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We’ve got a busy City Council meeting today in #Omaha, so we are going to have quite a few tweets. This is where you can follow along.
Here’s today’s council agenda:

First up are a number of big developments, including the ConAgra riverfront redevelopment. As opposed to The Riverfront redevelopment of three city parks by @mecaomaha.
@mecaomaha Also up are a pair of more specific plans for two new @omahapubschool high schools, one at 60th and L Streets on the former site of Archbishop Ryan High School and the other near 156th and Ida Streets.
There may be some public resistance to the traffic flows out of the northwest Omaha high school, based on comments at today’s pre-council meeting.
There’s also an industrial park planned for 13th and Locust Streets that might have some push back from neighbors.
The liquor licenses are a little misleading. There was an item on Florence’s troubled Reign Lounge, but that will be removed from the agenda because the bar is headed to the state Liquor Control Commission tomorrow for a pair of public hearings.
Here’s our latest story about Reign:

There’s a grant for @omahafire to get more of the specialized washers installed for their fire-retardant bunker gear, the familiar yellow fire-retardant uniforms firefighters wear.
There’s about $90k set aside to purchase three electric vehicles for the Parking and Mobility Division at Public Works. We did a little preview here:

There’s about $55k a year set aside to extend the @omahapolice contract with LeadsOnline, the company that provides the database that helps police track and return stolen property sold to secondhand stores and pawn shops. We did a story here:

@OmahaPolice There’s also a pair of appointments to the @oha_housinig board brought to fruition after some reporting by @chrisburbach.

Here’s the most recent of his stories:

@OmahaPolice @CHRISBURBACH There’s even some bonding for The Riverfront parks. So settle in for a lot of information in very little time.
Good crowd.
Item 6 is postponed. High Point re-plat. Passed 7-0.
Now Gomez and 33rd, Item 7, Metropolitan Community College lot line adjustment that would let the automotive program build a new building at MCC. Approved 7-0.
Next up is The Mill, 6152 Military Ave., apartment complex they want to be the NW gateway to Benson, NW Radial and Military.
This is the preliminary plat for The Mill. 97 market-rate apartments, 50 studio, 30 one-bed and 11 two-bedroom apartments. 58 underground parking stalls.
About $15 mil investment.
Offering a couple of renderings, will look a little like 49th and Dodge. There will be a courtyard in the center that people can use to gather.
Developer lawyer: One of biggest issues is with parking. Still adding 58 and trying to get more on-street opportunities.
Mark Vondrasek, opponent: Nobody working full-time at minimum wage in Nebraska could live in this "market-rate" apartment building.
Councilman Pete Festersen: I'm supportive of this project. It's the second major residential investment in Benson in recent years, the likes of which we haven't seen in years. Details on these projects matter. (He's got questions.)
Festersen: We adopted a master plan for business prior to most of these things happening. Part of that plan is a NW entryway. (He's asking about traffic flow.)
TIF application will be before the council in December. Festersen: You're willing to work with us on the greenery and green space, right? Developer lawyer: Yes.
Festersen also asking about sidewalks. Dev lawyer: We'll have appropriate sidewalks and landscaping that will be maintained.
They're now talking about on-street parallel parking to keep them and possibly turn them diagonal.
Also talking about leasing parking, if possible.
Time frame for the project is spring/summer building vertical. Opening hopefully 2021. Item 8 approved, 7-0.
Item 9 is next, Builder's District 2, 16th and Burt Streets. Neighbor is testifying that she is worried about closing Burt Street for part of it.
She's arguing that bike traffic uses Burt. She doesn't want to cut that off. One block of 16th Street made a lot of difference to the north side in the 1960s.
This is the Kiewit HQ project.

Read up on it here:

