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A notoriously corrupt gov't where the Democrats are shoveling BILLIONS to it.

How much of that money was KICKED BACK UNDER THE TABLE?

I'm sure the corrupt Ukrainian gov't back in 2009 was very very GRATEFUL to get that $11 billion that Obama handed them.

This is my curious mind at work but I'm starting to wonder if that gratitude ever took, let's say, a more CONCRETE form than "Gee thanks you SO MUCH Obama!"
I think the D party had 2 surreptitious means of funding itself/driving it's increasingly radical far Left agenda when donations from actual private sector people fell off.

1) US taxpayer $ given straight to Lefty activist groups.

Trump has mostly cut off this $ by now.
But I've suspected for a long time now the MAJOR $$$ the D party's been running itself on comes from overseas. In the form of bribes & kickbacks disguised as 'lobbying'.

1) Billions in foreign aid sent to corrupt gov'ts where %'s are kicked back under the table to D.C.
You think all those HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars being sent to the Clinton Foundation originated in those countries?

Let me just say I strongly doubt that.

The billions in foreign aid was being skimmed & kickbacks looped back to pay off the US politicians that facilitated.
There's a reason there's a lot of activity around who did/didn't file FARA disclosures. Ground is being prepared.

I suspect 1 reason Horowitz's report is as big as a freaking phone book is because he had to document not just WHAT these goons did, but WHY they did it.
There's a reason Democrats sh*t their pants and launched this absurd Ukraine phone call leaker/s to launch a new round of impeachment theater when they discovered Giuliani - and likely OTHERS - poking around the Ukraine right after the Mueller Special Counsel went bust.
When you can't sustain yourself politically due to domestic private sector donations, you begin to look for other avenues to stay competitive - especially at the national level.

And the temptation to set up kickback networks using foreign aid is going to be very strong.
I've long suspected that Democrats - and yes, Republicans - helped set up a massive global bribery/kickback network where Ukraine was one of the biggest 'donors', getting billions in foreign aid & being very generous under the table to the people who gave them the money.
This is why Never Trump & people like McCain & Flake & Kristol & many others really hate Trump.

An international order based on under the table foreign bribes disguised as lobbying had been established & Trump is a direct threat to it.
So when Democrats catch wind that the Trump administration is INVESTIGATING WHAT THEY'VE BEEN DOING WITH UKRAINE and completely FREAK THE HELL OUT, understand: this isn't about just the 2016 election stuff. There were things in play here long before that.
I wrote several columns when I was investigating the FARA angle. All the signs are there a massive crackdown is coming.

Here's one of those columns:…
SpyGate was about taking Trump out ***before*** he could expose all this.

They couldn't leave anything to chance, so they went after him when he was still a candidate, then furiously kept trying to sabotage him once he entered office.
Keep in mind for much of Obama/Hillary's 2 terms [she was gearing up to run for Pres during the 2nd term], Ukraine was a Russian vassal state. Note Russia itself does not appear on this list.
But we all know the Clinton Fdn got at least $145 million alone from principals involved in the Uranium One deal.…
So a network had been set up where vast amounts of $$$ was flowing back and forth.

As long as one of their OWN was in the White House, things could proceed smoothly.
That's why people in DC who know how things REALLY work were so simultaneously contemptuous & SCARED of a far-fetched Trump victory in the 2016 election.

Look at Strzok/Pages texts messages, they are full of this. They mock him...BUT THEY FEAR HIM at the same time.
Hillary was coasting to her long awaited coronation...nobody was in any danger, nothing was going to be exposed....

Far from **retreating**, the SpyGate plotters had to frantically **step up** their activities once Trump shocked the world by winning the election.

So they were furiously spying on the entire Trump transition team from Nov to late Jan '17.

And they left a lot of tracks.
So...does Horowitz & all the US Attorneys like Durham who've been secretly investigating all this stuff since 2017 **stop** at merely looking at HOW SpyGate was done?

