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The Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult have caused the rise of the *Four Roish*#Oughterard #Ballinamore #Achill . How? By erecting borders and thinking like racists.
They’ve tried very hard to put a blanket (border) over the whole asylum seeker/Direct Provision issue. They’ve been lobbying Government for hate speech law so what people are allowed say and therefore think about the asylum seeker/Direct Provision issue
will be contained strictly within the bounds (border) of legislation.

They’ve never met them but the limits (border) of their ideology sensed trespassers when the people of #Oughterard #Ballinamore #Achill protested.
It was an opportunity to communicate (open a border) but ¡No pasarán! (they shall not pass). They drew a line in the dirt and called them racists, fascists, bigots and Nazi’s. They’ve never met the people of #Oughterard #Ballinamore #Achill .
They exist purely in the imaginations (border) of the Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult yet the cult members have no issue with Othering the actual, not imagined, people of #Oughterard #Ballinamore #Achill .
The consequences of Othering the people of #Oughterard #Ballinamore #Achill are actual, not imagined. It creates an arbitrary divide (border) between people. They tried to erect a cordon sanitaire around them, a kind of socio-psychic boundary containing a leper colony of sorts.
They want to make them taboo (border) and what they said taboo talk (border) Their Spidey sense gets alerted when they’re on twitter and they read words like ‘migrant’, ‘multiculturalism’ etc. Such words make them salivate like Pavlov’s Dog and they go into automatic attack mode
Without even checking to see if its friend or foe, a round gets put in the chamber readying a volley of ‘racist’, ‘Nazi’, ‘homophobe’, ‘bigot’ to be launched at someone.
I’m in my mid-forties and throughout my life my dad would say “I’m no better nor worse than anyone” – an equality mantra I obviously soaked up. My best friend’s dad was a communist who recently had an Irish research ship named after him.
Another great friend was my music teacher, a guy who set up the jazz sessions in J.J. Smiths with Louis Stewart and a guy steeped in socialism who I had long chats with over many years. Neither of these people ever said anything I found offensive when they spoke on
social issues but I don’t ‘identify’ as a Socialist or Communist or whatever because isn’t that erecting an ideological border? Ideological borders have real life consequences. You don’t see things as /they/ are. You see things as /you/ are.
The world is a forest of symbols. No matter how many times you screech ‘Nazi’, ‘racist’, ‘homophobe’, when you see things as /you/ are you always seek out your symbols and feel most comfortable within the bounds (border) of /your/ people and you always erect a cordon sanitaire
around your imagined Devil. This looks less about equality and more about dominance.
The Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult interpret phrases like illegal/irregular migration or bogus asylum seeker as euphemisms for the N word.
They want them cordoned off behind #HateSpeech legislation. They take their Open Borderness learned in the school of suspicion so seriously that they believe they can read your mind and what’s in your heart.
We’ll have no privacy with the Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult, only a bland flattened out muzak culture where police thought are antibodies seeking out aberrant manifestations of distinctive personalities which are seen as viruses.
#NoelGrealish was lambasted for his ‘bogus asylum seeker’ comment yet wasn’t he saying what Timmermans said only in Grealish’s vernacular? Grealish said something about Irish culture being under threat by immigration and @Colmogorman chimed in and said NONSENSE!
But if language is one of the more obvious manifestations of culture and Grealish has to change his to a sterile academic euphemism, didn’t he have a point? And not that I have anything against us all changing our language around issues like this but doesn't it bring O'Gorman's
understanding into question? And what about that other 'expert', the immigration council CEO who said only the ethnicity of victims of assaults should be recorded in order to determine if we need #HateCrime law. This is how experts think?
As for Timmermans and those bothersome statistics, the Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult have a trick for what Timmermans said. They view statistics through a Foucauldian lens (border) and therefore statistics are a way for the State to control populations in terms of how it
allocates recourses for health care etc. and that’s somehow evil (This is where a new idea – maths is racist – comes from). Foucault was obsessed with Power. So much so he was a sadomasochist who loved to be punished.
He took his anarchy so seriously he advocated for the abolition of the age of consent but, whatever. The Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult are legendary organisers and legendary at convincing people that they aren’t legendary organisers and a vast network of organised interests.
One of their favourite tropes is ‘minorities’ which connotes minor/child etc. But when you have multiple front groups working together under the leadership of legendary organisers you have Power.
They’re also legendary at suppressing any other group from actually organising themselves. They’re happy for the ‘fascists’ to play election tennis – FF this time FG next time and on and on while they build and build their army of utopia builders
They hate borders and love equality so much, if you’re a man expressing an opinion you should shut up and go sit in the mansplaining corner (border).
The Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult love equality and hate borders so much they’ll use their blue check influence to conceal tens of thousands of voices behind a blocklist to make the virtual public sphere theirs. It’s like Maoism without the mass killing.
Its mass marginalisation. A good portion of the Disappeared in Argentina's Dirty War were neither Junta nor Ultra Leftists but the knuckle draggers on both sides couldn't comprehend why so they used the if in doubt principle.
The Open Borders ‘anti-racism’ Cult aren’t thought leaders. They’re followers. They’ve imbibed the Google algorithm. They are It. Transhumanism is already here and it didn’t need implants or bionic limbs.
I think it was the Ancient Greeks who learned the hard way that if you send people off in exile and they don't sit and sulk, there's a good chance they'll build a movement and come back to knock the self-selected 'experts' off their perches
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