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If it turns out Ciaramella was involved in the strategic leaks that were used by the SpyGate plotters to target people like @GenFlynn for bogus politicized investigations, and this is all laid out in Horowitz's FISA abuse report... /1
@GenFlynn ...then it would make perfect sense for Democrats & the DNC Media to do a bunch of ***gaslighting damage control*** before that IG report's release by engaging in a MASSIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS EFFORT with the goal of converting the SpyGate leakers into HEROIC WHISTLEBLOWERS. /2
@GenFlynn Remember who was telling you MONTHS ago this is what they were going to do:

"The SpyGate Leakers Aren't Whistleblowers; They're CRIMINALS"…
@GenFlynn So the true purpose of the Ukraine/Trump Hoax begins to emerge: Democrats got a good look at the early draft of the IG report which showed them that the IG & US Attorneys like Durham were going to expose the strategic leaks used to launch the Trump/Russia hoax. /4
@GenFlynn It became **imperative** to do damage control ahead of the report's public release that got there FIRST and SET THE PUBLIC NARRATIVE about all the people identified in the report as leaking classified information to target people for bogus politicized investigations. /5
@GenFlynn So Democrats, the Fake News Media & the SpyGate plotters put their heads together & came up with a plan:

"How do we get to the issues of the SpyGate leakers, the Ukraine scandals, FBI's hiding Mifsud as their own asset & PLANT OUR FLAG ON THEM FIRST ahead of Horowitz?!"
@GenFlynn "Brennan, Clapper, Halper, Ciaramella, our people who leaked fake Trump/Russia disinformation to the media to launch RussiaGate are about to be exposed!

If we can't STOP this coming out, what alternative NARRATIVE can we provide the public to manage the fallout?" /7
@GenFlynn So understand what you are watching here. You are watching a MASSIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN that was launched to convert all of these SpyGate criminal leakers into HEROIC WHISTLEBLOWERS who uncovered VERY SERIOUS EVIDENCE that should lead to this President's impeachment! /8
@GenFlynn This is the alternative narrative Democrats are going to be using for the next year as they try every dirty trick in the book to sabotage Trump's reelection.

They already know they're not going to be able to remove him from office.

This is all about the ELECTION. /9
@GenFlynn The impossible task Democrats & the Fake News Media/DNC Media Complex has set for themselves for the next year leading up to Nov. 2020:

1) hide Trump's surging support as the real head of a popular national mass movement while pretending Dem nominee has 'real' movement /10
@GenFlynn 2) pretend all the corrupt SpyGate traitors & leakers are really heroic patriots out to save their country from a mad lunatic as Barr/Horowitz/Huber and most especially DONALD TRUMP spend the next year rolling out all the SpyGate evidence & indictments. /11
@GenFlynn If you think you've SEEN the Fake News media engage in massive amounts of gaslighting of the public in the past, that's nothing compared to the Mt. Everest-sized task they've set themselves up for heading into the next election a full year from now.
@GenFlynn When I tried to convey a few months ago just how badly these gaslighting attempts were going to fail, I wrote this column:

@GenFlynn When I say these losers have set themselves up to fail at an impossible task, I'm not joking.


They are literally going to attempt to do the impossible on both of these fronts. /14
@GenFlynn On the first front, hiding/lying about Trump's support while trying to manufacture a mass movement behind whatever loser emerges from the DNC bloodbath to run against him next year, that's already a laughable farce and it's only November of 2019. /15
@GenFlynn Why do you think it matters SO VERY VERY MUCH to these losers in the media to pretend Trump is LOUDLY AND LONGLY BOOED EVERY TIME HE SHOWS HIS FACE AT A PUBLIC EVENT [outside of his own rallies]?

So we get the UFC thing for the past 2 days.
@GenFlynn Fake News media desperately lies/gaslights about the rally sizes. About the 4th of July DC crowd size. About polls showing Slow Joe Biden leading Trump among registered voters by an astounding FOURTEEN POINTS! /17
@GenFlynn These losers at every single opportunity - they can't pass up a SINGLE ONE - have to gaslight that Trump is IMMENSELY UNPOPULAR, his base is tiny and full of white supremacists, etc.

And if you think this is already absurd, just wait until next year after DNC convention! /18
@GenFlynn Because that's when Democrats & DNC Media have to DOUBLE the amount of gaslighting they do on this particular issue.

Not only will they have to put a MASSIVE AMOUNT of gaslighting into hiding Trump's surging support...they now have to FAKE a mass movement out of thin air! /19
@GenFlynn When Slow Joe or Injun Liz or Crazy Bernie or whichever one of these pathetic losers it is that 'wins' the chance to subjected to a Trump landslide emerges from the wreckage of the DNC, you'll see frantic Democrat political operatives disguised as journalists go to work. /20
@GenFlynn "Isn't he/she just so AWESOME?! C'mon, admit people, aren't they SPECIAL?! And look what's happening! Look how people are flocking to them, it's amazing!" the increasingly nervous journalist babbled into her microphone in front of the mostly empty venue. /21
@GenFlynn The Democratic National Convention is in July. Of course, whoever the eventual D nominee is could wrap it up well before then, we'll see.

That still means at least 4 months of desperate, frantic gaslighting by the media as they try to hopelessly fake a mass movement. /22
@GenFlynn And like I've been saying, Trump will keep BLOWING UP their attempts to engage in this massive gaslighting because he's NOT going to miss any opportunity to graphically troll them by showing his rallies in comparison to theirs. /23
@GenFlynn So while Democrats & Fake News Media will be losing massively on this one gaslighting front, let's look at the second desperate gaslighting front:

Trying to shield/defend SpyGate plotters as heroic patriot whistle-blowing public servants just doin' their duty! /24
@GenFlynn While Barr & Durham & other US Attorney's are unsealing indictments at public press conferences & the perp walks are happening, Democrats will be holding secret hearings & using their media shills to launch news stories based on anonymous sources.

In other words, losing. /25
@GenFlynn I get tweeted at endlessly by people who can't think, won't think, don't know how to think.

"Doesn't matter, DNC Media won't cover the press conferences, the indictments, the arrests. They'll just cover Schiff & Nadler talking about fake evidence." /26
@GenFlynn Sure, Jan!

When Comey & McCabe and Strzok & numerous others get indictments unsealed at press conferences & then their perp walks happen, absolutely, the media won't cover that.


I can't ROLL MY EYES HARD ENOUGH at this BS. /27
@GenFlynn What the hell do people themselves?

Look at the people in this meme I made back in Feb. of 2018.

1/2 of them do perp walks, the media **ignores** it?

What planet have YOU been living on? /28
@GenFlynn Far from IGNORING IT, you're going to watch the Fake News Media literally doing this every single day Trump is in office from that point. All the way until January 2025. /29
@GenFlynn When Trump gets reelected in a massive landslide **despite** all the relentless, frantic, desperate gaslighting they tried, it's going to FINALLY hit these losers that they're doomed.

See, they still tell themselves at this point "Our gaslighting can save the day!" /30
@GenFlynn [EDIT NOTE: posted the wrong link in tweet /13 above.

Here's the actual link:]…
@GenFlynn You think it's TRUMP that's backed into a corner, fighting for his life and in denial?

People who think this have it exactly backwards.

And you can quote me on that.

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