They do not. In their investigation they are going to be stumbling over WHY SpyGate was done, repeatedly.
So here's just one of the things this massive IG report is going to lay out: that the **reason** these federal officials took fake info as a pretext to launch investigations of the Trump campaign is BECAUSE THEY WERE PROTECTING THEIR POLITICAL MASTERS FROM EXPOSURE.
I've said several times these SpyGate goons aren't the only ones that can get a FISA warrant.

Trump & Sessions had that ability since February of 2017.

Of course, when they used it they never TOLD ANYBODY.

But I'm sure there are conversations intercepted about this.
"My God, we've got to stop him! He's gonna use MULVANEY to shut down the money from the CFPB! We have to move before that happens! And he's cutting all the gov't grants to the EPA & others we've been using to fund our activist friends!"
The motivation behind SpyGate was to cover up all the massive corruption going on DC. They couldn't let a true outsider come in and expose it.

But these people are STUPID.

Trump beat them anyway.

And now the pain is coming and they can't stop it.
The Democratic Party now knows the walls are moving in. It's why we're getting the absurd impeachment theater so when the SpyGate evidence gets released about Ukraine they can babble it's only Trump lying to keep from being impeached.
A phone call where we've all read the transcript they're gonna keep whipping that dead horse to drive the narrative "Trump is trying to hide his OWN crime on that phone call by siccing Horowitz & Barr & Durham on us!"

It's not about removing Trump from office.

Think about how desperate this is. They can't stop it so they're reduced to this lame damage control.
They **know** they're not going to remove Trump from office.

Why are they continuing with this then?

It's about their SURVIVAL as a party. It's damage control to launch the narrative "This SpyGate investigation is FAKE, Trump's done the real Ukraine crimes!"

Can you handle all the winning?

Well, can you?

Because I get tweeted at all day by FEARFUL PEOPLE who've been actually talked into believing Trump is not just losing right now, he's losing BADLY.
If Democrats want to spend their final months uselessly expending their time effort & $ on a hopeless tilt at a windmill, how exactly should Trump respond to that?

He's got more important things to do.

But he's not doing the things the doom criers demand he do, so...
Well this is nothing new. Trump literally hasn't done a single thing the Doom Criers have demanded he do when it comes to SpyGate for going on three years now.

Want a short list?
1. He didn't fire Sessions. He waited 2 years for Sessions to resign.

2. He didn't fire Rosenstein. Rosenstein left DOJ when he was damn good & ready.

3) He didn't fire Mueller. He let that investigation run its course.

4) He didn't fire Horowitz, 'the Obama guy'.

here he is still winning, still growing stronger, marching to a landslide victory in 2020.

Is he just....LUCKY?
Oh I almost forgot:

5) Declassify all the SpyGate documents & dump them all at once

Trump hasn't done that either.
So I'm not making that up. Trump ***literally*** hasn't done any of the stuff that the doom criers have relentlessly and endlessly demanded he do from the very start of all of this.
These people are so hung up on THEIR STRATEGY of how THEY would do this, they can't even see what Trump is ACTUALLY doing.

But I don't have that problem.

So while these people are out there right now telling you the Horowitz report will never be released or it'll be a dud....
Remember: these people descended into an emotional TANTRUM long ago because Trump doesn't listen to them and he won't do what they're insisting he needs to do.

He never does.
Trump knows what he's doing.

Once you ACCEPT this, you're on your way to recovery Doom Crierism.

If you still don't think Trump has a clue what he's doing or going on at this point, there's no way I can help you.
So to sum up:

Horowitz's report will detail WHY SpyGate happened, not just HOW it happened. That is why Trump is waiting.

The release of the report will be what releases the hounds. It rips the lid off. It triggers the full declassification.
Trump already knows it all. He already knows how this will all go down. He openly is talking about this to the media now, "I think you're going to see...."

Of course, they dismiss this as the ravings of a lunatic.

But it's not.

He knows.

He's going to win.

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