Think about how against the general trend it would be for Trump & GOP to actually REGAIN TOTAL CONTROL of DC going into his 2nd term.

When President's make it to a 2nd term, if they do, the trend is for them to face a split Congress or a Congress under the control of the other party.

Bill Clinton, W. Bush, Obama, they all faced that in their 2nd term.
That's why the "conventional wisdom" right now is on the side of the Democrats, who are selling a narrative of an increasingly UNpopular President who faces a TOUGH reelection battle & stands to not only lose more ground in the House, but lose the Senate as well.
But Trump is literally the most UNconventional President this country has ever had.

He has spent 3 years to this point taking conventional wisdom and turning it upside down.

And right now, it looks as if he's going to do it again.
Democrats are fielding a group of corrupticrats and lunatics to run for President next year.

Biden's been selling his office in pay for play deals blatantly centered on his family for 40 years.

Warren & Bernie are lunatic socialists.
So a lot of what the Democrats are doing is related to the election. The impeachment farce is their counter to a Trump who is growing STRONGER by the day, especially in comparison to the field of pathetic losers jockeying to run against him next year.
I recently did a thread about how the Democrats strategy for 2020 is going to center around 2 tactics, both involving a MASSIVE amount of RELENTLESS GASLIGHTING.

Here is that thread:

I wrote this in a suite at the Trump Doral during AMPFEST 2019.
To recap, here are the two tactics Democrats are reduced to using until Nov. 2020:

1) gaslight relentlessly that Trump is LOSING HIS BASE, his support is dwindling as he grows more & more UNPOPULAR

2) gaslight relentlessly that whatever loser survives the Dem nomination bloodbath is suddenly miraculously the LEADER OF A GROWING POPULAR MOVEMENT sweeping the country by storm as they advocate for radical and revolutionary transformation of the country.
Trump's been PRACTICING for over a year now how he's going to counter this strategy.

Remember the Democrats & their Fake News Media shills ARGUING and FACT CHECKING how big that 4th of July crowd was in DC this year?

And Trump MASTERFULLY pushed back?
And of course, Never Trumpers all tut-tutted and shook their heads and looked down their noses at this.

"My God man, doesn't the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES understand he's got far more important things to do than ARGUE with the media about this?!"
But Trump **knows** what the strategy is. He knows what they're going to try to do in the run up to the 2020 election, the whole "Trump's DROWNING in the polls, he's losing his base, he's MORE UNPOPULAR THAN EVER!!11!" fake narrative.

He's going to FLIP IT on them.
See, it's TRUMP who has the **real** popular mass movement sweeping the country by storm behind him.

Any 'popular movement sweeping the country' with Slow Joe, Injun Liz or Crazy Bernie at the front of it will exist only in fake polls, on you TV set or your computer screen.

By the time he's facing whoever the Dem nominee is in the summer of next year, Trump will 100% read to counter the Democrats gaslighting strategy.
While the Democrats & the DNC Media Complex are trying to furiously do this double gaslighting strategy that HIDES Trumps real popular movement while manufacturing a fake popular movement around the Dem nominee, Trump will blow it all up repeatedly.
Trump will do this by using multiple platforms and methods to COMPARE his massive rally sizes with the other candidate.

There will be no comparison.

He's going to DEMONSTRATE repeatedly every time they hold competing rallies which popular movement is REAL & which one is FAKE.
This is why I believe that not only is Trump going to win reelection in a massive landslide, I also think the GOP is going to take back the House and grow it's lead in the Senate.

He came up with a plan to reverse the historical trend - and I think it's going to work.
So the rallies are very important.

Some try to sell this as a narcissist that just can't go a couple days without having his ego stroked.

But they are vitally necessary. Trump knows what he's doing.

ADDENDUM: another purpose for the rallies.

Trump will use them to reveal things.

He said in Mississippi last night that they were spying on him BEFORE he announced he was going to run for President.

And they were.

And it's all going to come out.
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