Neighbor: We are concerned where we live and work that traffic will get worse if you cut off Burt. If people can't make their way on Cuming they will find another way.
Vondrasek up again: I also use Burt Street to commute in and out of downtown every day on my bicycle. It's difficult for pedestrians and bicyclists to get through there.
Another neighbor: You're going to start cutting off other blocks behind it. In support of the project, but opposed to closing that block off.
Kiewit rep: Working with Planning to find a new bike connection. This is how the master plan for this development always looked.
Ben Gray: Why are we closing Burt Street? I know it's in the master plan? Planning: We are responding to the request o the development. We are supportive of the closure. Pedestrian and bike access is recommended condition No. 1. We still want that connection through the block.
Kiewit Item 9 approved, 7-0.
Items 10-13, rezoning and work for development near 204th and Q Streets. 10 lots, 2 out lots, commercial mixed use.
Approved 7-0.
Now we're onto the 60th and L @OmahaPubSchool high school. Items 14-18.
@OmahaPubSchool Lana Bayless, representing OPS: This is at the NE corner of 60th and L. Combines about 40 acres, differently zoned, platting into one lot for high school. No opponents. Approved, 7-0.
@OmahaPubSchool Next up is Items 19-21 for the new @OmahaPubSchool high school in northwest #Omaha. Proponent, Joe, (couldn't tell his last name).
@OmahaPubSchool No opponents for either OPS high school city changes, @emily_nitcher. NW item approved 7-0.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Now Items 22-24, Lake Cunningham Village, 96th and State Streets. Single-family homes subdivision.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher South portion 147 single-family houses and 21 townhome units.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Patricia Glass, neighbor: I'm concerned about roadways, traffic. I walk these roads all the time, and the traffic is terrible. How are two-lane roads with no shoulders be able to handle any more traffic, from building these homes. Said she wasn't notified. How do you know?
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Larry for applicant: This development will improve 96th Street to a three-lane section. State Street will be brought to a three-lane section. This development will help the transportation system. The intersection will be improved by the county.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Larry Jovan is his name, I think.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Festersen: Asking Parks Director Brook Bench about timing of pedestrian paths around Lake Cunningham. Bench: They've started pouring the trail already. Hope to open the path to public next year. And hope to start filling the lake next spring.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Items 22-24 approved 7-0.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Next is the industrial park at 13th and Locust Streets. Tom Ackley is speaking for dev: Enterprise Industrial Park.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Ackley: We are picking up four small out parcels, old railroad tracks, and two sites zoned residential picked up over the years. Requesting rezoning as a single lot to make it consistent.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Ackley: Aim is to begin on south to cleanup, secure and activate the site. 15 acres would be dirt farm, dried out, compact it. About 14 acres for grading and crushed. Would like to see trailer storage and perhaps more.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Property owner near there: Whoever tore down the trees and rubble were right at end of my property. Worried about her property sliding. That property goes all the way down to the first set of railroad tracks. They tore down my tree and took out part of my hill.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Festersen: Councilman Gray and I have some history on this property. It was thought to be an industrial park. Main barrier was environmental condition of this area. It was not handled well. Concerns about dumping.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Festersen: At the time, redevelopment of this property fell through because of some of those concerns. You're now cooperating with NDEE, formerly NDEQ.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Ackley: Goal is not to disturb the soil, or to do so as little as possible. Want to get the storm drainage to run properly.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Festersen: No appearance or elevation change, right? Ackley: There will be some minor elevation changes. But nothing major. Goal is to re-gravel the roadway, maintain the site as much as we can. Will minimize what's below.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Ackley: Goal is to clean it up, fence it in, secure it and work with it.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Ackley: People will bring in loads of wet dirt to dry it off and pick it back up.
@OmahaPubSchool @emily_nitcher Festersen: I do think this will be an improvement.
Gray: If you're going to clean up that area, where will truck traffic go? Ackley: Goal would be to clean up south coming north, with Locust Street being the entrance.
Ackley: 16th would only be used to the extent we start cleaning up that area.
Oscar Washington Jr.: Lived in area since he was 9. I think this is a pretty good idea. Grain elevator blew up. Paper stock company. If they're going to re-do that road. A lot of neighbors are wondering about the traffic and dust. A lot of seniors on oxygen. Wish you good luck.
Washington: Is your company hiring people to keep watch on that site? Be glad to get more jobs on the north side.
Locust industrial items approved 7-0.
Now a development near 130th and Deer Creek Drive. 10.5 acre parcel within Deer Creek Golf Course. Request is to add one residential lot on corner. About half-acre.
Deer Creek items, 28-31, approved 7-0.
Now to Central Park East, a fancy name for the ConAgra redevelopment. You can read about some of that here from my colleague @cgonzalez_owh:

