us confront our emptiness directly."

Fascists wage wars of conquest.

Territory and natural resources top the list.

Fascists also wage wars of extermination.

How is @realDonaldTrump a fascist if he doesn't do ANYTHING fascistic?
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump A year ago, leftists were at least coherent.

"You're a racist!"

This guy is in a different dimension.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump "The empire embraces its most recent eruption of vulgarity, barbarism and eco-destruction as a welcome development — or at least the dispossessed do, if not the meritocrats."

Ever read the Chomskybot?

@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump "By combining adjunctions and certain deformations, this analysis of a formative as a pair of sets of features is not subject to a corpus of utterance tokens upon which conformity has been defined by the paired utterance test."
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump This next sentence is LITERALLY the opposite of what's going to happen:
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump "As we prepare for the age of brutality, he’s telling us — as the Times columnists confirm every day in the limits they impose to compassion — that the recent gloss of multicultural tolerance, in the Reagan/Clinton/Obama years, was the final fantasy."
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump The coming age of brutality?

You know what he's saying?

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump Leftists will NEVER question their ideology.

Instead, they say that a better world is a worse world.

And now they're saying it flat out.

Improvement is brutality.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump "If we can’t recall manufacturing, and we leave world trade, then we are thrown upon a manly ideal, where we make things and do things for ourselves..."
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump "...except that Trump and his followers know that that ideal is well past reach, going out of fashion with the rise of consumerism precisely a century ago."

Does this sound like anyone you know?

Of course not. This guy's world does not exist.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump "Trump is the accelerant to the end point that empire needs now, just as Reagan and Bush served their functions earlier, and in that sense he is a true man of the people."



Only morons and lunatics speak of "American empire."
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump The next time you ask yourself if leftists will ever come around, reread this piece.

Leftists are quickly adopting nihilism as their new ideology.

They understand that their childish, idiotic notions have failed, so now they want all of us to die.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump Amend that:

They want to KILL all of us.

After Trump's second term, we have to DEMOLISH the next leftist candidate and the next and the next.

We have to keep pounding until they go away.

This level of craziness is not viable.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump I did NOT foresee the rabid hatred of improvement.

You know what this is like?

We're on an ocean liner that sprung a leak, and half the passengers are trying to murder the captain and the rest of us who are working to patch the hole.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" we ask.


"But why?"

"Because you're trying to fix the ship!"
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump Stephen Crane has poems for all occasions.

These two are about leftists.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump I did have hope that even the most leftist of people would come to see Trump the way he is and not how they imagine him.

But I've given up that hope.

Now I'm just committed to protecting what Trump has done and will do for us.
@Anis_Shivani @realDonaldTrump There's no point in even engaging the others.

They're lost.


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