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Misusing antibiotics anyhow.
Washing inside the vagina with soap.
Wearing tight/nylon underwear.
Staying in wet/sweaty clothes too long.
Being pregnant.
Using harsh sex lubes & feminine wash.
Putting pearls inside vagina.

This is why women have thrush.
Not dirty water.

Long term use of steroid tablets or inhalers like in asthma.
Having a weakened immune system like in diabetes, HIV or cancer.
Using douches & vaginal sprays.
Sitting in a soapwater bath for hours.
Misusing antibiotics for the wrong reasons like simple diarrhea and common catarrh.
Sex with someone who has thrush wether male/female (though rare).
Wearing too tight thick jeans.
Wearing too tight leggings that literally doesn’t let the vagina breathe.
Always pouring and putting all sorts of things into the vagina like pearls etc

These things cause thrush.
What is Thrush?
Thrush is essentially a vagina infection due to the overgrowth of an organism called “Candida Albicans”- commonly known as Candida.

What causes Thrush?
As stated up there, Thrush is caused by Candida. That’s the main organism responsible for the infection.
Why does Thrush happen?
Thrush happens because there is imbalance in the vagina environment which then leads to Candida overgrowth.

This Candida overgrowth is what causes the infection that a lady (or man) experiences as thrush.

It’s not seen as an STD-
Though sex can cause it.
Basically anything that can cause an hormonal imbalance in a woman or physically alter the vagina environment can lead to thrush.

That’s why young women have to be careful about all those “bomb pussy” instagram nonsense products being sold and advised they put in their vagina.
What are the symptoms of thrush?

Whitish thick vagina discharge
Vagina itching
Vagina redness/soreness
Vagina swelling at the entrance
Sometimes rash
Burning during urinating
Uncomfortable sex

Sometimes the discharge can be watery, other times it is like ogi or cheese clumps.
How is Thrush diagnosed?
Most times it’s from a description of what the woman says. Thrush has very classical symptoms (which I already stated above)

How is Thrush treated?
Mostly a short course of anti fungal tablets or vagina pessaries for 1-3 days helps to clear the thrush.
But the main thing is PREVENTING thrush from happening- because if it happened once, it tends to happen again. And it can be very frustrating to treat because what will end up occurring is using antibiotics which clears it, then it comes back again and you use it again.

To be frank, for simple thrush with classical symptoms you do NOT have to see a doctor. Go to a good pharmacy (NOT a chemist) speak with a PHARMACIST (not a salesgirl at a chemist or an aboki pushing wheelbarrow of drugs)

Speak with the pharmacist,
They will give you the drugs.
But in some cases:

If you have more than one thrush every three months, if you have vagina bleeding, lower abdominal pain, high fever, abnormally coloured vagina discharge paper from whitish, feel very unwell, worsening symptoms despite simple thrush threatment-

See a doctor.
Simple ways to PREVENT Thrush

Never douch.
Stay away from vagina sprays.
Don’t use antibiotics unnecessarily.
Don’t use steroid tablets or inhalers if you don’t need to.
Stay away from any lubes or feminine wash that you react to.
Avoid nylon/tight underwear, jeans and leggings.
Never use vagina pearls.
Never put anything inside your vagina EXCEPT a clean penis and a clean tampon. Always have protected sex if unmarried or unwilling to get pregnant.

Drink yoghurts. Drink.
Some people say it helps.

Never wash inside your vagina.
The vagina cleans itself.
Use simple plain unperfumed soaps for the vagina area. And never wash inside the vagina.
No perfumes/sprays inside the vagina.
After gym or sweating, change everything you are wearing as soon as you can. Wear cotton underwear if you have to wear any at all. Avoid nylon/leather.
Always wash your hands before using the toilet and after using it.

Wipe from front to back after using the toilet. Never ever wipe from back to front. You transfer angry organisms that cause terrible infections from your anus to vagina by doing that.

These are the simple tips.
Avoid g strings if it causes you problems like itching, irritation, redness, abnormal discharge or pain,

It’s not by force to be trendy or to be a thotiana. Don’t make your life a living hell for yourself. Think am.

Wear whatever you know is comfortable for you and your vagina.
I hope this short post has educated you a little on what Thrush is all about- what to do, how to treat it, what it is, what causes it and how to prevent it.

Thanks for reading.

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Have a nice day ahead, dear friends.
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