@cgonzalez_owh About 23 acres, subdivided into lots. Some residential and retail along Harney and 10th. 720-stall garage from city. Wrapped by exterior of building. Won't be able to see it.
@cgonzalez_owh First phase 375 units. (I think I heard that right.) A large courtyard. Other part of development that's unique, developer lawyer says, is Lot 10, a public open space. Idea is to make it pedestrian friendly to connect with Old Market and Heartland of America Park.
@cgonzalez_owh Looks like the view changes from 10th to 8th Street, closer to 10th is more like Old Market. Eighth is more modern, like Aksarben Village. Multifamily will have a pool and grilling.
@cgonzalez_owh TIF is on Page 1A, public improvement costs are going to be extended for Harney and Eighth. Total project $105 million. Have about $12 mil toward public infrastructure. TIF request of about $11 mil. Anticipating 60-80 FT jobs.
@cgonzalez_owh Dev Lawyer: I think everybody's excited about this.
@cgonzalez_owh Troy Anderson of Mayor's Office says he supports project.
Now up is Larry Storer, who comments often at these meetings. He's talking about Jobber's Canyon. He compares TIF to a shell game. It's going to ruin the skyline for the people. Says property probably belongs to the taxpayer. Worried about the garage or will city own whole thing.
Storer: We only get one crack at this. Maybe we should delay so that the citizens might get a good explanation of this in the Omaha World-Herald.
Council moves to pass items for Conagra, 7-0. Items 32-34.
The Conagra items moved on 7-0, @cgonzalez_owh.
@cgonzalez_owh Next up is a few planning items I'm not going to bore you with, including sign sizes and other fun.
@cgonzalez_owh Might be a few brief fireworks near 48th and Webster Streets. A man is wanting a zoning change that some neighbors fear could allow some multifamily.
@cgonzalez_owh Owner: We needed to change the profile and that's why we wanted the permit. My contractor said do it double-wide all the way out. Permit has been approved and issue. Issue of zoning came up. In 1985, they didn't change the zoning. Part is zoned as R-5. Part is zoning R-4.
@cgonzalez_owh Festersen: You can't have split zoning on your property when you're making these kinds of changes. Planning: Zoning should've been fixed at that time.
@cgonzalez_owh Festersen: You have no plans to do any kind of development? Owner: When we purchased the property it was being used as a rental. There were six college-aged girls living there. Parties. Police calls. We got thank-you calls from neighbors. We turned it into a single-fam res.
Owner: We've been there. That's all we want to use it as.
Planning: We are comfortable with R-4 or R-5 zoning. I don't think it would keep him from accomplishing it. Festersen: I'd like to approve this as an R-4. I'll make that motion.
Councilman Brinker Harding agrees with motion.
Harding: Appreciate your willingness to work with a neighbor and move to R-4. Owner: My only question is I don't have to reapply right? Planning: No. Harding and Planning: You'll be good to go.
Motion for amendment passed 4-3. Full item passed 7-0.
Item 37 is a zoning change for 1219 Pacific to business district from heavy industrial. 7-0.
Items 38-39 are pretty standard changes. Approved 7-0.
Same with items 40-44. Follow along here if the numbers are hard to follow:

(For those following along, this is an unusually stuffed City Council meeting. We still have some meat to get to, including the @OHA_Housing appointments and the fire grant and the electric vehicles.
@OHA_Housing Items 40-44 approved 7-0.
@OHA_Housing 45 is a day care special use permit in an R-4 zoned area, near 47th and Q.
@OHA_Housing Councilman Vinny Palermo: I appreciate you staying in my district and moving just a little bit east. Owner: Our 111th year. Been at 49th and Q. Grown out of our building. This lets us age down to infant care. Moved one block east.
@OHA_Housing Day care permit approved, 7-0.
@OHA_Housing Now is a permit for development in North Hills Environmental Overlay District, approved 7-0.
@OHA_Housing Now come the liquor licenses. Shouldn't be anything too controversial today. The Reign Lounge item has been removed from the agenda because they're up before the state Liquor Control Commission tomorrow.
@OHA_Housing Items 47-51, the liquor licenses, are approved, 7-0. The last item, 51, Chubbs Food, 2905 N. 16th St., had a little back and forth, some public support, some church concerns wanting to make sure alcohol isn't sold to minors.
Gray: This is the group that we did not approve this group near 56th and Ames. They've had a good record. From me, when you sell to minors, that's the death penalty for me.
Festersen: The Reign Lounge item is a leftover item. Liquor Commission is entertaining our recommendation of the long form tomorrow in addition to some other info. Removal passed 7-0.
Items 53-60 approved, 7-0. That's the consent agenda.

Check them here:

Consent agenda resolutions passed. Meeting adjourned. Thank you for following along.
@threadreaderapp And here are some of the stories from today's meeting. There will be a handful.

First up the electric vehicles:

@threadreaderapp Next, the fire washers and venting system to keep @OmahaFireDept and @OmahaFire385 from being exposed to as many cancer-causing chemicals.

@threadreaderapp @OmahaFireDept @OmahaFire385 I have more coming, but poor @eduff88 is shoveling today, filling in as an editor. And I've not seen many council meetings quite like this one. I'll add them soon.
Here’s another story from today’s #Omaha City Council meeting.

This short references an extension of a property crimes database sought by @PeteFestersen.

And finally, this: The #Omaha City Council ended the controversy over lengthy vacancies on the Omaha Housing Authority board on Tuesday with little discussion and a unanimous vote.

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