I agree with @DLoesch. NEVER bend the knee to the rage mob. Ever.

Like that Deadspin pansy who put out a tweet promoting his new job & 1st article on the site, got ratio'd and then sought absolution by...quitting his new job.

Nice going, pansy.

@DLoesch Let's deal with this part.

A whole lot of people think social media is real life.

So they spend a lot of time on here seeking VALIDATION.

So getting ratio'd really bothers them. Trolls that make up rage mobs understand this.
@DLoesch This is gonna sound like bragging, but let's get it out out there.

I went from around 50,000 followers at the time I quit writing for Breitbart dot com in 2014 to the 150,000 I have now because I''m not on social media to seek validation from people I don't know.
@DLoesch Now I'm going to SAY something that's going to sound contradictory.

I've gotten to know more than a few great people on social media. I only met several of them in person recently; @DLoesch, @AdamBaldwin, @tracybeanz, @annvandersteel are a few.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel But here's the thing: On social media the people I got to know very well by interacting with them regularly & sharing ideas and thoughts & research number less than 30.

Less than 30 people in 7 years I had that degree of interaction with on social media.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel So...unless you're

1) somebody I know in real life


2) one of the 30 people I interacted enough with on social media that we are friends

I could care less what your opinion is of me or my work.

Now, if you compliment me, I'll take it. With thanks!
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel But when people try this trolling thing or ratioing thing, that only works if you're the kind of person that lies awake at night wondering what COMPLETE STRANGERS YOU'VE NEVER MET and will never meet think about you.

I don't use social media looking for people to VALIDATE ME.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel I use it to SHARE INFORMATION and my thoughts and look for other people who research and share good information.

That's it.

This isn't my social life, and I get what Ace is talking about, people who try to use social media as a substitute for a real social life.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel Did you know I used to have a blue checkmark?

It's true! I applied for one. AS A JOKE.

I was shocked when I got it. This was about 2 1/2 years ago.

I had it for about 6 months and then I changed my avi and screen name to "Stealth Jeff".

Twitter took the blue check away.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel And at that point, I didn't care. Still don't.

I don't need it or some Twitter staff to 'validate' me.

When they took it away I had about 75,000 followers. I've added ANOTHER 75,000 followers since then.

Despite all the cool shadowbanning games that go on here.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel Even people with blue checks know how worthless they are.

I had one female journalist for a media outfit tell me she didn't want one/doesn't have one because 'any idiot' can get one.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel "The media Twitterverse" means "a bunch of nobodies working for sub-poverty wages and who are overpaid for their level of talent but who have a blue checkmark for Twitter (which only means that they have some kind of part-time job for a media "company," which just means "a blog")
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel "And since these unaccomplished nobodies have not accomplished anything, they take having that Blue Checkmark as a serious accomplishment.

It's a tribal identifier, and a mark of distinction, but only to other unaccomplished, impoverished nobodies sweating out clickbait..."
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel That's the best description I've ever heard of for the Daily Beast, Gawker, Deadspin, HuffPost and this whole host of online Lefty blogzines.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel Because the people who are putting up their OWN MONEY to run the website are trying to stop the [financial] bleeding tried to institute new policy about sticking to sports, Deadspin staff who want to write about WOKE POLITICS and not 'just sports' all walked off the job.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel And the blue-check Mafia was real quick to go after this interloper taking advantage of a job opening because a bunch of woke political activists who don't want to write about sports walked away from their jobs.

Woke culture is running headlong into the wall of reality.
@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel Well good.


This conflict ends one way. The best way.

@DLoesch @AdamBaldwin @tracybeanz @annvandersteel "Unlike cruel Leonidas, who requires you to stand...

[looks down his nose at the person he's talking to]

I only require...that you KNEEL."

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