#Qanon The Plan

The Truth of all Truths!

"The end wont be for everyone." - Q

The Greatest Awakening!

Today we AWAKEN GOD!

Please make sure your seat tables are in their folded & upright positions, and that your seatbelts are securely fastened.
If you did not read my thread prefacing this one, please do. Read it first. You need to ask yourself some questions before reading this thread.

It's here:

So, hopefully those questions lead you to find that with your current knowledge & beliefs you simply cannot answer some of them, you have to do mental gymnastics that rival an olympic gymnast to answer others, & even then they hold up like a wet paper sack against your own logic.
Well, guess what?

There is a truth that will bring it ALL into focus. You will be able to answer ALL of those questions with certainty.

This is the truth Jesus taught & that lead to his crucifixion.

To deny it, will be to deny the teachings of Jesus Christ himself.
We're all taught the dangers of sin & Satan.

We're all taught if we sin & allow ourselves to be lead by Satan then when we die we will be denied entry into heaven & sent to burn in hell for all eternity. Hell: a lake of fire filled with demons & horrors.

Scary stuff.
This is what you find if you take everything in the bible to be literal. But you cant do that without finding illogical fallacies all over the place. Then we find ourselves in suspension of disbelief.

We find ourselves here because we're wrong. Let us go back and try again.
We've interpreted the bible wrong and LITERALLY avoid what Jesus ACTUALLY TAUGHT. We're literally scared to believe what he actually taught! We ALL believe that his teachings applied are blasphemy!

This is where it gets tough. You MUST challenge your beliefs.
"But the bible is the truth!!" Right?

Yes it is and it is the Truth that will set us free. Literally.

Jesus didnt save us from sin. He saved us from hell.

Religion as it were, kept us locked in hell. Jesus gave us the knowledge to escape.
Now we must ask, What is hell? Where is hell?

Hell is a metaphor.

Hell isn't a place. It is a state of being. If you sin, you find yourself in a bad way here & now. That is what happens when you sin. You end up in hell, here & now.

Think about it...
You lie, you end up in a web of lies.

You cheat, you break your home.


You also put those you wrong in a state of hell.

"Do unto others, as you'd have them do unto you."

"But what about Satan!!??"
Remember when Q asked,

"Does Satan exist or does the 'thought' of Satan exist?"

Did that not stick out to anyone, else?

Why would Q want to cast doubt into anyones mind about the existence of Satan when our enemies worship him?

The thought of Satan exists.

An evil boogie man does not.

Satan, the great deceiver, right?

Satan is a metaphor for Doubt. Doubt leads to deception, deception leads to disbelief, disbelief leads to lack of faith.

Faith in what? Faith in God. Faith in yourself.
Now we come to the hardest part. The TRUTH of TRUTHS.


I will start with this, John 10:22-10:39:

Read it. Then read it again. And read it a third time. Those are the words of Jesus himself.
Do you see it?

"I and the father are one."

"Is it not written in your Law, "I said, you are gods?"

"The father is in me, and I am in the father."

Luke 17:21 tells us that the kingdom of God is within.

How about in John 8:58 when Jesus said "Before Abraham was "I am."
Jesus reminds us many times that he isn't performing any miracles the any one of us could not perform.

He tells us that we are all children of God just as he was.

Putting us as equals to him.

Jesus said, "I and the father are one."

Meaning Jesus is GOD.

We're equal to God.
To deny that, is to Deny the teachings of Jesus himself.

God is ALL. God is one. God is source. I am God and so are you. There is no being higher than you or I. No man is below you and no man is above you. There is ONLY God.

Dont worry... It will come together.
Remember when Q posted Corinthians 13:4? I havent seen anyone discover why, yet. I know why. Read it.

It is telling us that we and God are one in the same.
But, you dont feel like God. You dont possess the power of God... Or do you? (Yes kids, this is gonna get good.)

Isn't this blasphemy? Only to those enslaved & those that want to you to be.

This is exactly why Jesus was crucified. This is why Christianity is a threat.
I know how you must be feeling.

Ask yourself, when believing in Satan & hell, did you feel saved, truly saved? Or did you simply do your best to convince yourself that if you believed in Jesus, all would be forgiven hoping for the best, tip toeing through life clutching pearls?
Believing as you were taught, when was the last time God called on you? What was God's will?

How much faith did you have in God's will? Did God's will truly matter to you for any other reason than to hopefully get into heaven? Why was it SO IMPORTANT TO GOD?
Here is the truth. If you are God, then God's will is YOUR WILL. YOUR DESIRE. You know what you want. Give it to yourself and find yourself in heaven. Here & now. Deny yourself of your will(God's will) and find yourself unhappy. Unsatisfied. A state of Hell, here & now.
Now ask yourself again, what is God's will? Why is it
so important? Does it truly matter to you?

Now you have answers. Now you know why God's will is so important. Now you know why you cannot get into heaven without seeing to God's will.
But eternal life??

Remember there is only God. One God. You, me, everyone. Nothing else.

God is one incredible being living out his hearts content here over & over all at once through all of us.

Eternal Conciousness.

If we answer God's will, we will be in heaven for eternity
Now you understand why you will be denied "entry" into heaven & cast into hell if you sin. Now you understand why & how this can be yet God is still infinitely merciful.

Dont worry, I'm getting to the good stuff.. lol
Ok, This is the last tweet I can make in this thread. I'll start another one & link in the comments.



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